tagRomanceIt's Time Ch. 09

It's Time Ch. 09


I'm sorry it took so long and for the fact that it's short, but I'm kind of having writer's block and I'm in the middle of a transition. But I want to thank everyone for waiting patiently for the stories. Thank you for reading and keep the feedback coming.

Curious Virgin N.O.


Alexis looked deeply into Steven's eyes as he looked at her. She sat in the bed naked from head to toe while Steven sat in a chair watching her. He licked his lips and Alexis smiled shyly. He rose out of the chair to stand in front of her.

"Do you trust me?"

Alexis nodded her head. "Yes."

Steven smiled as he walked over to the bed with three scarves. He pushed Alexis down on the bed softly and kissed her deeply. He brought her hands above her head and tied them to the front of the bed. He kissed his way down her body and bit her right thigh softly. Alexis gasped as pleasure rippled through her body. Steven tied a scarf around her right ankle and turned to the other ankle to do the same. Steven looked at her again and asked her the same question.

"Do you trust me?"

Alexis nodded again. "Yes."

Steven grinned and jumped out of the bed to grab a blindfold. He walked over and covered Alexis's beautiful eyes. He kissed her deeply and smiled as she gasped softly. He pushed his finger between the damp folds of her sex and rubbed his rough finger against her smooth clit. Alexis raised her body off the bed as Steven dipped a finger inside her. Steven leaned down into her ear and whispered the question one last time. Alexis nodded and Steven walked over to get the ear plugs. He looked down as Alexis lay on the bed helpless and depending on him. He had to show her he would never hurt her. He pulled his clothes off and grabbed the rose that lay on the table next to her bed. He pulled the petals off one by one and dropped them across her body. Alexis shivered as the soft petals covered her body. Steven grabbed another rose and ran the flower across her body slowly. He twirled the flower across Alexis's hardened nipples. She moaned softly and bit her lip. He laughed softly and twirled the flower across her clit. He watched as the petals were covered in her nectar. Steven leaned between her legs and licked her clit. Alexis gasped softly as Steven's tongue tickled her clit. He pulled away dragging a protest from her lips. Steven stood up and examined his work and smiled softly. Alexis was at his mercy and he could do any damn thing he wanted.

Alexis shivered as she felt Steven's fingers trail across the scars from the past. She tried to move away, but she couldn't because of the binds that held her limbs. Alexis sighed softly and tried to relax, but she was afraid. She couldn't go through her past again; she was tricked once in her life. Steven closed his eyes and ran soft kisses across her scars as she gasped softly. His head shot up in worry as her soft voice traveled to him.


Steven pulled the plugs from her ears and leaned into her. "Yeah baby?"

She relaxed immediately. "Nothing I just needed to know it was you."

Steven smiled softly. "It's me baby."

Alexis nodded and arched her body as Steven pinched her nipples between his fingers. Steven took a deep breath and groaned. He needed to be inside Alexis now before he went out and hurt somebody. He moved between her legs and positioned himself towards her slick core. He slid himself inside slowly, clenching his teeth while the walls of Alexis's core squeezed around his cock tightly. He leaned over and pulled her soft lips into a deep kiss. He began to grind his cock into her core and his fingers played with her clit. Alexis began to moan loudly and pull at the bindings that held her down. She loved the way Steven filled her up. Steven looked down and saw Alexis fighting the rope around her wrist. He stopped causing her to growl in protest. Steven reached up and undid the ties around her wrist and moved to untie her ankles. The last thing he saw was Alexis tackling him to the bed with a sinister smile on her face.

She bit her lip. "Do you trust me?"


Nathan's heart pumped loudly as he stood behind the tree. He peeked around one side and then the other. He turned to look behind him and climbed up the tree. He sat on the limb quietly and looked below him. He smiled as Greg came into view along with Tyler. He pumped the water gun and aimed at Tyler's white shirt. Tyler turned around in shock and aimed his gun into the tree. Nathan jumped down and ran as fast as he could across the wet grass. He thought he was in the clear, but a soft body tackled him from the side. He dropped to the ground and rolled with Grace. They finally stopped and she sat on his chest laughing. The boys came up to them laughing as well. Nathan looked at them and was lost for a moment. He'd love to have children with Grace, but if this surgery didn't work he could kiss that image good-bye. Grace rose off his chest and pulled him up from the ground.

How'd it feel to get beat?

Nathan smiled. We'll talk about that in the bedroom tonight.

Grace blushed softly. There are children around, ugly.

Nathan looked at Grace in shock. I'm not ugly, but we can discuss that issue tonight as well.

Tyler and Greg watched as Grace interacted with Nathan. They turned to look at one another and rolled their eyes.


Grace turned to the boys and smiled. "I guess we have to stop being lovey dovey, huh?"

Tyler smiled. "You don't have to be. We're actually learning from you."

Graced arched her eyebrow. "Say what?"

Greg grinned. "We'll know if Chloe is in love with dad if she acts like you and Uncle Nathan."

Grace smiled. "You little sneaks."

Tyler looked at her innocently. "We didn't do anything. Now can we go get something to eat?"

Grace looked to the boys and then turned back to Nathan. She shook her head and smiled. "I swear you guys act more like your uncle instead of your father."

Nathan rubbed his stomach and gestured for them to go.


Chloe sat in her home and washed the dishes in her sink. She walked over to the TV and watched as Ina Garten mixed a variety of ingredients into a pot. One day she needed to actually write the recipes down instead of trying to remember them. She looked out her window and saw the beautiful flowers in her garden. The blues and greens reminded her of Matt's gorgeous eyes. She blushed softly. There she was thinking about a man who probably wouldn't give her the time of day. She shook her blond curls and walked over to the couch to sit. One day she'd find that special someone, but in the meantime she needed to get Matt off of her mind.


Matt sat in his wheelchair and glared at the bowl of soup that sat in front of him. He turned to look at his mother.

"I'm not eating this."

Jackie rolled her eyes. "You just got out of the hospital and you're not getting anything heavy on your stomach."

Matt growled. "Dad! I need your assistance."

Brian came into the living room with concern. "What is it?"

Matt pointed to the bowl and then to his mother. "She's trying to make me eat this."

Brian rolled his eyes. "Jackie just give the man what he wants."

Jackie threw her hands in the air. "Fine, but don't say that I didn't warn you."

Matt smiled. "Thank you mom. I love you."

Brian shook his head as he watched Jackie walk out of the house. He turned to Matt. "So you were saying how Nathan is more spoiled than you?"

Matt grinned. "Hey I'm hurt so I have the right to be spoiled."

Brian laughed. "Good justification. Now how about that pretty blond?"

Matt felt himself harden at the mention of Chloe. He couldn't believe a woman he'd just met made him feel as if his life was empty. He shook his head and shrugged. "What about her?"

Brian chuckled. "You know what I mean, but if you ignore the feelings for too long it might be too late."

Matt shook his head. "I don't know dad what about Heather-"

"What about her?"

Matt looked at Brian. "What if I can't move on?"

Brian shrugged. "It's up to you to move on. You can't live your life alone. Your sons need a mother Matt."

Matt sighed. "I know, I know, but I don't want to put all my baggage on her."

Brian smiled. "Trust me you won't. Go for it Matt, you'll regret every little thing if you don't."

Matt grinned. "If I didn't know better I'd think you were conspiring with Tyler and Greg."

Brian pulled off his best innocent look. "Me? Against you? Never."


Alexis cuddle against Steven's side as she tried to regain her breathing. Steven pulled her close to him and laughed softly.


Steven looked down at her. "Nothing I just never thought I'd be dominated by a woman."

Alexis looked up at him with wide eyes. "You mean you want to be dominated by a man?"

Steven sputtered. "What?!"

Alexis laughed and jumped out of the bed as Steven chased her. She ran down the hallway and was pulled back by Steven's strong arm. He buried his face into her neck and growled softly. Alexis wrapped herself around Steven's body and looked into his eyes.

"I love you."

Steven closed his eyes and smiled. "Do you know how long I've been waiting to hear that?"

Alexis smiled shyly and moved a piece of hair behind her ear. Steven grinned at her. She was everything to him. She was gorgeous, beautiful, funny, silly, adorable, sexy…everything. He pulled her down for a kiss.

"I love you baby."

Alexis moaned softly and bit her lip. "I love the way you talk."

Steven arched his eyebrow. "Oh yeah?"

Alexis nodded. "Mmm hmm."

Steven nodded. "Well it's my natural country boy charm, baby."

Steven smacked her ass dragging another moan from her body. Alexis looked down at him with lustful eyes. "There's a place we haven't had sex yet."

Steven arched his eyebrow. "Where?"

"In your truck."


Tyler stretched his arms and popped his knuckles. He took in the pile of hotdogs that sat next to him and looked across at his brother. Greg arched his eyebrow and popped his neck. Nathan stretched his legs and sat in the chair. Grace rolled her eyes and took in the three plates that were piled with hotdogs. She couldn't believe that a discussion about who could eat the most had turned into a full out challenge between the three. Grace signaled for them to start eating their hotdogs. They stuffed one after another into their mouths as they tried to eat their hotdogs. Grace sat down at the table and dug into her salad. Nathan looked at the two boys and quickly turned his attention back to his own plate. Grace held her laughter back as the phone began to ring. She walked over to answer it and smiled at the voice on the other end.

"I want my children back right now."

Grace laughed. "Well I'm having fun with them."

"I want them now…please."

"Well look who's acting nice."

Matt laughed. "I miss them."

Grace rolled her eyes. "It's only been a couple of hours."

"Exactly it shows you how close I am to them."

Grace shook her head. "They're having fun with Nathan…in their hotdog eating contest."

Matt groaned. "Not again."

"What do you mean again?"

Matt laughed. "It happens every couple of months. Let's just hope you have some Pepto-Bismol on your hands."

Grace giggled. "Fine, but you get some rest. I don't want to have to come over there and force you to sleep."

Matt chuckled. "Yes ma'am."

Grace hung up the phone and turned her attention back to the boys. She shook her head as she took them in. Everyone always needed a little break from the terrible twosome.


Charles walked into the large home and yelled out for Tracy.

"Where in the hell are you woman?"

Charles walked into the kitchen and frowned when he didn't see his wife. Even though he loved his wife to death it was hard living with a quiet woman. He stomped upstairs and burst through their bedroom door.

"Hello? Baby you in here?"

He walked down to his study and was shocked at the sight that greeted him. Tracy sat on his desk wearing nothing but his t-shirt. He leaned against the door jam.

"Now what are you doing in here little lady?"

Tracy shrugged. "I don't know. I was planning the upcoming wedding for our son, but then I thought about doing something else." Tracy batted her eyelashes playfully.

Charles tipped his hat and walked over to Tracy. "Well what do you have in mind? And for the record I don't think you should be associating yourself with a cowboy."

Tracy pouted. "But I love the excitement. Nobody makes me feel like you…not even my husband."

Charles sputtered causing Tracy to giggle. "Now wait a minute woman. Last night you said you wouldn't have anyone else, but me. Now you're going after some cowboy?"

Tracy shook her head at their role-play. "Not just some cowboy…the cowboy."

Charles smiled. "Well since you put it like that."

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