tagRomanceIt's Time Ch. 10

It's Time Ch. 10


Sorry about the long wait for the story, but I've just been having a lot of personal stuff going on. Anyway I'll never take this long again! I'm very sorry for taking so long and I appreciate everyone who waited for the updates. Thanks for reading and keep the feedback coming.

Curious Virgin N.O.


Steven tried, he really did, but his cock was having none of it. He turned away and faced the wall, but that only made Alexis snuggle deeply into his back. He ground his teeth as he thought about her soft breasts flush against his body. He groaned softly and turned around careful not to wake her up. She smiled softly while she slept. Steven thought the cute gesture would deflate his erection, but it only made him harder. Fuck it Alexis was rightfully his and he'd be damned if he deprived himself. Steven pushed her onto her back and dipped his fingers between her thighs. She sighed softly and moaned his name. Steven looked at her face to see if she was awake, but she still slept. He drew one of her dark nipples into his mouth sucked hard. Steven groaned as he felt more juices pour from Alexis' body. Her scent was driving him mad with lust. Steven moved down her body and slipped his tongue into her body.

Alexis moaned softly. "Mmmm Steven?"

Steven laughed softly. "Mmmm yeah baby?"

Alexis blinked a few times and smiled down at Steven. His dark head looked perfect between her legs. She bit her lip and rolled her hips towards his mouth. "Just checking to see what you're doing."

Steven laughed. "Well you know what I'm doing baby. Now if you don't mind I'm going to finish so we can do something else afterwards."

Alexis laughed softly as Steven moved down her body. The phone rang loudly just as Steven was getting to the good part. He looked up at Alexis.

"Just ignore it."

Steven smiled. "Whatever you say captain."

Alexis closed her eyes again and prepared to enjoy Steven's hot tongue circling around her clit when the answering machine blared through the room.

Grace's voice came into the room. "Alexis if you're at home...please I need to go to the hospital..."

Alexis sat up in the bed as she heard Grace throwing up at the end of the message. She smiled softly and turned to Steven who was quickly throwing his clothes on. Steven looked to her in shock.

"Hurry up Grace is sick and we need to help her!"

Alexis rolled her eyes and rolled out of the bed. "She's not sick silly...she's pregnant."


"You are no match for me!"

Tyler swung the crutch that he had in his hand. Greg avoided the contact as it swung towards him.

"That's were you're wrong Tyler. I know you're every move!"

Tyler scoffed. "That's impossible how would you?"

Greg looked at Tyler with a serious face. "Because I am your brother Tyler. Not just your brother...but you're twin."

Tyler looked at Greg with a shocked look. He landed on his knees and threw back his head. "NO!"

Matt stumbled into the living room and looked at his sons. "What in the name is going on?"

The two turned and smiled at their father. "Nothing dad."

Matt glared at both of them and growled. "How do you expect me to walk without my crutches?"

The two looked at him sheepishly. Tyler cleared his throat. "Sorry dad we didn't think you were going to get up."

They carried the crutches over to Matt only to be attacked. Matt grabbed one and then the other. He growled and began to tickle them. They stumbled to the floor and switched positions. Matt laughed loudly as the boys began to tickle him.

"Please...no...okay I'll surrender..."

Tyler stopped and looked at Matt. "We have something important to tell you."

Matt looked at Tyler. "What? What is it?"

Tyler sighed. "We're you're sons."

Matt looked at both of them. "You mean you're not the random neighborhood children?"

Greg shook his head. "No we belong to you."

Matt pulled both of them into his arms and began to cry dramatically. "I can't believe it. It's a dream come true."

The boys joined in on the fake hysterics. Tyler covered his eyes. "We finally have a dad!"

Greg's bottom lip began to quiver. "I love you...dad!"

Matt shook his head. "I love you too...sons!"

Jackie looked at the threesome on the floor and shook her head. "Why is it every time I come over you three are doing something weird?"

Tyler and Greg sprung up. "Grandma!"

Jackie laughed as the twins bombarded her. They pulled the bag from her hand and did a little victory dance. Matt guessed it was candy and toys that they didn't need. Jackie came over and sat on the floor next to her son. "Are you okay?"

Matt nodded. "Yeah and by the way they started it."

Jackie shook her head. Matt sighed softly. "I don't know what I'd do without them. I think it's time."

Jackie looked at Matt. "Time that you started disciplining them?"

Matt laughed. "No they're good boys, you know that."

Jackie nodded. "They're too good."

"That's how they get away with things. I think it's time for them to have a mother."

Jackie turned to Matt. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. I'm ready for them to have a woman in their life and I'm ready to have someone in my life."

Jackie smiled. "Well I'm cooking tonight so if you wanted to invite someone like a nurse..."

Matt laughed. "I might just have to call her. If I don't the boys would kill me."

Jackie smiled. "They'd torture you first and then they'd take you to Nathan."

Matt shivered. "That's torture in itself."

"Oh leave your brother alone. "Just invite Chloe over and I'll make Nathan bring Grace over."

Matt nodded. "Okay, but just to get things straight. I'm not being nice to the man."


Grace sat in the cold room and sighed. She looked at her watch and tapped her fingers across her knees. A soft knock sounded on the door as the doctor walked in.

"Well Ms. Daniels you're pregnant."

Grace looked at the doctor in shock. "What?"

"You're pregnant."

Grace smiled and felt tears come to her eyes. "Are you sure?"

The doctor nodded. "Yes Ms. Daniels I'm very sure."

Grace jumped up and hugged the doctor. "Oh thank you, thank you."

The doctor laughed. "You're welcome, but I had nothing to do with it. It's all thanks to you and the father."

Grace's eyes brightened up. "Oh I have to tell him...I have to tell him now!"

The doctor laughed and handed her the paperwork to take to the front desk. After she turned it in she practically ran from the building and into Steven and Alexis. They looked at her expectantly.

Steven ran his fingers through his dark hair. "Well tell us already!"

Grace laughed. "I'm pregnant!"

Alexis pulled Grace into a hug. "I'm so happy for you. When are you going to let Nathan know?"

Grace smiled. "I think I'll tell him tonight."

Alexis shook her head. "With all the bed rocking you guys are doing I wouldn't be surprised if another baby ended up inside you."

Grace laughed happily and jumped up and down. Steven pulled her into a hug and held her still.

"You can't jump up and down like that!"

Grace shook her head. "Steven I'm fine. The baby's fine."

Steven sighed softly and shook his head. "I don't know about you, but I think I need to call a therapist for Nathan. He's got a hell of a woman on his hands."


Nathan bit his lip to keep from laughing, but it was hard. His eyes became watery as he tried to focus on Edward's black coat. He turned away and turned back only to burst into laughter. Matt rolled his eyes and sighed softly.

Are you almost done?

Nathan held his hand up and began to laugh again. Matt knew he shouldn't have come to his brother for dating advice. Matt threw a couch pillow at Nathan to stop his laughter.

Nathan wiped his eyes and sobered up. Why do you need dating advice?

Because I plan on seeing someone tonight.

Nathan nodded in understanding. Oh I see. Trust me brother just be yourself. I mean it's too late to fix your face, but who knows she may not care about your looks.

Matt rose up to attack his brother only to sit back down. He glared at Nathan, but it quickly disappeared into a smile. You're so lucky I love you.

Nathan grabbed his brother in a hug. Matt held him tightly as his yes became watery. Nathan smiled down at him. I love you too. If you need me to take the boys tonight I will.

Matt laughed loudly and shook his head. There will be no sex on the first date.

Nathan shrugged. Whatever you say.

Matt pierced his brother with a serious glare. Are you ready for the surgery?

Nathan shrugged. Sometimes I wonder why I should get it. I mean Grace is happy with me now, but I don't want her to be forced to live in my world.

Matt smiled. Why don't you talk to her about it?

Nathan shrugged. Because I'm going to do it regardless. When you love someone you do anything and everything for them.

Matt smiled. Yeah I know what you mean.


Chloe threw the rest of the dishes into the dishwasher and walked over to grab the broom. She sighed softly and began to sweep up the invisible dust that covered the floor. She blew a piece of hair from her face and sighed softly. Looks like it was going to be another movie night...alone. What was she thinking in the first place? A man like Matt wouldn't call her. She turned to the living room as her phone began to ring. It was probably her mother again.

She picked up the phone. "Hello?"


Chloe's heart began to pound heavily in her ears. She couldn't believe the voice on the other end of the line. "Matt?"

He laughed softly. "Hey I hope I'm not interrupting you."

Chloe sighed. "No you're not. Can I help you with anything?"

Matt sighed. "Actually yes. I kind of have a problem."

Chloe felt her heart sink in disappointment. He just wanted some medical advice. "What's the problem?"

"Well my parents are coming over to fix dinner and they invited my brother and his girlfriend."

Chloe frowned. "Okay?"

"So that means it's going to be my brother and his girlfriend, my mom and dad, and then me."

Chloe smiled. "I'm sure you can find someone."

Matt chuckled. "I was hoping you'd join me tonight. You know that way I won't be lonely."

Chloe laughed. "I guess I could solve your problem."

Chloe frowned as more noise erupted over the phone. She heard Matt and two other voices.

"Boys go sit down...yes I'll tell her what you said...she said yes she's coming...no you can't just get away with washing your face...both of you in the shower NOW!"

Chloe laughed as Matt argued with his sons over the phone. "I see you're having more trouble."

Matt sighed. "Yeah more than I can handle. Anyway I'll come by and pick you up around six?"

"Yes, but how are you going to drive?"

"Oh well I'll be coming with my brother."

"Okay good. I can't imagine you driving with your injuries."

Matt sighed. "It's nice to have someone worried about me."

Chloe laughed. "You're cute. So I need to be ready at six."

"Yes me and my brother are very prompt. We like to keep a schedule."

Chloe smiled at the laughter in his voice. "Okay I'll be ready early."

Chloe gave Matt her number and hung up the phone. She looked around her house and tried to resist twirling around the room, but she gave into the feeling.


Tyler combed his hair and fixed his shirt. He turned to Greg and scowled.

"You're going to wear that?"

Greg rolled his eyes at his brother and looked down at his jeans and Transformers t-shirt. He shrugged his shoulders. "What's wrong with it?"

Tyler gave his brother the evil eye. "Greg, we can't mess this up. I think dad likes Chloe and I know that Chloe likes dad."

Greg sighed and walked back towards the closet. Tyler calmed down a little and walked over to help him. Greg grabbed the dress shirt and some khaki pants to wear. He turned and pulled Tyler into a hug. Tyler returned the embrace and sighed.

"Don't worry Greg I know she's the one."

Greg laughed. "And if she's not? We go without a mom again?"

Tyler shook his head. "No she's the one we just have to force them into it."

Greg laughed. "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

Tyler nodded. "It's the only idea."

Greg shrugged and gave his brother a sinister smile. "You know you're becoming part of the dark side."

Tyler laughed. "Hey we have to learn these things early. Who else am I going to trick people with?"

Greg shrugged. "I don't know maybe you could clone me."

Tyler shook his head. "No the laboratory in the basement isn't ready yet."

The two boys erupted into laughter. Jackie walked in and cleared her throat. They turned around and smiled.

"Hi grandma."

Jackie smiled and arched her eyebrow. "You two have something planned?"

Tyler looked at Greg and smiled. "Don't worry grandma we won't cause a ruckus."

Jackie shook her head. She would never understand her grandchildren.


Stop staring it's rude.

Nathan turned and glared at Matt. Hey I can't help that she looks beautiful. I'm just admiring her.

Matt frowned. Don't make me tell Grace.

Nathan shrugged. She knows how I feel about her and I would never hurt her.

Matt shook his head and turned to look at Chloe. He did have to admit that she was beautiful. He was so afraid that she would resemble Heather, but she was the exact opposite. Her quiet nature drew him in, begging him to break her shell. He cleared his throat.

"Are you almost ready?"

Chloe turned and smiled. Matt felt his breath catch as he gazed into her bright blue eyes. "Yes, I know we girls take forever."

Matt felt Nathan shake his arm. You're drooling again.

Matt glared. When the night is over I'm going to kill you.

Nathan smiled. Go ahead your children will avenge me.

Matt grinned and shook his head. He looked back at Chloe who was watching them with interest.

"How long has he been deaf?"

Matt smiled. "Since he was born, but don't worry he's going to get surgery for it. The doctors aren't sure about how good it will work, though."

Chloe smiled. "Well as long as he has a brother like you he shouldn't worry about it."

Matt laughed sending chills down Chloe's spine. There had never been a man that made her feel like this. Chloe grabbed Matt's outstretched hand and sighed at the warmth that shot up her arm. She looked up and gazed into his eyes. For some reason it felt right to be with him. She looked behind her as Nathan cleared his throat. Matt turned around and glared. Their hands gestured to one another before Matt turned around with a smile on his face.

"Nathan said we better hurry because he's very hungry. And we wouldn't like him when he's hungry."


Grace smiled at Jackie while she rolled out the dough for fresh biscuits. Brian came into the kitchen and grinned.

"Well it's about time we met you properly Gracie."

Grace smiled at the nickname. "It's nice to meet you Mr. And Mrs. Grey."

Jackie laughed. "Please call me Jackie and call him Brian. We're not formal around here."

Grace smiled. "So were are the twins."

Jackie shook her head. "I have know idea. You know it's scary."

Grace looked at Jackie in confusion. "What is?"

"They act more like adults than children. They're plotting something I know it."

Brian's heart laugh filled the kitchen. "Jackie, sweetie, what could they be plotting?"

Jackie glared at Brian. "You think it's funny? Think about it...would you really want Tyler being bad? That's like letting loose a mad scientist."

Brian sobered up quickly. He looked at Jackie with panic in his eyes. "I'm going to go check on them."

Grace turned to Jackie with a grin. "It' can't be that serious."

Jackie scoffed. "Grace spend a day with them and you'll see."

Grace bit her lip and shook her head. "So I'm guessing Chloe and Matt are a match made in heaven?"

Jackie smiled. "I think they are and the boys do too. But we're not talking about them. Are you ready?"

Grace blinked. "For what?"

"For Nathan's surgery."

Grace sighed. "A part of me wants him to go through with it...you know so he'll be happy. But the other part of me wants him to stay the same. What if it doesn't work? That would devastate him."

Jackie nodded. "That's the main thing we're worried about, but I think that you're his main priority."

Grace grinned. "As long as he's happy I'm happy. If the procedure doesn't work I'll be happy to continue ASL and I'll make sure the children learn the language also."

Jackie laughed. "I can't wait until you two have grandchildren. Of course that means the twins will have someone to corrupt, but we could always keep a close eye on them."

Grace laughed. "Yeah if it's as serious as you say they may have to have a restraining order on them."

Jackie shook her head and laughed. Grace smiled softly as she saw Nathan enter the kitchen. His red hair fell all around his chiseled face. She sighed softly before she walked into his open arms. His soft lips pressed against hers dragging a soft moan from her lips. He grinned down into her eyes.

Did you miss me?

Grace rolled her eyes. No I didn't miss you.

Chloe watched as the two walked into the living room and cuddled into one another. She turned around and faced the beautiful older woman by the counter. Matt smiled and gave the woman a hug.

"Hey mom. This is Chloe."

Chloe smiled shyly. "Hello Mrs. Grey."

Jackie rolled her eyes. "Come over here and hug me. And from now on call me Jackie."

Chloe laughed and gave the woman a hug. Jackie turned and smiled at Matt. Jackie cleared her throat.

"Matt leave the kitchen it's time for girl talk."

Matt rolled his eyes. "Fine where's dad anyway?"

Jackie sighed. "He's in the room with the twins. You may want to go catch them before they tie him up again."

Chloe covered her mouth as a grin began to escape. She couldn't imagine the boys to do something like that. As Matt began to leave the kitchen the two boys burst through and ran right up to her. Their bright eyes gleamed with excitement as they smiled up at her.

"Hi Chloe.", they said in unison before they tackled her with a hug.

Chloe laughed and returned the embrace. "Hey guys you haven't been pulling tricks on anyone I hope."

The one on her left shook his head. "No we decided to be good."

The one on her right smiled. "You want to come look at my dinosaur collection?"

The other one rolled his eyes. "Dinosaurs are boring. I can tell you everything about the top players in the NFL."

Chloe laughed as the boys dragged her away. She looked at Matt and sighed in relief as he told her who was who.

"Tyler is on the right and Greg is on the left. Don't mix them up because that's how they'll trick you."

Chloe smiled and kissed Matt lightly on the lips before the twins continued to drag her. Matt gazed at Chloe, craving more of her sweet lips. He felt his heart speed up as he watched her hips sway lightly. He had a feeling he was falling in love...and he was falling hard.

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