tagRomanceIt's Time Ch. 11

It's Time Ch. 11


Okay I know, I know. Don't worry I'm working on the next update as you read this and it should be up in less than a week. I promise for sure this time. Thanks for all the patience you guys have and I'm working on another story. It's paranormal and no I'm not putting it out yet. I have too much on my plate as it is, lol. I'm working ahead on it that way when it does post it won't be such a long wait in between chapters. But enough about that I hope you guys enjoy it and keep the feedback coming!!!

Curious Virgin N.O.


"Like a rhinestone cowboy...Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo..."

Steven turned to Alexis and grinned. He was holding back his laughter as she sashayed into the kitchen wearing one of his large shirts and a pair of his boots. He arched his brow as he looked at her.

"When are you going to stop making fun of me?"

Alexis looked up at Steven with innocent eyes. "Me make fun of you? Steven I was just singing one of my favorite songs."

Steven crooked his finger urging her to come closer. She smiled and shook her head. Steven grinned. "I won't bite...I promise."

Alexis slowly inched her way towards Steven watching him warily. Steven waited until she was a foot away before he lunged for her. Alexis turned away attempting to outrun him, but she was caught in his strong arms. She laughed loudly as he began to rub his face in her neck. Steven began to laugh as she fought in his embrace. He walked over to the kitchen table and laid her down.

"Mmmm I was planning on cooking breakfast, but I found what I wanted to eat."

Alexis laughed as she swatted at Steven's hands. "Steven you had me all last night."

Steven shrugged. "It's not my fault you taste good. Plus you made fun of me so you owe me."

Alexis laughed as she rolled off the table and tried to find an escape route. Steven eyed her every move. She bit her lip as she backed up towards the bottle of chocolate syrup on the counter. Steven realized his mistake too late when he was greeted with a chocolate attack. He maneuvered around the kitchen trying to move away from Alexis. He opened the fridge and grabbed the can of whipped cream. He aimed and fired at Alexis. Alexis laughed loudly and rummaged through the cabinets until she found a bag of chocolate chips. She began to launch them at Steven. Steven felt the candy hitting his body everywhere. He stopped and slumped to the tile floor holding his chest.

Alexis watched with an uncertain smile. "Steven?"

Steven lay on the floor motionless. Alexis slowly moved toward him biting her lip with worry. "Steven? Baby?"

She sat on the floor next to him and pushed his hair from his eyes. "Baby please."

She gasped as Steven grabbed her wrist and looked up at her with a sinister smile. "Gotcha."

Alexis shrieked in outrage as Steven rolled her beneath him and pinned her arms above her head. She glared at him while trying to free herself.

Steven smiled. "Well looks like you're stuck."

"Really Sherlock?"

Steven began to grind his hip between her legs. "You could do something to get out of this situation."

Alexis shook her head. "No I'm not going to your level."

Steven looked down her body and grinned as he saw whipped cream falling between her legs. He licked his lips before reaching in his back pocket and pulling out a small piece of twine.

Alexis looked at him as if he were insane. "Why are you carrying around rope?!"

Steven looked at her as if she should know. "All good cowboys come prepared. I might have needed that rope for something. Looks like I was right."

Alexis looked outraged as Steven began to laugh. He moved between her legs only to have her legs close on him. Steven looked at her with a droll stare.

"Baby we can do this the easy way or the hard way. And by the way I'm stronger than you."

Alexis growled. "Well show me how strong you are cowboy."

Steven grinned. "Next time you say cowboy to me you're gonna get that spanking you've been needing."

Alexis batted her eyes. "What's that cowboy I didn't hear you."

Steven rolled her over and began to smack her ass with his hands. Alexis was too shocked to do anything as his hands came down on her ass. She couldn't believe Steven was actually spanking her, but the shocking thing was that she liked it. She looked over her shoulder and nearly came as she watched Steven. He looked at her and stopped.

"Are you going to stop making fun of me?"

Alexis bit her lip. "For the next few hours."

Steven laughed as he picked her up off the floor and threw her over his shoulder. "Let's go teach you a lesson sweetheart. And I promise you, you'll think of this cowboy differently after this."


Grace sat on the alternating between biting her lip and petting Edward. He turned onto his back and purred loudly as she rubbed his fur. She glanced down at Nathan's sleeping form and smiled. How did you tell a deaf man that you were pregnant with his child? She tilted her head trying to figure out if he would be happy or angry. She ran her fingers lightly across the bridge of his nose towards his soft lips. He flinched and relaxed once more. Grace leaned into his face and almost giggled as she saw light freckles dancing across his cheeks. She touched one and Nathan smacked his lips and continued to sleep. Grace covered her mouth trying not to laugh as she observed Nathan. She touched another freckle and he did the same thing. Grace bit her lip and slowly moved out of the bed. She grabbed Edward and rushed from the room as laughter began to rack her body. The sound of a key turning in the lock greeted her as she hit the last step. She smiled brightly as she saw Matt.

"Hey you look like you're doing good."

Matt frowned at Grace and noticed her trying to hide a grin. "What did you do?"

Grace bit her lip. "Nothing."

Matt smiled. "Let me guess you were messing with Nathan while he was sleeping?"

Grace looked at him in shock. "How did you know?"

Matt shrugged. "It's just my sixth sense."

Grace shook her head and gestured to the couch. "Have a seat."

Matt looked at Grace warily. "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

Grace bit her lip before she looked at Matt again. "Matt does Nathan want kids?"

Matt smiled softly. "Of course he does. If you hadn't noticed he's been trying to kidnap Greg and Tyler for awhile now."

Grace laughed softly. "How do I tell him I'm pregnant?"

Matt opened his mouth and closed it again. He looked at Grace with surprise and slowly began to smile. He jumped off the couch and began to walk around excitedly.

"I'm going to be an uncle?!"

Grace had to laugh at Matt's face. "Yes you're going to be an uncle, now about Nathan."

Matt grinned and looked to the stairs. "Let's go wake him up and tell him the news."

Grace looked at Matt. "Matt don't do anything crazy now."

Matt ran for the stairs and Grace jumped up after him. She ran up the stairs and stopped in the doorway to the bedroom. Matt had landed on the bed directly on top of Nathan and the two were wrestling. Matt grabbed a pillow and began to attack Nathan while Nathan tried to scramble from the bed. Nathan eyed Grace and growled softly. He jumped out of the bed and ran for her with a wild look in his eyes. Matt grabbed him by the legs causing him to stumble to the floor. Grace felt laughter bubble up inside her and she couldn't hold it any longer. She began to laugh hysterically as the two brothers tried to untangle themselves from one another. Nathan watched as Grace's body began to shake with laughter. He rose off the floor and began to sign frantically.

What was all that about?!

Grace walked towards Nathan and grabbed one of his hands. She place it across her stomach and looked deeply into his eyes. Nathan felt his heart quicken.

You're pregnant?

Grace nodded and giggled when Nathan picked her up and began to twirl her around the room. He set her down on the floor and began to jump on the bed. Grace began to laugh even more when Matt rose off the floor and began dancing. She never would've guessed that Nathan would've had this reaction.


Tracy dusted the flour off of her hands as she finished placing the last biscuit on the tray. She placed the tray in the oven and looked around to make sure everything was ready for breakfast. She opened the fridge and pulled out the container of mixed fruit. A soft smile covered her face as she heard Charles stomping down the stairs. She turned around to face him.

"Charles if you don't stop stomping down those stairs you're going to put holes all in the steps."

Charles grinned. "Baby I didn't hear no complaints this morning."

Tracy smiled and blushed softly. "Stop Charles. If Steven hears you talking like that he'll refuse to eat here for a month. You know he's cranky if he doesn't get his weekly homemade biscuits."

Charles laughed loudly. "Woman you spoil that boy rotten."

Tracy arched her brow. "Oh and like you aren't the same?"

Charles shrugged. "No I'm not spoiled. I just prefer to have things my way."

Tracy snorted and shook her head. "What's the difference?"

"The difference is this."

Charles pulled Tracy into his arms and drew her lips into a deep kiss. Tracy moaned softly as she pushed her fingers through his hair. Charles growled and grabbed her ass. They broke away at the loud yell that entered the kitchen.


Steven came running between them, pushing Charles to the side. Steven turned towards Charles and charged him to the ground. Alexis screamed Steven's name and tried to get out of the way. Tracy grabbed a pot of water and threw it on top of the men, but it didn't stop them. Steven jumped off of Charles and shook the water out of his hair. Charles glared at him angrily.

"Boy what in the hell was that for?!"

Steven gave him an innocent look. "You were hurting mama."

Charles tried to fight the smile, but it was no use. He began to laugh loudly while Tracy walked over and began beating on Steven. Alexis rolled her eyes and smiled.

Charles calmed himself. "Steve do we need to have 'the talk'?"

Steven began laughing as he pulled Charles into a hug. "I'm sorry Charles, but I don't need to see my parents getting it on."

Tracy growled. "Well you could've told us that a different way. Made a mess in my kitchen. You're going to clean up every inch of this kitchen Steven."

Steven looked at his watch. "You know what on second thought I really have some business to take care of."

Tracy scoffed. "No you're going to clean this kitchen and then you're going to clean the rest of the house. You're not allowed to eat until you're finished."

Steven began to pout. "But mama-"

Tracy shook her head. "Don't argue with me. Now get to work or else you're food will get cold."

Steven sighed and dragged his feet towards the broom. "Yes ma'am."


"Do you have any threes?"

Greg shook his head. "Go fish."

Chloe looked at the two boys and grinned. It was as if they lived in their own world and only left when they wanted something. The two were so in tune to each other that it was borderline scary. She cleared her throat.

"Do you have any sevens?"

Tyler frowned softly. "Are you psychic?"

Chloe laughed. "No I'm not psychic."

Tyler shrugged and handed over the flimsy card. Greg was the next to ask for a car, but Chloe wasn't paying attention. All she could think about was the rich male scent that was invading her space. Matt had just walked into the living room and Chloe had to stop herself from moaning. The boys jumped up and ran towards their dad excitedly. He looked down at the two, his love for them glowing within his eyes.

"Hey guys you ready to go to grandma and grandpa?"

Tyler smiled. "Yes we have something we want to show grandpa."

Greg grinned. "He's going to love it."

Matt looked at them in confusion. "What do I have a feeling that this isn't going to be good?"

Tyler shrugged and ran to open the door. He jumped into Jackie's embrace before she could knock on the door. Greg ran towards Brian and hugged him tightly. Chloe was so entranced with the gathering that she didn't notice Matt moving towards her. She jumped slightly when he touched her arm.

"I'm sorry I thought you heard me."

Chloe smiled and looked up into his turquoise eyes. "No I was too focused on our boys."

Matt grinned. "Yeah our boys are something else aren't they?"

Chloe blushed softly. "Oh I didn't mean...I just wanted to..."

Matt laughed softly. "It's okay they can be your boys."

Chloe smiled up at Matt. "Are we ready to go?"

Matt nodded. "Yeah I think I'm going to take you to a favorite place of mine."

"Oh really?"

"Maybe I could have a kiss. You know my memory isn't that well and kisses usually help me."

Chloe laughed. "I'll think about it. I have to make you work for it."

Matt sighed. "Fine I'll work for it. But I'm not happy about this."


Grace tried to hide her smile as Nathan sat in the middle of the living room trying to put together a baby crib. She turned her head and looked at all the toys in their boxes. They, or rather Nathan, decided to wait on clothes until they knew the sex of the baby. He looked at the instructions and scratched his head. He looked through the pile of pieces and shrugged when he couldn't find it. Grace walked over and sat next to him. He turned and kissed her on the lips lightly. Grace smacked her lips at the weird taste.

What is that?

Nathan smiled. I was trying the baby food earlier to see which one the baby would like. And I was hungry.

Grace laughed and shook her head. Nathan the baby isn't coming for a few more months. Why are we rushing?

Nathan grinned. I'm just excited, baby. Besides it's never too early to get ready for a baby. Did you eat the fruit I cut up for you?

Yes Nathan I ate the fruit.

Nathan smiled and turned back to the baby crib. She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair as he continued to work. She absently rubbed her stomach and imagined what it would be like to have a miniature Nathan running around. She laughed to herself as she thought about all the trouble the two would get into. She rose off the floor and sighed in content. She moved towards the kitchen with a hungry Edward behind her. It seemed like the similarities between Edward and Nathan never ended. The cat mewled loudly, grazing her leg with his dark head. He clawed at her pants begging for his food. Grace poured food into his bowl and walked to the fridge to grab the bag labeled 'food for baby'. Grace laughed as she took out the remaining fruit and poured it into a bowl. She grabbed the bottle of honey and walked back towards Nathan. She waved the bottle in his face and pointed to her body.

Nathan you want a snack?

Nathan bit his lip and looked a the crib. He looked back to Grace and nearly came on site. He didn't have to finish the crib right now. Besides the baby wasn't coming for a while. He rose up and stalked towards Grace as she made her way towards the stairs. He lunged for her and laughed while she flew towards their bedroom. His stomach growled loudly. Looked like he was going to get a snack and sex at the same time.


"You're just mad because you don't have hair like me."

Steven laughed loudly as Alexis snuggled deeper into his side. They had just finished having breakfast at his parent's house and came back home. "Yeah that's the reason why I teased you. Because my hair isn't as thick or long as yours."

Alexis looked up at Steven and began to pout. "You shouldn't be jealous. It's not healthy."

Steven grinned and slapped her ass. "Come on baby we need to get up. You make me spend too much time in the bed. Plus I want to see how Grace and Nathan are doing. When is his surgery?"

Alexis sighed. "Grace said it's going to be in two days. He's getting ready."

Steven laughed. "Actually I think he might be more worried about the baby than his hearing."

"Yeah you might be right."

Steven grabbed Alexis and rose out of the bed. "Let's go get cleaned up and see what they're up to."

"But what if they're busy?"

Steven paused and looked down at Alexis. "You know what I have been wanting to try this new sex move. And the bed is right there."

Alexis laughed loudly as Steven threw her on the bed and growled loudly. He jumped on top of her and began to tickle her. She pushed him onto his back and tried to find a ticklish part on his body, but he didn't budge.

Alexis looked down at him with a confused expression. "Why aren't you ticklish?"

Steven shrugged. "I'm magically delicious."

Alexis grinned. "Well since you aren't ticklish, let's see what my mouth does to you."

Steven smiled brightly. "Now that's what I want to hear."


Chloe laughed along with the boys as they watched Bolt on the TV. She turned to Matt and grinned as he began to mouth the words from the hamster.

"I eat danger for breakfast..."

Chloe snuggled deeper into Matt's side while Tyler cuddled under her right side. Greg sat on the left side of Matt, they were the picture of a perfect family. Tyler yawned loudly and began to stretch.

"Dad I think it's time for bed."

They turned and looked at Greg. His mouth was open and a soft snore had escaped his lips. Matt covered his mouth to keep from laughing.

"Yeah I think it's time for you guys to hit the sack."

Matt picked up Greg causing him to mumble. Chloe smiled and felt her heart swell as Matt gently carried his son upstairs. Chloe took Tyler's hand and walked him towards the bedroom. He practically ran to the bed when it was in sight. He turned to Chloe and smiled.

"Night Chloe. See you later."

Chloe hugged him and ran her hands through his hair. "Night Ty."

He smiled and drifted to sleep. Chloe turned to Greg and kissed him lightly on the top of his head. She leaned down and whispered in his ear. "Night Greg."

He mumble good night and smacked his lips before returning to sleep again. Chloe turned and gasped softly as she saw the love burning deep inside Matt's eyes. She walked into his arms and hugged him tightly. He sighed and pulled her into his arms.

"Are you ready to go home?"

Chloe looked up at him and saw the pleading expression in his eyes. He didn't want her to go. She smiled and ran her fingers lightly over his jaw line. "I don't have to go home tonight. I could stay, but I'd have to wear your clothes."

Matt picked her up and walked towards his bedroom. He sat her down on the bed and covered his body with hers. "I don't care if you have to wear some of my clothes. You can stay in bed and I'll wake up in the morning and get you some if you'd like."

Chloe kissed his lips lightly and sighed. "That's fine, but don't think you're getting any sex mister."

Matt laughed. "Of course not I know I have to work for it."


Nathan are you scared?

Nathan tucked Grace deeper into his side. Yeah, but not about the surgery. I'm scared it won't work.

Grace rose up and kissed him on the lips. I'll love you either way.

Nathan grinned. I know, but I want to be able to hear our child. I want to be able to talk with you. I want to tell you I love you.

Grace felt her eyes get blurry. She blinked a few times. I know you love me.

Nathan smiled softly. I know, but I want you to hear it. Plus I want to yell at my brother. I have some things to catch up on you know.

Grace laughed and shook her head. Of course you only want to hear so you can make up lost arguments.

Yeah pretty much.

Grace bit her lip and played with Nathan's hair while he rubbed his fingers along her stomach.

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