tagRomanceIt's Time Ch. 12

It's Time Ch. 12


Sorry for the wait please don't throw things at me, lol. Anyway I think there's going to be two more chapters and then that's going to be the end of the story. I might do a story for Matt separately or I may add more than two chapters. Anyway after this I'll be able to focus more on the other two stories and after those I'm taking a break, lol. But don't worry I'm coming up with new story ideas and I won't keep you waiting for long. Thanks for reading and please keep the feedback coming.

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By the way I'm loving the feedback I've been getting and thanks for helping me win that contest!!!! If it weren't for you guys I wouldn't have won that :)


Grace sighed softly as she watched Nathan exit the shower. The droplets of water fell across his skin down towards the trail of hair on his stomach. He grabbed a towel and tucked it around his waist while he grabbed another run and began to vigorously dry his hair. Grace tucked her knees underneath her as she sat on the counter of the sink. Nathan strolled over to her and rubbed his whisker cheek across her neck. Grace laughed and hit his arm playfully while she inhaled his masculine scent. He raised his head and kissed her on her nose lightly.

Grace grinned. Are you going to shave or do you plan on becoming some kind of barbarian?

Nathan scratched his chin. I did plan on becoming a barbarian, but I think I'll save that for tonight.

Grace laughed and shook her head. She watched as he grabbed the can of shaving cream and squeezed a large amount into his hand. He spread the cream across his face until a thick layer sat on top of his skin. He grabbed a razor from the cabinet and turned to Grace. He handed the razor over to her and raised his chin in the air.

Here shave me.

Grace bit her lip and arched her brow. Are you sure?

Nathan nodded. You're going to be doing it when I get old, you should get some practice in now.

Grace grinned and moved over to sit in front of Nathan. She bit her lip as she tried to figure out where to start. Nathan smiled down at her and grabbed her hand. He started at the far side of his left cheek, bringing her hand down slowly across his skin. Grace ran the razor underneath the water and moved to his cheek once more. She didn't know that something so simple could turn into an intimate moment between them. His large body seemed to surround her as she groomed his face. The soft sound of the razor scraping away the hair entered the bathroom. Grace finished and wiped his face clean, she smiled excitedly when she noticed that no cuts seemed to develop. Nathan smiled and pulled her into his arms for a deep kiss. He held her face in his hands while looking deeply into her eyes. He grabbed Grace's hand and placed it across his chest, above his heart.

I love you, baby.

Grace bit her lip to stop the tears. I love you too.

Nathan grinned. You know if the surgery doesn't work I'm stuck like this.

Grace felt the tears enter her eyes. I don't care, I just want you.

Nathan put a hand over her stomach. It's a possibility our children might not hear my voice. They could end up like me.

Grace nodded. I'll take you anyway I can. I'll love our children either way.

Nathan pulled her into a tight hug before he carried her to the bed. He walked to the dresser and pulled out a small box. He crawled on the bed and placed Grace in his lap. She covered her mouth and let the tears pour freely from her eyes.

Nathan lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. Will you marry me?

Grace nodded and began to kiss Nathan. Yes, yes...yes!

Nathan laughed and turned over pushing Grace deep within the mattress. He moved himself between her legs while her hands worked their way into his hair. He moved the lace panties from her body and slowly moved within her. She gasped and arched her back as pleasure entered her mind. She couldn't wait to be Nathan's wife.



Alexis began to pout, but she continued to move forward. Steven's voice rang out again. "No."

Alexis looked at Charles causing him to smile softly. He nodded and pointed towards the last stall. Alexis managed to move a few more steps before Steven growled.

"Woman if you keep moving towards that horse I'll wear your hide out."

Alexis stood still until she heard his footsteps move away. Charles grinned and winked. Alexis began to run for the last stall and she laughed loudly as Steven came running after her.


Alexis refused to listen. She wanted to ride a horse and she wanted to ride it now. She'd been getting lessons from Charles and he thought she was ready. She ran inside the stall and jumped on the horse that had already been saddled for her, thanks to Charles. She signaled the horse to run just as Steven caught up to the stall. He threw his hat down and began yelling and cursing. Alexis laughed loudly as the wind blew through her hair. She looked to her left and grinned at Charles. He laughed and began to push his horse faster. The sound of another horse coming up on them caused her to look back. She saw Steven barreling towards them on a large black stallion. She veered her horse right while Steven followed. She couldn't stop the laughter that escaped her lips as Steven came on the side of her and snatched her from her horse. She held onto his arms as he placed her in front of him on the saddle. The horse came to a slow trot and then eventually stopped completely. Steven turned her around and Alexis caught her breath at the wild blue fire within his eyes.

"Woman are you insane?!! You could've broke your neck!"

Alexis ran her fingers along his jaw. He shook his head and caught her hand. "You're not getting out of it that easy. You could've hurt yourself."

Alexis gave him a hurt look. "But I've been learning from Charles."

Steven glared at Charles as he came up to them. "You could've told me that you were teaching my woman how to ride."

Charles shrugged. "I don't have to tell you nothing."

Steven growled. "When it comes to Alexis I know everything."

Charles began to laugh loudly. "Boy I knew you loved her, but I just had to make sure. Any man willing to fight his daddy over a woman is a man in love. Of course you would've gotten your ass handed to you."

Steven shook his head and grinned as Charles turned around rode back towards the house. Steven looked down at Alexis. "Woman what would've happened if you couldn't handle the horse as good as you thought?"

Alexis sighed. "Steven that's why Charles was right there."

Steven ran his hand through his hair. "Baby I don't want you to get hurt."

Alexis smiled and bit her lip. "I know. I guess my big bad cowboy is really a sweetheart."

Steven held her head in his hands. "Only with you baby."

Alexis turned back around and snuggled deep into his chest while he directed his horse towards hers. She sighed as she smelt his rich scent. A soft moan escaped her lips as he gathered her closer in his arms. Steven laughed and kissed her neck.

"Do you need something?"

Alexis sighed as they came over towards a tree. She shrugged. "Maybe."

Steven hopped off the horse and gathered her in his arms. He reached into the side saddle bag and pulled out a blanket. He spread the blanket on the ground and laid Alexis down on top of it. She grinned.

"What are you planning cowboy?"

Steven shrugged. "Nothing really. Just giving you what you want."

Alexis sat up. "Out here in public?"

Steven looked around. "There's nobody here, but us and the horses."

Alexis laughed. "Steven you can't wait until we get home?"

Steven sighed. "Fine I'll wait."

Alexis looked at the horses. "Last one back to the house is on the bottom."

Steven grinned. "Then I guess I'll take my time."


Brian looked in amazement at the spider inside the clear tub. He looked down at the twins and shook his head. "How did you get that thing in the tub again?"

Greg looked at his grandfather excitedly. "Well I saw it crawling along and I put my hand in front of it. It walked on my hand like I was a branch or something."

Tyler cleared his throat. "Then I scooped it into the bowl and closed the top."

Brian tried to ignore his instinct to run. "Well it's pretty cool in a large, hairy, scary way."

Tyler smiled and Greg scratched his chin. Brian hated this look. It meant that he was planning something.

Greg sighed. "Do you think dad would let us keep it?"

Tyler rolled his eyes. "Duh! Dad's a man, which means he automatically likes bugs."

Brian tried to tell them differently, but they ran off excitedly as Matt came into the house. Brian rose up and walked over to his son. "How you been?"

Matt smiled brightly. "Good."

Brian arched his brow. "I'm guessing this Chloe is making you a very happy man."

Matt blushed softly. "I didn't think I was going to love again."

Brian shook his head. "I don't think Heather would've wanted you to be alone."

Matt nodded. "I know. I'm just happy she left me with two boys."

Brian grinned. "Speaking of the boys-"

"Dad you're here."

"Guess what we-"

"Don't tell him we have to show him-"

"Stop yelling you'll scare it."

Matt looked at his boys warily as they came up to him. Greg had his hands behind his back as he stood in front of him. "What did you guys do?"

Tyler sighed. "Dad we don't always get into trouble."

Matt scoffed. "Yeah, but that only happens when you're sleeping."

Greg grinned. "Sit down."

Matt walked over to the chair and sat down. He smiled as the boys came over to him. Tyler smiled at him.

"Dad we found an arachnid."

Matt lost his smile. "You found a....AAAAHHHH!"

Matt fell over the arm of the chair as he scrambled away from the spider. He jumped up and crowded against the wall.

"Where in the name did you guys find that?!"

Greg laughed. "Dad it's in this container it can't get out. And we found it outside."

Matt calmed himself down. "Okay go put it back."

Tyler began to pout. "But you didn't even look at it."

Matt counted to ten and tried to calm himself. He walked over to them slowly and dropped to his knees. Greg brought the creature over to him and held it in front of his face. Matt did have to admit the thing was spectacular.

Matt looked at them. "Don't you think you should put it back? It could mess up the balance in the ecosystem."

Tyler thought about for a moment. "You're right dad we can't risk a rift in the system. It could end up affecting us."

Matt sighed as they ran for the back door. Matt turned to Brian. "You could've told me that they had a spider."

Brian shrugged. "I was trying too, but they came into the room."

Matt smiled. "I'm glad Chloe wasn't here. She probably would've hurt herself trying to get away."

Brian grinned. "Yeah you're falling hard for her. So when is the wedding?"

Matt laughed. "Dad we just met and besides the only wedding you need to worry about it Nathan's."

Brian sighed. "What happens if the surgery doesn't work?"

Matt shrugged. "He'll be in shock for a little bit, but Grace would help him through it. She loves him too much to leave him over something he can't help."

Brian nodded. "You're right I can't wait for those children to be born."

Matt smiled. "I don't think you're going to get you're grandchildren until Nathan is good and ready to give them up."

"Well then I guess I better start working out because it's going to be a fight."


Grace looked at the clock again. She paced back and forth once more while holding Edward in her hands. She didn't want Nathan to go through this. She didn't care if he couldn't hear her, they had great communication. She bit her lip as she grabbed Nathan's shirt. She put Edward down and placed the shirt over her body. She could smell him all over and it calmed her a little. What if something went wrong? Grace took a deep breath and sighed. Everything would be fine, Nathan would be fine. She turned as she heard a knock on the door. She opened it and smiled as she saw Nathan's family on the front steps. Jackie came in and pulled her into a hug.

"How are you doing honey?"

Grace bit her lip and blew out a deep breath. "Does he have to go through this?"

Jackie sighed. "He say he has to try so he can know for sure that there's nothing that can be done."

Grace nodded and walked over to the couch. "Does anyone need anything to drink?"

Matt shook his head. "You should be resting by the way. And no stressing."

Grace smiled and hugged Matt tightly. "Yes sir."

Everyone settled down and waited for Nathan. He walked in a moment later with a bundle of roses in his hands. He came over to Grace and kissed her gently. She took the flowers from his hands and held them to her heart. He turned to his family and crossed his arms.

Can I have my woman to myself?

Brian shook his head. We're here to accompany you to the hospital.

Nathan nodded. Well shall we go?

Grace rose off the couch and walked towards Nathan. He pulled her into his arms kissed her. I'm going to be fine, baby.

Grace nodded. I know, you don't have to do it though.

Nathan sighed. I know, but I still need to do it.

Grace smiled and walked outside towards the car. Matt came up to him. I see that ring you put on her finger. Are you trying to make me look bad?

Nathan grinned. I can't help it if I know how to win a woman over.

Matt grabbed his brother in a hug and ruffled his hair. I'm happy for you.

Nathan smiled and raised his brow. And?

Matt sighed. And I love you too. Now can we go to the hospital?

Nathan grinned as he followed his family out the door.



Alexis pushed at his massive shoulders trying to wake him up. She sighed and turned her attention to the band of arms surrounding her middle. She tugged at them eagerly, but nothing happened. She growled and tried waking Steven back up.

"Steven? Sweetheart I can't breath. You're squeezing me too tight."

Alexis gasped as he turned over onto his back taking her with him. Her face smacked into his chest as he stopped moving. She pushed her hair from her face.

"That's it cowboy you're going to wake up."

Alexis shrieked softly when his hands moved down to cup her ass. She looked back up at him with a bored expression. "Really? Okay now I know you're awake."

His face remained motionless as he began to massage her butt. Alexis began to swat at his hands trying to get away from his grasp. His body began to shake with laughter as she tried to fight him off.

"Oh very funny Steven."

He looked up at her with his blue eyes. "It is isn't it?"

Alexis glared at him, but eventually began to smile. "Baby we have to go get ready. I need to be there for Grace."

Steven looked at the clock. "Oh shit I didn't realize the time."

Alexis jumped off of him and walked towards the bathroom. "Well maybe if you had a little more self control we wouldn't spend countless hours in bed."

Steven hopped out of the bed and stalked towards her. "Baby if you don't stop all that nagging I'm going to give you something to occupy that pretty mouth of yours."

Alexis slapped his chest playfully. "Steven you're naughty."

He shrugged. "I was talking about bubblegum."


How are you feeling?

Nathan looked at her. I feel like I'm high.

Grace smiled as she glanced down at Nathan. He was laying on the hospital bed waiting to be transferred to the operating room. The doctors had just finished preparing him and there was no turning back now. She sighed as she kissed him once more.

I love you.

Nathan smiled and grabbed her hand. I love you more.

She bit her lip to keep the tears from pouring. She couldn't stand to see him hurt if the surgery didn't work. He traced his fingers across her cheek grabbing her attention. Baby I'll be fine. As long as I have you I'm fine.

Grace nodded and rubbed her stomach. It's going to be more than me.

Nathan grinned. I can't wait for that to happen. The perfect family.

Grace laughed. Yeah except that are child might end up being Dennis the Menace because of your genes.

Nathan chuckled. Good I don't want my children to be boring and cooperative. I need a challenge.

Grace shook her head and kissed him one last time. The nurses came around and began to push his down the hallway. His parents sat in the waiting room for her. She walked towards the room feeling as if her soul had been taken from her. She knew it was just a small procedure, but she still knew that things could go wrong. No she had to think of only positive outcomes. Jackie walked up to her as soon as she entered the room. She smiled at Alexis who had arrived a few moments earlier. Jackie pulled away smiling.

"He'll be fine sweetheart."

Grace nodded and placed her hand across her stomach. "I know."

Brian kissed her on her forehead. "How's he been treating you? And how is my grandchild?"

Grace grinned. "He's been treating me fine and you're grandchild is doing fine as well."

Matt chuckled. "You never know you could be having two instead of one."

The boys looked at each other and smiled. Tyler looked at Grace. "Will you make sure to have twins?"

Grace laughed. "I'll try to have twins for you guys."

Greg jumped up excitedly. "Yes now we can train our successors."

Brian shook his head and laughed. "I think you two are a little too young for that."

Greg shook his head. "Nope we have it all planned out."

Everyone watched in amazement as the two boys went into their own world and began talking among themselves. Grace shook her head and silently wished for children like them. Alexis cleared her throat and looked at her.

"So I see you're sporting a fancy ring on your finger."

Steven grinned. "You know I think that's the same place an engagement ring goes."

Alexis nodded in agreement. "You know Steven you're right. That's the exact same spot."

Jackie smiled. "I guess that means marriage is in the near future."

Brian sighed. "I thought we'd never get rid of that boy. He's too crazy for his own good."

Grace began to laugh causing the others to join in. She shook her head as she took in her new family. Sighing softly she closed her eyes and calmly counted down the hours until it was time for Nathan to come out.

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