tagRomanceIt's Time Ch. 13

It's Time Ch. 13


Ok everybody I know, I know, it's been forever and a lifetime since I posted. I've been in a really terrible funk and I refuse to discuss my feelings which makes it worse, lol. But aside from that I Because of Calan should be updated after this. I'm thinking about pulling this story because I'm not so confident about it anymore. I got a couple of suggestions that basically signaled to me that the story needs to be rewritten and that Nathan needs to be put into a more mature light. Also a couple of people were upset because I made it seem that the only reason Nathan was a virgin was because he was deaf. I'm sorry if I offended people, but that's not the case I was trying to make. So after I finish this version of the story I'm going to take it down and rewrite it hopefully to everyone's liking. So people send me your complaints and suggestions about the story so I know how to rewrite it when the time comes. Now that I got that rant out of the way please enjoy this update...hopefully.

Curious Virgin N.O.

Grace looked down at Nathan and sighed softly. His body was limp except for the hold he had on her hand. She smiled as she smoothed the hair from his face. The twins were on either side of him all because they suggested that children had a therapeutic quality about them. Of course the doctor couldn't refuse them when they'd given him the puppy dog look. Nathan began to move slightly and he opened his eyes. He smiled softly and squeezed her hand. He looked down at the twins on the side of him and rose up off the bed. He blinked once, twice and then turned to her.

How long was I out for?

Grace smiled. What?

Nathan gestured towards the boys. Did our kids already grow up?

Grace laughed softly causing Nathan to grin. She shook her head and kissed him on the lips softly. Nathan arched his eyebrow. I think I'm feeling better.

Grace laughed once more and squeezed Nathan's hand. He looked up at her with his blue eyes. How bad do I look?

Grace tilted her head. They had to shave some of your hair off.

Nathan fell back on the pillows and put his arm over his eyes. I can never go back to my job now.

Grace gave him a questioning glance. He rolled his eyes. I can't be Nathan the Bangman anymore.

Grace bit her lip and turned away. I'm going to go get your family. You're outrageous.

Nathan grabbed her hand. Our family...and you love my outrageousness.

Grace kissed him one last time before she walked out of the hospital room. Nathan turned his attention to the twins that were in the bed with him. Greg was the first one to wake up. He smiled at Nathan and began moving his mouth. Nathan squinted and tried to figure out what he was saying, but he was talking too fast. Tyler rose up and began talking to him as well. Nathan shrugged his shoulders and put his hands in the air trying to tell them that he couldn't hear them. Greg tilted his head and frowned.

I thought you could hear us.

Nathan smiled. I won't know until a few weeks from now.

Tyler sighed. Well that's not fair. How are we going to play pranks on dad?

Nathan laughed. The same way we always do.

The boys shrugged and grabbed the remote that controlled the bed. Greg pushed the up arrow causing the bed to rise slowly. Nathan pushed his hands through the air and opened his mouth on a silent yell. The boys looked at each other and mimicked Nathan. Greg pushed the up and down arrows causing the bed to move every which way. They moved side to side treating the bed as a rollercoaster. They didn't hear the soft knock on the door as the nurse walked in. She smiled softly at the sight and walked back out without disturbing the ride.


Matt sat in the chair grinning as he thought about Chloe. Tomorrow would be their first date together without the boys and he couldn't wait. All he could think about was her smile and the way her eyes lit up when she talked to him. But for some reason he couldn't shake the feeling that he was somewhat betraying Heather. Even though she'd passed away he still loved her. Some days he wished he never met her that way the pain wouldn't be so hard to handle. But he couldn't dwell on the past. He had to move on in the future. He smiled up at Grace as she walked into the waiting room.

"He's awake."

Matt laughed. "Why'd you say it like that?"

Grace grinned. "Because he's awake."

Matt nodded in understanding. He was up and raising hell already. Now he knew for sure that Greg was getting all of his wacky ideas from his uncle. Although Tyler was a silent threat. It was scary sometimes to not know what his sons were thinking, especially since they had some twin bond going on. Matt rose out of the chair and pulled Grace into a big hug. She laughed softly and looked into his eyes.

"What was that for?"

Matt shrugged. "You've made Nathan happy. He's never been happy like this before and it's all because of you."

Grace blushed softly. "I didn't do anything."

Matt scoffed. "You did everything. I mean did you see the way he acted when he found out about the kids?"

Grace bit her lip. "But he's made me happy too."

Matt nodded. "Yeah I know, but he's the lucky one. If he hadn't found you I don't think he would be this happy."

Grace grinned and hugged Matt once more. "Do you mind watching him while I go get a cup of coffee?"

Matt shook his head. "No I don't mind. Go ahead and do what you need to do."

Matt walked towards the room that held Nathan, but he wasn't prepared for the sight that greeted him. Greg was covered with toilet paper along with Nathan. They lay side by side on the bed while Tyler stalked across the room.

Tyler whispered softly. "I can't make too much noise in this pyramid. The mummies might wake up and I may get cursed."

Greg shot up and jumped on to the floor. He put his arms in front of him and waddled towards Tyler. Tyler turned around and conveniently tripped over the shoe he had behind him. He sat on the floor and put his hands up to ward off Greg.

"Please no! I'll do anything you ask of me!"

Matt cleared his throat and held back laughter as Nathan and Greg began pulling toilet paper off of them. Nathan lay on the bed and closed his eyes quickly while Greg sat in one of the chairs. Tyler hurried to grab all the toilet paper and ran towards the bathroom. He came back and got in the bed with Nathan. Matt gave them a bored stare and chuckled.

"May I ask what you were doing?"

Tyler looked at his father. "Dad what are you talking about?"

Greg gave him an innocent expression. "Yeah dad we've been sitting here this whole time."

A moment later Nathan sat up and stretched. He smacked loudly and looked over to Matt with feigned surprise. Matt laughed and shook his head as he gazed at his brother.

My boys can't be alone with you for five minutes before something weird is going on.

Nathan rolled his eyes. That's not true we lasted six minutes before we started playing.

Matt moved over towards the bed and hugged his brother. So how are you feeling?

Nathan shrugged. I'm kind of numb right now, but I know I might be feeling it later.

Matt looked at the gauze wrapped side of his head. There's no hope for you now.

Nathan arched his brow. What do you mean?

Matt shrugged. You looked halfway decent with hair all over, but now that you have a bald spot you're just plain ugly.

Nathan sighed. I know I just hope my spell on Grace doesn't wear off. By the way can you go pick up some more potions from the witch?

Matt laughed and shook his head. He signaled to his boys and they reluctantly followed him towards the door. I'll let you get your rest and have some alone time with Grace.

Nathan smiled. Is it that obvious?

Yeah you're in love; just try not to show her how crazy you really are.


Steven smoothed the hair away from Alexis' face. She wrinkled her nose and relaxed in his lap once more. Grace walked over carrying a cup of coffee. He smiled up at her as she set it down next to him.

She shook her head. "You're spoiling her you know."

Steven rolled his eyes. "Like Nathan isn't spoiling you."

Grace smiled. "I'm just glad she's happy."

"I know when she's not happy it's scary."

Alexis growled softly. "Cowboy you have a lot of nerve."

Steven chuckled and kissed her on the nose. "Yeah I do have a lot of nerves. It's what helps me give you what you need. You know what I'm talking about."

Alexis laughed and turned to Grace. "How's your husband doing? "

"He's doing good. He's up and probably raising hell."

Alexis rolled her eyes. "Men you can't live with them...and you can't live without them."

Steven scoffed. "Technically I'm not a man...I'm a cowboy. We're better and stronger than men."

Alexis laughed and kissed Steven. "I need to go to the ladies' room."

Steven watched her hips sway as she walked towards the door. "Did you want me to join you?"

Grace laughed and headed towards Nathan's room.


Nathan lay in the bed trying to keep his eyes open. The damn medicine was making him drowsy and he hated it. He wanted to be up so he could see Grace. She walked in and smiled at him causing him to catch his breath. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met. She walked over and ran her fingers through his hair. He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him for a kiss. She laughed and sighed as he began to mold his lips to hers. He moved to the side and motioned for her to lay down with him.

She shook her head. You need your rest.

Nathan sighed. I can't rest unless you're by me.

You're spoiled rotten Nathan.

He looked up at her with puppy dog eyes. Please I'll keep my hands to myself.

Grace laughed and took her shoes off. Nathan pulled the cover back and Grace laughed. You make sure you keep your little friend covered.

Nathan laughed. Yes ma'am.

Grace settled in next to him and sighed as his scent reached her nose. It seemed like forever since he held her. She placed her head in the crook of his shoulder while he placed his hand on her hip. She giggled a little as Nathan began to snore softly. Tucking herself in deeper to his side she let sleep claim her.


"Charles are you in here? Charles?"

Tracy came down the stairs and looked around the living room. Where was Charles? She walked outside and planted her hands on her hips. "CHARLES! If you don't answer me this minute you'll be sleeping in the stables with the horses!"

She turned around and walked into the kitchen and checked on the roast inside the oven. She stormed back towards the back door and yelled once more. "Charles you better answer me or else."

Charles came up and hugged her from behind causing her to jump. "Or else what Tracy?"

Tracy turned around. "Why didn't you answer me?"

Charles pulled a bouquet of flowers from behind his back. "Because I was out getting you some flowers."

Tracy sighed and pulled the arrangement from his hands. The sweet scent of the flowers made her smile. "Where'd you get flowers from? I didn't know flowers shops opened this early."

"They don't let me show you something."

Tracy gasped as he picked her up and carried her bridal style outside. Tracy wrapped her hands around his neck and snuggled into his embrace. He kissed her neck as he carried her around the house. She smiled as she saw the fenced off area that held a garden of flowers and a swing.

He looked down at her, love showing deep within his eyes. "Sweetheart I know you've had a hard life and I know I've given you hard times. I figured you needed a place where you could go instead of being in the house."

Tracy looked at the garden and then back at him. "What is all of this? Why?"

Steven shrugged. "You deserve it sweetheart. I worked on it all the morning. That's why I wouldn't let you come outside I couldn't let you see it."

Tracy laughed and jumped into his arms kissing him on the lips. "You know Steven isn't going to like the present you gave me. He's going to try to do better."

Charles laughed. "Trust me I know he's going to try to do better. Maybe this we'll make him work harder on getting that grandchild that I want...I mean you want."

Tracy laughed and shook her head. "Last one to the bedroom is a rotten egg."


Brian turned to Jackie. "What are they doing?"

Jackie shrugged as she watched the kids staring at each other. "They're communicating."

Brian turned to her and then back to the kids. "Should we be worried?"

"Not unless they start doing an evil smile."

Brian turned and saw the hint of a smile on Greg's face. "I think we should be worried."

Jackie looked at the boys and shook her head. "No we shouldn't be worried. That smile just means he's happy."

Brian nodded and turned back to watch the twins. It never ceased to amaze him how much they reminded him of Nathan and Matt. Matt had always been the reasonable one while Nathan always found new ways to get in trouble. He laughed as he thought about the way they acted when they were the boy's age.

Brian cleared his throat. "Tyler what are you guys over there talking about?"

Tyler turned to him with a blank expression. "Nothing."

Brian arched his brow. "Are you sure it's nothing?"

Tyler nodded. "What else would it be?"

Brian shrugged. "I don't know I'm just checking to see what it is."

Greg turned to Brian. "You have to promise not to tell."

Tyler glared at Greg. "Grandpa never keeps a secret."

Brian laughed. "I'll keep this one I promise. Who knows I could probably help you."

Tyler thought for a moment and then nodded. He reached out and pinched Brian on the leg. Brian jumped back and rubbed the spot where Tyler had pinched him. "What was that for?"

Tyler grinned. "That's our secret handshake. It's to make sure you keep your promise."

Brian shook his head and waited while Tyler cleared his throat. "Chloe is coming over tomorrow night and we want to make sure it's special."

Greg looked at Brian. "We need flowers and a gift to give her."

Tyler scratched his chin. "But we don't know what to get her."

Greg rolled his eyes. "That's easy we'll go back and get the spider."

Tyler shook his head. "No then she might be too scared to eat."

Greg nodded in agreement. "You're right. Grandpa what do girls like?"

Brian tilted his head and thought for a moment. "Well they like jewelry and cards. A lot of them even like things that are handmade."

Greg wrinkled his nose. "We don't know how to make things."

Tyler smiled. "But Grace knows how to make things."

Greg's eyes brightened in excitement. "And she's a girl! This is perfect. Thanks grandpa."

Tyler smiled. "Yeah thanks grandpa. Could you buy some flowers for us and we'll pay you back when we get our allowance?"

Brian grinned. "Of course, but don't let your dad find out."

Tyler and Greg made a motion to zip their lips closed and Brian did the same.

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