tagNonHumanJack and the Bean Stalk Giant

Jack and the Bean Stalk Giant


Jacklyn walked down the uneven dirt road, kicking pebbles with her feet. She hated to go to market anymore, ever since she had turned 18, the men in the town were different towards her. She could see their lecherous look in their eyes and it scared her. The tingle she felt in her nether regions, scared her even more.

Town came into view and only then did her nerves start to calm down. She was there to pick up some goods her mother had ordered and nothing more. Surely she could not get into that much trouble in that short span of time. As she passed the butcher shop, McNeil came out from behind the shadows and stopped her in her tracks. Her chest pressed against his in an instant of contact that almost knocked her down, he was like running into a wall.

"Sorry Jack, didn't see you coming." The smirk on his face be told the real concern he felt. He was hoping to cop a feel of any part of her when they ran in to each other and he should have felt success.

Jacklyn didn't even look up, she was used to this in only a few weeks time. The men of her small village were very persistent and always watching. Nervously she continued down the rest of the block, the grocers finally in sight. Her relief was short lived when she seen the farmer standing by his truck, unloading produce. His eyes stayed on her chest, heaving with each breath, threatening to burst out of her low cut blouse.

She somehow slid into the door opening without getting molested. She paid for the groceries and quickly left the store with her head down. As she was passing the grocer though, he grabbed her around her waist and pulled her to him. Her smaller body felt frail in his grip and she could not stop him from pressing her body far too close to his. She could feel his breath on her neck, his large bulge of excitement against the small of her back.

The bag she had in her hand fell to the ground, potatoes and onion rolling away on the ground. Jacklyn squealed when she felt his lips on her neck and his hand crept up her rib cage to her trembling left breast. His calloused hands showed years of hard work and felt rough against her delicate cleavage. Her small hands were no match for the farmers and she was losing the battle, until a firm voice told the man to take his hands off of her. Moments later, Jacklyn was free from his harsh grips and looking up at a handsome man standing there nonchalant. The grocer was out of sight and her thoughts were quickly on the man who saved her.

"Thank you sir, I don't know how to thank you." Jacklyn felt small and nervous for some reason.

"Take this and plant this outside of your bedroom window." Handing her a small black bean, Jacklyn felt electricity when their hands touched. She did not understand why he was giving her a bean, but out of gratitude she promised she would. Scampering off back to her house, she replayed the moments in her head. The farmer was a mere thought, the dark haired tall man in town now dominated her thoughts. His rugged chin and dark brown eyes felt as if they peered into her very soul.

That night, she did what she promised, she planted the bean in the soft dirt outside of her bedroom window. She slept sound that night, her thoughts were of the man with the olive skin and the dark eyes. In the morning she awoke and like always, Jacklyn looked out her window. To her unbelieving eyes, there was a bean stalk at least six feet tall creeping up the side of her house. The stalk itself was almost as thick as her arm.

Amazed, Jacklyn rushed outside to take a good look, she couldn't believe how much it had grown in such a small space of time. She touched the leaves softly, they almost felt like they shuddered with her touch. Shaking her head in wonder, she went back to her morning chores and forgot all about the little bean stalk. Later that evening, after a full day work is done, Jacklyn heads back to the small cottage. She is amazed to see the bean stalk has now reached the top of her roof and there were these golden looking beans hanging off of it.

Jacklyn pulled the beans off and busted one open to inspect it. They looked like really fat wax beans, even had a bit of fur on them. Testing the bean with her tongue, she decided she liked the sweet flavor and popped half of one in her mouth. The taste was amazing and she quickly stripped off all she could reach and she could see a few over her head, tempting her. She had enough for a meal, though she still wanted more. She tried several times to climb the bean pole, though it was clear she was not going to be able to.

Giving up, she went inside to make dinner and heat some water up for a bath. When the beans were eaten and the hot water was cool enough to stand, Jacklyn got undressed and sank down into the large bath tub. She could not help the sigh that escaped her lips as the warm water rushed over her body, relaxing her muscles almost immediately. Her hands and fingers found their way to her breast, encircling the nipples softly with her fingertips. She always wondered what it would feel like to have a man's hands on her breast, not just her own. She thought of the farmer and his moments with his hands on her body. Even though she is not attracted to him, his hands there on her, turned her on undeniably.

There was a noise in the bedroom that made Jacklyn start, her hands going to the side of the tub pulling herself up and out. Water cascades off her naked body as she walks into the adjourning room to see what the ruckus was. There was a glowing light outside the window, but as she got close enough to peer out, it dimmed and then went out. After a moment, she convinced herself that it was all in her head. Exhausted from the day, she crept into the bed still a little wet and naked.

The giant crept down the bean stalk, happy to finally have a maiden to ravish. It was becoming harder to find them of the age of his liking, at least 18 was his rule. Any younger and it was a waste to him. He liked them ripened, yet untouched. He watched and waited like all the other towns men, waiting for little miss Jacklyn to come of age. Now that she was and had accepted the bean, she was his. Rules were rules, and if nothing else, Chad was all about rules.

There had always been a tradition with the Southern towns of the Waldolph Mountains. The way for the giants and humans to live in peace was to sometimes, sacrifice their prettiest maidens for the giants desires. They would not be killed of course, though they were ruined for any other mortal man. Most women chose to go back into the clouds with the giants never to be seen again. This had kept the two species at peace for all these years, but as the youth became more free with their virginity, there were less suitable girls to offer up. This had made the giants mad and war had ensued in some counties.

Chad had waited twenty years since he had felt the inside of a woman. There were no giant women, so humans were the only way they could get it in. He was mad with need and he knew he had to compose himself. If he was too rough or fast with Jacklyn, she may not want to come back with him and he could not bear to think of another long stretch like this. Giants lived so much longer than humans and the years could get mighty long and lonely without a woman to warm their beds at night.

Looking at Jacklyn through the window made him ache in his pants, made his whole body tense up with need. She was lying on her back and must have kicked the covers off of her in the night. She laid there completely naked, her porcelain skin was almost glowing in the moonlight. Her small breasts rose and fell with her breath, tempting and teasing him from outside of the window. His lust was growing to huge proportions and he was afraid of hurting the smaller human. Giants had been known to kill maidens when their need was to strong. Chad admonished himself and rubbed his aching cock while he looked at the women.

Unable to wait for another moment, Chad pulled his lengthening meat out of his pants and started to stroke himself. His eyes devoured her lilthe form, long lean alabaster thighs that met at a dark black strip of hair covering her womanhood. The hot , wet, impossibly tight hole that he had been thinking about for years. Within seconds Chad was pouring his hot cum on ground next to Jacklyn's window.

The next morning Jacklyn went outside to check on her bean stalk and to her surprise, there was now another smaller bean stalk next to the original one which had gotten quite a bit thicker and taller in the night. She was excited to see more beans with in her reach and started the day off with a skip to her step. Not even a trip to town could dampen her mood. She was not sure why, but today she felt like nothing could go wrong. Every night she went to bed with a belly full of those wonderful beans and each morning there was another bean stalk started. Soon her own house was covered in bean stalks and she could almost not even see her small cottage any longer.

One night though, the giant finally made it into the cottage. His fear had made him stand outside of her house every night for a few weeks now, unable to will himself inside. But tonight was different, tonight, he would claim Jacklyn as his own. Sneaking in to the house was a challenge with all the bean stalks wrapped around her cottage. Chad cursed himself for waiting so long, the other giants had began to talk, claiming they would take her if he didn't do it soon. Sick of the others sniffing around his new human mate, Chad swore that tonight he would take her and make her his, no matter what.

Once he was in the cottage, he bee-lined it right to her bedroom, relieved and amazed that she was just as naked as she usually was. He quickly stripped the clothes off of his body, his member straining to get out. His large seven foot frame felt cramped in the small cottage, he even had to stoop a little bit when he got in the doorway. As he climbed up to the bed and hovered over her, he leaned down and nudged her thighs apart. Bending down he towered over her small frame. He could not help but touch her moistened slit, gently rubbing the hard node on the top. Not wanting to awaken her before she was fully ready for him, so he slowed his fingers further. His tongue replaced his fingers as his grabbed her legs, pulling her closer to feast on her core.

Jacklyn came awake, as she came. Unsure of what was happening, she looked down to see a huge man kneeling on the floor in front of her bed, with his head between her legs. She couldn't see what he was doing down there, but she could feel his wonderful tongue on her heated flesh. Her orgasm was extended when he heard her sigh of pleasure and tasted her juices in his mouth. Grabbing her thighs, he lifts her butt off the ground and sucks on her nub harder.

Jacklyn tried to get away from the hungry mouth, from the strange man in her bed. She did not seem to care that a man was in her room, nor that he was naked and half on her bed. All that she cared about, all that mattered, was getting that mouth off of her. She could not come no more, her body felt like it was going to explode. It had already exploded, she now felt like it was draining her dry. Her very soul was being sucked through her body.

Chad was close himself and he had not even been able to bury his rock hard cock into anything yet. He let go of the girl and watched the realization of what she had awoken to come to pass. She showed real fear when she seen the size of the manhood lined up perfectly with her snatch. He pulled her back towards him, his frame settled over her. His cock was oozing pre-cum, begging to be buried into the tight womb. Rubbing and dragging his member across the hot entrance, desperately trying to control himself, to stop himself from penetrating deep inside of her. He wanted to batter the hymen away, making her his with all the urgency that he was feeling.

Both were extremely aware that on the last time passing, his member with a mind of it's own, found the head pressing against the sopping wet hole. Jacklyn was tensed up out of fear and there was no amount of force that would allow even the tip to penetrate. Chad gritted his teeth and pushed forward out of sheer lust, his efforts did nothing to find his way in.

Frustrated Chad sits up, grabs his dick roughly and jerks it off a few times. The girl is lying still with her eyes peering at him. Her look douses the flames of his desire, if he is to keep her, he must do this right. Again he started to lick her slit, this time though, he slowly pushed one finger inside of her hole. Her could feel her hymen a few inches inside of her, her walls crushing around his one solitary finger. He groaned in anticipation, he could only imagine how good and tight she could be if he could get it in her.

Two fingers replaced one and she was panting, already came a couple more times. Her pussy slowly widened for his fingers, he was convinced that he could make it fit this time. He must make it fit. He settled above her again, his arms holding him above her as to not crush her by his weight. Again, he placed the head of his dick to her womanhood and pressed in. This time though, an inch or two went in, the girl's hymen had him barred at the entrance. He bent down to kiss the crying girl, the action pushed him deeper inside and passed the only barrier left. She screamed into his mouth before his tongue fought its way in to silence her. Only half way in, he stilled for a moment above her, enabling her body to accommodate the huge intruder. Slowly he could feel her tense body loosening up as he inched in a bit more.

Pulling out completely, the head popping out with a loud noise. Jacklyn sigh of relief was short lived as Chad surged forward burying himself to the hilt in the panicky girl. Her moan was one mixed with pain and pleasure, as he began see-saw motions inside of her. Her walls gripped his member hard and every movement caused a burning sensation, as well as pure pleasure in her depths. The two feelings together were enough to take her over the brink once more.

Chad was glad that she came so quickly because he could not hold out any longer. When he felt her pussy's convulsing and her nails in his back, he knew he had lost. A deep bellow came from him as his spunk sprayed the tiny human's insides. It was actually visible in her stomach before he pulled out with a rush, white substance dribbling out of her, as well as leaving a trail in his departure.

Rolling off of her, Chad laid next to her on the tiny bed, his feet and lower legs dangling off the end. His smile was plastered and his mood was relaxed hers however was quite changed.

"Now if you will kindly leave, rules are rules. You have taken what was promised you, now I must ask you to take your leave."

Chad was flabbergasted to say the least, his ego sank to his knees as he gingerly got out of the bed. He didn't even get to enjoy it, he was in such a rush. What if it was another twenty years before he found another suitable virgin? Rules be damned, Chad jumped on the startled human and took advantage of her struggle to reposition himself.

She was supposed to be begging to go with him, now his to do with as he pleased. He was not sure if he was trying to force her to want him or he just couldn't bear not returning to her heavenly womb. He pushed in with a flurry, on his knees, his hands on her breasts for better grip. He pummels into her depths hard and fast, unlike anything he has ever done or dreamed. The human was making weird sounds unlike anything he had ever heard, yet he did not care. His only care was completely disappearing inside her body, her stomach bumping up with each stroke of his cock. One hand flicked at her clit as he banged in to her as hard as he could, he could feel the woman underneath him having another orgasm. He was happy for all of her fluid, it kept her wet and easily penetrated.

He did not let the human sleep the entire night, though he would have to pay for it when he got back. The counsel would not take kindly to his disregard for the rules. But it was worth it. In the end she still did not agree to go with him home, however she said she may not cut all of the bean stalks down.

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by Anonymous02/09/14

A little bilogy lesson

if you are going to mention parts of the human body, such as the hymen, please learn exactly where it is. It is not "a few inches inside", but external. It covers the vaginal opening.

This is a reallymore...

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by harmonyjones02/02/14


really creative. i would never have thought of using this traditional children's story to do an erotic twist on a fairytale. very different. i think you did a great job but it needs a little editing formore...

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