tagErotic CouplingsJen and Jim

Jen and Jim


Jen sat on her sun porch one evening pondering on the last 6 months of her life. She had awakened her sexual animal inside her. She had fucked a younger bagger, a dirty old neighbor, and had her first threesome with her neighbor who was in her own mind no longer a friend. She still hadn't forgot what happened last time her and Alyn were together with her former lover the bagger where Alyn taped them all having sex and using it as leverage against Jen should anyone ever find out about her having sex with the old man. Jen had to think of someway to tip the odds in her favor before Alyn exposed her as a dirty whore to the whole neighborhood.

It was near dark and Jen saw her neighbor Jim across the street. He was a good looking man around 2 years younger than Jen and according to Alyn he had a 10 inch dick. Jen had wondered why he had let Alyn jerk him off that day, he was a good looking man with a lovely wife named Beth. Alyn was a good looking woman to be sure but enough to ruin a good marriage? Jen waved to him across the street, he politley waved back. Jen sat there wondering how good of a fuck he was. Jen wondered for a moment and motioned for Jim to come over, he began walking without hesitating.

Jen was going to try and seduce him, even in her sweats she knew she still had the best body in the neighborhood. Jim stepped through her screen door.

"Hey Jen what's up?" He asked.

"Oh nothing just the usual." She noticed him trying to stare at her she decide to help. "Tea?"

"Sure, thanks."

Jen stood up turned around and bended over as he sat there with her beautiful tight ass in his face. She could feel the stare he was giving her. "Say Jim I haven't seen Beth or the kids lately where are they?"

"She took the kids to her mother's this week and since me and her don't get along I elected to stay at home."

"Well you know if your not too busy do you wanna take a dip in the hot tub?" Jen said knowing this was too easy. The wife out of town a horny hung man just like child's play.

"I don't know if Beth were here it would be different?"

"Come on Jim it's just 2 neighbor's enjoying each other's company in a hot tub." Jen said sowly opening her legs to cross them again.

"I don't even have a suit."

"That's okay I only have on my lingerie." Jen knew it was game over he was her's.

"Well okay." Jim said almost with a stutter.

They mad there way to the back porch and to the hot tub. Jim took off his shirt to reveal his flat stomach not fat just normal flat which went well with his six foot frame. Jen began by taking off her sweatshirt to reveal her red lacy bra trying to hold in her double d's.

She thought she heard Jim moan a little, the thought turned her on. Jen watched as Jim began unzipping his pants. This was it time to dee if the rumors were true. Slowly for almost an eternity she waited for him to finish, finally she saw he was wearing no underwear and his cock flipped right on out as it was already semi-erect.

"Oh my goodness Jim, your wife is lucky woman." Jen said getting on her knees to sit in front of the 10 cock.

"Thanks." Jim sad with a with a tone that made it sound like all woman had told him that.

"Is it okay for me to touch it?" Jen asked already knowing his answer as his cock throbbed at the question. Jen grabbed the top half with her left hand barely able to wrap around. Jen had never seen one this big except the old man's monster cock, she thought this was better not to small but not a monster she knew she would be able to have fun with this one.

Jen had begun stroking it without realizing it. "Oh yes Jen keep on it feels great." Jen got up while still stroking it to take off her her pants with her free hand. She then let down her signature ponytail to let her long beautiful brunette hair fall down.

"Let's warm up in the hot tub now." They both slowly entered her tub Jen now used both hands to get him started. It didn't take long for him to get fully erect. "Seems like you haven't gotten any in a while huh?"

"It's been forever since I got off."

"I know Alyn told me everything." Jim suddenly snapped out of his lust and got nervous.

"Told you what?"

"You know how she got you off in her backyard."

"She's lying."

"Really I don't think so," Jen suddenly took her hands off his cock. "I think I am going to let you suffer for breaking your marriage vows." Jim was becoming insane as his cock began quickly deflating. He had no time and that was when Jen saw the desperation in his eyes. He pushed her head under the water to his still mostly erect cock she knew what to do she had to suck his cock to get air. Jen wrapped her lips around his cock and began sucking like a hoover. Jim began thrusting his huge member in and out of her mouth to the back of her throat Jen was becoming lightheaded underwater not having air in so long she squeezed his balls and he let her up.

Jen quickly gasped for air. "You... son of a...cough... bitch. What was that for."

Jim still keeping his hands on her shoulder's,"I'm sorry but me and Beth haven't done it in over a year and you're so hot but I don't like teases you fucking bitch."

Jen now saw the lust in his eyes and knew she needed to contain the situation. "Okay let's calm down and work this out." Jen was becoming fearful she had not wanted to fuck just tease to teach him a lesson. Jim quickly turned Jen around and ripped her red panties off her perfect ass.

"Bitch I'm getting off one way or another." Jim said as he rapidly began pumping his cock in and out of her from behind.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkk!" Jen yelled as she couldn't contain her pleasure. She was being raped

but still felt pleasured as he pumped her rapidly. Jen could tell she was squirting all in her hot tub and was now moving in thrust for thrust. Jim was now getting close and Jen could tall by the tightening of his balls against her.

Jim lifted her onto her deck and got out and pointed to his cock "Suck bitch!" Jen couldn't believe her neighbor was talking to her this way as he bent down to rip her red bra off. "I said dammit!" Jim hot her face with his roock hard member knocking her to her side. Jen quickly got to her knees and took his head into her mouth. Jim was not waiting and began thrusting in and out of her mouth again. Jen's jaw was becoming sore at the power of his thrust. She was hoping he would cum soon before she passed out gagging time after time finally he pulled out and she began jerking his cock and coughing at the same time. Finally he began blowing his seed all over her beautiful tits. "Oh fuck yes." Jim said as he felt relieved after a great fuck. Jen just sat there not in fear but relieved as she herself was oozing out of her vagina.

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