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Jessica turned off the tap and stepped out of the shower, steam billowing out from the open door. She grabbed a soft cotton towel and wrapped it around her flushed damp body. She had rushed home from work and was now pleased that she had made the effort. There was more than enough time to get ready before Charlie came home. She planned to have her way with him and if he wasn't too tired she would sit on his face so he could use his expert tongue to make her scream. Simple and hot - just how she liked it.

She dried herself briskly and covered her body with jasmine scented lotion, sensually stroking her breasts, round pert bottom and shapely legs. She slowed her hands as she reached between her thighs, her fingers brushing her pouty pussy lips lightly, with not enough pressure to stimulate her sensitive clit but enough to make her shiver with the promise of what was to come. Jessica wasn't slender or athletic but had luscious tight curves she knew attracted the attention of both men and women. Charlie's appetite for her hadn't waned in the 6 years they had been together and he needed little encouragement to join her in any sexual encounter.

She went to her dresser and looked through her selection of lingerie, there was plenty to choose from. Charlie enjoyed it when she wore something erotic, especially to work, saying it drove him crazy thinking that her boss wanted to fuck her. Pleasing Charlie was a priority for Jessica and she never once regretted doing so.

Recently she'd worn a slutty short skirt to work with no panties, a tight fitting shirt and plunge bra that barely held her full ripe tits. She'd hoped she would get an opportunity for her boss to cop an eyeful of her juicy bush at some stage during the day. Later she'd called Charlie at lunch with the news that she had 'dropped a pen' on her way out of the office and made a fuss of picking it up. When she'd turned back to gauge her boss's reaction his eyes were bugging out of his head and his erection was visible through the stiff cloth of his trousers.

Charlie told her that he'd be waiting for her when she got home. They never made it past the foyer as he had taken her up against the wall, pulling her skirt up over her large bottom and nearly cleaving her in two with his hard cock. He had torn the buttons from her delicate shirt to get to her big breasts and had chewed her nipples through her bra while he pounded her wet pussy. He had been so turned on that she had promised to do it again.

Finally deciding on a blue short chemise and matching g-string, Jessica took sheer silk stockings and white suspender belt from the drawer. She loved the deception of looking demure and quiet, then fucking Charlie like a slut. She felt powerful and sexy and he never complained, he only ever encouraged her.

She put on white patent leather 4-inch heels and unpinned her long chestnut hair, shaking it free so that it fell in soft waves around her. Jessica did a final check in the mirror; Her hair was glossy and long, it was one of her more striking features and her skin was glowing from the shower. The chemise sat just above her mound so that her dark pubic hair was visible through the thin silk of the g-string. Her large firm breasts were barely contained in the bodice and as Jessica turned around to see the rear view she was thrilled to see her round tasty ass peeking from under the lace trim. The silk stockings had large lacy tops that encased her ample thighs comfortably, the heels were strikingly glossy and she felt hot and sexy.

Jessica hesitated when she heard Charlie calling out that he was home. She made sure the rosy pink tips of her nipples were peaking over the edge of the lace as she sauntered to the bedroom door, her long hair swinging across the small of her back, her pussy already dampening the g-string. She made her way downstairs and saw Charlie standing in the open door putting his coat away in the hall cupboard.

Charlie glanced up, his eyes widening as he saw her. Jess loved looking at him, he was still as sexy as the very first time she saw him. He'd always worked out at the gym and the results were plain to see. Strong arms, a solid chest with a small amount of soft curly hair between his nipples, a flat tight belly and narrow hips with a firm ass that she never got tired of clutching whether she was sucking his cock or he was fucking her. He was taller than Jess with light brown hair and the sexiest green eyes that darkened when he was aroused. She smiled at him.

"Hi honey. How was your day?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought his face down to hers. She kissed him gently at first and then seductively slipped her tongue deep into his mouth. Her heels gave her the height she needed to rub her mound against him with enough friction to wake his cock.

Charlie kissed her back, his hands snaking their way onto her arse, cupping her full cheeks and kneading them roughly. His long fingers reached between her legs and brushed at her pussy lips and she moaned as the soft fabric soaked up the moisture that was oozing from inside her. Breathless, Jessica broke away from the kiss.

"So would you like a blow job before or after dinner?"

Charlie smiled lustfully.

"That sounds really good Jess but first I'd like you to meet someone from work. Tim this is my wife Jess."

Charlie stepped aside to make the introductions and Jessica felt a hot blush burn from her face to her toes. Standing before her was a young good-looking guy in his mid-twenties with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was smiling broadly as he reached out his hand to shake hers, his eyes flicked to her hardened nipples spilling over the edge of her lingerie.

"Jess, Charlie told me a lot about you, but he didn't mention how beautiful you are."

Jessica quickly covered her breasts with her hands, aware of the aroma of hot pussy enveloping them all.

"He didn't tell me about you at all," she growled. "I'm sorry for all this, I had no idea Charlie was bringing anyone home!"

Charlie just laughed at her, watching Tim casting an appreciative eye over his ripe lush wife.

Tim grinned.

"Don't worry about it. It's our fault, Charlie asked me over at the last minute."

Charlie laughed again, enjoying the moment immensely and slung an arm around Jessica's shoulders turning her away to go into the lounge.

"Charlie! No, I'm going upstairs to change," she complained.

"Oh now that is a shame," he said huskily, his eyes widening with meaning.

She frowned back at him and shook her head.

"I'll be back soon, Tim," she said sweetly making her way up the stairs.

She dashed into the bedroom, kicking off her shoes and stripping off the lingerie. Now naked, she threw herself across the bed, burying her face in her pillow, moaning in embarrassment. How could she go back down there now? Tim, someone she didn't even know, copped an eyeful of what a slut she could be. She closed her eyes and blushed hotly as she relived the scene downstairs. Charlie was really turned on to see how Tim reacted to her little display and Tim obviously didn't mind the surprise welcome he got at the door. Her eyes flashed open as she realised that this is just the scene that excited Charlie so much, knowing his wife was displaying herself for other men. She felt herself heat up with desire as she realised that she could play the tease again, just like she did for her boss but this time Charlie would be right there in the room to witness it.

Without giving it any more thought she went to her wardrobe and grabbed her favourite mini-dress. It was a scarlet red, tight fitting, tube without straps or sleeves to hold it in place. Charlie thought she looked like an over ripe cherry in it and he often asked her to wear it when they went out. More than once he had not been able to wait until they got home and had fucked her wherever he could. He loved to roll the hem up over her ample bottom and take her from behind, whether it was over the hood of their car in a parking building, in a stairwell or a restaurant bathroom. He was insatiable when she squeezed herself into the skimpy fabric.

She leaned forward cupping her breasts high into the dress so that the fleshy mounds spilled precariously over the edge of the bodice. She ran a brush through her shiny hair pulling it into a high ponytail. She slipped her bare feet into a pair of black heels, not as high as her white 'fuck me' shoes but high enough to tip her pelvis forward and make her legs look long. She considered putting on some panties but decided against it. Surely Tim wouldn't be staying long? She would then be free to straddle her husbands face and have his tongue flick all over her until she forgot her earlier embarrassment.

Charlie and Tim were deep in conversation when she joined them in the lounge and they both stopped to watch her as she made her way to sit next to Charlie on the couch. She glanced at Charlie and sparks filled her pussy as she caught the hunger in his face

"It's good to see you join us honey," he murmured as his eyes roamed over her tasty body.

He licked his lips and she felt herself blush again as she caught Tim's appreciative eye. Charlie handed her a glass of wine and she took a large gulp, the warmth of the alcohol coursing through her. She looked back at Tim and apologised again. He shrugged.

"Charlie's a lucky guy."

Both men continued chatting and she sat there quietly enjoying the buzz of the wine. She could feel Tim's eyes flick over her occasionally to check her out. It wasn't surprising given that he'd nearly been treated to a live sex show on the doorstep. Charlie reached across and began to massage the back of her neck. It was really good and she could feel the tension of the last few minutes, start to ease. She leaned her head back against his hand and he rubbed her harder, digging in with his long fingers sending shivers down her body. She felt her nipples pucker in response as her body remembered how good he was at giving them attention.

Bored with the conversation, Jessica took the opportunity to study Tim from under her lashes. He was as tall as Charlie but broader across the shoulders. He looked like a surfer with his golden-tan and blonde curls at the open neck of his shirt and his long athletic body. She licked the wine from her lips slowly and seductively, her tongue flicking at the corner of her mouth. Tim's hands were large with long thick fingers and she swallowed hard as she briefly imagined what it would feel like to have them inside of her, thrusting and jabbing at her moist hot pussy. Her breathing became erratic and shallow and she could feel her face flushing and she took another long swig from her glass, nearly emptying it.

The massage from Charlie only served to increase her sexual frustration and she wriggled her hips from side to side, pressing her pussy into the firm cushions of the couch. Tim glanced at her and his eyes darkened, she smiled knowingly at him and parted her knees a little as she kicked off her shoes and tucked her feet up beside her on the couch. Her dress rose up exposing her upper thigh and she didn't pull it down, instead she shifted her bottom forward a little, the fabric raising up an inch so that she was sure that the dark mound of her pussy would be visible to Tim. She snuck a peak at him to gauge his reaction and was pleased to see him redden as his eyes fell to her lap.

Charlie followed his gaze and chuckled quietly.

"My wife's a tease Tim. She loves to show off. I'll have to teach her a lesson or two later."

He draped his arm across her shoulders, his hand falling over her breast, pinching her nipple through the fabric of her dress. Jessica gasped as a sharp pain of desire delve to the core of her pussy which warmed with moisture in response. Tim was agog, his cheeks were reddening and Jessica couldn't be sure if it was desire or embarrassment.

Charlie pulled his hand from her dress and rested his arm over her shoulders again, taking a long swig from his beer. He coughed and Tim reluctantly dragged his attention back to Charlie and as if nothing happened they started up their conversation again. Tim shifted in his chair and Jessica glanced down at his lap, swallowing as she saw the bulge in his pants. She caught his eye, smiled and licked her lips again, taking the last sip of wine from her glass. Tim shifted again and she could see the outline of his cock stir within his pants. She opened her mouth a little and sighed aloud wondering at just how big he was. Tim followed her gaze and glanced down, blushing he laid his arm over his lap to cover his obvious erection.

Charlie got up to refresh their drinks and asked Jess to help him. In the kitchen he pulled her to him and rubbed his throbbing cock against her leg.

"You are a fucking witch you know that? I think Tim is going to explode in his pants if you keep this up."

She giggled and said, "You were pretty good yourself! Pinching my nipple like that, I almost came right there on the couch. I thought you'd like it though. You did, didn't you?"

She tipped her head back for a kiss and as he roughly thrust his tongue in and out of her hot mouth, he inched her dress up and slipped the tip of one of his fingers between her legs, grazing her clit on the way to get inside her pussy. She gasped and squirmed against the palm of his hand.

"You know I love it. Fuck it's so good watching you teasing him like that."

He pushed his palm against her clit, rubbing her while she moaned. He pushed his finger further inside her, probing the walls of her pussy.

"God, you're so wet. Fuck you're hot."

She lifted her leg around his waist to give him better access and he swirled his finger inside her tight hole, placing his mouth over hers. She was moaning softly, encouraging him when she heard a noise behind her, she jumped and pulled away from Charlie, his finger slipping from inside her.

Tim was standing in the kitchen, watching them, his erection now very obvious. His face was slack, his eyes hot with lust. Jessica pulled her dress down over her wet thighs and pulled the bodice up to cover her breasts that had slipped free during her entanglement with Charlie.

"Ah, I should probably go. Thanks for the drink. It was good to meet you Jess. I'll see ya next week Charlie."

Tim made to leave.

Charlie called out, "Mate don't go. Did you want to stay and maybe, ah, join us?"

Tim snapped his head around as Charlie spoke, disbelief written all over his face. Jessica was just as surprised as Tim and turned to Charlie.

"What?" she asked.

They had talked about a threesome with someone but she couldn't imagine whom they would both want to be with.

"Come on, you know this is something we both want to try. Hey Tim, ever been in a threesome before?"

Tim blushed and stammered, "Um no. You guys?"

Charlie was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"No we haven't but we've talked about it. I just never met anyone I wanted to see fuck my wife. You do wanna fuck her right?"

Tim took a deep breath, "God yeah."

Tim looked at Jessica questioningly.

"Jess?" he asked softly.

Charlie looked at her and arched his eyebrow questioningly. Jess looked at him in surprise.

"Are you sure Charlie?"

He shrugged casually.

"Why not? You want to don't you?"

Jessica turned back to Tim. Deciding quickly, before she could change her mind she walked towards him and peeled the dress down over her breasts, over her bottom and dropped it to the floor. She stepped out of it and standing with her legs slightly apart, naked but for her heels.

"We agree that we can stop whenever we want right? And we only do what I want?" she asked shyly.

Tim swallowed, "Of course," he said hoarsely.

"Oh yeah," whispered Charlie.

Pulling her hair free from its elastic band she shook it out so it fell around her.

"How do we do this?" Jessica said suggestively.

Tim groaned as he feasted on the lush curvy body before him. Full round breasts, the nipples puckered and hard, waiting for a hot tongue, a narrow waist that flared out to full ripe hips. He licked his lips as his gaze dropped to a dark thatch of closely cropped hair on her mound that was glistening with sweet juice in the light, down to a visible cleft that promised heaven.

Tim's mouth came down on hers as he wrapped his strong arms around her. His lips were full and soft and his tongue was insistent as it explored the regions of her mouth. His hands lightly brushed the skin on her back and his fingers tangled themselves in her hair. Jess melted under Tim's passion with surprising ease. It was such a turn on to have a different mouth kissing her.

She felt Charlie step up behind her and reach his hand between her ass cheeks to finger her pussy. She pressed harder against Tim's mouth and pushed her hips back against Charlie, thrusting her breasts on Tim's chest. Tim opened his eyes to see Charlie behind her.

"I'm fingering her pussy Tim. She's so hot and wet it feels fucking amazing. Rub her clit," encouraged Charlie.

Tim looked down at Jess.

"Jess? You want me too?"

Jess opened her mouth and moaned, "Oh yeah, fuck yeah. Make me come hard. It all feels so good."

Tim slid his hand slowly down her belly, his fingers lightly drifting over her mound and between her legs to her pussy. He slid his finger down into her hole and groaned as he came up against Charlie's finger plunging in and out of her. He moistened the tip of his finger with her juice and started rubbing her bulging nub. Jess cried out as the tip of his wet finger nudged the hood back from her clit and she bit her lip as he swirled around and around the hardened jewel of her box.

The men were bumping into each others fingers as they probed, rubbed and finger fucked her and Jess was instantly lost in a sensation she had never had experienced before. Her pussy was thrilling at the fingering it was getting from both men. Different strokes, different sizes, different techniques, yet both were turning her on and she could feel her climax building from deep within her belly. Tim moved his hand so that he could rub her clit with his thumb and pushed one long thick finger into her pussy with Charlie's. The sensation of having two fingers fill her wet snatch was exquisite and Jess grabbed hold of Tim's shoulders, clinging tightly to him as he plundered her.

"Oh fuck yes that's so good. Don't stop, please don't stop!" she cried.

Charlie nuzzled her neck, licking and biting her shoulders, his other hand holding her leg up against Tim's hip so both of them could get into her pussy more easily.

"You like this Jess? Huh you like it do you baby? You like having our fingers in you? You like Tim fucking you with his finger? You want his cock in you too?"

Charlie was murmuring the same words over and over to her and it made her mind spin as he gave a running commentary of what they were doing to her. If it hadn't been for the two of them holding her up she would've collapsed to the ground.

Throwing her head back against Charlie's shoulder she rocked her pelvis to the rhythm that the men had started within her. Tim's mouth was covering her nipples and he alternated biting and sucking on them. Charlie was kissing her shoulder and continued to whisper in her ear how good it looked watching Tim eat her nipples, how his finger felt fantastic in her pussy and how wet she was.

It was all too much for her and as she felt herself freefall over the edge of her orgasm she lifted her pelvis as far as she could and unable to control herself, climaxed hard, crying aloud her pleasure as warm juice flowed out of her pussy and coated her lovers' hands. Her body shook with the after shock of the orgasm and she again leaned on Charlie, his arms holding her up.

Tim pulled his fingers from her pussy and put them to her mouth.

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