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Jocasta Complex


Candace Wu slumped down in her bed after what felt like the thousandth fake orgasm of her life. Her husband Henry lay beside her panting from exertion, no doubt grinning like an idiot. She felt his few drops of watery semen run out of her. This was why Candace never even bothered with birth control.

Though there was only a five year age difference between Candace and Henry, most people would mistake them for father and daughter. Candace was a slim, petite Taiwanese woman who was blessed with DD breasts. She had kept in shape and looked far younger than her thirty-eight years.

The same could not be said about her husband. Henry's height only reached Candace's chin. He was also a round man with thinning hair. His little prick looked especially small next to his giant stomach and flabby thighs. It was obvious that Candace had only married him for his money.

But Candace was definitely not a faithful, dutiful wife. She'd had numerous affairs during her marriage to Mr. Four-incher. It had started out with her neighbor's son and spread out to delivery boys and several men at her office. But all of them had broken it off. None of them had had the balls to continue fucking another man's wife. Candace felt doomed to spend her life sexually unsatisfied.

As usual, Henry was snoring loudly soon after squirting his trickle into her, so Candace quietly got out of bed and headed for the bathroom, hoping to give herself the satisfaction Henry couldn't. But as she pushed open the door to the bathroom, she was met with the most shocking, embarrassing sight of her life.

Her eighteen year old son Jason was sitting on the toilet seat, his pants around his ankles, stroking a sausage that made Henry's look like a cocktail wiener. Jason looked right at her, knew she was there, but kept stroking anyway. His arm pumped faster and faster until it spurted its ropes of thick, potent cum, splattering all over the tile floor.

Candace's pussy flooded, the juices soaking her silken panties. Her crotch ached and she was filled with a lust more powerful than any she had felt before. She stared at the cock in front of her, which dwarfed not only Henry's but the cocks of every man she had ever been with. And it was on her own son! How much bigger would it get as he grew older? She had her own mini-orgasm just thinking about it.

Candace's heart skipped a beat as she realized that she had been staring at her own son's cock for nearly a minute. Her face hot, she hurried back into her room without saying a word, knowing she would spend the night horny and unsatisfied, tormented by dreams of incest with her own son.


Jason grinned in satisfaction as he saw his mother hurry back to her room. Phase one of his plan had gone off without a hitch. He had gotten her routine down perfectly. At ten o'clock, his father would start "fucking" her. A little over a minute later, he'd be finished and sound asleep. His mother would come to the bathroom to masturbate. So he'd waited in the bathroom with the lights off, beating his meat, and waiting for her to walk in on him. It had been a matter of luck that he came when he did, right in front of her.

Among the boys at Jason's school, Mrs. Wu was a legendary sex symbol. They would crowd his house during the summer, hoping to get a glimpse of her in one of her skintight tank tops and short shorts. She had firm, unruly DD breasts that struggled to burst free from any top and a big, round ass that would cause boys to run for the bathroom and beat off whenever she bent over.

Jason used to get angry at the lewd things the other boys would say about his mother, but they awakened new feelings in him. He started thinking of his mother as a woman. He couldn't help but notice how her breasts, unrestrained by a bra, jiggled beneath her nightdress or how her ass stuck out from underneath her skirt. He remembered how he had grabbed his sleeping mother's right breast during a camping trip once and guiltily masturbated to the memory for weeks. But soon the guilt faded, replaced with a powerful incestuous lust that bordered on obsession.

There was only one thing standing in his way: Henry. The fact that a round, wimpy little man stood between Jason and his mother pissed him off. He hated his father and wanted so badly to fuck his mother. He had an Oedipus complex, no doubt about it.

Phase two was coming up next. His father would be leaving on a business trip tomorrow. That gave Jason a full month alone with his mother to give her what she really needed, a real man with a hard cock.


Candace drove home from the airport after dropping her husband off. She was not looking forward to two weeks alone with her son. They still had not talked about yesterday night. Since then, she had guiltily masturbated three times thinking about him. But the guilt had soon faded. After all, fantasies didn't matter so long as they stayed fantasies. Right?

She pulled into her driveway, took a deep breath, and reluctantly went into her house. "Jason?" she called. "I'm home."

"Mom?" Jason's voice came from upstairs. "Could you come up here for a second?"

'Oh God,' she thought. "Sure, honey."

"I'm in the bathroom," said Jason. Taking another deep breath, Candace pushed open the door to the bathroom. There was Jason, wet from his shower, standing naked in full view of his mother. It was more arousing than any of the fantasies she'd had.

"Hi, Mom. Could you bring me a towel?" Jason asked. Speechless, Candace could only obey. She pulled a towel off the rack and brought it to him.

"Why don't you towel me off like you did when I was young?" As if hypnotized, Candace did as she was told. She knelt before him like a worshiper and wiped off his legs, pulling the towel up towards his crotch. Her eyes never left his cock, which was growing by the second.

Jason shifted his hips and his cock hit Candace in the face and left a trail of pre-cum on her cheek, ending at the corner of her mouth. He left it pressing tantalizingly against her cheek. Out of habit, Candace parted her lips. Jason prepared to push it into her mouth.

Candace snapped out of it. "No! We can't!" she said breathlessly.

"Why not?" Jason asked with a grin. His mother still hadn't taken her eyes off his cock.

"It's incest! It's wrong! And what if you get me pregnant?" Candace's protests were cut off as her son jammed his cock into her mouth. She nearly gagged but soon relaxed as she once again felt a real cock in her mouth. She wanted to pull away, but her inner slut, the woman who cuckolded her husband, wouldn't let her. Candace needed a cock so desperately, even if it was her own son's. Tears of shame coming to her eyes, she began ministering to her son's cock.

"Aww, yeah, Mom," Jason said as his mother's head started bobbing up and down on his shaft. "Suck that cock, you slut!" As Candace felt her son's precum trickle tantalizingly into her throat, her blowjob became faster. She opened her mouth and began running her tongue up and down the length of her son's cock before wrapping her lips back around it.

"Whoa, Mom. You're really...ugh...getting into this, huh?" said Jason. Candace's tears flowed freely and gave a muffled reply.

"I can't hear you, Mom," Jason said as he suddenly pulled his cock out of Candace's mouth. Candace, deprived of what she'd wanted for so long, tried to get her mouth back onto it. Jason pulled it away.

"Tell me how much you want it, Mom," Jason ordered. "Tell me how much you love my cock. Beg me to fuck you or I'm stopping right now."

Candace began to sob before she started crying in humiliation. "YES! I need it! I want your cum in me and all over me! I wanna feel it spurt inside my cunt! Oh God, I'm so weak. I'm such a whore!" She buried her face in her hands and sobbed freely.

"And I love you for it," said Jason. Candace staggered forward on her knees desperately, like and addict in need of a drug. She was an addict...to her son. One taste of his pre-cum and she was hooked. She was certain that no man would ever satisfy her again.

"Lie down on your back," Jason commanded. "I've changed my mind. I'm not gonna fuck your face. I'm gonna fuck your cunt and cum inside your womb. Do you want that?"

No longer even trying to fight her wicked, sinful needs, Candace lay down on the bathroom floor, threw off her panties and hiked up her skirt. "YES! DO IT! Take me now, my lover...my son!" she shouted.

Jason grinned lustfully. She was his now, all his. Deciding to tease her, he asked innocently, "But what about Dad?"

"Fuck him!" she shrieked. "He's a worthless wimp who can't please me! I'm your whore forever, your mother whore!"

No longer able to control himself, Jason loomed over his begging mother and pushed his member into her cunt. Though Candace was stretched out from her numerous affairs, her cunt was still tight on her son's thick cock.

A few mighty strokes later, Candace's tense, sex- starved cunt was already approaching her first orgasm. Her thrusts sped up, making her braless, oversized breasts jiggle beneath her blouse. "Oh...oh...OH!" she gasped as she approached it. "Jason, baby, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

"Dad never satisfies you like this, does he?"


"You're mine now, aren't you? Aren't you??"

As Candace hit her peak, she vented years of sexual frustration. "YEESSS! I'M ALL YOURS MY SON! Take me, screw me, FUCK ME HAARRDD! My body is yours. My cunt, my ass, my mouth, and my tits! Now I know you were born to give me babies, YOUR INCEST BABIES! Get me pregnant! Knock your mother-whore up! Keep me pregnant forever! Make me mother my own grandchildren! Breed me! BREED MEEE!" Candace came three times during her monologue. But still, she continued to fuck like a horny schoolgirl.

"I love you, Mom!" said Jason. "I wanna fuck you forever and have a family with you! I wanna marry you!"

To her lust-crazed mind, the thought of marrying her own son brought Candace to new heights of arousal. "Forget my husband and our marriage vows!" said Candace. "I'll go to Hell for this and I don't care! You're my husband now! That premature ejaculator and his little worm will never have a place in my cunt again!" Candace's torturous words registered right down to her son's balls.

"Oh God! GONNA CUM!" With one last powerful thrust, Jason let loose what felt like a gallon of cum. His seed flooded deep into the womb that he came from, carrying millions of little sperm cells, each with the goal of finding his mother's egg and forming a baby. His orgasm set off his mother's fourth climax and she came with him, screaming and writhing in ecstasy. For those few amazing seconds, son/husband and mother/wife were lost in their own incestuous heaven.

Finally, mother and son came down from their high. Jason slumped on top of Candace, using her ample bust as a pillow. He buried his face into them. They were so soft yet so firm. They seemed too big for her slim body and his friends had always wondered if they were real.

Massaging her left breast with his hand, Jason said, "Mom?"

"Hmm?" she purred contentedly.

"All that stuff you said about having my babies...did you mean it?"

Candace's heart skipped a beat. Had she said that? The idea of impregnating someone else's wife had always aroused Candace's other boyfriends. But it had just been a fantasy. They had always used birth control...

"Oh no," said Candace.


"I didn't use birth control," she said calmly.

"You don't really care, do you?" Jason said with a smirk.

"Hell no. I want to have your babies no matter what. I'm gonna spend the rest of this month as your personal fuck slave and after Henry gets home, I don't think I wanna stop anyway." Candace wrapped Jason in her arms. They came together in a deep, passionate kiss, their tongues fighting for room. They fell asleep together, spending their first night as husband and wife on the bathroom floor, a perfect symbol for their unclean union.

Years from now, they'd joke that Jason would run the wrong way while playing baseball. He went from third base to second to first.


For the rest of the month, Jason and Candace fucked like rabbits, with Jason deliberately trying to get his mother pregnant. They had mad, passionate sex every opportunity they had, stopping only to rest. Candace, on Jason's command, walked around the house naked, letting her son's sperm run down the insides of her thighs. She loved the way it squished between her pussy lips. They slept together like lovers, fucking before bed and spending the night with Jason's semi-hard dick leaking seed inside his mother's cunt.

Candace took a leave of absence at work and pulled Jason out of school, planning to home-school him with a heavy emphasis on sex-ed. Together 24/7, Jason and Candace fucked in every room of the house. They fucked outside in the hot tub in broad daylight. Most likely none of their neighbors were home and if they were, they didn't care. Jason would fuck Candace while she was on the phone with Henry, listening her fight not the scream as he gave her multiple orgasms. Maybe Henry was sharp enough to know something was going on. But probably not.

During that time, they told everything to each other. Jason told his mom how he had lusted after ever since he'd seen her shower. He described every fantasy he had involving her, all of which Candace was willing to try. Candace told Jason about her affairs and how cuckolding her husband turned her on. The fact that their affair was incestuous only added to its appeal to her.

The two incestuous lovers soon decided that they didn't need to clean up after themselves. Their cum stained the furniture and soaked into the carpet. By the time Henry came back, the whole house would smell like incestuous sex.

On the night before Henry's return, Jason came into his mother's room- THEIR room- and saw her lying on the bed. A thick cushion had been tossed aside onto the floor.

"Hey Mom," Jason greeted his lover. "You're supposed to keep that cushion under your ass so that my sperm doesn't leak out."

"We don't need it anymore," Candace said with a grin. She held up a pregnancy test. It was positive. Ecstatic, Jason climbed into bed and embraced his mother. He ran a hand down her still-flat belly where the bastard he had sired was growing.

"So...what are we going to do once Dad comes home?" asked Jason.

"Well, my love, we could pretend that the baby is his..."

"No! That wimp isn't taking credit for what we made."

"You're right." Candace said. "So, shall we get rid of him?"

"I wanna do more than that," Jason whispered with an evil smile. He pressed himself up against his mother's back, his dick pressing against her ass crack. He reached around to her chest and started fondling her giant breasts which would soon be swelling with milk.

"I want to fuck you in front of him. I want to see the look on his face as he realizes that I stole everything from him. I want him to know that you're mine." He kept up his boob massage. This month he'd learned that if he fondled his mother's breasts, she'd agree to anything.

Candace stretched in response to her son's talented hands. A wide, wicked grin spread across her face as she imagined the moment Henry realized how little their marriage meant to her. "Ohhh, yes baby. That's something I've fantasized about for so long. I want him to know that another man has staked his claim in his wife. I want him to know what a pathetic loser he is. I want him to know that he never once satisfied me."

"I knew it. You've always wanted to betray Henry by letting him know that you let another man's baby into your womb."

"I can't help it," Candace said with a shrug and a smile. "Adultery and betrayal turn me on. And I have you to thank for giving me the courage to do it." She stroked her son's cheek.

"So, how are we going to do this?" asked Jason.

"What do you mean?"

"This'll be your one chance to fulfill that fantasy of yours. How exactly do you want it to play out? Tell me every dirty detail," said Jason. Happy to oblige, Candace launched into a detailed description of how she imagined Henry's downfall. As she talked, her pussy got wet and her son's cock hardened and pressed against her buttocks. Their wicked plans enflamed them with passion, and the two of them fucked through the night, not caring that there would be hell to pay or that their affair might ruin their lives. All they cared about was pleasure.


Henry made an overly sharp turn into his driveway, almost running his car onto the front lawn. He'd had no luck with the women he'd met on his business trip and he was sick and tired of pleasuring himself by hand. He couldn't wait to come home and please his lady. Candace always seemed to cum so quickly. Jason would be at school today, so they would be alone.

Stepping inside the door, he sniffed an unfamiliar odor. But in his lust-filled mind, all that could wait until after he fucked his wife. "Honey? Your beloved husband is home."

"Wait for me in the kitchen, honey," Candace called from upstairs, giggling. "I have a surprise for you."

"Ooh, I can't wait," Henry said in what he thought was a sexy voice. He hurried into the kitchen (which also had that strange smell) and sat at the table. He shook with anticipation.

He heard Candace coming down the stairs. Before she entered the kitchen, she asked, "Are you ready for this honey?"

"Hell yeah!" Henry said loudly, unable to wait much longer.

Candace stepped slowly into the room, wearing a black lacy bra he'd bought her for special occasions. This was the first time she'd worn it. Her skin was also slicked with some kind of lubricant. It was the sexiest sight Henry had ever seen.

'Wait a second,' thought Henry. 'That's not lube...'

It was semen. LOTS of semen! It covered her face, breasts, belly, and crotch. Had she been gangbanged?

His questions were answered when his son, naked, followed her into the room. Jason reached around her body and began fondling her melon sized breasts. With an unrestrained, sadistic grin, Candace tossed something onto the table. It was a positive pregnancy test.

Henry's mouth moved without making any words. Candace answered his unspoken question. "That's right! I'm pregnant!"

Henry finally managed to make words. "It...it's not mine, is it?"

"No shit, Dad!" Jason laughed.

"Of course it isn't," Candace said. "It's our son's. It's just amazing how you can be the father of that," she pointed at her son's crotch. "He must get it from my side of the family." She ran her hands over her giant breasts, smearing the cream on them. Some of it was dried, but much of it was fresh. "This is his fuck cream," she said. "I bet you've never cum this much in your entire life. It's shocking that you managed to get me pregnant in the first place."

"Jason, you...you son of a bitch!" he stammered.

"Yes he is," said Candace. "I am a bitch. His bitch."

"Sorry, but Candace is MY wife now," Jason said. "She doesn't want you anymore."

"I never wanted you, Mr. Four-incher," said Candace, glad to finally use that nickname out loud.

"No! This can't be...it's impossible no way!" Henry babbled more words of denial to the amusement of his unfaithful wife and his victorious son. Candace was amazed at how well things were going. Henry had lost his mind and they were the reason! Jason's member began to grow.

Candace grasped her son's cock in her hand. "You see this?" she said to her husband. Still in shock, Henry only nodded. "This is a real cock! And we're going to show you how it's used." Candace grabbed the edge of the kitchen counter and bent over, showing that her ass was also covered with his thick splatters of cum. "Take me now, in front of my husband!" Candace cried. "Let's show him what real love is!"

Jason roughly groped at his mother's tits and ass, enjoying the slippery feel of his own cum on her skin. His cock, oozing pre-cum, slid easily into his mother's tight but slippery cunt.

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