tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJust a Night Out Ch. 09

Just a Night Out Ch. 09


Just a Night Out Ch. 9: The Finale

You push the shower door open, and help me out. We step on the soft carpet as you reach for an oversized towel to dry your girl. You take the towel and wrap it around me, drying me softly, kissing me, wrapping yourself against the towel feeling the softness against your body too. You drape it over my shoulders as you grab another and gently dry my hair. You trace the droplets of water with your tongue over my skin. Your hand reaches for the heat lamp switch which now glows red on our skin. You pat the towel on my soft skin and kiss me over and over and over again. As you wrap around me you feel me begin to dry you too, running a soft towel over your dripping skin. You get behind me and continue to dry and caress my body as you kiss my neck and shoulders.

You look up and see my reflection in the full length mirrored wall. "You are so beautiful it takes my breath away," you whisper catching my reflection and pulling the towel off of me holding me naked in your arms. "How I love you, Jennifer," you whisper in my ear, kissing my neck, licking my shoulder. You feel me push back into you. As the last towel drops and exposes both of our naked bodies, you press against me hard as your hands caress my breast. My nipples are piercing the air as we watch your hands massage my breasts and nipples. We both look on knowing our desire once again has started to rage again.

I push your hands backward and pull me closer to you feeling your cock throbbing against my crack as your long pink tongue is licking me. Your hands begin pinching and pulling my tits. The heat lamp now makes our bodies sweat as the intensity grows by the second. One of your hands slides down ever so slowly, tracing over my stomach on its journey to my hot little hole. You bite my neck nipping it with your teeth as your hand finds my clit and pull it hard, playing with it again. Your other hand is now pinching my nipples, tugging and pulling me. You can feel my hands pulling you harder against me as I reach behind. Your cock continues to push and hump my ass nice and slowly.

A soft moan leaves my mouth as my pussy begins to drip with desire feeling your hand now playing with me. "Ohhhh baby," I moan as your finger once again enters me. You can see my eyes locked on the mirror as you finger fuck my hole. Your tongue continues licking me and your other hand now pulls on my clit. My body rocks and pushes. You can feel me start to lose control. Your mouth now begins to lick my shoulder blades and your tongue traces down my spine, still playing with my pussy.

Finger fucking me, you lower yourself to your knees and lick the sweet cheeks of my ass. "Oh yes, baby, please!" I beg as I feel your tongue tickle my sweet little ass hole. You take your hands from my pussy and grab my ass as your mouth licks me. You can see in the mirrors that my hand has replaced my mind as I start to finger my pussy knowing what you want to do. Your hands grip my cheeks and pull them far apart as your tongue slides hard against the star hole and push me open. "Yesssss!" I moan as your tongue enters my ass and then curls deep inside. Your hands hold my cheeks open wide as I finger fuck my cunt, knowing you are about to turn me into your hot little whore again. Your tongue drives so deep as you fuck and suck my hole, and my fingers move faster as my legs move to get the perfect balance allowing you to get deeper and deeper in me The sound of you sucking and eating my ass is only drowned out by my screams of passion. "Oh, baby, fuck me! Fuck me again!" I beg as you stand and remove your tongue.

You bend my body and replace your tongue with your thick throbbing cock, filling my tight little hole. Gripping my hips, you pull me back as you enter me, my fingers now working my pussy out of control.

"Feel my cock, baby doll? Feel it in your hole?" You ask as I finger my dripping pussy, and you fuck my tight ass. Pumping and humping me you drive deeper and deeper not sure if you have any cum left for me. My body now shivers you can feel my muscles shake as I near that ultimate climax again. Your cock is so stiff pounding my tight hole with your balls slapping against me as you take me completely. You can feel my fingers dance in my hole.

Suddenly, I can't hold back, and my pussy erupts shaking like I had been electrocuted. My whole body erupts and waves of cum wash over me and drip from my cunt. Your cock is still stiff fucking my hole. The cum drips out of me once again running down my legs, coating my body and the room with the scents of my passion. Pulling my hands from my pussy, I bend more getting you deeper in my hole. Your hands work my tits as my hands grip the mirrored wall and watch my body getting fucked.

You drive your cock over and over again, realizing now you have no cum left in you. "Baby I can't. I can't cum again. My cock is throbbing and sore, but I need to reload," you whisper gently. You slow your pace as I hold the wall and catch my breath. Your mouth kisses me as your cock slowly withdraws from my hole.

After a long pause, I turn and look into your eyes. "It's ok, baby. I know how to recharge you; just like you recharge me." Still trying to catch your breath your cock is still throbbing as you feel my touch. I lower myself down, kneeling in front of you and lick your cock. Looking up, I whisper, "Let your little cum doll take care of you."

Watching me and looking down and glancing in the mirrors, you watch me begin to suck your cock and lick your balls. Moaning, your body is rigid as I slip down and take one of your balls in my mouth, rolling it slow as I continue to stroke your cock. You can barely stand as I suck and fuck your cock with my hot mouth. I know your cock is aching with desire.

You reach down and grab my hair as I fuck your cock with my mouth. Looking up at me, you whisper, "Do me like I did you: fuck my ass." Eagerly, I ready to comply. Like a snake, I slither under your legs and come up behind you. Kneeling, you feel my long nails on the cheeks of your ass as my hot breath bounces off your hole.

"Like this?" You hear me moan as my tongue runs over your ass pausing for a moment at your hole.

"Yes, baby, eat my ass, like I eat yours. Recharge me. Make me cum," you whisper back You feel my hands spread your cheeks allowing my tongue access to your hole. The hot breath and wet tongue pierce your hole and push it open as you feel me push deep inside. You moan so loudly, it's almost a scream as your body shakes at the feeling of my tongue deep inside you.

One of my hands leaves your cheeks as you lean against the mirrored wall trying to see me in the reflection, and with my free hand, I grip your balls. You feel me squeeze your balls hard as my tongue drives, curling deep in your hole.

"Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!" You moan as I fuck you with my tongue. My other hand is now stroking your my throbbing cock, and you lose yourself in the power of my passion You push back wanting more and more as my tongue fucks your hole. My hand is now sliding up and down on your throbbing cock as you moan and groan out of control. "Fuck me, baby! Show me how my little cum whore wants to please her lover!"

My mouth is now in a rage. Like a hungry animal I am eating you; chewing your hole. My hand is pumping your cock like it is priming a pump, stroking so fast you moan louder and louder with each stroke I make.

"Ohhhh, baby, yessss! Yesss!" You scream as your cock erupts pulling my tongue from your whore, I try to move around your body to enjoy your cum ~ as you continue stroking my cock like you're going to pull it off my body. We both watch your cum splash against the mirrored wall.

"Yes!" I yell. "Yes cum for your whore!" As your body shakes, long streams of cum pour from your slit splashing onto the wall. It is a vision that makes us wild. With one hand, I keep stroking your cock wanting to milk every drop. With the free hand, I reach around and let my finger softly massage your ass hole. The cum from your cock slowly runs down the glass wall.

After what seems like forever, you are still holding yourself up by leaning against the wall. You look down seeing that I am sitting on the floor in front of you. Some droplets of cum are on my face and in my hair. My hand now gently pets your cock unable to let it go. You can hardly breathe, and looking down at me it appears, I am in a fog almost mesmerized by the intensity of this night.

I look up at you, and you reach down to help me to my feet. As you do, I run my fingers over the wall pulling up the cum. When standing face to face, I offer up my finger for us to lick dry. Unable to speak we kiss. I hold you tight. As our lips part, you look deep into my eyes. You touch my face with your finger. We are locked in like never before. You can feel me sigh in your arms then look into your eyes and whisper, "Oh my goodness...please take your cum doll to bed ..."

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