tagErotic HorrorJust a Normal Hike

Just a Normal Hike


"Come on, slowpoke." Lydia stopped for a moment, planting her oak walking stick on the path so she wouldn't unbalance herself and looked back at Sarah.

"I... am going... as... huff..." Sarah stopped too, twenty or so feet back and dripping with sweat. Her tank top was soaked, showing a faint hint of the lovely curves beneath, but the combo of hoody and fleecy she wore overtop of it covered most of the good parts. "Fast as... I can."

"Sure you are." Lydia winked and looked back up the slope. There was no way they could stop here, the path was steep enough that there wasn't even a place to sit, but she thought she spotted a flat part further up. "Come on, another twenty minutes and we can rest."

"Ya... whatever..." Sarah sighed and started walking again, almost crawling in places as she reached up and grabbed rocks to help her scrabble her way up the path. "Whose... big idea... was this anyway?"

Lydia chose not to answer that, and instead just enjoyed the walk. Although the wind up here was chill and more than a little biting, it had even stolen her scarf a few miles back, there was a feeling of enclosing warmth about this particular mountain. All around the two of them pine trees dominated, their tops reaching high into the sky and almost disappearing amongst the canopy. At the bottom of the trees there were some bushes and ferns, but mostly it was dirt and pine needles as far as you could see.

The forest seemed to wrap them in an embrace, though. The light filtering in from the sky was diluted and warped by what seemed like miles of green needles, so that it was dim and green and beautiful down here on the forest floor. The mingled smell of pine, sap and loam permeated everything, too, as if the forest were claiming their every sense for its own.

Even the air felt... heavier somehow, laden with the promise of snow and the lazy hibernation which came with it. Another few weeks and they probably couldn't have made this climb... although that probably would have made Sarah happy.

Lydia, on the other hand, was at home out here. Between hiking and rock climbing in the warmer months and snowboarding in the winter, the mountains were practically her second home anyway. Her body showed it, too, every line along it trim and seemingly carved out of the very stone she climbed. Her arms, legs and flat tummy were chorded with muscles, but not grotesquely so. She didn't go in for strength training, or anything silly like that, and as a result she had ended up all lean lines, muscle and sinew.

Even her skin showed the results of her endeavours, tanned a dusky shade of brown by the wind and the sun. She wasn't the glowing bronze of the beach bunnies, but a more earthy tone, her body shouting of the outdoors and the majesty of nature.

Sarah, on the other hand, was very much into doing as little exercise as possible. Her breasts, unlike Lydia's, were supple and generously proportioned, which she took pains to show off as much as she could. Her skin was a more socially acceptable shade of bronze, the kind that came from tanning beds and lotions. Even here in the mountains she wore makeup, using it to highlight the lusciousness of her lips and the attractive planes of her cheeks. Her eyes were wide and luminous, the kind that even when she was speaking seriously seemed to almost beg to be taken into a bedroom and filled with pleasure.

In all, they seemed very different from one another. Lydia had the look of a person who seized life and took it for all it was worth, while Sarah seemed more like she just waited for life to give her everything she asked for.

No one would have pegged the two of them as lovers, but they'd been together for almost a year now.

"Are we... almost there?" Sarah stopped again, leaning against a convenient tree and trying to catch her breath. Lydia, having almost disappeared into the foliage, stopped too.

"Just a little farther, sweetness." Lydia came back a few steps, and her eyes filled with pity at the sight of Sarah's state. While Sarah's hair normally had that 'I just rolled out of bed, where I was having an excellent time' kind of look to it, now it was simply disheveled and sweat stained. The sight of her heaving breath, although obscured somewhat by heavy clothes, was quite tantalizing though.

"You... said that before..." Sarah's look shot daggers at Lydia, but softened when she saw the mingled love and desire in her partner's face.

"Well. This time I mean it. Now come on."

Lydia was only partially telling the truth, though. It was only 'a little farther' when compared with how far they'd already come, but it actually took them almost another half an hour before the path came to the plateau Lydia knew about.

By that point it was starting to get dark on the mountain, and the sun was in the process of setting in a blaze of glory.

"Isn't it beautiful, Sarah?" Lydia's eyes filled with wonder at the majesty of the sight, golds and pinks and reds shooting across the sky and lighting it up as if it were on fire. The few clouds scudding past caught the hues and were set ablaze as well, filling the world with colour.

"Very..." Sarah was squatting now, resting her delectably curved ass on her heels while she too looked at the sunset. She had to admit, it was quite impressive... the whole mountain was. She might be tired and aching, but the experience was one she would probably remember for the rest of her life.

"Sarah!" Lydia's voice dropped to a hiss and she got closer so Sarah could hear her. "Look!" A slim, strong finger pointed towards the edge of the path and Sarah's eyes followed.

For a moment, she didn't know what Lydia was pointing at, but then she spotted it. Munching on some low brush which had managed to find a place in this world of half light was a doe. Sarah smiled, and then covered a gasp with her manicured hand as a buck trotted out of the forest as well.

For a moment the two pairs just watched each other. Where the buck was impressive, his rack looking both deadly and beautiful at the same time, the doe was sweet and delicate. She continued to munch grass while the buck looked on, guarding her from danger and surrounding her with the invisible sphere of his influence. Few animals would dare approach something as dangerous as him, and he looked exactly like he knew it.

Then, to the girls' surprise, he came up behind the doe and mounted her. Both Lydia and Sarah stifled giggles as best they could, and held themselves as still as possible. They knew better than to interrupt, even by leaving, while the buck had his way with his consort. He would probably be grumpy over the interruption, and if his rack and hooves weren't worrying enough, it frankly looked like he could bludgeon a full grown human to death with his organ too. So they just sat there, the only noise in the clearing the rustling and grunting of the deer, along with the small slipping and squishing noises of tissue on tissue that both girls recognized from their own sexual experiences.

Still, there was something sensual, and a little erotic, about watching the two deer mating. The last fuck of spring, before fall truly gripped the mountain and brought with it snow and hunger... or something like that. Lydia could feel a slow, lazy warmth growing between her legs and banishing the chill of the air. The heat spread gently through her body, and she held herself closer to Sarah... not touching in a sexual manner yet, but drawing sensual pleasure from the closeness of the other girl.

Thankfully, because Sarah's legs were starting to burn from squatting, the show didn't last very long... reminding her a little of one of her old boyfriends. Strong and handsome, but not very much when it came down to the important parts. Afterwards the deer trotted off into the forest, and Sarah could swear that the doe looked a bit irritated while the buck seemed content.

Yet another similarity with her old boyfriend.


"That was..."

"Unexpected." Lydia giggled, not bothering to hide it now that they were alone, and shook her head in surprise. "I can't say I've ever seen that before." Now that they could move, she had no reason to stay pressed so close to Sarah, but she made no move to leave either. The scent of peaches and sweat drifted off of the other girl, the former enticing and exotic and the latter tempting and urgent.

"Oh? I don't believe you... here I thought you went on hikes to commune with nature and work out that trim little butt of yours, and all along you just came out for deer porn." Sarah laughed, which turned to a playful shriek as Lydia pinched her arm.

"You're bad."

"Hey, whatever turns you on, I'm game." Sarah took the chance to stand up, her legs groaning a little in the process, and dashed off the path into the clearing they'd been aiming for.

"Get back here!" Lydia, laughing, stood up too and chased Sarah down. She held herself back, since they both knew she was the faster runner, and pretended like she couldn't quite catch up.

"You're gonna have to catch me!" Sarah vaulted over a rock, although, granted, it was only knee high, and stopped a bit to wiggle her ass on the other side. "This doesn't come free, you know."

"So you're charging now?" Lydia winked, and Sarah shot her a dirty look before bolting off again.

"You!" Sarah laughed and headed for the sheer rock face that represented the side of the mountain they were climbing. "Can't catch me!" Being a bit of a tease, she did her best to wiggle her ass temptingly as she ran. "I... woah!" As she turned and headed along the side of the mountain back towards the path, Sarah slipped on a pile of scree and went down hard.

"Sarah!" Lydia, all laughter gone now, watched as her friend started to slide along the ground. What had looked solid before now seemed to be a scree covered slope towards what was probably a long drop.

Lydia shucked off her heavy pack as she darted across the clearing, all playing gone, her long legs pumping with the strength of fear, adrenaline, and natural power. At the last moment she broke into a slide along the edge of the slope, kicking her legs out and sticking her hand towards Sarah's rapidly disappearing form.

For a moment it looked like she was too late, and then her fingers latched onto Sarah's. Crowing in triumph, her other hand shot down and grabbed Sarah's wrist, giving her a better grip on the light of her life.

"Gotcha!" Luckily she was wearing thick jeans, otherwise she would have scraped the Hell of out her legs doing what she'd just done. Sarah, likewise, was wearing several layers of protective clothing and seemed more scared than hurt.



"I think there's a cave down here." Sarah's voice, shaking from tension and fear, was still steadier than Lydia had expected. Maybe it wasn't such a large drop.

"A cave? Wait... forget about it, are you okay?"

"Am I? Oh ya, I'm great!" Sarah looked back up and smiled through a face covered in dirt and dead pine needles. "I knew my hero wouldn't be far behind me."

"Well." Lydia shook her head in exasperation. "You scared the living shit out of me, you know?"

"I scared it out of me too." Laughing shakily, Sarah looked back down below her feet. "Hey, can we sleep in there tonight do you think?"

"How big is it?"

"Well... it's... I don't know. It looks like it gets bigger inside though."

"Okay. If I let you go, will you be okay?" Lydia could mostly only see Sarah, including a view of the other girl's cleavage that she normally would have loved if it weren't for the circumstances, and nothing beyond.

"Ya... ya, I think so. It's not even a foot between me and solid ground."

"Okay. Let me go get the pack, and then we'll check out this cave of yours." Sighing, Lydia reluctantly let go. True to her word, Sarah slid a little bit more and then landed on her feet.

"Tada!" Grinning, Sarah looked back up at Lydia and made a shooing motion. "Go get the pack, silly."

"I'm going." Still shaking a little from adrenaline, and let's face it, terror, Lydia went back to where she'd dropped their pack.

Knowing that Sarah was in no physical condition to lug around a heavy backpack, Lydia had carried both of their stuff in hers. There was food for a week, five days longer than she expected to be up here, and water as well. She also brought several basic cooking aids, a first aid kit, underclothes for the two of them, and sleeping bag. Various other sundry items filled the rest of the pack, and in all it probably weighed over fifty pounds.

With one hand, Lydia hoisted the pack up and onto her back and swung it into place. The bag of kindling and various larger bits of fuel banged loudly against the pot and pan, but she didn't even stagger under the weight of the whole thing. She'd carried heavier through worse conditions out of choice; this didn't bother her much.

"Hey Sarah, have you noticed that there aren't any birds out tonight?" Lydia shouted down to her friend as she looked over the edge of the scree slope.

"Can't say that I did." Sarah's face appeared from below, still dirty but lit up with the delight of her discovery. "Come on, you gotta check this out, it's perfect."

"Well, my dear, there you're certainly wrong. Perfect is that tight little tushy of yours."

"Flattery will get you everywhere." Sarah winked and laughed a little, then disappeared out of sight... presumably into the cave. "Now get down here."

"I'm coming..." Lydia looked at the slope with distrust, but went down anyway.

Knowing it was there, she had a much better time than Sarah had. With one foot jutting out to brace herself, and one hand behind to steady herself, Lydia slid down the slippery debris as if she were related to a mountain goat.

The entrance to the cave was, unexpectedly, big enough to allow Lydia to get through with only a minimum of bending over. This surprised her a little, most caves were barely large enough to accommodate a badger, let alone a full grown human. She had to push some hanging roots out of the way to get in, but other than that the going was easy.

Unlike Sarah, she didn't immediately think this was a good thing. Sarah was off in the corner exploring with her flashlight, but Lydia was a little more wary. She sniffed the air to see if she could detect the strong odour of a recent animal resident, and shone her light across the floor to check for nesting of any sort.

To her surprise, there was nothing. The cave was filled with the faintly cloying scent of moss and fungus, but the ground looked dry and relatively free of debris, suggesting that nothing had been in here for a while.

"Well, Sarah, I think you're right." Lydia moved the end of the heavy Mag light up so she could see Sara and nodded. "It does look perfect."

"Aww, but you just said..." Sarah's pout was only half-serious, though. It made her look both cute and vulnerable, while at the same time extremely sensual and attractive. Lydia knew she practiced it in the mirror, having seen her doing it, but it still worked every time.

"Well, we can compare perfections in a bit. First we need to eat and get warm." Despite being warmer than the forest, the cave still wasn't exactly room temperature.

"Fine..." Sulking, still only half-serious, Sarah walked over to Lydia and leaned in so close their faces were almost touching. The tempting aroma of sweat and peaches was back, filling Lydia's mind and making her knees wobble a little. "How can I... help?"

Lydia, against her own advice, closed the distance between the two of them and kissed Sarah. Initially surprised, Sarah's lips were the only things that met Lydia's kiss, the taste of chocolate lip gloss and the luscious, soft feeling of her mouth being the only thing that met Lydia.

Then those lips parted, and Lydia's tongue eagerly darted in to explore. Sarah tasted like spearmint, and her tongue willingly engaged Lydia's, its warm, wet length sliding along Lydia's and exciting both of them. The strong scent of female musk suddenly permeated the air, and within moments they both had their arms wrapped around each other.

Lydia's one hand found the tight curves of Sarah's ass and squeezed, eliciting a squeak and a giggle, while the other gripped the back of Sarah's neck and held the other woman close. Sarah had less choices with the bulk pack in her way, so both her hands settled on Lydia's behind and proceeded to fondle.

After an eternity of breathless noises of pleasure and the sound of hands wandering across denim, Lydia was the first to break the kiss. Her eyes sparkled with ecstasy and she instinctually ran her tongue along her lips, tasting the last remnants of Sarah's lip gloss.

"Mmmm... now come on, that fire won't build itself." Sarah laughed as Lydia turned away, knowing that the only thing both of them wanted right now was the release to be found in each other's arms, but cooperated anyway.

Setting up their camp for the night was relatively simple here in the cave, sheltered for the most part from the elements and without the worry of setting the forest on fire. They didn't even need to create a proper fire pit, only clear some of the pine needles and dried leaves away from a central patch and lay out the tinder.

Lydia had outdoorsy friends who considered themselves 'hardcore' and who built fires with only flint, tinder and the strength of their egos. Lydia wasn't quite into that, and the little butane barbeque lighter she brought with her served to quickly get a small flame going.

While she built up the fire, carefully adding the larger fuel without disturbing the fire itself, Sarah set up their communal sleeping bag and got out some of their food stuffs. After the food was out, they both munched on energy bars while they waited for the fire to be big enough to provide warmth and a place to cook some of their canned goods.

With the fire building, Lydia did a bit of exploring of the cave. For the most part it was fairly circular, and looked like it was only the one room with no connecting tunnels.

"This is a great find of yours, Sarah."

Sarah smiled up at Lydia from where she was warming her hands on the fire and then went back to trying to banish the chill from outside.

"Wait... what's this?" Lydia reached an opening in a hidden corner of the cave, wide enough and tall enough to admit a human but only barely, and started to get worried. No animals lived in this upper cave, but if some were living below?

"What's what?"

"Stay there, I'll be back in a bit."

Lydia squeezed herself into the opening and started to head down what looked like a tunnel that sloped deep into the mountain. After a few steps, though, she felt something in her hair. Biting back a shriek, she pointed the Mag light upwards while brushing madly at her hair.

"Spider webs!"

Trying to hide her disgust, Lydia managed to pull the webs free of her hair and back up a few steps. Luckily, it looked like none of the arachnids were home.

On further inspection of the tunnel, though, she noticed that the webbing started to get very thick, and then almost completely covered the whole thing. If any creatures had been by here at some point, they hadn't been in the last few months, that was for sure.

Satisfied, and not really wanting to poke about anymore, Lydia went back to the fire and sat down beside Sarah.

After getting warm for a few minutes, Lydia looked over at Sarah and decided it was time that they should get out of their clothes for the evening. By this point the area near the fire was comfortably warm, and once she finished her energy bar, Lydia went over to Sarah, desire and a bit of playfulness in her eyes.

"Let me help you out of those wet clothes..." Sarah grinned back and immediately lifted her hands high over her head, causing her delicious breasts to bounce beneath the fabric.

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