tagCelebritiesKate Meets Old Man Ch. 01

Kate Meets Old Man Ch. 01


Kate Upton the embodiment of a sex goddess. She was the envy of every man she came across and she knew it. Perfect tit, perfect bubble ass, blonde hair, and beautiful face to top it off if there ever was a ten it was her. Kate got here bikini on and headed out to the balcony of her hotel she decided to wear a red one today for sunbathing. She headed out to the balcony 6 stories up overlooking Miami she got into her lounge chair and laid down and started to take in the rays.

She looked in the corner of her eye and saw on the balcony next door was an old white man probably 65 or older barely any hair and what was there was gray. He was a few inches taller than her with a massive beer belly wearing swim trunks. He had hair all over his body and it looked as if he hadn't showered in a week. He stood on his balcony looking down on the beach while grabbing at his crotch. Probably looking at the sexy young girls like herself to get off on later. The thought of this old man getting off disgusted her but she couldn't help her curiosity. She wanted to see how far he would go she rose very quietly making sure he didn't notice. She crawled over to the edge of the balcony covered with shrubs on the side, she could see him but he couldn't see her unless he looked intently at her position. She had seen him come out here with a camera but couldn't see where he put it probably somewhere with a better position with the beach.

The old man stood there until he saw a busty young brunette jogging in her very slim bikini. He began moaning while grabbing his crotch. Kate wanted to be disgusted and go inside but instead she sat there on her knees and continued watching. The old man kept staring at the girl intently until she left view he sat down and laid back in his lounge chair. Suddenly almost without warning he took off his trunks. Kate gasped shocked at what she was seeing a massive cock maybe 11" long and 2" thick and it was only semi hard. She was expecting a ugly old man like that to have a small stub of a penis.

Kate wanted to look away but she couldn't as she was mesmerized by the size of his cock. She had only been with three guys and none of them measured up to this old man. She reached down to her crotch and felt herself getting wet between her suit. She didn't expect this she had been with the opposite of this man like King Kevi young, or Justin Verlander athletic and fit. He was a balding fat old man with a monster cock and yet she was getting horny watching him getting his cock hard. She rose up to her tip toes still kneeling at the edge of the balcony and pulled her trunks to the side to get access to her tight cunt . She began fingering her wetness to the old man masturbating she watched as he tried to get hard for minutes it started to work at first but then it gave out. He got upset and went inside. Kate however continued to finger herself and laid down to begin the finish she place her second hand on her clit and began to writhe in ecstasy as she squirted all over her balcony wall. Kate couldn't believe what she had done as she got up and went inside to clean up.

That night Kate walked back into her hotel room and undressed time for one more shower and bedtime. She was exhausted from her photo shoot and just wanted to sleep. She pooped out of her top and jeans and got in the shower. A few minutes later the shower was done and she dried off and put on her robe. Just then she heard a knock at the door. She went to answer it making sure the chain lock was in place. She cracked it open to see the old man from next door.

"Umm... hello?" Kate said wondering what he was doing.

"Hello young lady. I'm Hank and I think you and I need to talk about what happened this afternoon."

Kate face grew as worried as she felt, had he seen her after all?

"About what?" she asked.

"You know what." He said with a evil grin on his face as he held up a camera.

"I'm sorry I can't you should go." Kate said worried.

"Fine I'll just hit up the tabloids tomorrow. I can see it now beautiful model masturbates to old man in broad daylight." He said turning around.

"Wait!" Kate said worried. A scandal like this could ruin her young career. She opened to door.

"Thank you beautiful." He said walking into the room as she closed the door behind him. He stood there wearing a dirty white top that barely fit with baggy khaki shorts still looking as though he needed a shower.

"What do you want?" she asked hoping it was money.

"Well honey you saw me earlier and I had a bit of trouble getting old Charlie to work. Maybe you could help me with that." He said getting close to her in the corner behind the door. She turned her head away as he leaned on to kiss. He smelled terrible and his breath was worse.

"I will make a deal I will give you a hand job but no kissing, touching, or fucking understand." Was she really going to do this?

"Deal sweety." He said as he sat down on her bed and began pulling his shorts down to reveal he had no boxers on as his massive dick flopped onto his thigh. Kate became mesmerized by his cock She had to concentrate just to keep from ripping her robe off to touch herself. "Well what are you waiting for?" He said sitting using his arms to support himself.

Kate got on her knees in between his crotch and began by grabbing his cock with her right hand her left on his leg as she began spitting on the monster known as Charlie. She started stroking him slowly at first quickening her pace after a while. Told man looked as if he was in heaven sitting there with the most perfect blonde in the world stroking his dick. Kate then moved her second hand in and began playing with his balls. "Oh fuck yeah!" The old man let out. Kate was becoming more turned on as this went on she could feel her cunt becoming dripping wet. She removed her hand from his balls and put it under her robe and began stroking herself hoping he wouldn't notice. Unfortunate for her he had noticed and sat up to remove her robe. "No touching." Kate said pushing his hand away.

"Come on seeing those pretty puppies might just get me off faster?" Kate didn't like the idea but nodded in agreement and let him remove her robe. Her tits were perfect. Almost perfect enough to make a man weep. Kate continued to rub her clit while jerking him off getting more and more turned on and even though he smelt bad she wondered if she could take his monster cock in her mouth. The old man could see Kate and almost like reading her mind knew what she wanted to do. "Put it in your mouth it will make it go faster." Kate didn't think she just plopped the head in her mouth and began trying to suck it down. She locked it up and the shaft and sucked on his balls then back to sucking it in her mouth trying to make it fit. After a good while she had managed half of it in her mouth when the old man picked her off the floor and placed her still kneeling on the bed.

Kate didn't even try to stop she was completely hypnotized by his cock. She was sweating intensely now they had been at it for a few hours at least. The old man began to rub her ass and put his fingers in her cunt she stopped rubbing herself and was now able to use both hands on the shaft. Kate was in heaven getting fingered like crazy as her head rested against his beer gut with his cock in her mouth.

The old man didn't want to miss his opportunity and pulled her spent head off his cock and kissed her. Normally she wouldn't have been able to stand his foul tasting mouth but she was too lust crazed to care and began kissing back. He finally stopped and turned her around to see her beautiful ass. He knelt behind her and positioned his cock with her pussy and slowly entered her hallow halls.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes, ohhhhhh god yessssss!" Kate screamed unable to control herself. So much cock in her tight pussy.

"Damn your tight as a virgin." The old man said as he had trouble pushing in after 3". It didn't stop him however he knew this was his only chance to fuck Kate Upton and he was going to get off one way or another. After an hour of trying he laid back on his hands as she pushed herself back on his cock. The old man was loving this Kate was going crazy trying to get him off. He then pushed his thumb at her anal ring.

"Fuck make me cum, oh make me cum!" Kate screamed as she came all over his monster cock.

"Fuck here I come turn over." The old man said as she got on her knees he began cumming all over her tits and face completely covering her. Cum was dripping all off her tits. It was as if he had a bucket stored up.

"Damn girl that was good." He said laughing.

"Just leave."

"Whatever you say you'll be seeing me soon," he said as he closed the camera.

"You taped us!" She said shocked.

"Yes and if you want to keep this quiet you will call me at this number tomorrow night." He said leaving his card on her nightstand.

He left and Kate Upton the perfect model sat in her shower wondering what would happen next and began to slowly get horny.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/09/14

Chapter 2

I would love second chapter for this, albeit with fewer spelling and grammar mistakes

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by StarStarBaby01/28/14

will there ever be a part 2?

I would love to read it

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by Anonymous01/10/14

No tit fuck?

How do you write about Kate Upton and not have a tit fuck?

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by tnadnuder01/10/14

Early mistake

Was gonna say I hoped having a "Ch. 01" in title meant there'd be later Chapters... But you lost me when she got "HERE bikini on".

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by Anonymous10/24/13

loved it

where is chapter 2? You got to save the tit fuck for that!

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