tagInterracial LoveKiki Ch. 03

Kiki Ch. 03

byD. Campbell©

This is a true story of a wonderful Japanese/Canadian lady who came in to my life when she visited me in Australia. The story follows on from Chapters 1 and 2.


When we awoke next morning, the day had all the makings of being a hot one. I thought it would be a good opportunity to have an early beach swim. I put this to Kiki who had never been swimming in an ocean before. However she pulled out her only swimming costume, the one in which she swam laps at the pool.

As she held it up by the straps, it was so small I asked if she could really fit in it. She immediately commenced to put it on and did, indeed fit into it. It was the type you would normally see champion swimmers wearing at swimming meets and had the logo of her university on the front. However, it made Kiki's body look even smaller but revealed the curves of her body. She put her blue dress over the costume and we headed off for the beach.

I chose a beach which had a sheltered southern end where I expected the waves to be smaller than the rest of the beach. I stopped at the headland above the beach where I pointed out the variations in the sea, particularly the rips that could wash her out to sea. Kiki's only request was that I stay with her at all times.

We started off by running two laps of the beach. I found that Kiki was in reasonable shape and was able to turn on a good burst of speed at the end of the second lap. It was then time to enter the surf which was running at about half a metre. Kiki turned out to be a strong swimmer and once I was able to show her how to dive under the waves as they broke, we were able to make our way beyond the breakers so we could swim and relax. I pointed out the different waves and the ones we could use to ride in on. For the first one, I lifted Kiki into position and gave her a push to launch her on to the wave and away she went, surfing the wave for about ten metres. She stood up, turned around with a big grin on her face before the following wave crashed into her. She popped up and to her credit, readied herself to dive under the next wave. She was learning fast.

"That was fantastic," said Kiki as she made her way back to me. I put her on three more waves before she had a go by herself and was successful in catching the wave. She was hooked. We stayed in the surf for about an hour before making our way to the beach.

When we reached the beach, Kiki jumped up, wrapping her leg around my waist and her arms around my neck to kiss me. "Thank you for bringing me to the beach. It's very exciting."

As we walked up the beach we were approached by a Japanese couple who spoke to Kiki in Japanese and she replied in Japanese. I was not aware Kiki spoke Japanese as usually I found that by the time the third generation of immigrant comes along, the original language was dropped. Kiki's mother had insisted that she maintain the Japanese language and culture.

After a short conversation, the couple left us.

"They were watching you teaching me to surf and wanted to know where they could hire you. I told them you were my personal trainer and you were not available," Kiki said.

We then had a shower under the public shower on the beach. I was looking at Kiki, along with several other males nearby. When she was wet, with her form fitting swimming costume, Kiki looked to be no older then fourteen. I noticed a few odd looks when I commenced towelling her down. I was less than two years older than Kiki but in appearance, she appeared ten years younger.

We stopped over at a pastry shop to pick up some croissants before making our way home.

"I'm sure I have washed away my travel fatigue. It is a great way to start a day and just think, if I was home, I would be huddled up, trying to keep warm."

On our arrival home we headed for the shower. I got in with Kiki, had her face me with her head resting on my chest, poured some shampoo on to her hair and began to massage her scalp as I rubbed the shampoo into her hair. Like most other girls, Kiki did not want me to stop but all good things must come to an end and I finished by soaping her body down and the washing it off. As we stepped out of the shower, I grabbed a towel which I dried her hair and the rest of her body. As I made by way down her body, I kissed her lips, her nipples, her belly button and last, but not least, her pussy.

"Wow, I can do with more of that," Kiki said.

Kiki put on a dress similar to her blue one and knickers but no bra.

We had croissants and coffee out on the balcony while we mapped out plans for the day. I it was a Saturday, my usual marketing day and I had also promised Kiki I would take her shopping for her Japanese ingredients.

We set off and headed to the North side where there was a Japanese part of town known as little Tokyo. When we entered the shops, Kiki was amazed at the range of Japanese products. Kiki initially took me aside and apologized, as she would be speaking with the shopkeepers in Japanese, saying it would be easier to identify in Japanese, the ingredients she required. That was typical of Kiki. She was always polite. I loved watching her as she transformed into different person, with the various Japanese body gestures as she spoke.

We returned home with our purchases and had lunch. We were having a cold drink, sitting on the sofa when Kiki put her drink down and climbed on to me. I knew that Kiki had a month before returning home and asked if she wished to take any tours. She said that she would rather stay with me but might take a few day tours. I was not able to take a month off from work and would be working for some of the time. I decided to introduce Kiki to some of my friends so that she would have some female friends to accompany her when I was working. I told her that we would meet some of my friends that afternoon at a local hotel.

"Don't give me any alcohol. I don't do alcohol very well. Maybe it is because I am small that I get affected very easily. The two glasses of wine last night were more than enough."

"Is that what lead you to bite me."

"Oh, I am sorry. I forgot about it."

She undid my trousers and pulled out my penis and examined it. There were still marks on it.

"You are behind in compensating me with your kisses," I said.

Kiki pulled herself up and started kissing me.

Before we left I reminded Kiki to take her photo ID.

As the hotel was only several blocks away, we decided to walk. When we arrived at the hotel, all my friends, with their wives and girlfriends were there as they were anxious to meet Kiki, being Japanese and Canadian, was a bit of a novelty.

As soon as we entered the hotel, Kiki was asked for her ID. When she produced it, the person who asked for the ID said, "I would never have guessed. Thank you."

She was well received by all as we sat around listening to the band. They wanted to know everything about Kiki and appeared as intrigued by her and her diminutive size as I was.

Kiki made friends with some of the girls who made arrangement to link up with her during her stay. The group them made our way to a restaurant for dinner. During the afternoon at the hotel, Kiki drank only orange juice and sipped only one glass of wine at the restaurant.

As we walked back to my apartment, Kiki was in a happy mood. "I really enjoyed myself. Your friends were really nice people," as Kiki reached up and pulled me down to kiss her.

When we arrived home, we entered the bathroom to brush our teeth. Kiki was standing in front of me, both looking at the mirror. I undid the back of her dress and lifted it off revealing Kiki standing only in her knickers. I reached around to her tits and started massaging them as Kiki leant back to me, closing her eyes. Kiki turned around, leapt up with her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and kissed me.

I walked to the bedroom with Kiki clinging to me and carefully, placed her on the bed. She lifted her hips as I removed her knickers and she moved further up the bed. I made my way up to her and kissed her before moving down to her tits as Kiki ran her hand through my hair. I was anxious to get down to her pussy, making my way down, hooking my hands behind her knees and pushing them back so that I had clear access to her pussy. Kiki let go of my hair and raised her arms above her head as if she was surrendering.

I worked away at Kiki's pussy until she had an orgasm. She pulled me up to her and at the same time, lay back, recovering. "Now fuck me," Kiki said as she brought her legs back and began to guide my penis into her pussy. Kiki was happy for me to stay on top as she moaned and screamed, digging her fingers into my back as she held my body to her. She had another orgasm after which, she relaxed while she recovered. I held her in my arms and kissed her, on her forehead and eyelids.

I held her to me and whispered to her.

Thinking about the afternoon, I asked her if she had any problems with having to produce ID all the time.

"Well I take it as a double handed compliment. It is annoying to be continually being singled out to produce my ID because I look too young but when I look at my school friends, some are using botox to iron out their wrinkles and some are thinking of a second boob job. Do you think I should have a boob job?"

"If you ever mention again of having a boob job, I will never speak to you again," I said

"Do you really mean that?"

"Try me."

"Do you really like my little tits?"

"I love them."

Kiki pulled me down to kiss her and then pushed me down to kiss her tits.

I rolled over so I was on my back before pulling Kiki on top of me where we continued our whispered conversation. "You asked me if I wanted to go away on tours. All I want is to be with you, keep house for you," Kiki whispered.

I did not know where it was leading us. I had been with Kiki for two days although we had been corresponding for four years. I had never grown close to a person so quickly, as I had with Kiki.

After Kiki had arrived she had asked if she could have some of my hanging space before unpacking her bag. Kiki was a very neat person and everything had a place and there was a place for everything. I really didn't mind opening my wardrobe and finding some of her clothes hanging there. I was not an untidy person but Kiki had gone through my wardrobe and everything else for that matter so that my apartment was immaculate. It must be a Japanese trait.

One thing that really got to me was her swimming costume that she left to dry on a small rack on the balcony. Her costume was so small although she had proved she could fit in to it.

I kept hold of her until I felt her relax and drop off to sleep.

When I awoke next morning, Kiki was cradled in my left arm. I looked down at her face, with her long black hair draped over her. I did not recall having woken to such a beautiful sight. I kissed her forehead, which woke her. Kiki pulled herself up so she could kiss me on the lips, before she pulled back and smiled at me. "Can we go to the beach, please?"

Kiki jumped out of bed naked, found her costume and went through the antics of squeezing into her costume then, stood at the end of the bed, saying, "Well, I'm ready. Can you take some photos of me in the surf? My friends back home won't believe me that I went in the surf."

I grabbed two facemasks and snorkels and headed out with Kiki returning to the same beach. I again stopped at the headland to point out a rip in the surf before we went on to the beach. First, we had a run along the beach after which Kiki went through a series of stretching exercises. She called out, "Watch me." and then made a short run before performing a double somersault in the air. I got her to do it again so I could catch it on camera. It seemed effortless for her.

Kiki walked back to me with a big smile on her face. "Being small has its advantages. I was in my university gymnast team." She then did a few short routines, including some cart wheels and finished with handstands. While she was doing this, I got an idea, which I would reserve until later.

Also, it answered a lot of questions. Kiki certainly had a trim, taut and terrific body. I recalled reading where gymnasts were frequently checked for their body fat. Kiki certainly had no body fat. It also explained how, when we were fucking, every bit of her body worked. She had muscles everywhere.

I went into the surf with Kiki just to make sure she was sure of her self and then left the water so I could take some video of her surfing. When she caught the first wave in, she jumped to her feet, raising both arms in triumph before going out again. She was a good swimmer and I liked the way she dived under each wave like a dolphin.

We stayed at the beach for a short time, as I wanted to take Kiki to a nearby rock pool which was formed in a small cove that was partially blocked by rocks from the ocean. I gave Kiki a facemask and snorkel before entering the water which was very clear. In the pool there was all manner of marine life with some of the fish being quite tame. However, the only thing that interested me was Kiki, who swam like a dolphin, occasionally, turning in my direction with a smile on her face and giving me the thumbs up. She seemed to be really enjoying herself. Her gymnasium training, no doubt was the reason she moved so gracefully in the water.

I approached her on several occasions, asking her if she had had enough but each time she replied, "Just a little bit longer," and dived under again. She eventually approached me, raised her facemask, wrapped her legs around me and gave me a sensuous kiss. "Thanks for bringing me here. I have never had an experience like this."

We returned home and on arrival, hit the shower. I went through the process of shampooing her hair with a massage to her scalp. Kiki stood there with her arms by her side, allowing me to take care of her. Eventually, I soaped her down and washed the suds away. We left the shower cubicle and I took a towel to dry Kiki who just stood there as if expecting me to do so. When she was dry, I gave her a hug before my right hand wandered down to Kiki's pussy. She reacted almost immediately with a sigh. I then whispered into her ear. She giggled and turned with a gleam in her eyes said, "You won't drop me, right?"

Kiki did a handstand in front of me, facing me. She opened her legs, moving them around my neck and locking them as I locked my arms around her waist, taking her weight so she was suspended, upside down, before me. Her beautiful little pussy was right at my lips. I started off slowly as I wanted to prolong Kiki's pleasure for as long as possible. I felt her initially attempting to suck my penis but she gave it away and hung limply. It all seemed to be coming together for Kiki as she began to moan deeply, almost straight away. She was so light, I had no problems supporting her.

Eventually, Kiki started to orgasm, her body began to convulse and I felt her stomach muscles move against my body. I had my mouth enveloping her pussy at the time and experienced liquid in my mouth followed by more liquid. Kiki was squirting. I wanted to capture every drop and promptly swallowed it. I licked her pussy to capture any of her remaining erotic juices. I made sure I had a firm grip on her as I walked her to the bedroom and carefully lowered her on to the bed where she lay spreadeagled while she recovered. I joined her on the bed and hugged her.

"I have never done anything like that before. That was incredible," she said.

Kiki did not seem to be in the mood for anything but to just lay back while she recovered. I was exhausted, myself.

I believe that there is nothing better in this world than to provide such satisfaction to a beautiful woman.

We had to buy some ingredients for Kiki Japanese cooking. Kiki dressed in sneakers, a pair of shorts and T-shirt, with her hair in a ponytail, the fourteen year old look. We drove to the fish markets.

At the fish markets I bought a dozen oysters and a glass of wine for each of us and found a table with some shade. "I read that oysters were an aphrodisiac but I don't think you need them, I am still tingling from the lickin you gave me."

"Did you know that when you had an orgasm, you squirted?"

Kiki looked at me, appearing to be uncertain as to what to say.

"I swallowed every last drop. It was delicious."

Kiki pulled my head down and kissed me.

"You know that I love you."

After we had left the apartment, Kiki had clung very close to me and occasionally pulled me down to her so she could kiss me on the cheek. I really loved being with that woman.

"I am not aware of my squirting before this. I have read about female squirting. You really know how to press the right buttons on a woman."

Kiki looked at my eyes while patting down the hair on the back of my head before kissing me again.

To be continued...

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