tagSci-Fi & FantasyKinetic Sorceress: Life Pt. 01

Kinetic Sorceress: Life Pt. 01


Here continues the story of Mia's and Paul's life together. They have met, fallen in love, learned their destiny and forever committed their hearts to each other (which was covered in "The Kinetic Sorceress" – Pts. 1 – 5). Now they get down to the business of life together as a couple.


There is something wonderfully liberating about knowing that your life is going to be long and fulfilling; emotionally, spiritually, physically. And sexually. I don't mean to gloat but winning the heart of Mia – a "kinetic sorceress" whose mastery of all things energetic enables her to absorb, amplify, manipulate and share positive (and often sexual) energy – was well beyond the most elaborate fantasy I could have dreamed up. During the first few months of our relationship we inadvertently unlocked some of the secrets of Mia's nature and destiny. Unlike ordinary humans who expect to live for a century (more or less), die and then move on to whatever mysterious hereafter their personal religious beliefs prescribe, Mia had lived for over 400 years, never aging and unsure of what came next in her existence.

That is, until we feel in love.

In a twist of fate or evolution befitting a fairy tale, it turns out that true unselfish love is the key to the next step in Mia's evolution. By freely pouring my love and energy into Mia, she is able to move to a different plane of existence where she is connected with the love and positive energy of all things, and then freely return to the physical world. Mia has tried many times to describe what this other place – which we call "The Mystic" as homage to a curiously prescient Van Morrison song – feels like, but words are apparently inadequate. She assures me it is beyond my wildest fantasy of pleasure and joy. She has also told me that she can feel the presence of her long-passed loved ones which, once you get past the staggering philosophical and theological implications, is a very comforting thought. If she can feel them then, in theory, when I eventually die she will feel me too, and I her. Once I realized that I could send Mia across to the Mystic, I assumed she'd want to stay there and fulfill her destiny; only my deep abiding love for her could overcome the sorrow I would feel in losing her until we meet again on the other side, so to speak. But Mia's love for me is such that she willingly has delayed her final trip to the Mystic until I am ready to join her at the end of my days. When my time is almost up, I will send her over and she will be there to welcome me when I pass. Not a bad thing to look forward to.

All of which means that, until my final day, I will be the life partner of a loving, generous, and wickedly imaginative woman who can fulfill virtually any fantasy. And since, as Mia has often reminded me, sexual energy is some of the purest and most powerful energy, that means a lifetime of mind-blowing, earth-shattering, reality-bending sex. Lots of it. Yeah, I'd hate me too.

I had been able to blissfully, although not purposely, avoided thinking too hard about what that lifetime – other than the aforementioned amazing sex – would be like, choosing rather to dwell on those surreal first few months of our life together, wondering if it was all a dream. My mind would wander and I'd wrestle with the concepts of positive energy, love, magic and other weighty things that usually resulted in a headache for me. Fortunately, when Mia sensed I had drifted into one of those mental tailspins she'd find a way to distract me.

I was laying poolside at Mia's palatial home overlooking the ocean, a few days after we'd learned about the Mystic and committed our lives to each other. Those days immediately after our discovery were a blur of laughter, tears, cuddling and sex. We had avoided any wild fantasies, choosing rather to enjoy the warmth and comfort of conventional couplehood and the love-making that went along with it. After a few days, Mia excused herself to visit her "friend" Elaine, a woman she had rescued and helped recover from a brutal assault; although they've never formally met, Mia would silently and invisibly visit and pour love and energy into her friend, helping to speed her physical healing and providing the confidence to face the necessary emotional healing. So, while she was away, I was laying poolside. And, as often happens with me when I am physically comfortable and mentally drained, I fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of high-heels clicking across the tiles by the pool and a husky purr of "Hello, lover." Mia. When she is not transforming herself (or me) to create a fantasy for us, she is a petite woman with small firm breasts and lustrous shoulder-length brown hair. When I opened my eyes I saw her striding purposefully across the pool deck. She wore a dazzlingly white bikini, with an equally white robe, open and billowing behind her. Her feet were perched on silver sandals with a four inch heel. She raised her fingertips to her luscious lips and blew a kiss to me, which in addition to making my heart race had the effect of making my bathing suit suddenly disappear. She stopped at the edge of the lounger upon which I was reclining, her head just blocking the sun causing a bright halo to form around her already radiant face. She raised a long glossy red fingernail to her also glossy red lips and licked her fingertip. At the same moment, I felt a tongue lick the end of my cock, and I twitched and yelped in response. Mia had done this kind of thing to me before, lavishing me with delicious sensations from unseen hands and lips and ... well, you get the idea. This was especially erotic – and frustrating – because I could watch what she did to her fingertip while feeling the sensation on my cock. She kissed her fingertip and I felt a warm wet kiss on the tip of my penis. Another lick or two and I was fully erect, with Mia smiling mischievously down at me.

The sight of Mia's face, her intense silver-flecked blue eyes, and her full delectable lips which she always adorned in irresistibly sexy and provocative colors for me, was always captivating. Mia didn't wear make-up per se, choosing rather to simply change the color and texture of her features to create the desired effect – "no mess" she always said, which meant that after even the lengthiest make-out session her lips were creamy and wet and perfect. And usually tasting like raspberries. I was transfixed watching her tease her fingertip and, by remote control, my cock. Needless to say I was rather startled when I heard another pair of heels clicking across the pool deck, and another voice say "Hello, darlings." My head instantly swiveled in the direction of the voice and my jaw dropped open. I could only describe what I saw as what I would imagine Mia's taller, blonder, stacked sister would look like. She was also wearing a brilliant white bikini and robe, and high silver heels. She strode over next to Brunette Mia, standing a good four inches taller. "Don't you look yummy?" Blonde Mia said, somewhat rhetorically. Brunette Mia responded simply with a long lascivious "Mmmmmm."

I had just finished processing the Mia twins when a third voice rang out, "Wait for me, ladies." A very long-legged Mia, with waist length auburn hair, hurriedly tip-tapped across the deck to join the other two. Auburn Mia was dressed the same as Blonde and Brunette and, with those long shapely legs, towered over the other two. Brunette Mia raised herself up on her toes, turned Blonde Mia's head toward hers, and planted a firm sensuous kiss on the blonde's shimmering pink lips. As the kiss broke, Blonde Mia's bikini and robe slowly disappeared, exposing round gravity-defying DD breasts with nipples that begged to be sucked. Which is what Brunette Mia did, causing a low moan and slight shiver through the Blonde, and a distinct throbbing in my cock. Brunette Mia lavished Blonde's nipples, alternating left and right, for about thirty seconds.

"Oooooh, do me, now," Auburn Mia pouted. Blonde Mia started to pinch and caress her own breasts, picking up where the Brunette's lips and tongue had left off. Meanwhile, Brunette Mia crooked a finger at Auburn who slipped past the blonde and leaned down, her face now even with the brunette, who placed a hand on either side of Auburn's face and traced Auburn's red-gold lips with her tongue before plunging it into her mouth and then hungrily kissing her. Once again, when the kiss broke, Auburn's bikini and robe disappeared revealing perky, up-turned C-cup breasts attached to a curvaceous swimmer's body. This time, instead of visiting the nipples, Brunette Mia gracefully glided to a crouch, a rather shallow one given their height difference, and lightly and teasingly began to lick Auburn's pussy lips. Auburn closed her eyes and let her head fall back as Brunette intensified her tongue bath, probing her tongue in and out, lustily lapping the glistening honey that flowed from Auburn's slit.

I was torn. I could have watched these three miracles pleasure each other all day. But I was also hard as a rock and getting increasingly worked up the longer I watched. And they knew it. They would occasionally steal a glance at me and smile, seeing the effect their foreplay was having on me. After several minutes of exploring each other's bodies, Blonde Mia tapped Brunette on the shoulder and said, "My dear, you still have your clothes on." Brunette Mia nodded.

"So I do," replied the Brunette in mock surprise. "Perhaps one of you lovely ladies could help me like I helped you." Auburn Mia nodded her head knowingly while Blonde licked her lips and quickly swooped in to kiss Brunette. A long, sensuous kiss. The kind of kiss you could almost feel just watching these two pairs of perfect lips explore and tease each other. I could feel my pulse and cock both throbbing with anticipation, waiting for the kiss to break and for Brunette Mia's robe and bikini to vanish as had the clothing of the other two in response to the Brunette's magic kiss. Brunette and Blonde moaned happily as they broke the kiss, both looking down to watch the sexy disappearing act.

Brunette Mia's outfit, however, remained wrapped around her petite body. Blonde Mia pouted for a moment and, stating the obvious, said, "It didn't work."

"Let me try," cooed Auburn Mia, who once again slipped in front of the Blonde. Instead of leaning over this time, Auburn Mia placed a single finger below Brunette's chin and with the lightest of touches levitated the Brunette until they were eye-to-eye, Brunette Mia's high-heels dangling from her toes. Auburn closed her eyes and extended her (remarkably long!) tongue, which she proceeded to glide along the outside of Brunette's lips, much as Brunette had done to her moments before. As Auburn retracted her tongue, Brunette Mia followed, floating into a soft wet kiss. There was no movement, no hungry exploration or passionate grinding of lips and tongues. Brunette Mia hung suspended several inches off the ground, with her lips pressed firmly against the plush red-gold mouth of Auburn Mia.

Auburn opened her eyes and pulled her head back slightly, her lips still puckered from the kiss, and blew gently, a toneless whistle and puff of air. Brunette Mia floated backwards, her mouth closing and spreading into a contented smile. Four sets of eyes locked onto Brunette Mia's bikini, waiting for it to dissolve into thin air. And once again it remained exactly where it was during the entire encounter.

Blonde Mia wrapped an arm around Auburn's waist and said, "Wow, if THAT didn't work, I don't know what will."

"I do," said Brunette Mia, who floated effortlessly over to the lounger where I had been watching in rapt fascination and arousal. Brunette Mia tipped forward and glided over me, descending until her face was mere inches from mine. She smiled a warm inviting smile, winked her luxuriously long lashes at me and said, "Work your magic on me, lover." Her glistening deep red lips formed a perfect "o" shape, begging to be kissed, and came to rest on my mouth, the rest of her body settling in on top of me, every soft warm curve easing onto me like a head onto a pillow. An audible sigh came from Blonde and Auburn as I became suddenly aware of the smooth fabric of Brunette's bikini being replaced by the equally smooth but far more inviting feel of her skin.

When at last out lips parted, I gazed into Brunette Mia's silver and blue eyes. I wrapped my arms tight around her and whispered, "You feel very good."

Brunette wiggled against me, which sent a bolt of pleasure coursing through my still erect penis, and she replied, "And you feel very hard." She turned her head back to look at the other two. "Perhaps we can help him with that – what do you think?" Two wolfish grins crossed the two perfect mouths of the two beautiful Mias who had been watching from next to the lounger. Without another word, Brunette Mia began to rise – which elicited a whimper from me – and floated backward until her delicious, and now quite damp, pussy lips hung tantalizingly above my cock which, no longer compressed below the Brunette's weight, sprang skyward in all its glory. Earlier in our relationship, by virtue of Mia's access to near limitless positive energy and my desire to be the "best" man I could be for her, my previously sufficient cock had transformed somewhat to an ample but comfortable 10 inches, although Mia was known to increase that size for our amusement and pleasure. All 10 inches were currently throbbing with my heartbeat, each pulse nudging my cock head against Brunette's labia.

"Ready, darling?" the Brunette asked, and without waiting for a reply, she began to descend, still floating but now impaled on my cock. I felt the now familiar but always exhilarating feeling of Mia's tight hot pussy engulfing my cock, and I let out a long happy growl as inch after inch disappeared into her. When I was completely inside, she squeezed and pulsed her kegels around me, and then began to rise again, stopping with half of my cock exposed, and then descended once again. The Brunette kept up this steady sensuous rhythm and I became increasingly aroused with each cycle.

On several occasions before, Mia and I had engaged in all sorts of sexual play in public places. One time, we had a wonderful encounter in a park fountain in the middle of the day. We were, thankfully, invisible at the time but I was still dimly aware that there were people nearby as we were having our way with each other. On none of those occasions, however, was anyone able to see us. So, when the two "new" Mias each took position on either side of the lounger and looked lustfully down at the Brunette and me, I was momentarily taken aback. On the one hand, I had never engaged in group sex or, as far as I knew, been voyeuristically watched while in the throes of passion, so this was all very new. On the other hand, this was Mia. Or more precisely, "these" were Mia.

Sensing my ambivalence, Brunette Mia looked me in the eyes and said, "Any ideas, Paul?" I took that as my cue to let go a little and see what happened. My eyes wandered over to Auburn Mia and her long legs which ended in a neatly trimmed mound of red hair which surrounded her slit, still moist and inviting from the Brunette's lusty attention minutes ago. I licked my lips involuntarily, wondering if Auburn would taste as sweet and fragrant as "my" Mia always did. I wanted to find out.

"I want to taste you," I whispered. "Please," I quickly added, ever the polite Boy Scout.

Auburn giggled. "I thought you'd never ask," she purred. Auburn walked around to the top of the lounger and looked down at me. She spread her long luscious legs and shimmied forward until her gorgeous pussy was directly above me. A tiny drop of her sweet honey had formed at the base of her slit, which dangled for a moment then fell into my waiting mouth. Creamy and luscious; how could I have expected different? For another tantalizing moment or two, Auburn remained straddling the chaise, her honeypot still inches above my face. Then she leaned forward and reached out to take Brunette's face into her hands. Brunette's up-and-down cycle stopped momentarily with just the head of my penis nestled between her pussy lips. Both women leaned forward and engaged in a long sensual kiss.

I thought nothing could ever be more arousing than watching these two beauties. That's is until Brunette began to once again lower herself onto my cock while Auburn slowly crouched until my lips and tongue were in easy reach of her moist and delicious pussy, which I began to enthusiastically lap and nibble. I could hear Brunette and Auburn still kissing, but my view was blocked by the equally sexy and satisfying sight of Auburn's long toned back. I moved my head back slightly and plunged my tongue into Auburn's ass, which caused her to jump with surprise, then moan with delight. I alternated between her pussy and ass, savoring the fragrant taste and enjoying the appreciative writhing and grinding.

Meanwhile, back at my cock, I was feeling the excitement of my surreal fantasy-come-true begin to manifest in my balls in earnest. Brunette Mia was skillfully building me up and then easing me back, prolonging the exquisite pleasure and allowing me to get Auburn Mia equally worked up. As my tongue once again explored Auburn's smooth tight butt, my vision was suddenly filled with the vision of Blonde Mia looming over me. She looked aroused, but clearly watching was not satisfying her enough. With my options limited, I raised one of my hands – which had previously been on Auburn's thigh, alternately pulling her against my mouth and pushing up to prevent asphyxiation – toward the Blonde, who took it in her hand and guided it to her own wet slit. Mostly by feel my hand probed and caressed her, my fingers teasing her lips while my thumb rubbed small circles on her clit. A sly grin crossed Blonde Mia's lips. With one hand, she pressed my hand against her crotch, her long pink nails digging slightly into the back of my hand. With her other hand, palm up, she slightly curled her fingers at which point I, Brunette, and Auburn Mia all began to rise from the lounger.

Blonde Mia stopped our ascent when the tangled threesome reached the level of her waist. Satisfied that the pieces of her tableau were in place, Blonde positioned herself at my side. She thoughtfully turned her hips toward my head to give my probing fingers better access to her thoroughly drenched pussy. I was rather proud of myself for having the mental fortitude to concentrate at least part of my tiny overloaded caveman brain on stimulating Blonde Mia's clit, occasionally working a finger in and out of her. If my technique wasn't perfect, she didn't seem to mind. The Blonde's position at my side also made it very easy to lean in and join the luscious make-out session that Auburn and Brunette were engaged in. I wished I could see it, but my vision was once again completely dominated by back and buttocks and cascading auburn hair.

By some unspoken signal, I could tell that the ladies had decided that the time had cum (heh), so to speak. I suddenly felt a hand reach below my floating legs and cradle my balls and start a gentle but firm massage. My Mia – which I suppose was any or all of these lovely nymphos – knew exactly how worked up a well-executed ball massage gets me. I assumed it was Blonde Mia's hand administering the massage, and the occasional fingertip tease of my ass, but I guess I'll never know for sure. Anyway, I was a bit too distracted to try to account for six hands that were freely roaming over me and their owners.

In perfect unison, three voices said simply, "Ready?" I didn't think they were waiting for an answer from me (and any response would have been rather muffled, given my current position). Brunette Mia took me deep inside her and clamped her pussy around my aching cock in perfect synchrony with a slightly firmer squeeze of my balls. That was enough to set me off. The Brunette's pussy pulsed around me coaxing me to the very brink of orgasm and then giving me a gentle nudge over the edge. My groin recoiled and then exploded, a surprisingly violent spasm given the fact that I was floating weightless. As the first pulse subsided, more firm pressure against my balls and perineum urged yet another jet of sperm to rocket into the Brunette's warm wet womb.

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