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Kristy was bored.

The club scene had become completely dull for her almost before she was technically legal drinking age, partly because she found it way too easy to achieve her goal of an easy lay. She was, frankly, beautiful, and more important, incredibly sexy. Her breasts, which were a modest C cup, were still a little big compared to her otherwise thin frame, and when she put them in the right bra they made men's jaws almost drop when they caught a glance of them. Her ass, toned and firm, was nicely rounded, perfect for sliding into jeans that were a couple of sizes too small and giving the impression that she almost had no clothes on.

When she combined a shirt that showed off enough cleavage that her nipples were almost visible, the tight jeans, and her shapely legs with some high heels to show them off right, she almost literally had to fend off the people wanting a chance just to be near her. At first, she hadn't minded the attention, loving the electric little thrill that soared up her spine whenever someone "accidentally" grabbed her ass, or squeezed her breasts, while dancing with her, or even just walking by. After a while, though, the ease with which she gathered admirers made the whole process boring and she had just stopped going.

Bars held even less appeal, as did the whole online dating thing. So, for a while, she had resorted to watching porn on the weekends. She would curl up on her couch, turn on something that completely ignored romance or love and went straight to the fucking, and masturbate until she couldn't breathe. For a while, this had worked too.

Now, though, when the work week was over and she was alone on her couch, there was nothing. She could caress her tanned and toned body all she wanted, she could run her hands over her perky breasts and down her stomach, teasing herself before she slipped her fingers into her wet, waiting pussy, but she could just barely get off. Even dildos and vibrators, of which she had an extremely extensive collection, were losing their edge.

This left her with very few options.

So, this particular Friday night, as she watched some sweaty bodies grunting and moaning and thrashing on the screen, she decided she'd have to do something new.

She called her friend Mike. Mike, frankly, was sex. From his heavily developed body to the careful way he did his hair so it seemed like he'd spent no time at all on it, she felt herself grow warm and moist just looking at him. They were just friends, though. He had a girlfriend, and at the time they met she'd had a different boyfriend every night, so they had done nothing but have lunches together, talk pleasantly on the phone, and conceal the fact that all they wanted to do was rip each other's clothes off and fuck until they couldn't see straight.

He, also bored apparently, readily agreed to come over and she smiled warmly to herself, thinking of the fun she and Mike would have. Between thoughts of Mike and the girl on screen who had just slid her mouth onto someone's cock and was moaning as she sucked on it, Kristy figured that she should almost be crying out in pleasure right now.

But she wasn't.


She sighed and pulled her fingers, which had been sliding in and out of her the whole time she was on the phone with Mike, out and shook them a little to dry them. She couldn't just call Mike back and say that she had changed her mind, but at the same time she didn't think she could show him a properly good time if she was still naked when he got there. The sex would be good, she knew, but she'd probably just be faking it the whole time anyway.

Then she thought about John. A friend like Mike, like all of her friends, John was handsome in every way that counted. He was more of the nerdy type, though, and had a much slimmer build than Mike. He was still very good looking, and another person that she wished she'd had a chance to know as more than a friend. Then, completely unbidden, the thought of Mike's hard cock filling her warm pussy and her mouth clamped over John's member while she sucked him off struck her. For a moment, the image was so powerful that she couldn't breathe, she just stared at this thought that she'd never had before.

It took her a couple of minutes to realize that, just thinking about it, she was already moaning. One of her hands was on her perfectly shaped breast, massaging it while her fingers pinched her erect nipple, and the other one had slid four of its fingers into her pussy and was moving in and out with a rhythm all its own. Without thought, she just kept this up, her gasps of pleasure building and building like the waves of pleasure that rocked her body until she finally and explosively came, her entire body shivering as she almost fell right off the couch.

That settled it. Almost before she caught her breath, she phoned up John, still fingering herself while she did so. She didn't know what he could possibly think, listening to her breathless, pleasure-filled voice on the other end of the phone, but he agreed to come over as fast as he possibly could.

Smiling in satisfaction as she thought of the fun they were going to have, she thought "Why stop there?". With the hand which was not covered in her cum, she picked up the phone once more and dialed another of her friends. She had only been out to lunch with Darren a couple of times, but he fit the same template as both John and Mike. Tall, handsome, built and with pants that bulged even when he wasn't aroused, she smiled in satisfaction when he agreed to come over too.

After she put the phone down, though, she experienced a moment of doubt. Here she was, naked, lying on her couch with her cum all over one hand and porn blaring on the TV, and she had just invited three of her closest male friends over. For a moment she debated getting dressed and just going out and seeing a movie or something, but then the image of all of them, their huge cocks throbbing as they fucked her every orifice over and over, came back. She was filled with such a rush of pleasure that she just lay where she was, panting while her creamy skin glowed with a sheen of sweat.

This would be wonderful.

The waiting was the worst part, though. She stared at the TV, mindlessly watching a porno she'd seen at least five times by this point, and casually fingering herself. She couldn't bring herself to cum again, though, and instead just settled for waiting until her friends arrived. She briefly debated getting something to eat, but figured she'd be swallowing enough soon that she could wait.

Then the doorbell rang and a deep, male voice boomed out from the hallway, vaguely muffled by the door.

"Hey Kristy, it's Mike!"

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, and her voice caught as she raised it to shout over the din of the TV.

"Come on in, it's unlocked."

Then she trained her attention specifically on the TV, not wanting to see his reaction, dreading the sound of the door closing behind him as he left. She didn't know if she could handle that. After all, who knows what Mike thought? He entered the apartment thinking that he was going to have a nice, quiet evening with a friend, and instead he walked in to see her completely naked on the couch, already glowing in the aftermath of several orgasms, covered in sweat and watching porn.

Whatever he thought, he didn't leave. He just quietly shut the door, hung up his jacket, and then said.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Kristy smiled, looking over at him finally. She didn't know it, but her gaze was dreamy and pleased, while her eyes hid a sharp note of pure desire. This hit Mike right in the groin, and while he had been aroused at the sight of his friend doing what she'd been doing, this made it uncomfortable to even have his pants on.

"No, no. In fact... I think there's something you can help me with." She winked at him, and he didn't need any more encouragement than that.

He was by her side in an instant, sliding off the muscle shirt to show her his rock-hard, gleaming chest. She smiled and reached out with the hand that had formerly been massaging her breast to lovingly caress his smooth skin. He visibly shuddered with desire, and she smiled wickedly as she slipped her hand down into his pants and coiled her delicate fingers around his already pulsing cock.

She could hardly follow the speed with which he took the rest of his clothes off, but suddenly he was entirely naked in front of her, his 8" cock swinging a little from the speed with which he disrobed. She smiled and pulled her finger out of her pussy to nibble on it coyly.

"Is there... anywhere you want to put that?"

"Your breasts, beautiful. They're so perfect." She smiled and nodded, knowing it was true, and then arched her back so she could stick her breasts up in the air.

They bounced from the movement, the hard nipples jiggling a little before they settled down, and then she reached up with both hands to cup either side of her breasts and bring them together, forming a perfect little V between them and her chest for him to slide his cock into. He did so willingly, moaning as his velvety smooth skin slid against her delightful tits, and there was a kind of serene smile on his face until his balls bounced against her fingers.

"Fuck them, baby... oh... please fuck them." She tilted her head down and took his cock into her mouth as she said this, moaning a little as she tasted his salty pre-cum.

Then he did exactly what she asked him too, grunting at first as he started to rock his hips back and forth. As he slid out between her breasts, her fingers caressed his stiff member, and when he slid back in her mouth caught the tip and her tongue licked it sensuously. She could tell, after only a few thrusts, that he wasn't going to last long because he was already going very fast, his grunts coming just as fast as her moans of pleasure. For some reason, she found this incredibly erotic, and her pussy positively throbbed with heat and wetness when she thought about him cumming all over her.

Mike gladly obliged this want, crying out in pleasure as he finally felt the compelling tides of an orgasm fill him, and his hot, sticky cum spurted out all over her breasts. Thick, white wads of it splattered onto her chest, covered her nipples, and filled her mouth. He smiled sleepily and gratefully pulled his penis out from between her perfect breasts. He felt himself starting to sag a little until he saw her swallow the cum that had splattered into her mouth, and then lick what had covered her face off and swallow that too. Then she leaned forward and cleaned him off, her tongue lapping at his sensitive head, her head bobbing a little in the rhythm that both cleaned him of cum and brought him back fully erect in only moments.

"Nnnnn... put it... put it in my ass." She didn't know what prompted this, only that she had a sudden desire to feel his cock shoved up into her ass, pumping into her fast and hard.

"You naughty girl." He laughed a little, but didn't seem to mind as she flipped around on the couch, putting her hands on the back and her knees on the couch so she could stick out her supple ass for him. He immediately slapped it, and she giggled at the slight stinging sensation this caused. The giggle dissolved into a positively greedy moan as she felt his shaft slide up in between her crack.

She could feel the wetness of her saliva still clinging to him as he rubbed himself between her cheeks, the hot, twitching mass already making her feel as if she was going to cum again. She wanted him, she wanted all of him, and she wanted it right now.

He insisted on teasing her, though. He pushed his tip up against her asshole for only a moment, making her cry out in desire, and then he pulled it away and she made a disappointed, sulking noise. She could feel from how hard he was that he wanted her, and she wanted him at least as badly.

Then she felt his fingers, first one, then two, then four, then all of them, push themselves up into her pussy. She cried out, partly in pain and partly from sexual release, as she felt her wet hole being stretched almost to its limits. He only kept them in there for a few moments, though, vigorously working them in and out and making her cry out and orgasm again, all over his hand, before he pulled them back out. Then she felt his wet hand slide across her butt cheek, and then a sticky finger tease her asshole.

She gasped, but didn't have time to do anything else before the finger slid itself into her ass. She felt her hole widening as it did this, and felt pleasure welling up inside her. It wasn't the hot, powerful pleasure that had come from his hand being in her, but a slower, more sensuous one, as his knuckle bumped up against her.

"You like that, don't you?"

"God yes... mm... god yes."

"You want all of me... come on.. say it."

"I want... I want all of you!" She almost screamed this, the tension building in her too much to stand, and she heard him grunt in satisfaction.

Then, faster than she could keep track of, he picked her up. Two strong hands lifted her by the waist and flipped her around as he sat on the couch, and pointed her out to view the rest of the room. Dimly, she realized that the TV was still on and porn was still blasting, and then she couldn't think about anything anymore. Hard, fast, and accurate he dropped her right onto his cock, the huge, erect phallus driving all the way up into her until his balls slapped up against her butt and her eyes rolled back in her head from the surge of pleasure.

It spiraled up her body in waves, attacking her every sense, and although the sensation lasted only for a few moments, it felt like no orgasm she'd ever had before. For a while, she just felt pure pleasure, her entire body tingling with the feeling, and she didn't even notice when he grabbed her breasts with his strong hands and started working her up and down, pulling her up, and then slamming her back down onto his penis.

Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and for a while she just rode him, barely helping as he fucked her in the ass, the feeling better than anything she had ever experienced. She'd done this before, of course, on many occasions, but never... never like this.

Then the door opened and John walked in.

"Hey guys-..." He just stopped and stared, his eyes wide, as he saw his friends Mike and Kristy sitting on her couch, Mike with his throbbing cock inside Kristy's ass, Kristy with a look of undiluted ecstasy on her face, and no rational explanation for any of it readily available.

"Hey buddy." Mike grunted as he particularly violently slammed Kristy down on his cock, making her cry out and cum again, and then left her where she was for a moment, looking at his friend. "How ya doin?"

"Good... umm... you?" John was shaking his head as he closed the door, and took more of the scene in. He saw the gleaming wetness around Kristy's shaved pussy that meant she'd had quite a few orgasms, and he saw the white cum on her breasts that meant Mike had too. He saw the sweat that drenched both their bodies, but most of all he saw Kristy's hot body, naked and willing. He felt his pants swell as he looked at her, and imagined what it would be like to have those tender, perfect lips wrap around his cock, and feel her sweet tongue lap at his juices.

"Pretty good, man. You, uh, busy?" Mike winked and gave Kristy a bit of a jiggle. She woke from her stupour just enough to moan in pleasure, and then she seemed to see John for the first time.

"Oh... hey John. When'd you get here?"

"Just now... and no Mike, not really busy. Why?"

"Well, Kristy here seems to be pretty horny right now... I don't think I'll be able to satisfy her all by myself." Mike winked and Kristy smiled, nodding dreamily and putting a finger into her pussy for emphasis. John became suddenly transfixed with this motion, watching her shimmering finger slide in and out of her cunt with a practiced rhythm, and then he couldn't stand it anymore.

"I'd be glad to help." In moments his clothes disappeared. The faded jeans, the black golf-shirt, the glasses, everything ended up in a heap on the floor and then he was standing in front of Kristy, wondering what he should do.

"Let me taste you..." Kristy smiled at him, and John gladly agreed. Sitting on the arm of the couch, he thrust up his hips and bent Kristy's head down so that her lips touched his cock.

That was all the prompting she needed. Even as Mike started to pump his hard shaft in and out of her again, she slid her lips delicately over John's member. The moaning that came from deep within her throat helped as she took more and more of John into her mouth, her tongue lapping at his pulsing cock and her mouth working its way down the shaft. She made a disappointed little sound when he bumped up against the back of her mouth and she only had about half of him in her, and then she bent over further. Tilting her head a little, she made it so that he could easily slide his cock right down her throat, where her tight esophagus, almost as tight as the opening that Mike was currently fucking with all his might, closed around John.

She heard him moan deep in his throat, and then she couldn't really tell what was going on. She felt the incredible sensation of Mike's penis in her ass, and the tantalizing taste of John's warm cock as she moved her mouth up and down on it, and it was all just ecstasy. She didn't know how many times she came, just felt her body moving in rhythm with the two men's own movements.

At some point, Darren must have come in, because after a while she felt a new cock, this one shoving itself into her pussy. This brought her to new heights of pleasure as she could feel Darren's member rubbing up against Mike's through the little bit of skin that separated them when they both thrust up into her, and for a long time she felt as if she had died and gone to heaven.

After long moments, it could have been a minute, it could have been a year, she could feel all of their cocks harden and get bigger at once. This sent her into another, more powerful, wave of orgasms as she felt them swell inside her, and then all of a sudden all of their penises were gone. She blinked, looking around at all of them, holding her so that their cocks were just a little outside of her, and was about to ask a question when she felt their sticky warmth spraying all over her. Mike's cum hit her ass, splashing on the taut, delightful skin and covering her crack and lower back with his seed, while Darren's sperm went all over her stomach and pussy, and John's filled her mouth, covered her face, and dripped onto her bouncing tits.

She moaned, climaxed once more as they finished their long, powerful orgasms, and then they all lay down, exhausted.

Lazily, cat-like, she stretched out on the couch, her body all warm and sticky, while they all took up seats around her. She felt warm, caring hands on her shoulders, her breasts, and her thighs and she smiled dreamily.

"Mmmmm, we should do this again." She said, and there was a chorus of agreement from the three satisfied men who looked down at the hot piece of ass they had all just made orgasm more than they had seen any other woman do, ever.

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