tagIncest/TabooLaura's University Trip Ch. 03

Laura's University Trip Ch. 03


I woke up quite late on Friday morning. As my consciousness grew I became aware of Laura lying asleep next to me in the bed.

I spent about five minutes watching her, watching her sleep, watching her body move as she breathed. I was fascinated by her. She looked so young and innocent, and yet I couldn't stop thinking of how she seemed to have an unstoppable sexual appetite.

I climbed out of bed, crept out the room and went to the kitchen.

I switched on my mobile phone and the kettle almost simultaneously, and as the kettle roared as it boiled the water, my phone began to beep.

And here my plans for the day started to go astray.

First a text from mum. She, not dad, would be collecting Laura. And she would arrive on Saturday, not Sunday, as Dad was planning.

Second, Stacey. Oh god Stacey. She was 'demanding' to see me. She couldn't believe I had walked in on her and my sister, and was even more shocked that I had 'allowed' my sister to touch me.

She would be at our usual coffee shop at 11. I had to be there! According to her.

Then Laura walked slowly into the kitchen, looking a bit dazed.

''Oh headache!'' she mumbled.

''Morning, '' I replied.

''I don't feel great, Paul,'' she spoke as though the words were painful. ''I'm going back to bed. My bed. Can you let me rest today?''

''Ok,'' I said, feeling a bit dejected.

She stumbled out the kitchen and along the hallway to her room.

''This is not going to be a good day,'' I whispered to the kitchen wall.

So I met up with Stacey, deliberately getting there late. She was huddled up in a corner table, big mug of coffee in both her hands. I ordered a coffee and sat with her. The formalities over she began ranting.

''Am I your girlfriend or not?''

'Yes, why?''

''So tell me about last night.''

''Well we, err, erm, we got a bit.......carried away,'' I was unsure what to say.

''If I'm to be your girlfriend I expect to be the only girl you go to bed with.''

I didn't reply for what seems like ages. This girl is unhinged I'm sure.

Eventually I spoke.

''Err I seem to remember I found you in bed with her, naked. Second she is my sister and I didn't fuck her. Are you allowed to fuck others but I'm not?'' I was getting annoyed. I spoke quietly as this conversation was not one I wanted others to hear!

''Exactly. Your sister! That's freaky!!'' she bellowed.

''Shhh.. keep it quiet.''

Silence then she stood up and walked out.

I was confused. I finished my coffee and ordered another, pushing the spoon around the table. Then I went into town, strolled around aimlessly for a while. I bought a sandwich, a book, and then waled down to the park and sat by the river.

I ate my lunch, read a few pages, then just lay back and listened to my mp3 player.

By mid afternoon I was contemplating my next move, when my phone rang. Laura. She said she was still a bit under the weather but was going out for a walk.

''Sorry if I was a bit cranky this morning. Love you,'' she spoke quickly then rang off.

I smiled, put my phone back in my pocket, when it rang again. Stacey.

''Sorry if I was a bit cranky earlier. Just being a girl, you know.''

Not sure I do.......

''Anyway I'll come round tomorrow. Got to study now.''

''But Stacey wait........''

Too late. She rang off. My mum's coming tomorrow, I wanted to say.

I met up with my flatmate, James, for a few beers. He picked up on my mood.

''I can't wait for you to move back on Sunday,'' I said.

''I thought you got on with your sister, '' he sounded confused.

''I do, it's just, you know, I need a man in the house. Us men are normal.''

I told him about my row with Stacey. Not all of it you understand. Not the bit about my sister. Just how Stacey was doing my head in. I told him I might dump her.

He thought I was mad.

''You know that half the university wants to fuck her?'' he smiled.

''Yeah but it's when I'm not fucking her she drives me mad,'' I replied, finishing another beer.

I arrived home about ten pm. Drunk. Laura was there. I asked how she was. Better, tired still, late night last night, poor sleep. Overdosed on Stacey.

I laughed, kissed her cheek, then told her of my day. About Stacey, about mum arriving a day early. We talked about nothing in particular then she went off to bed.

'' No games tonight naughty boy. I'm tired. Maybe tomorrow morning before mum arrives.''

I waved at her casually as she shuffled off to her room, shortly before I fell asleep on the sofa.


I woke up on the sofa. My body sore and stiff. Dry dribble on my chin. Laura walked in a minute or two later, dressed, smiling, happy.

''Ugh. Go and have a shower. Men!!!''

''What do you know about men?'' I mumbled, meaning it as a joke.

She wasn't impressed.

''When is mum coming?'' she asked.


I had a shower. I was thinking of Laura as I dried. Then I heard voices. I walked to the living room and tried not to lose it when I saw Stacey talking to Laura. Shortly after, mum arrived, two hours early.

We all had lunch, all four of us. Mum's treat. We got back to the flat mid afternoon, and mum helped Laura pack. Mum had decided to stay the night if possible.

Stacey cooked a great meal, clearly trying to impress my mum, but I have to confess impressing me too. She could be normal if she tried!

I popped out and bought some wine. Actually a lot of wine. I know mum is partial.

After a good meal and a fair bit of wine we were all getting quite chilled. Laura washed up then came and sat next to me. Mum was getting tired. I sat, incredulous, as she rested her head on Stacey's shoulder, and remained like that for a while. It was now ten pm.

I began to doze, Laura nudging me as she pointed to mum and Stacey. Mum's head was still resting on Stacey, who in turn was stroking mum's hair. Then Stacey began to rub my mum's back. Mum groaned softly.

Then as mum looked up at her, Stacey leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead. I looked at Laura who seemed transfixed on the situation.

It was all too weird for me. My girlfriend seemed to be hitting on my mum, or was it the other way round? I got up, went to the toilet, then went into the kitchen to get another bottle of wine.

When I returned the living room, just Laura was there.

''Where are they?'' I was genuinely confused.

''Mum said it was bedtime. Stacey offered to take her to bed.'' Laura replied quite matter of factly.

''And you let her? Which bed?'' I was almost in a panic.

''Of course I let her. What is going to happen? Murder? My bed of course dummy.''

''You saw them. They were...... they were.''

''They were what?''

''They were, I don't know. Flirting.''

''Brother. Calm down. Mum's an adult.''

''Yes but Stacey!''

She held up her hand, her palm facing me. Stop it, she was saying.

She poured two glasses of wine. And she cuddled up to me.

Ten minutes later, we had both given in to our curiosity. We tiptoed down the hall, towards Laura's/James's room. The door was ajar. Does no one ever shut that door I thought.

We stood outside, bending over as if that would help us hear better. Muffled voices, kissing. Laura sneeked in, bent double. I put my head round the door.

I don't know how you are supposed to react when you find your 45 year old mum naked having sex with your 19 year old girlfriend. I don't believe there are many books which teach you how to react.

I just froze. I'm sure my eyes were jumping out of my head. I know that I had an erection. Was that appropriate?

Mum was on her back, her tits wobbling, as Stacey's tongue plunged back and forth into her cunt. Mum's groans got louder.

My trance was interrupted by Laura's elbow, digging my ribs. She gestured back to the hallway, leading me forcibly away.

We could still hear mum's groans as we walked away. Laura led me by the hand to the living room. She turned off the lights, put the wine glasses in the kitchen, then led me to my bedroom.

Inside, she sat me down on my bed. I was still in shock. Then Laura began to undress. I stirred back to life and watched as she shed her underwear. I also began to undress as Laura climbed into my bed. I got in beside her.

Under the covers she grabbed my cock.

''One mention of mum and Stacey and I'm out of here. Understand brother dear?''

I nodded as she stroked my penis. She disappeared under the covers and began to tease my sensitive tip with her tongue, before plunging me further into her mouth.

I was just about to cum when she stopped, sat up and pushed off the covers. She manoevred herself on top of me and lowered herself onto my anxiously waiting shaft. The end of our 'no fucking' rule!

I've been inside a few vaginas before but knowing this was my sister's and therefore forebidden fruit, somehow made it feel even more delicious. She was warm and moist, a little bit tight. Oh fuck.

I felt my balls tighten as she rode me like it was the most natural thing. She started to cry out as she thrust over me.

I told her to be quiet as our mum might hear us. Then I gasped as I shot stream after stream of sperm into her cunt. She continued to push onto me before she also came.

We lay in each others arms, hot and sweaty. Then fell asleep.

I awke. The room was dark. I looked at the clock. One fifteen. I remembered Laura as I realised she wasn't in bed next to me. In her bed, I thought. Then I remembered mum was in her bed.

I slunk out of my bed, out of my room and into the hallway. Darkness, except for a light in the other bedroom, with it door almost wide open. Again, I thought.

I looked towards that room. Surely not. But I could hear noises. I crept along the hallway. As I stood outside, almost afraid to look in, I realised that I was naked. Naked and hard. I peered in.

My cock was twitching so much it felt like it would fall off. Mum on her back, licking Stacey's cunt. Laura bending down licking her mother's cunt. I watched, again in a trance. I began to stroke.

Not for the first time I realise the sensible thing would have been to walk out the room, close the door and maybe have a nice quiet wank in my own room. That is how I should have behaved when I first saw Laura naked earlier in the week.

But common sense goes out the window when confronted by opportunities like these.

Quiet as a mouse I approached the bed. I sood behind Laura, who was crouching over mum. I held Laura's hips and slipped my cock into her exposed fanny, taking her from behind.

She stopped licking mum and gasped when she turned to me. But she didn't stop me. Mum looked up at me as I pumped my sister, who in turn began to lick mum even more furiously.

I looked at Stacey, looked at her eyes. She was grinning. Almost taunting me. As if to say 'look I've won. Look what's going on.'

Shortly, we moved. Mum got up on her hands and knees, allowing Laura to lick her from behind. I carried on thrusting into my sister, as Stacey came round behind me. To my amazement she put two fingers up my ass.

I was about to protest but realised I felt even hornier. Laura shook as she climaxed, then I heard mum shout out that she was cumming. But with Stacey penetrating my ass I experienced the greatest moment of my life as I came in my sister, harder than I had ever come before.

I tried to lie down, but Laura immediately pulled me up and dragged me out the room. She led me back to my bed before she lay down beside me.

''Why?'' I asked.

''Just,'' she whispered, holding a finger to her mouth as if telling me to be quiet. She is definitely the boss in this 'relationship.'

Laura soon fell asleep, exhausted, but I struggled to sleep.

As the first hint of daylight entered the room, hours later, I was thrilled when Laura stirred. She shifted onto me and we enjoyed a slow lazy fuck. I nibbled on her tits as she gently pushed her cunt forwards and backwards on my cock.

When I had cum inside her, she pulled off me and 'washed' my member clean with her tongue, licking off any last drops of cum. Then she kissed me, and I could taste our juices in her mouth.

We both fell back asleep and were woken by both Stacey and mum entering our room. They had brought us a coffee each. Stacey wore nothing but a skimpy pair of knickers. Mum was fully dressed, looking like any respectable member of some local church community.

They made no mention of mine and Laura's nudity. Mum opened the window and looked at us, as if hinting that the room smelled. It probably did, of sex. They left the room.

First Laura, then I showered. When I came out of the shower I was told that Stacey had gone.

''Interesting, that girlfriend of yours.'' Mum said dryly. I realised this was the first time I had heard mum speak since before all this madness happened.

Was she embarrassed? Angry? She knew that her two children were fucking each other. But she had also joined in. In fact it could be argued that she had started last nights games.

We packed the car in near silence. All three of us seemed lost for the right thing to say.

''It's time to go,'' said mum.

''Ok I'll see you both at christmas,'' I offered as an answer.

''Before we go,'' mum said sheepishly,''I'd rather you didn't mention this to your father. Not that you would. I think we all got a bit carried away. Too much wine. Best forgotten don't you think?''

''Yes mum,'' Laura and I answered almost in unison.

''I'm sorry that you both had to see your mother like that. And I'm sorry it got so out of control that you both ended up in bed together.''

''Yeah, that was disgusting. I'll never stop washing myself after he went near me,'' shouted Laura, feigning horror at the idea.

I watched as they climbed in the car, and drove away.

About twenty minutes later my phone beeped.



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