tagFirst TimeLife as a Polygamists Housewife Ch. 01

Life as a Polygamists Housewife Ch. 01


Let me get one thing straight from the beginning. We are not the same polygamists you see on the television news all the time. Our men do not marry underage girls. We women don't wear ugly dresses and keep our hair up in a bun. If you saw me or one of my sister wives in public, you wouldn't know that we are polygamists.

Now that that's out of the way, let me explain our family dynamic. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. His name is Mark and he is 40 years old, he sells computers for a living and is pretty darn good at it. My name is Jody, I'm 32 years old and I was Marks first wife. There are 6 of us sister wives who all are married to Mark. In order they are; Nancy who is 30, Brittani who is 29, Danielle who is 25, Alyssa who is 21 and Chandra who is 18. There are a total of 7 children in our house, I gave birth to 4 of them.

By now you might be asking yourself why I am writing this. The short answer is that I a total sex fanatic, you could even call me a nymphomaniac. But I don't really have as much sexual outlet as I would like. My life is one of submission, I rarely see anyone outside of our church community and interact with the outside world.

That's not to say that I am unhappy, I love my lifestyle and I love my husband. In the past couple of years though, I've had somewhat of a sexual awakening that has been spurred by visiting online chat rooms and shall we say... interactions with one of my sister wives... Ill get more into that later, I just feel the need to write down some of the things that I have experienced. I'm sure my husband would be upset if he were to read this and find out some of the things I've done but I need to write these stories down because there is really no one I can tell other than my sister wife Nancy, she and I have shared many of the experiences that I will be posting about.

Well you came here to read about sex so let me get started talking about that!

I already mentioned that I'm a total sex fanatic, I cannot get enough of it. You see, since there are 6 of us sister wives, we rotate sleeping with Mark. When we were first married, it was great because I got to have sex with him virtually every night except for when I was having my period or pregnant. Those first 2 years before he married Nancy are mostly a blur now but I do remember going to sleep very happy each night.

When I was growing up I was very curious about sex, but I grew up in a strict religious household so we didn't talk about it much. My parents were also polygamists so I got to hear my dad and his wives having sex nearly every night. I was taught that touching myself was wrong so I was always afraid to masturbate but I wasn't able to stop myself from listening to my parents and imagining what it would be like. I never once touched my pussy in a sexual way until I was married, I was just too afraid to.

Not long after my 18th birthday, I married Mark. On my wedding night, I was terrified and excited at the same time. I really didn't know what to expect, just that my mom and her sister wives always seemed to enjoy having sex with my dad so I knew it must be exciting. Our church coaches women to be totally submissive to their husbands in all matters, especially in the bedroom. I'm glad because Mark seemed to know just what to do. Mark is what is known as a high priest, he gets the honor of taking what we call comfort girls to the alter and deflowering them. Ill get into that more later, my point is that Mark was not a virgin and had plenty of experience.

Mark wanted me to be completely pure when we consummated our marriage. He made me shave my pubic hair and take off everything, even my earrings. I was wearing all white and I could see the love in his eyes as I stood before him and he removed my clothing piece by piece. I felt glad to be with someone who obviously loved me so much and wanted to be with me. When he had removed all but my bra and panties, he lay me down on the bed and crouched over me.

I had never seen a penis before, let alone felt one. I had no idea what they looked like or how big it would be. When he was crouching over me, I could feel his penis pushing against his pants. He leaned down to kiss me and pushed his hips up against mine in a way that I could feel his hardness pressing against my pussy. Remember, this is the first time ever that I had had anything touch my pussy in a sexual way. My breathing quickened and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

Mark stood up again and quickly removed his shirt and pants. He stood there wearing only his underwear which barely contained his manhood. He saw the look on my face and knew that I was eager to see it. With a sly smile, he slowly lowered his shorts to reveal his penis.

I had never in my life imagined that a penis would look so magnificent. This may sound silly but I didn't even know that men had balls. When I saw his penis sticking straight out with the balls hanging there under it, it awoke something primal in me. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to touch it or if I wanted to feel it inside me more.

My husband made the decision for me though, he crouched over me again and began to unfasten my bra which left me unable to touch it just yet. My breasts were heaving with my breathing and my nipples were sticking out like little top hats. My husband had seen other breasts before but when he looked at mine with lust in his eyes I felt like the sexiest girl in the world. He spent a few minutes kissing and licking each one of them which brought me closer and closer to feeling like I was going to orgasm, not that I even knew what an orgasm felt like yet.

When his hands wandered down to my thighs and brushed against the wet crotch of my panties, a little moan escaped me. This seemed to give him some encouragement because he smiled again and slid my panties down my legs and threw them on the floor. My virginity was now in full display for my husband to look upon, he took my feet in his hands and spread me open a little so he could look at my pussy. He seemed to approve with my shaved appearance.

I still remember the next moment with vivid clarity, he climbed up on top of me and positioned the tip of his penis at the entrance to my pussy. When he went to push it in, he only got to the head when I had the first orgasm of my life. It came so suddenly I didn't know what was happening at first. I felt my pussy contracting and it actually kind of pushed his penis out of me. My whole midsection felt warm all of a sudden and this feeling of ecstasy spread through my body. It happened rather quickly but for a minute I seemed as if I was lost in time. To this day, I haven't had an orgasm as powerful as that first one.

Once I calmed down a little, I felt like so much tension had drained from me. He hadn't broken my hymen when he pushed the head of his penis in so its probably a good thing that I came first and was relaxed, otherwise it might have hurt more than it did. I didn't know to expect pain, but Mark seemed to know that it might happen. He pushed his way inside me ever so slowly until I could feel him press against my cherry. He kind of gave a quick thrust and I could feel something tear inside me. It hurt for a minute but it didn't last long and it was done, I was no longer a virgin!

Mark continued to push his penis in until he was in all the way. He paused that way for a minute and looked at me as if to make sure I was alright. I smiled at him and pulled him closer so that he could kiss me. We embraced for a few minutes and then broke to gaze in each others eyes. I love looking in my husbands eyes when we make love, its one of the most romantic things I can imagine doing.

Mark began to slide in and out of me; I figured out a way to rock my hips to kind of meet him halfway. I wrapped my legs around his lower back which made my pussy rise up a little so his pubic hair rubbed me. I didn't know what it was called then, but once I found that my clitoris was a super-sensitive spot it made it easier to move with him so that it felt good.

It didn't take long before I could feel another orgasm building. Mark was starting to moan too so I figured that he was close. He kept up a slow pace which helped build the excitement. I must be a natural born sex addict because I found that I could vary the speed that I was rocking my hips so that we could sort of raise our level of pleasure simultaneously. We got to the point where we were both about to orgasm and Mark took my head in his hands and drew me into an incredibly passionate kiss.

We both came with our lips locked together which I'm sure must have sounded weird as we were both trying to make sounds of pleasure at the same time. My orgasm felt similar to the first one except that this time I could feel a strange feeling inside me as Mark came. His penis jerked up and down several times. I had no idea that when men cum they actually shot sperm out of their penis so I was kind of surprised when I could feel some sort of warmth stay inside my vagina after he pulled out.

Mark and I did a little bit of experimenting throughout that night. I got to touch his penis and balls finally and see what man cum looked like when he ejaculated on my stomach. I also had 2 more orgasms before I finally passed out from exhaustion. I still felt like a sexual novice but that changed over time. In the two years before Mark married his 2nd wife, we must have had sex hundreds of times. Ill write about those and other sexual activities of our household soon.

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