tagGay MaleLike What You See Daddy? Ch. 02

Like What You See Daddy? Ch. 02


"Next time I find you online I'll tell you a time and place so we can meet. You will suck my cock before I fuck your young pink hole."

That was the last I heard from my new found online 50 year old daddy after I got naked for him, jacked off and acted like a slut on webcam as he watched.

A week has passed since we chatted. He had me hypnotized. All I can think about was his last words, how it can all go down. Every time I went online my dick got so hard in anticipation, hoping he'd sign on and use me like the little slut boy I am. But he never did, until yesterday.

I woke up horny as fuck, so I got in the shower, shaved my balls and ass baby smooth, cleaned myself up and went online. I hoped I'd get to chat with daddy again, or maybe find myself a new one.

I started watching some porn, slowly playing with my dick, when daddyCok signed in. I got so excited and nervous at the same time. What if he asks me to meet up? Will I go for it or chicken out? I was so horny and tempted to message him but I didn't.

A minute later he says "hey son."

I freaked out. I was sitting bottomless in my chair, my dick rock hard with porn playing in the background.

"Hello daddy, I missed you."

I knew I shouldn't have said that because it gave him control over me. Although deep down that's exactly what I wanted, for him to take full control of me, mentally and physically.

"Turn on your cam boy," he says.

I was waiting for this moment. I gladly complied and sent him an invite. I had the cam showing me from the chest down, sitting on the chair with nothing but a t-shirt, rubbing my hairless balls and rock hard dick.

"Just as hot as I remember son. Take your hand off your dick boy, I want you to remain horned up for today."

What does he mean stay horny for today? Does he want me to meet him? Today? I started getting nervous but I was too horny to care, and he knew it. So I did as asked and sat there like a piece of meat being eyed by this perverted old man. I didn't mind one bit.

"Stand up and turn around kid, i want to see that ass I'm going to fuck."

I immediately did without a thought. I got creative and began rubbing my bubble butt cheeks, bending over and showing him my hole, rubbing it ever so slightly.

"Sit back down son and show me your face now. I hope it's as hot as your ass."

My head was telling me no, but my body didn't listen and was ready to do anything for him. I tilted the cam a bit higher so he can fully see me, my face included.

"Hello daddy :p " I said as soon as my face was in view.

"Nice, very cute son. Are you sure you're 18? You look much younger."

"I am, I just turned 18 daddy a couple weeks ago," I said while blushing.

That's when he got serious and straight to the point.

"You need to get fucked today boy, look how hard you're getting just showing off your tiny body."

He was right. I was so damn hard being watched and I needed to get fucked. I didn't know what to say so I typed "I do daddy, I need your cock inside my tight hole."

"Listen kid, it's time you get that tight hole fucked. Now you will go shower, wear sweat pants with no underwear, a t-shirt and a hat. You will email me what colors you're wearing right after you get ready so I can immediately recognize you. You will go to Greensbay mall by your house, sit in the food court and wait for me. Be there at 11 am sharp kid. A minute late and you won't find me. Understand me son?"

I couldn't believe what was happening. This stranger was giving me directions so he can fuck me, and as nervous as I was, I was also too horny to care about any consequences.

"Ok daddy."

With that I signed out and went to shower again. I wanted to be as clean as can be for my rendezvous. I had less than an hour to get ready for daddy. I quickly dried my body and wore sweat pants - skipping the underwear as he demanded - a t-shirt and put on a hat.

I went back to my computer and emailed him: "daddy I'm wearing black sweat pants, a blue t-shirt and a black hat. I'm leaving right now." I shut down the computer and headed out.

The mall was a short 10-minute walk from my house, but it felt like an hour. The whole walk there my dick was rock hard with anticipation, and I felt like everyone knew that I was butt naked underneath, knowing what I was about to do. But that didn't matter; I just wanted to be used by daddy in any way possible.

As soon as I got to the mall I sat at a table in the food court like I was told. It was 5 to 11. I could feel my heart beating so hard out of my chest that I thought people around me can hear it.

Few minutes pass and I see daddy approaching. Our eyes meet. I felt so shy and looked away for a second then back at him. He winked at me and walked to the bathroom signaling me to follow him. I did without a thought. He looked so much bigger, stronger and more commanding in person than on cam; I was frightened. I tried to hide my hard on as I made my way to the men's room, but I'm sure some people could see it under my sweat pants. This only got me harder.

There he was standing against the handicap stall. I felt so small and helpless in front of him. I thought to myself this guy could use me any way he wanted to and I couldn't do a thing about it.

"Come closer son, don't be shy," he said with a smirk on his face.

I got closer to him but didn't do a thing. I just stood there looking down in shame, knowing what's about to happen. He pulled me into the stall and locked the door. There I was in a public bathroom stall with and old stranger, about to get used like a helpless slut.

"You look much sexier in person boy."

He grabs my head and starts kissing my lips. He began slow then started getting rough, groping me all around, fondling my ass as he moved his tongue inside my mouth. I was in ecstasy. I couldn't believe this was actually happening and I was loving it. I felt like a little girl in his hands.

Then without a warning, he turned me around and bend me over with my hands on the toilet seat, making my ass stand out.

"You better have no underwear on or this stops right now," he says as he pulls my pants to reveal my smooth girly bubble butt.

"Good boy. That's how I like my son's ass, bare naked."

I was so glad I followed his instructions; I was so horny and didn't want this to end.

His hands started roaming against my body, exploring every inch of it. One hand rubbed my ass, occasionally touching my hole, while the other reached to my balls to caress them. I had no idea a man as old as my father can make me feel this way. My inner slut began to come out as I moaned softly, swaying my ass, giving him more access to my most intimate parts.

"Look at you son, you're a natural whore. I knew I could take advantage of you the minute I saw you on cam."

He was right. I wanted him so bad right then and there. I let out a few "Ahhh" but he immediately put one hand on my mouth, telling me to stay quiet. I complied as I felt my pants being pulled all the way down to my feet.

All of a sudden he kneeled down and I felt something wet on my hole. I looked back to see that he had his face in my ass. I was having my ass kissed and my hole licked so I couldn't hold back my excitement and I began moaning again. He stood up, turned me around, grabbed my head and looked at my in a very commanding way.

"I told you to shut up kid. Stay quiet or you'll regret it."

I was living my dream of being used for this man's pleasure so I tried to stay as quiet as possible.

"Time for you to taste your daddy's cock, son."

That's when my hand unconsciously reached for his cock, rubbing it over the jeans. I could see the outline of his cock and feel it getting bigger in my hand.

"You want it boy?" he asks.

"Yes daddy."

"Beg for it son. Show me how bad you want to suck my cock."

"Please daddy, I need your cock in my mouth."

My hands were shaking nervously as tried to undo his pants. He laughed and helped me with the zipper.

There it was, the cock I've been thinking about for a while, picturing myself sucking it, riding it, right here in my hand. It felt so hard yet so soft at the same time. It was much bigger than it looked on cam, and I thought to myself I wouldn't be able to fit it all in my mouth, let alone my tiny tight hole if he decides to. But that only added to my thrill.

I didn't need any further instructions. I dropped down to my knees and gave his cock a kiss. I wanted to start slow to make this moment last but I couldn't. I was so horny for it so I opened my lips as wide as I could and took the head in. It felt even better than I imagined. I began licking it, sucking it as deep as I could, making myself gag on purpose. I wanted to show him how slutty I was feeling and how naughty I can be. I'd lick the head slowly for a bit while playing with his tight shaved balls, then open my mouth wide and let his cock slide straight down my throat. My face fucking lasted about 5 minutes before he grabbed my t-shirt and lifted it off my head. There I was, kneeling naked in a public bathroom, my pants around my ankle, sucking this old man's big cock. I loved the feeling of being used like a dirty girl by this powerful dominant old guy and I never felt hornier.

He was abusing my mouth so bad that I was slobbering all over his cock, with spit leaking down my cheeks and dripping on my thighs. All of a sudden he grabbed me by my armpits and sat me on the toilet seat to continue his assault on my mouth. I was much more comfortable now so I kicked my shoes off and took off my pants, spreading my legs like a slut. Now I was a real whore, butt naked feeding on a cock while playing with my own dick.

He kept fucking my throat a bit more then all of a sudden he said "time to breed you son." I must admit I was a bit scared. His cock was so big in my mouth and I had no doubt there is no way it'll fit in my almost virgin hole. I just hoped my spit from all the sucking along with his pre cum would be enough to lube me up. But that didn't matter. I just wanted to grind my smooth ass on his pole, feel his cock head rubbing my hole, poking it, leaking all over it. But i didn't know what to do. I wanted him to take control of it all and use me like a doll. And that he did.

With one motion he picked me up, turned me around and pushed me against the wall. I braced myself and tried to stick my ass out as much as possible. If there was a time I needed to act like a whore it was now. I was living my fantasy of being used in public by an old stranger's cock. The only thing I thought would be better was to have two old guys use me as their toy right here in the stall. Now that he had full access to my ass, I felt his cock rubbing my hole, his hands stretching my cheeks wide apart. I couldn't help myself but let out some slutty moans.

"Oh, daddy please put it in," I heard myself say.

"I will son, but shut the fuck up," and he slaps my ass really hard. "You don't want anyone to walk in and see you getting fucked, do you?"

The slap hurt, but it got my dick harder. I didn't want anyone to see me naked with a cock up my ass, but in the back of my head I wished someone would walk in and this would turn into a gang bang. But I remained silent, until he slid his cock head right inside my pink hole.

"Fuck that hurts!" I yelled.

He didn't seem to care as he reached to my dick and grabbed tightly on my balls.

"These are very smooth and tender boy, I'd hate to hurt them so stay quiet," he says fondling my balls and stroking my boy dick.

"One more sound and I'll leave, get it slut?"

After little pushes in and out, my hole needed more lube as I couldn't take anymore of his cock in me. So he turned me around, pushed me on the seat and without a word shoved his rock hard cock in my mouth again. The thought alone that his cock was in my ass just seconds ago was turning me on like crazy. I fed on it like it was my last meal. I rubbed my face all over it, spit on it, licking his balls while slobber covered my cute face.

I was as horny as ever so I started mumbling words like "I love your cock daddy, I need it in my ass. Please fuck my tight boy hole".

"I knew you're a cock loving whore," he replies, trading places with me.

He was now sitting on the toilet seat and placed me on his lap, my ass facing him and grinding over his slippery wet cock full of spit and precum. It was the most intense feeling I ever had. I wanted to feel his cock up my pink hole but I wanted to take my time savoring this moment. He was playing with my tiny body for some time now, face fucking me so roughly that I knew he'd cum very soon. But I didn't care. I sat up just enough for him to place his cock head at the entrance of my asshole. I felt his hands grab my cheeks, spread them wide and then pull me down on his cock. It literally split me in half as it slid in completely and disappeared inside my ass. That was exactly what I imagined when I first saw daddy's cock on cam. My small boy body jumping up and down this old guy's gorgeous cock.

The thrusts started getting faster and more intense. His fucking was getting rougher but the pain was soon turned into pleasure. I couldn't get enough of it. I'd feel his hands touching my chest, rubbing my nipples, sometimes he'd reach over to my dick and balls and stroke my for a bit. I was about to cum a few times but he removed his hands just in time to keep me horned up. I loved it.

"You like daddy's big cock bitch?" he whispers in my ear.

"I love your cock, I need it daddy!"

"Keep bouncing on it kid, I wanna cum inside you."

"I wanna feel your cum in my ass daddy, please cum in me!"

After a few minutes of this action, I could barely sit up so I bent down and put my hands on the floor, my ass sticking out with his big cock inside my hole.

"Oh yea boy, you just can't get enough cock can you?"

"Fuck me harder, please daddy."

"Hold still boy, here it comes."

And without a warning I start feeling jets of warm cum spray into my stomach. He was pushing his cock so deep in my ass that I could almost taste his cum in the back of my throat. His cum kept coming for what seemed like forever until I heard him sigh and push me off him.

I fell on the floor and just sat there. I looked up at him in shame, his cock getting soft with drops of cum leaking from it.

"Come clean me up slut," he commands.

And who I am to say no. I quickly threw my lips on his limp cock and sucked it dry while stroking myself. I hadn't cum yet so I was still hard as ever, and the cum he just shot in my ass was leaking down my thighs, making me even hornier. With a few more strokes I cum all over the floor, holding his cock between my lips. His cock and cum mixed with the taste of my ass made me shoot like I never have before.

"Good boy," he smiles.

I smile at him in embarrassment and say "Thank you daddy."

As I laid there spent on the bathroom floor, I watched him get up and put his pants back on without a word. Before he exited the stall he grabbed my chin and lifted my head up looking straight into my eyes.

"You're a hot slut little kid, your body is mine now."

"I'm all yours daddy."

"Next time will be even hotter kid. I'll have a friend or two so we can really use you like the slut you are."

"Whatever you want daddy, just tell me when and where," I say ashamed, trying to look away.

"I'll be emailing you soon son."

"I will be waiting daddy."

He lifts me up, gives me a deep kiss on my cum-covered lips and slaps my bare ass one last time. I watched him exit the stall, leaving me naked with my cum filled abused hole hungry for more cock. I got hard again just thinking about what has just happened, looking forward to my next meeting with daddy.

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mmmm hot slut

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I have yet


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Very nice.

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