tagGay MaleLike What You See Daddy? Ch. 03

Like What You See Daddy? Ch. 03


"Next time will be even hotter kid. I'll have a friend with me so we can really use you like the slut you are."

"Whatever you want daddy, just tell me when and where," I say ashamed, trying to look away.

"I'll be emailing you soon son."

"I will be waiting daddy, I need to do this again."

That was a few weeks ago, right after daddy used both my 18 yo holes in a public bathroom for his pleasure. That's all I was able to think about day and night since that incident. Every time I jacked off I remembered him fucking me bareback, feeding me his perfect cock and cumming inside my ass. But I hated jacking off to porn and I was getting frustrated at not being able to get that same feeling I got with him. He said he would email me with instructions so he could use me again with a friend of his. I was full of anticipation every time I checked my email but got nothing. Until last night. I opened my inbox and this is what I found:

"Hey boy, I told my friends about you. We want to use you all day long TOMORROW morning. Before you come over, you will shower and make sure you're completely smooth down where it matters. You will wear baggy shorts and a t-shirt, and skip the underwear. Reply with Yes Daddy before 9 am tomorrow so I can email you directions to my place. I know you won't disappoint me."

My dick got very hard just by reading his message, picturing what this time would be like. But just as much as I was excited reading this email, I was also getting nervous and my heart was beating out of my chest. It was one thing to be used by one man, but now that he mentioned his friends will be using my body as well, I started to panic. How many guys will be there be? Will I be able to handle more than one cock at once? Will they be violent? But all this didn't seem to matter; I found myself unconsciously replying to him "Yes Daddy" and I hit send.

I couldn't sleep that night. I was so horny thinking about tomorrow and how hot it'll be. I kept playing with myself, stroking my dick and fingering my tight hole trying to get it ready for the abuse it was going to receive. But I didn't cum, I wanted to remain horned up for my upcoming gang bang. I woke up at about 9 am the next day and ran to my computer to see if daddy emailed me. He did. The email was straight to the point; it had directions to his house (which was about a 10 minute walk) and ended with "Be there before 10 am son."

I now had less than an hour to shower and make sure my body was as soft as possible, my hole cleaned up and hairless like a young girl's ass. As I walked out of the shower naked, looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself "holy fuck I look sexy, daddy and his friends will surely enjoy using this tiny body." I got dressed and was ready to head out.

At about fifteen to 10, I left my apartment and was on my way to my daddy's place. I must admit that although my dick was rock hard all the way there, I was extremely nervous. Right at 10, I was standing on his porch with my hand shaking trying to ring the bell. I guess he was watching me approach because he opened the door before I even ring. There was daddy, standing with nothing but a bathrobe open wide with his lovely cock hanging down between his thighs.

"You made it son, come on in," he says.

I walked in as he closed the door. Not a word was said as I saw 2 other guys about the same age as daddy (40-50 years old) walking out of a room and approaching us. That's when daddy grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer to him, throwing his lips on mine. He kissed me deeper than I've ever been kissed, swirling his tongue in my mouth while squeezing my ass with one hand and rubbing my back with the other. I could feel his cock getting harder and pressing against mine, which ultimately got rock hard as well. Suddenly I felt another set of hands reach under my shorts and caress my bubble butt. I looked back to see one of his friends behind me, while the other one just stood back watching.

Daddy broke off our make out session right then.

"This is uncle Bob," he says pointing to the guy fondling my ass. "And that's uncle Jim."

"Hi uncle Bob" I said smiling back at him in shame.

Jim was wasting no time getting ready for me. He immediately got naked and sat on the nearby couch, his cock hard in his hands.

"What a doll! Now let's see how good a cocksucker you are," Bob says as he takes my hand placing it on his cock.

I could feel how big and hard it was under his sweat pants and I was so hungry for it. So I immediately dropped down to my knees to get a taste of it but daddy stopped me.

"I get to use your mouth first son, is that alright guys?"

They both laugh and nod in agreement as daddy and uncle Bob take their clothes off and make their way to the couch. I was still on my knees looking at these 3 old guys now fully naked on the sofa with their cocks hard in their hands, eyeing me like a piece meat they're about to devour.

I froze not knowing what to do next. I needed instructions, and daddy was there to direct me. Yes I sucked his cock and he fucked me before, but I was still very naive when it came to being the center of attention for 3 guys.

"Crawl over here son, come feed on my cock," daddy says sitting in the middle between Bob and Jim.

I felt like a cheap whore making my way to them on hands and knees, but that only made me hornier. Ready to be treated like the slut I was, daddy's cock was now right in my face with his legs spread wide. But before I could put it in my mouth, he grabbed my head and pulled me roughly into his cock. He rubbed my face on his balls, his hard cock poking into my cheeks as I licked his tight hairless balls. I felt at home now and didn't need any further instruction, so I opened my mouth really wide and plunged right onto his huge cock, making it disappear in my throat. I sucked him before so I knew how he liked it. I held his cock in my mouth with my lips tight around its base, while swirling my tongue all over it which seemed to make him even hornier. I began feeling precum wetting my throat, that's when I started moving up and down faster on his cock, sucking like it was my last cock to feed on. While feasting on this rock hard piece of meat, I'd look up into his eyes trying to act like the sissy boy I was, reaching with my right hand to Bob's cock and playing with it.

"Fuck yea boy that's it" moans Bob, his cock now growing in my hand and daddy's tool still deep in my mouth.

"You have permission to taste your uncle's cock now son," says daddy.

I was waiting for this so I moved right in between Bob's legs and went to town on his cock. He moved to the middle of the couch so I was able to put my hands left & right on daddy's and Jim's cocks. I was in heaven now with a cock in my mouth and one in each hand. This action went on for a few minutes when daddy stood up. I didn't care what he was about to do and kept my lips on Bob's cock, licking it and slobbering all over his balls. Jim was getting frustrated being the only one that hasn't tried my mouth yet so he pulled me by the hair and placed my head on his crotch. His cock now buried in my throat, I began to feel daddy's hands on my ass under my shorts. I was in a slutty doggy position so he had all the access he needed to feel me all over.

"Time get you naked boy, these guys are dying to see your small girly body."

Daddy grabbed me by the arms and stood me up.

"Come on kid, give us show," says Bob.

"Yea boy, show us how slutty you can get," adds Jim.

That's when my inner slut came out. I was now facing these horny men trying to dance slowly for them. I started by taking my shirt off while Bob and Jim were sitting on the couch holding their stiff cocks. Daddy was standing next to me so he pulled me to him and started grinding my ass. I turned around, bent over with my ass facing the couch and pulled my shorts down as sexy as possible. I was enjoying the fact that I was putting on a show for these pervy old guys and I couldn't get enough of it. As soon as I was butt naked, my hands reached back and gave my smooth bubble butt a few slaps, stretching my cheeks to expose my tight pink hole.

"Atta boy," I hear Jim say with a loud slap on my ass.

"Come closer slut," Bob says as daddy took a seat on the couch between his friends.

That's when I put my hands on the floor and backed up with my ass facing them. I could feel so many rough hands running all over my body, squeezing my ass, caressing my hole, even sliding the tip of a finger in it. Daddy suddenly pulled me by the hips and I fell right in his lap. His cock felt so nice and hard on my ass as I was moving on it like a sissy boy. Jim reached over to my dick and started playing with it while daddy's cock was roaming freely all over my hole. I could feel daddy's precum leaking on my ass which made it slippery and it started feeling much better. That's when Bob stood up and placed his gorgeous cock right in face.

"Take it slut" he says, thrusting his cock deep in my mouth in one quick motion.

"Mmmm" was all I could moan. I was in ecstasy and thought I was dreaming. I couldn't believe I was being gang banged like a whore by these 50 yo men and I couldn't ask for more.

Bob kept face fucking for a few minutes when daddy barely lifted me up, spit on my asshole and suddenly forced me back down onto his cock. I screamed so loud from the pain as his cock went deep into my stomach, but Bob's cock in my mouth kept me quiet. Jim then went between my legs and started licking my balls and sucking my tiny boy dick. The feeling of daddy's cock rubbing the insides of my bare asshole was driving me crazy.

I now had Bob's cock in mouth while bouncing up and down on daddy's with my dick being sucked by Jim.

That's when Bob says "Time for the rotation sissy boy."

I didn't know what he meant but I was so excited to find out. Daddy pushed me off of him and they all stood up in a circle around me. My ass was now sitting on the cold hardwood floor with 3 hard cocks leaking right in my face.

"Taste your own ass son" says daddy, shoving his big cock in my mouth.

The taste of my ass mixed with his precum was incredible; I never felt sluttier. I kept alternating cocks in my mouth, sucking Jim's while jacking off the other 2 then switching, until they all tried to fill my mouth with their cocks at once. I never thought I'd experience this feeling and the thought that I was living my fantasy almost made me cum without touching my dick.

Jim cock was the last one in my mouth so it was as wet as can be from my spit and he seemed ready to split my hole in half. I was ready for it too. He quickly grabbed me by the ass and bent me over like a doll, shoving my head down onto Bob's cock. He tongued my asshole for a bit before placing his cock head at its entrance.

"Take that boy," he moans while shoving his big cock deep into my hole. He was bigger than daddy so I was glad daddy broke me in a while ago, but it still hurt like a bitch. I tried to yell from the pain but Bob's cock silenced my screams and turned them into slutty "Ohhhh's."

"Yea you like that slut, being fucked while sucking on a cock don't you son?" asks daddy.

I look up at him in shame, replace Bob's cock with his and moan "Mhhmmm."

After minutes of sucking and being fucked, I began to lose track of whose cock was in my ass and whose was down my throat. But I always had a big cock in my ass and at least one on my mouth. My holes were so full and I hated the few seconds that my asshole was empty before being plugged by the next cock.

This gang bang began taking its toll on me and I couldn't hold myself up anymore without someone helping me. And these men were happy to do so, as long as their cocks were kept wet by one of my holes. I was being fucked for at least 30 minutes now and I started to feel light headed. My eyes were teary and barely open, yet I was even hornier than I ever thought possible. But my daddy and 'uncles' couldn't care less about how I was feeling, all they wanted was to shoot their loads on this tiny new toy they found. That's what I felt like I was to them, just a toy they're using to satisfy themselves. I was loving it. The more I looked helpless the more they got rough with me; my pain seemed to excite them, and I was glad to be taken advantage of by some old mature men.

My eyes closed and lost in the moment, I felt a warmth in my ass with thrusts so hard I almost got knocked over. It woke me up from my trance to see Bob and Jim's cocks rubbing on my face, realizing that daddy just came in my hole. I look back at him with a smile as he makes his way in front of me, Jim taking his place to fill my ass. I cleaned daddy's leaking cock as best as I could when Bob shoved his own in my mouth and face fucked it like a pussy. Daddy took a seat on the nearby couch to watch his son's holes being abused by his horny friends. I could feel daddy's cum leaking out of my hole and dripping down my thighs as Jim assaulted my ass. I was grateful that daddy came inside me as it helped uncle Jim's huge cock slide in and out at ease.

"Good boy son, make daddy proud." My eyes crossed daddy's to see him licking his lips, enjoying the show.

Jim's fucking was getting rougher now and Bob's moans even louder. I knew they were close. I paid special attention to Bob's cock in my mouth, licking the head and gagging on it until they both sighed and moaned loudly together. They were cumming inside me at the same time, Jim in my ass and Bob down my throat. Their cum kept filling me up from both ends for what felt like hours and my hand was going even faster now on my dick. I came right then and shot all over the hardwood.

Suddenly they both let go of me and I fell to the floor as they made their way to the couch next to daddy. I was now sitting on my ass with cum dripping from my hole, and my lips covered with more cum. I looked up at daddy to see him smiling at me so I started taking leftover cum from my face and innocently wiping it on my tongue before I swallow it.

"This slut just cant get enough, she's such a whore," says Bob as daddy winks at me.

"Told you you'd love him," daddy tells his friends. They all laugh still holding their cocks, looking at me up and down with a grin on their faces, as if proud of what they have just done to me.

"Time for you to leave son," says daddy out of nowhere, "get dressed kid."

It caught me off guard as I had drying cum all over my body and was hoping I could shower, or at least get the chance to clean up before putting on my clothes. Cold, naked and ashamed, I didn't say a word. I just crawled to my clothes nearby and got dressed. I quickly made my way to the door and before I head out I looked back and said "Thank you daddy," blew them all a kiss and turned the knob.

"Keep an eye on your email son, we'll be doing this again very soon. I might even have more friends next time" he says.

Daddy knew that I'd be back anytime and anywhere he asks me to. I nodded in embarrassment, told him "I can't wait daddy!" and walked out with cum sticking on my ass cheeks. I got hard again at the thought alone that these guys, maybe more, will be taking advantage of my holes again very soon.

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