tagCelebritiesLL Cool J is Her Baby

LL Cool J is Her Baby


She allowed the new song by LL Cool J, "Baby," to put her mind at rest. Fantasizing in the lyrics, she drifted to sleep. Rolling over in her bed, she dreamt that she was being bathed in kisses by LL Cool J.

She watched his square, masculine jaw as he kissed her breasts and stomach. She caressed his strong shoulders as he sucked on her nipples and nibbled on her breasts. His dark, muscular body was a huge turn on for her, though she was never attracted to muscular men in real life.

Her fingers searched out his body in an attempt to feel every inch of any part of him that was in reach. He slowly kissed and nibbled his way to her thighs. He knelt between her thighs and kissed the length of one of her shapely legs. Kissing his way back to her inner thigh, he slipped one finger into her moist slit.

LL Cool J caressed the fleshy contours of her pussy. Parting the tender, pink folds with his hand, he probed her sensitive area with his tongue. She pushed his head into her wetness as his tongue flicked against her clit. LL Cool J's tongue sent jolts of pleasure through her.

Slipping a finger into her wetness, he fingered her as he continued to tease her clit with his tongue. He licked and sucked at her clit and pink flesh as his inserted finger rubbed her G-spot. The sounds of him sucking her were all but drowned by her moans. LL Cool J massaged her G-spot vigorously as he continued to rub her slit with his tongue.

She felt an increasing tightness in front of her vagina. She knew what was coming. "Oh! I'm going to squirt," she moaned.

As he frantically rubbed her G-spot, LL Cool J used his other hand to rub her clit. She yelped as she tightened and shot a clear stream of liquid within an inch of his face. He flashed a smile and gazed at her with bedroom eyes.

His gorgeous, manly face came closer to her as he positioned himself to take her. His gold chains dangled and brushed against her erect nipples as he moved to put both of her feet on his shoulders. She felt his cock meet her eager, wet slit.

She gasped as she felt his huge, hard cock struggle to penetrate her tight wetness. LL Cool J grunted as he pushed into her. Her fingers gripped his chest and then his back as he began pounding her wet slit with forceful thrusts.

She moaned and gasped as he hit her wetness with relentless strength. He backed away from her and flipped her over on her hands and knees. Entering her from behind, he smacked her ass. She cried out in pain and ecstasy comingled. LL Cool J held her hips as she slammed into her from behind.

She felt herself tighten on his cock. He slid one hand up her back and grabbed a fistful of her long, blonde hair. Pulling her hair and thrusting into her, she reached a climax she had never before experienced. Her orgasm shook her body and left her trembling.

She could barely keep her position on her hands and knees as much as she was trembling. LL Cool J held her up by her hips as if he required little or no assistance from her. Although feeling his hands hold her hips and his cock inside her, she desired to see him as he ravished her.

She lowered herself to the bed and rolled over. LL Cool J put one of her legs on his shoulder. She watched his chest and muscular stomach as he repositioned himself. The contrast of her creamy, white thigh against his dark skin sent shivers of lust through her body. As he leaned forward and thrust his cock deep into her wetness, she threw her head back against the pillow as she moaned.

Above the moaning and grunting, she heard a phone ring in the distance. She tried to ignore it and refocus her attention on watching and feeling LL Cool J devour her. The phone rang louder.

Reluctantly torn from her fantasy rendezvous with the hot, hip hop icon, she realized that the phone rings she heard in her dream were actually real. As she fumbled to retrieve her cell phone from her bedside table, she noticed that her one hand was inside her panties. Still groggy, she answered her phone.

"Hello, baby. I was just dreaming about you," she lied to her boyfriend.

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