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Love From An Unexpected Place


Please excuse the length of this story. I tried to cut it into several different chapters but it just seemed to flow much better by leaving it as it is.

"Ring ... Ring ... RING"

Jason slowly rolled over and looked at the clock as he reached for the phone. "2:30AM" flashed in front of him and he groaned. He'd been sleeping less then 90 minutes since getting off of a 16-hour shift at the clinic. "Hello?" he yawned into the phone.

"Hello, Jason? This is Karen at the Clinic. I know you just left here but we have a 'situation' and Jessie is on an ACLS ambulance run so I figured I'd better contact you."

Suddenly awake at the code word used when an employee or one of their family members is brought into the clinic, Jason sat up in the bed and replied, "I'll be there in 15 minutes."

Karen saw him as he entered and called, "Room 6, in the back, but you should know it's ..."

Jason never heard the last of Karen's comment as he entered the room and stopped. Sitting in the room was one of the most beautiful women he knew; 5-foot, 6-inches tall, sandy-blonde hair, hazel eyes, a 32-inch bust and a body that most women would die to have and most men would kill to hold on to; Michelle was the type of woman that caused even the oldest men to turn their head and stare ... the problem was that she was his step-brother's girlfriend.

"I'm sorry, Michelle. I think there's been a mistake. I'll be right back," he said as he quickly turned and walked back to the desk to talk to Karen. "You want to tell me what's going on? I can't take care of her, Karen. You know who that is. It might be considered a conflict of interest."

"I understand that Jason, but Jessie had to go on an ACLS ambulance run and won't be back for at least two hours. I didn't think it would be a good idea to have her just sitting here the whole time ... so I called you."

Jason stood, looking at the floor, as he considered what Karen had said. "Ya, I guess you're right. But I'm leaving the door open a bit so there can't be any questions or comments later."

"I understand."

Then Jason returned to the exam room and found Michelle still sitting on the exam table.

As he entered she looked up, "I'm sorry Jason. I didn't know where else to go."

"I understand. So, why are you here tonight?"

"I got in a fight."

"Ok. Let me take a look at you and see what's going on here." A quick look reveled that Michelle's lower lip was split and that her left eye was slowly swelling. After a brief preliminary assessment he stepped back. "Ok, there doesn't appear to be any major injuries or broken bones but I think you should stay here and wait for Jessie to get back so she check you out for any more personal injuries."

Michelle sat silently before replying, "I don't see why I have to wait for her. You're a practitioner too and even better from what I've heard."

"That may or may not be true, but there is a matter of conflict of interest involved and since you're Derrick's girlfriend that means that I can't do any more than I have."

"Is that what this is about ... Derrick?" she asked angrily. "Well what if I told you that he did this to me after I told him I was leaving?"

"It's still the fact that he IS my step-brother, regardless of what may be going on between the two of you."

Standing Michelle stared at Jason as she grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it open as she stated to cry. "So you can't help me with these ..." exposing the bruises across her chest and abdomen, "and these ..." as she spun around exposing more bruises to her back, "or how about these ..." as she pulled down her pants exposing even more bruises across her buttocks and thighs.

Jason stood there shocked, confused and slightly excited by the sight of the near-nude woman standing in front of him until he turned away. "Michelle" he said quietly "please just stay as you are while I ask Karen to come in. I know it sounds stupid but I want her in here as a witness and to help me document these injuries while I complete your examination." Then in a louder voice he called, "Karen, could you please contact the Sheriff? Then could you come in here and bring an assault kit with you?"

Karen entered almost instantly and handed the kit to Jason.

"Karen, due to the nature of this situation I'd like you to stay here and take notes of all injuries and bruising while I complete the examination. This will be a forensic exam just so you're aware and may result in legal proceedings in the future. Are you comfortable with that?"

Karen took one look at Michelle's bruises and picked up the paperwork included in the kit without saying a word.

For the next hour, Jason examined Michelle's body with Karen at his side. Measuring, photographing, and taking tissue and fluid samples while Karen took notes of everything being done or asked. When they were finished Jason moved away from the exam table. "Michelle there's just one more question I need for this report and it's usually the hardest thing for a person to do. Could you please explain, in your own words what happened tonight and why you're here?"

Michelle sat for a moment before speaking, "Derrick and I had been together for almost a year and in the beginning things were great. He had a good job and I took care of the house while working on a business I have on the Internet. Then about 3 months ago things changes when Derrick lost his job. Money got tight and there didn't seem to be any work around so Derrick called an old friend and within a week the money started rolling in again; more money then I'd ever seen. When I asked Derrick where all the money was coming from he wouldn't tell me but he was gone more and more ... especially at night. Tonight when he came home he was really nervous, pacing back and forth. When I asked what was wrong he started shouting at me that he'd taken some money from the people he was working for and had lost it. He thought he could replace it before they found out but he couldn't and now they were after him. When I asked if there was something I could do to help he stood there and just looked at me. Then he ..." Michelle sat quiet for a moment before continuing. "What I'm going to tell you now is confidential and I don't want on the record."

"I'm not sure we can do that Michelle since you were assaulted, that's up to the lawyers," Jason replied.

"Oh, what the fuck!" Michelle sighed, "My life in this town is over after tonight anyway so I may as well get it all out. The business I have on the Internet has to do with pornography. I post nude pictures of myself and a few friends and then we split the money. But tonight Derrick wanted me to go further. He wanted me to do a hardcore scene with one of his friends. Then he wanted me to post it on the website and charge extra for anyone who wanted to see it. Anyway, I told him I wouldn't have sex with a stranger or do hardcore for the Net and if that's what he wanted me to do that we were through. He didn't say at thing, instead he started hitting me. When I fell to the floor he jumped on top of me and started to rip my clothes off, yelling that I was nothing but a slut and a whore anyway so what did it matter if I got fucked on camera. That was it; I kneed him in the balls and ran out of the house. I walked though the woods for awhile until I came across the hiking trail that leads behind the clinic and I came here."

"Michelle, after what you've told me I need to ask you a few more question, ok?"

Michelle nodded so he continued.

"Do you have any idea how severely you may have injured Derrick or where he might go if he was trying to hide?"

"I kneed him pretty hard and he was just lying there holding his groin when I ran out. As for where he might go I'm not sure. I never met the people he was working for and you probably have a better idea where he'd go if he ran for the hills."

"Thank you, Michelle. Karen, did you get all of that?"

"I got it."

"Ok, Michelle, the Sheriff's deputy should be waiting outside so if you don't mind I'm going to go and talk to her. I apologize for taking your clothes but they will be needed as evidence when this goes to trial but I'm pretty sure we have some extra clothes in the storage room so I'll have Karen get you something."

"No problem. And I apologize that I got you into this. I know that you and Derrick grew up together," Michelle said softly.

Jason didn't say a word as he left the room to let the Deputy Sheriff know he was done with his examination and that she could talk to Michelle now. Then he headed for the office in the back of the clinic to complete his paperwork. Twenty-five minutes later he heard a soft knock at his door and looked up to see the Deputy.

"Hey, Sara. You about done?"

"Ya. Except we have a bit of a problem."

"What's that?"

"Michelle doesn't have any place to go. We can't let her go back to Derrick's place since it's going to become a crime scene and the County doesn't have the money in its budget to put her up in a motel so I'm not sure where we can send her."

"What about the Woman's Shelter?"

"I just got done talking to them and they're full. They don't expect to have an open bed for at least the next 6 – 8 days. The only other option is to have her stay in the jail."

Jason heard the unspoken question as if it had been screamed out loud.

Sighing Jason asked, "What if she stays at my place?"

The Deputy's face immediately lit up like a Christmas tree. "Could you do that? It's not going to an inconvenience or anything is it?"

"I'll make due. Just one thing ... this isn't going to cause a problem when this goes to Court is it?"

"I don't think so under the circumstances but I'll call the Judge right away and ask. Knowing him he'll probably call you with a couple of questions and then decide. In the mean time, it would be a real help if you'd take her with you."

"Ok, but I better hear from the Judge pretty soon. This could get real messy since Derrick is my step-brother."

"First thing, I promise," she called over her shoulder as she headed towards the front of the clinic and out to her patrol car.

Jason slowly walked to the exam room and knocked. "Michelle, it's Jason. Can I come in?"

"Ya, come on in."

Entering Jason saw Michelle sitting in one of the exam chairs dressed in a pink sweatshirt, gray sweatpants and a pair of red clinic "footies". Quickly he looked away so she wouldn't see the smile that formed on his face.

"You don't have to look away. I know I look ridiculous but this is all that Karen could find in the storage room that fit me."

Still not looking back Jason replied, "Sorry about that. I'll have to see if I have something lying around my place that will fit or at least look a little bit better."

"What do you mean YOUR PLACE?"

"Well, it seems that the Deputy doesn't have any place for you to go, at least for the night, and so she asked if I'd mind having you stay at my place."

"Are you sure that's going to be ok?"

"The Deputy seemed to think so, under the circumstances, but she's trying to contact the Judge right now to make sure of it."

"Ok, ... but how do you feel about it? Derrick is your step-brother after all."

Turning back and smiled at her, "I guess everything will be ok as long as you don't do to me what you did to Derrick."

Michelle laughed for the first time, "That shouldn't be hard as long as you don't try to do what Derrick tried. Deal?"

"Deal," Jason responded. "Now let's get out of here."

Standing, Michelle quietly followed Jason as he headed for the front of the clinic.

Karen was sitting at the front desk as she had been earlier and looked up as they walked by. "Jason, the Deputy just called back and said she got a hold of the Judge. He doesn't seem to have a problem with Michelle staying at your place for now but he's going to stop over at your place around 9:00 o'clock in the morning to talk to Michelle and see what can be done about finding her another place to stay."

Jason groaned inwardly as he looked up at the clock above Karen's head. "5:47" he thought. "It will take us 10 – 15 minutes to get to my place. Probably another 30 minutes to an hour to get settled. If I'm lucky I'll get an hour or so sleep before we have to get back up to see the judge," yet all he said was, "We better get going then."

Michelle quietly followed behind Jason, almost like a timid deer, as they walked to his SUV, her eyes constantly moving and watching the shadows around them. When Jason opened the door she instantly climbed in and slid down so that no one could see her, without saying a word.

Jason closed the door and walked around to the other side and climbed in. "You don't have to hide like that. No one is up at this time on a Sunday morning," he said as they headed to his apartment.

Michelle slowly relaxed and sat up in the seat. "I'm sorry, Jason. I didn't mean to put you in this position."

"I know," he replied.

When they arrived they got out and walked to his apartment while watching everything around them. Then Jason opened the door and stood back to let Michelle enter before he took one last look and entered himself.

The transition in Michelle was almost immediate. Jason could see the tension slipping from her as she walked around the apartment looking at the various pictures and belonging he had on the walls and shelves.

"This is how I always wanted our place to look like but Derrick said it was just clutter and that it got in the way."

"That sounds like him."

Michelle nodded as she continued moving around until she got to the bedroom. "Is this the only bedroom you have?"

"Ya, but don't worry. I'm going to sleep out here on the couch."

"Oh, ok," Michelle replied with a hint of something else in her voice that Jason couldn't quiet place.

"Here," he said as he moved past her and pulled open a dresser drawer, "let me get you something to sleep in. I admit it's not much but it's probably more comfortable then the stuff from the clinic." Rummaging through it he pulled out an oversized T-shirt and a pair of jogging pants that he handed to Michelle and headed for the couch, pulling the door shut behind him until he heard Michelle.

"Don't ... please," she murmured. "I'd prefer it if you'd leave it open even if it's just a little bit. I don't want to feel alone."

Jason stopped and looked back at her as he replied, "I understand," as he let go of the door. Too tired to care he lay down on the couch and pulled a cover over himself but couldn't seem to be able to relax as the events of the night continued to play in his mind.

"Jason ... Jason ... Are you awake?" Michelle whispered from the bedroom.

"Ya, I'm awake. Are you ok?" he replied.

"I can't seem to sleep. Can you come in here ... please?"

Jason slid from the couch and walked to the bedroom door. "What's up?" he asked.

Michelle lay in the bed, her blonde hair cascading across the pillows as she looked at him. Her eyes were red and Jason knew without a doubt that she had been crying. "I know this is going to sound really weird and I'd understand if you said 'no' but would you mind lying down on the bed next to me and holding my until I fall asleep?"

Jason hesitated before entering the room; watching as Michelle lifted the covers to allow him into the bed. "I'm not sure about this," he replied "... but I guess this will be ok," he continued as he slid under the quilt leaving the sheet as a divider between them.

"You're probably right," Michelle sighed as she rolled over and laid her head on Jason's shoulder.

Slowly, he moved his arm under Michelle's head as her body pressed tightly against his. "What the fuck am I doing?" he wondered as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

It only felt like a few minutes had passed before the sun started to shine through the window and woke Jason up. Instinctively, he headed to the bathroom to relieve himself only to stop when he saw Michelle standing nude before the mirror examining her bruises.

Transfixed he stood there staring at her until he noticed that she was looking back at him in the mirror. "I'm sorry. I ... ummmm," he said as he quickly averted his eyes and looked down at the floor.

"It's ok. I should have closed the door when I came in but I didn't want to feel alone."

Jason didn't say a word as he continued to look at the floor.

"Jason, look at me."

"I'm not sure I should. I mean ... well ... it's just that you're ..."

"Ya, what am I?'

Jason looked up directly into Michelle's hazel eyes. "Well, for one thing you're nude and you're my stepbrother's ex-girlfriend and my patient and ..."

"Keep going. What else?" Michelle murmured

"... you've got an absolutely gorgeous body," he stammered.

Looking back into the mirror Michelle smiled. "I guess so except for these," she replied as she touched one of the bruises on her shoulder. "OUCH!"

"Here let me take a look at that," Jason responded as he moved behind her. His touch was light and tender as he examined the bruise but the response was like a bolt of lightening through both of them.

Michelle slowly leaned back against Jason's chest relaxing as she felt the warmth of his skin against hers. "That feels good," she purred as she took his hands and slowly drew them down to her breasts, "but don't forget to check these too."

Jason looked at the two of them in the mirror. At 6-foot 1-inches he was able to easily see over the top of Michelle's 5-foot 6-inch frame and while his hair was brown hers was a natural sandy-blonde that trailed down over her breasts to just over above nipples. Her breasts were full and at 32-DD he was just barely able to cup them in his hands while her waist sloped down to a mere 24 inches before spreading to a luscious 35 inches compared to his body which was trim and hard from the hours of hiking in the woods and the back country. She had tan lines that drew attention to those private areas not normally seen by others and his body quickly began to respond to the feel of her against him.

Without even thinking about what he was doing his hands began to gently massage her breasts as she pressed back against him rubbing her buttocks against the bulge that was quickly forming in the front of his briefs. It was only the sound of the phone that broke the moment causing him to quickly pull away. "I'm sorry I, ahhh, better get the phone."

Michelle stood there watching him walk away as an empty feeling seemed to slowly overwhelm her. Then, shaking it off, she got dressed and exited the bathroom while Jason was still talking on the phone.

"Sure. No, we haven't heard or seen a thing all night. No, no one's come to the door. Ya, we can be ready. The FEDS?! Why? What's up? Ya. Ok, ten minutes. Talk to you later."

"What's up?" Michelle asked.

"I'm not sure. That was the Judge. He said that something happen last night and that the FEDS would be picking us up in about ten minutes to take us to their office and that he'd meet us there. He also said we should grab whatever we might need 'cuz we probably wouldn't be coming back here afterwards."

"That won't be hard for me since all I have are these clothes from the clinic but what about you? Can I help?"

"Actually I'm almost ready to go too," he said as he grabbed a backpack from the closet. "I always keep extra stuff packed in case I get a chance to get away for a few days." Then as an after-thought he went back into his bedroom and pulled a 9mm pistol from his bedside drawer. "Just in case," he smiled as he slipped it into the front compartment of the pack.

Exactly 10 minutes later a black SUV pulled in front of the apartment and two men approached the door. After identifying themselves as Federal Agents they quickly escorted Jason and Michelle to the SUV before heading out of town. No one said a word until they turned down the street that the clinic was on. Police cars and Fire Engines seemed to be everywhere and it was only as they passed the rubble of the clinic that Jason spoke.

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