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Love Letter to a Cyber Lover


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Good morning beautiful. I have just woken up this morning, and I'm lying in bed, feeling so good all snuggled up inside my duvet. I am writing you this letter, so you see it when you wake up. I want you to wake this morning feeling just as horny as I do right now.

I'm here in bed, lying on my back, typing away on my phone. Totally naked, in a big king size bed, under a soft white cotton duvet. Between every sentence I stop typing, so that I can stroke my hands across my body, imagining you lying right next to me as you read these words. I can feel your soft hand on my head, massaging my scalp, your fingers entwined in my messy morning hair. You stroke my cheek with the back of your fingers, they snake all over my face, across my forehead, down my nose, your fingers find my lips. I open my mouth slightly, sucking on your fingertip, squeezing it between my soft lips, the tip of my tongue teasing the end of your finger.

You move your lips to my ear, so that the sound of your breathing sends tingles around my body. You whisper your instruction directly into my ear, "Lie on your stomach."

I turn over, as you instruct, lying face down on the bed, my head turned to.the left to face you. Even as I type this letter to you now, I have rolled on to my stomach. I feel your hand again, first on my shoulder blade, then sliding down, under the duvet, it feels so good, your hand gently massaging my back. You notice my breath getting deeper, and move your face towards mine, your lips centimetres from mine, so we can feel each other's warm breath on our mouths.

As your hand moves to the small of my back, to that sensitive spot just above my bum cheeks, you press your soft lips into mine, and I let out a small moan. We stay like that for a while, gentle kisses on the lips. Then you move your hand down slightly, and I feel you squeeze my bum. The sensation causes me to open my mouth slightly, as I let out an moan of pleasure. You take the movement of my mouth as an invitation, and I feel you slide your tongue inside my mouth, where you find my tongue, pushing back on you. Our lips locked together, tongues entwined as we feel the passion build.

As I lie there on my front, I can feel my shaft growing thicker and longer, squashed between my stomach and the mattress. My hips begin involuntarily to thrust into the bed, making the feelings of pleasure from my enlarged cock feel more intense. Your hands on my bum, you notice my muscles tightening and relaxing.

Feeling me writhing in bed next to you is too much for you. You pull my duvet completely off, leaving both of us totally naked, me still on my front. You are desperate to feel your whole body against mine as I wriggle around in ecstasy. I am breathless with pleasure, begging you for more, I plead, "Come on top of me honey."

I feel you climb on to my back, lying on top of me, so we are both facing down. It is like your body is moulded into mine. Your stomach rests on my back, I feel your bare breasts squashed between my shoulder blades. My arms lie flat by my sides, and your arms rest directly on top of them, your fingers gripped around my hands. Each of your legs is lying on mine, so that the smooth bare skin of your legs rubs the hair on the back of my thighs and calves.

My cock is now harder than ever, still gently humping the bed, but now I can feel the mound of your pussy pressing into my firm buttocks. Lifting my bum off the bed, I can feel you grinding your pussy into me, I notice a sensation of wetness at the point where your pussy is rubbing on my bum.

Both of us are breathing deeply now. I lift my hips and arch my back, pushing you into the air. You understand what I need, and before I go back down again, I feel your hand slide around to my front, and when I go back down, flat on the bed, I can feel my throbbing erection resting in the palm of your hand.

We stay like this for a while, me pushing my dick into your hand, as you hump your pussy into my tight bum cheeks. Our breathing getting more intense, movements becoming faster, and more frenetic. I start to let out soft, rhythmic moans, as you feel your palm moistening from the pre-cum oozing from my bell-end. Suddenly you stop moving. I feel a moment of confusion, until you lean over to me, looking directly at me.

Your look of lust is burning into my eyes, "Not like this," you say, "I need your fucking hard, wet cock deep inside me baby!"

You roll off me, and I quickly flip onto my back. As you sit astride me, on my lap, I can feel your bum pressed into the base of my cock, I look down and can see the bell-end poking between my stomach and your glistening pussy lips. I look up at your body with admiration, taking in all your curves, having a good long look at those juicy tits that were so deliciously crushed against my back moments before. Your nipples look hard and pink, and I have to taste them. I put my arms around your waist and pull myself up so we are both now sitting, you straddling my lap, my shaft pressed along your pussy lips, my twitching bell end rubbing on your throbbing clit.

I dip my head down, towards your breasts. You arch your back a little, so that your erect nipples are pushed towards my mouth. I wrap my lips around your bullet hard nipple, and begin to suck, pinching it between my lips, pulling it into my mouth, my tongue swirling all around.

"Oh God! Oh yes!" you cry, "Pull those fuckers harder!" I switch to the other nipple, and as I continue like this, teasing, pulling, sucking on you, your hips are grinding away against my hard cock. We stay like this, sucking, grinding, pulling and pinching, until you can take no more. "Please baby," you beg me, "I need you to fill me up!"

With that, your hand reaches down to hold onto my shaft. I feel you lift your body upwards, as you push the end of my cock into your dripping wet opening. You lower your hips a little, and my bell-end is enveloped by your wet lips. You take your hand away, and look at me, deep into my eyes, a wicked grin on your face as you slide all the way down, taking every inch of me, feeling me stretch you open. Your pussy lips rest on top of my pubes, your juices dripping down all over me, and I kiss you deeply. We stay like that, the only movement is our lips and tongues sliding around, the twitch of my erection, and the occasional squeeze as the walls of your pussy tease my hardness.

We can't stay still for long though. You feel me pushing my hips to you, and you begin to do the same, as you start to bounce all over my cock, letting it slide in and out, in and out, in and out. You move a hand down, so you are rubbing your clit as you ride me harder, faster, in and out in and out in and out. Your cheeks begin to flush, your breasts are heaving, as you ride me like an animal.

We are both moaning now, even squealing and gasping with ecstasy. "Come for me, honey. oh YES! Fuck my brains out and let your cunt come all over me! YES! YES!".

In and out, in and out, in and out. I hear you let out a big gasp, you lock your legs around my back, bucking your pussy into me. I feel your warm wet pussy squeeze me tight, I see a red flush across your chest, and at the same moment, my balls tighten, and the hot, sticky spunk shoots up inside my shaft.

Our bodies are shaking together, squeezing each other tight, my sweet spunk filling your pussy as we orgasm together. My mind is swimming, I have no more words for you, just sounds of pleasure, grunts, moans, and then soft sighs, as we slowly come back to earth, becoming aware of our exhausted, naked bodies sinking back into my bed,

There you go honey. I hope that was special for you. I have been lying in bed for what feels like hours now baby, writing this letter just for for you. I have turned myself on so bad, my cock is dripping with a clear, slippery sheen of pre-cum, I am so desperate to feel you for real. God I need you so bad. Write back soon baby x.

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