tagIncest/TabooLoving Little Sister and Friend

Loving Little Sister and Friend



Rachel is my younger sister by three years. Since we were little she and I have been best buddies. For the most part we have always gotten along great together. I love playing games and hanging out with her. She's the happiest person I know and has the cutest smile and the most adorable laugh ever. She is so fun to be around and she's kind and friendly to everyone.

As her older brother, naturally I enjoy teasing the hell out of her. I learned early on that I could get her all worked up pretty easy by kidnapping her dolls or holding her bears for ransom. I loved tormenting her just to get her to scream and chase me around the house, begging me to give them back.

What I soon found out is that Rachel is quite a tease herself. She's also a fast learner. It wasn't long before she started taking my stuff to get me to chase her. She knew it really pissed me off and she always had a blast doing it. I didn't bother begging for anything though. I just tickled her until I could wrestle whatever she had back from her.

It was all innocent fun until she turned 15 and started dating. That's when I realized what a sexy young woman she was becoming. Rachel's body had very nicely developed things that brothers shouldn't look at on their sisters. I found myself extremely aroused whenever I was near her. At the time, I thought as long as nobody else found out, what harm was there? And, oh, how I loved it. As her body got hotter and hotter, the more I wanted her.

I took advantage of any opportunity that would fuel my fantasies. Spying on her through her bedroom window became a regular occurrence. She never grew out of being a tease and still had lots of fun taking my stuff to get me to chase her. I always pretended to be mad, but really I loved holding on to her from behind as she struggled to get away. She never seemed to notice, or at least care, when I'd slide my hands up and down her body, touching her inappropriately.

Our older sister, Annie the bitch, saw us messing around one day and threatened to tell on us, well, mostly me. Annie is a couple of years older and has bossed me around and blackmailed me constantly since I was 3. She is always looking for ways to get me in trouble and this was really not something I needed anyone knowing about, especially my parents, so that was the end of that.

Now, my parents are your typical parents. My father is a partner at a large multinational law firm. My mother the debutante has no job, instead relying on my immensely wealthy grandfather to give her money when my father was not around, which was a lot of times. They weren't the warmest of parents, but none of us kids never went without getting the latest gadget or toy, even if we did not want it. For example, my sister Rachel got a brand new $10,000 computer designed for graphic design and yet she does not use it for that purpose. All she does on the computer is to surf the web and chat online and do stuff on facebook.

I took to heart the advice my grandfather gave me, "Ray, get a damn education." I graduated valedictorian from high school. I scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT and 36 on the ACT. This was before the redid the SAT. Thanks to my academic performance, and perhaps my grandfather who is the chairman of the Board of Trustee of the local university, I enrolled there as I received an academic scholarship. And even through my family lives only ten minutes away, I elected to live in a dorm as. I thought that living away from home and being around lots of girls would help me get over Rachel. But it hasn't. I still see her and my family quite often and she calls all the time to chat. My roommates love it when she comes to visit. It's pretty obvious they all want to screw her. They always tag along wherever we go, showing off for her. Even though they act like dumbasses, it's actually a relief to have them around. I'm not sure I could control myself if the two of us were ever alone together.

Before I begin, let me give you some idea how hot the 5'7", 18 year old, 115-pound Rachel really is. She is a gorgeous babe with platinum hair with baby blue eyes. She has these long legs that is perfectly toned and leads to the most perfect ass I have ever seen. She has a flat stomach from all the running she did. And man are her 34D tits to die for.

Chapter 1

The story begins two weeks after Rachel's 18th birthday when I got an unexpected message from my dad. It came in on Friday while I was in class. I had turned my phone onto silent before going to class. I always turn up the volume for the ring turn and see if I have any messages. Well, my father's message went like this:

"Ray, this is your father. Your mother and I are about to board a plane to go out west to Los Angeles. Your sister is pregnant and is about to go into labor any day. She asked mom if we could stay with her and we agreed. The only problem is that Rachel has midterms in two of her classes and cannot come with us. What I am asking you is to stay with Rachel for the time we are gone. Rachel doesn't want to be alone at home. I left you a credit card, use it for food and other necessary things. Please do not go overboard. I am trusting you now. And no parties."

The first thing that came to my mind was the fact that Annie was pregnant. How did that happen? Now, you are thinking, you never took sex ed. Well, I did but what I might have mentioned before is that my older sister is more than just a bitch, she's a bitchy lesbian. She and her girlfriend Jessica have been living together in sin for the last three years. Both of them have declared their hatred for males and have refused to have anything to do with them, including yours truly. I can't imagine the carpet muncher letting a guy get his dick anywhere near her, let alone letting him put it where it needs to go to impregnate her.

My dad and mom are traditional Catholic and they believe it's one of the biggest sins ever to have premarital sex or to be a homosexual. They both about had heart attacks when my sister announced she was a lesbian. They told her she was going to hell and refused to talk to her for months. You'd think that the announcement that she was having a baby out of wedlock would have killed them. They should be absolutely furious.

And now evidently, my parents have forgiven Annie, who lives in Los Angeles across the country. My parents, who never forgave her, never visited Annie despite the numerous invitations made by her. I am quite surprised by this new development.

Hanging up the phone I thought to myself, yes, I have to be alone with sister. Then I envisioned me being alone with my sister. I begin to think that if I could only seduce her then I can have her bent over the couch as I fucked her senseless. That thought brought a smile to my face. I then remembered she was my sister.

I arrived at about six o'clock in the afternoon at my parents' quiet and empty house. I parked my car and confidently strolled up the walk and through the front door. The next three weeks were going to be fucking awesome. I set my stuff down and headed into the bathroom to take a leak. As I drained the lizard I noticed them out of the corner of my eye. My sister had tossed her cotton panties and nightgown casually on the floor and they lay next to each other in front of the bathtub. I should have just put my dick back in my pants and hurried out the door, but that's not what sex-crazed perverts do. I picked up the panties and put the crotch to my face and deeply inhaled the pungently erotic smell of Rachel's sex. The effect of her scent on my brain was like an intense aphrodisiac and I began losing all reasoning abilities. I needed to get off and needed to now.

I kicked my pants off and with the panties in one hand and my dick in the other I crossed the hall and went into Rachel's room. I lay down on her bed and began jerking off as I continued to breathe in the smell of her pussy. I pictured myself kneeling in front of her as she stood wearing these panties. I'd hold on to her ass while moving my face between her legs, enjoying her sexy smell as I licked her vulva through the thin material.

Normally I could spend hours masturbating while fantasizing about my sister, but I knew that she could come home at any time. I may be an incest-loving pervert, but I'm not insane. In my fantasies, she might get all wet and horny and start playing with herself as she watched me masturbate through her slightly open door. In real life though, if she came home and caught me beating off on her bed she sure as hell wouldn't want to fuck me, but I would definitely be fucked!

I was ready to shoot what I felt must be a good sized load so I sat up and began searching for something to cum in. Yeah, her panties were right there and were a perfectly acceptable receptacle, but I had a better location in mind. Girls are lotion freaks and my sister is the biggest lotion freak of them all. She usually has bottles of the stuff everywhere - Country Apple, Creamy Coconut, and Sweet Pea to name a few of her favorites. I'll add some Nut Nectar to one and she'll soon be unknowingly rubbing my cum all over her body.

I crossed the room and slid open the top drawer of her dresser. I didn't see any fucking lotion; this was where Rachel kept her lingerie. She had all her bras and panties organized by color, resulting in a brilliant rainbow of cotton, nylon and satin goodness. At the very back corner of the drawer was a large red bag. With trembling hands I extracted the familiar object and dumped the contents on the bed. In disbelief I stared down at the ten inch replica of my cock, bottle of lubricant, and lingerie and my mind began replaying events of two weeks ago.

On my way to my apartment after having spent the day with my little sister on her birthday, I stopped at an adult bookstore hoping to find a fuck film featuring a porn star that looked like her. I was still high from watching her and her friends tanning and frolicking around at the beach all day wearing nothing but skimpy bikinis and smiles. Porn was just what I needed to end the day. Contributing to my euphoria was that I'd overheard Rachel's friends teasing her that she was still a virgin, despite her being a 15 on a scale of 10. .

As I went up to the counter to pay, I saw a make your own dildo kit. The idea of sending my sister a sex toy seemed pretty kinky in and of itself, but actually sending her a dildo made from my boner was extremely dirty and exciting! I paid for the kit, some lubricant, and the stuff I came for and went back to my apartment. The next morning I woke up and cloned my cock and a day later I had a perfect duplicate. It was a rubber version of the real thing plus it vibrated! To top the gift off I went to a lingerie store and bought some black thong panties with a matching bra, garter belt and stockings. Then I went home and made up some lame letter that said Rachel had won a contest she'd somehow been entered in on an erotic website. I placed everything in a silky red bag and packaged it up and mailed it to her the next day.

Now it all lay in front of me on my sister's bed. I had thought surely she would have freaked out when she opened the package and thrown it all away. Yeah, I'd fantasized that she was masturbating with my cock every night, but honestly I never really thought she'd keep the gift. I couldn't tell if she had used the dildo, but the bottle of lubricant was now unsealed and only half full. I guess Rachel had been having some fun!

Getting back to the dildo at hand, I imagined my sister slowly shoving the 8" dildo deep in her virgin pussy for the first time, and quickly brought my balls back to their boiling point and came into the bottle of lubricant. Masturbating while fantasizing about my sister always gives me the biggest rush, the dopamine production in my brain going completely out of control. The orgasms I achieve are unbelievably intense as ropes and ropes of cum ejaculate from my body. A few minutes later though, the high rapidly diminishes and I am left feeling like crap for lusting over my own sister. Now I had just invaded my sister's privacy, snooped through her personal belongings and shot a load of semen into her lube bottle.

My senses restored and my buzz nearly gone, I wiped my dick off with Rachel's cotton panties and threw them through the open door back into the bathroom. Then I quickly put everything away and got the hell out of there.

I was drinking a glass of water and staring out the window over the kitchen sink when she got home. I had spent the last twenty minutes cursing myself for being such an asshole and was trying to convince myself that I could behave for the next few weeks. There were suddenly two big reasons why I doubted that I'd be able to, and both of them were firmly pressed against my back.

"Boo!" she yelled, right into my ear.

My sister and I are always trying to scare the shit out of each other and to her credit she had been absolutely silent in her attempt to sneak up on me. Her tits and perfume had given her away already, but I was so glad that she didn't catch me in her room that I jumped a little to humor her.

"Ha ha, I got you!" she said, proud of herself.

"Hey, you can't yell in a person's ear like that. It does damage," I joked, turning around to look at her.

She was wearing sandals and a white dress that left little to the imagination. She had her long blonde hair straight and was wearing red lipstick that perfectly matched her painted fingernails and toes. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and smiled. Damn, she was hot.

She put her arms around me and said, "So dad got you to come and hang out with me for a few weeks. That's so cool! We're going to have so much fun!"

"Yeah, it'll be tons of fun," I said, squeezing her tight.

"Check out this little black skirt I got today. Isn't it cute?" she said, holding it up to show me.

When she said little she wasn't kidding. It was extremely short.

"Wow, I love it. It's way sexy. I'm not sure I like the idea of all the boys drooling over you when you're wearing that around though."

"Oh brother, it's fine."

"Hey, can you believe Annie is going to have a baby?" I asked.

"No. That's crazy."

Rachel turned around and reached up into the cupboard to get a glass. My eyes focused on her sweet ass which was being exposed as the dress rose up.

"Dad and Mom seem pretty happy about it though," she continued.

As she turned back I quickly looked up, glancing briefly at her chest.

"I know. Dad about shit himself when he found out Annie's a lesbian and now she's going to have an illegitimate kid and he's all excited."

"I don't get why he's being so nice to her but still really strict with me. The other day I had a guy friend over to study and afterward dad lectured me for two hours about how I'm not allowed to have boys in my room and how he thinks sex before marriage is a sin next to murder. "

"So you had a boy in your room, huh? And what were you two quote-unquote studying may I ask? French?" I teased.

Rachel laughed and punched my shoulder as she stepped over to fill her glass with water. "No. Math, silly. And for your information I hate French kissing. It's gross."

"What?! French kissing isn't gross. It's awesome."

"No it's not. I tried it once and the boy slobbered all over me. It was disgusting!" she said.

"Yeah, well, don't let one asshole high school boy ruin it for you. You'd miss out on a lot of fun. And it was your second French kiss not your first."

"No it wasn't. What are you talking about?"

"Your first French kiss was with me. Don't you remember? When we were kids we thought French kissing meant just touching tongues and we wanted to see what it was like so we stuck our tongues out and touched them together. "

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," she giggled.

"Want to do it again?" Hey, it was worth a shot.

"You're joking right?" she asked, obviously caught off guard.

"Come on. You thought it was fun last time."

"We were kids!"

"So what? Come on, I dare you."

"Don't be dumb."


"No I'm not."

"Do it then."

"You're ridiculous. Fine, but don't tell anyone we did this, ok?"

Rachel came over to stand in front of me. I couldn't believe she was going to do this. We stuck out our tongues and moved our heads slowly together, our tongues getting closer and closer until they touched. Those pouty red lips of hers were so close to mine. God, I wanted to kiss her. In one quick motion I opened my mouth and closed my lips around her tongue, sucking on it briefly like a lollipop before letting it go. She looked a bit shocked and for a second I thought she was going to freak, but suddenly she started to giggle. Then amazingly, she stuck her tongue out, apparently wanting me to do it again. So I did. She laughed again, liking what I was doing. Then I stuck my tongue out, inviting her to do the same thing to me. She opened her mouth and sucked my tongue inside, then quickly let it go. I smiled and laughed, having fun and hoping to encourage her.

This game went on for a minute or so and as we played I slid my hands all the way around her and pulled her tight against me. When my next turn came to stick my tongue out, as she opened her mouth I kissed her fully on the lips. I raised my hand to her neck and began sliding my tongue against hers.

Moaning softly my sister kissed back, pressing her lips hard against mine. My hands were becoming more and more unwilling to behave. I just had to feel that gorgeous ass. I slid my right hand downward onto her sexy bottom.

A few minutes later Rachel pulled back and said, "Wow, you got me all hot."

"See, French kissing is awesome. You just need to stop dating inexperienced loser high school boys and find a man that knows what he's doing."

"Apparently. Now I know what I'm missing out on." She paused for a second, then smiled up at me and said "You seem to know what you're doing. But uh, would you mind taking your hand off my bum?"

"Oh, sorry."

I sure as hell wasn't sorry, and I sure as hell hadn't had enough of touching her ass.

I raised my hand and brought it down fast and hard, spanking her with a loud smack.

"Hey! What the hell?!" she shouted.

I blurted out the first, albeit lame excuse I could think of. "I still owe you eighteen birthday spankings from two weeks ago and I think it's about time you got them."

She screamed and took off running down the hall. I chased after her and caught her as we entered the living room. I dragged her over to the couch and sat down, bringing her with me. She laughed as I tickled her until finally I was able to get her lying face down across my lap, holding her down with my left hand.

"Ok, seventeen more!" I said, as I raised my right hand and spanked her again.

"Let me go!" she screamed.

I smacked her again as I tickled and holding her with my other hand. Laughing, she shouted, "Stop it! Let me go!"

"No fucking way."

Kissing her had got me so horny, and looking down at the gorgeous little bitch bent over my lap it was almost impossible to refrain from pulling my dick out and shoving it in her mouth.

I continued spanking her, counting as I went and occasionally petting her ass. After awhile she stopped struggling and began to relax. Her legs had gradually spread further apart and I extended the range of my caresses to between her legs, stopping just short of trouble.

When I reached eighteen I stopped spanking her but continued feeling up her ass.

"Can I get up, now?"

God, she had a nice ass.

"Oh, it's so nice. You've got an amazing ass."

I resumed tickling her sides and she laughed, wiggling her boobs in my face. Her little dress was skin tight and her hard nipples were visible through the fabric. Oh how I wanted to pull her dress straps down and suck on those delicious tits. I didn't get a chance though because Rachel suddenly scooted up further until her crotch was directly in my face. Whether she realized the position she and I were in I don't know, and her soft mound was pushed right against my mouth. God damn! Her pussy was soaking wet! It was ready to be fucked and the thought that I had made it that way made my dick harder than it's ever been!

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