Loving Little Sister and Friend


Rachel scooted back down to once again straddle my pelvis.

I put my hand behind her head and pulled her face to mine and kissed her. As my lips touched hers she slid her tongue into my mouth.

"Mmm, I like kissing you," she sighed.

My heart was beating faster than ever. I had to fuck her. Her body wanted it. Her pussy needed it. I began caressing her as we kissed, sliding my hand along her side upwards towards her boobs. Just as my hand was about to close around one of those big juicy melons, the phone rang.

Fuck! Who the fuck is calling now?!

"Ray," she whispered, "I need to get the phone."

The phone rang again.

"Please, let me get it," she said.

She got up and I followed her into the kitchen.

"Hello... Oh, hi mom... I'm doing great... Yeah, he's here. We were just leaving to go to a movie." she said, winking at me. "What?!" she shouted suddenly into the phone. "That's awesome! Hey Ray, Annie had her baby!"

"Hooray," I mumbled, pissed that playtime was over. "I'm going to go use the bathroom," I said, dismissing myself.

I ran down the hall to her room and quickly went in and raised her blinds so there was a small gap between the bottom and the window sill. She would have to undress sometime tonight and when she did I would be watching. I hurried back out and went in the bathroom and closed the door.

She knocked about ten minutes later as I was washing my hands. "Hey, do you want to go see a movie?" she asked.

"Sure, that'd be fun. We can even make it a date and have dinner."

"That is a good idea, I get go out with my hunk of a brother. The late show doesn't start for a while, so let's go in a half hour. I get to pick the movie and restaurant," she suggested.


"Cool, it's a date. I'm going to go put on my new skirt."

Sweet! Spy time!

"Remind me to tell you what Mom just told me," she said.

"Yeah, yeah, Annie had her baby. Big deal."

"Oh, it is, baby."

When I heard her door close I exited the bathroom and quietly went outside. I grabbed a bucket to stand on and snuck up to her window and stepped up. Rachel had closed her blinds, but as usual had overlooked the gap at the bottom. My heart was pounding like hell as I peeked through the opening into my sister's bedroom.

Rachel was at her stereo putting in a CD. She turned the volume way up and then turned back around and kicked off her sandals, dancing to the music. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head revealing a sexy pink bra. Then she unbuttoned her tight jeans and wiggled and bent over as she pushed them off her hips and down her legs. Her cute white panties had ridden up into her crack and her ass looked fucking incredible. I could have left right then more than satisfied.

Rachel danced over to her dresser, opened the top drawer and reached in, and pulled out the red bag I discovered earlier.

"Holy fucking shit," I whispered.

She dumped the dildo, lube, and lingerie out onto the bed and sat down next to them. Reaching behind her she unhooked her bra, then rose up a little and pulled off her panties. Bare-ass naked she lay down not four feet from my unblinking eyes and spread her legs. Her pussy was cuter than I'd ever imagined. It was shaved perfectly smooth and glistened with moisture. I felt my cock twitch with excitement as I pictured sliding it back and forth through those slippery lips. My gaze traveled upwards to the most perky full tits I'd ever seen, her nipples long and stiff. God, I want to fuck every one of her tight holes. I began rubbing my dick through my jeans as I stared through the window.

Grabbing the bottle of lubricant and holding it over her pussy, she opened it and squeezed. I watched in excitement as a long string of slippery cummy lube dripped directly onto my sister's vulva. She closed her eyes and began rubbing my cream into her snatch, getting it all nice and ready, then grabbed the rubber dong and turned it on and slowly shoved it deep into her pussy. Her cunt looked stuffed, the lips spread wide to accommodate the big toy. If I hadn't jerked off earlier I would have busted my nut right then.

I couldn't believe I was actually watching my sister masturbate. It wasn't just a naughty little touch and rub either. Rachel was full-on fucking herself. Her moaning soon became audible above the loudness of the music. She continued shoving the cock in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit faster and faster. Soon her whole body trembled in ecstasy. Her orgasm must have felt incredible. Clearly satisfied she curled up in a ball and began licking her toy clean. Seeing my sister make herself cum was the sexiest, most amazing thing I've ever witnessed in my life.

I remained standing there as Rachel sat up and wiped her pussy off with her panties and then tossed them on the floor. She dressed herself in the lingerie I had sent her, then stood and admired her assets in the mirror, posing playfully as though she were a model, and making a few minor adjustments to her bra.

My balls were hurting like hell. I ran back in the house and into my bedroom and shut the door behind me and pulled off my pants and unbuttoned my boxers. I guided my prick through the opening and lay down on the bed and started jerking off.

"Hey Ray," my sister called from down the hall a few short minutes later, "are you ready to go?"

Cursing under my breath, I replied, "Uh yeah, just a minute." Actually I needed five.

I could hear her walking closer so I hurried and put my deflating dick back in my boxers. Just as I stood up, Rachel opened the door.

"Hey silly, come on. We're going to be late?" Then she noticed what I was wearing. "Uh, you're not going like that are you?" she asked, giggling.

"Don't be dumb. Of course not, I was just changing. Don't you knock?"

"Aw, that wouldn't be any fun," she replied. "Do you like my new skirt?" she asked, it twirling around to model it for me.

"Wow, I love it. You are so good."

She looked so fucking hot. Besides the black mini-skirt and stockings, she was wearing a tight red sweater and high-heeled black leather boots. God, I need to fuck her, rape her, whatever it takes. I just need to somehow get my cock inside her.

"That's sweet, bro. Hey are these to your new Beamer?" she asked, gesturing towards the keys on my dresser.

"Yeah, what about them?"

"When are you going to let me drive it?"

"I'm not going to let you drive it. Ever."

"Come on, please? Just let me drive it on the way to dinner tonight."

Normally I might have let her, but I had never been as sexually frustrated as I was at that moment. With her standing there looking sexy as hell all I could think of was her climaxing in pleasure as she shoved that dildo in and out of her vagina. She needed to go so I could relieve my aching nuts, otherwise something very bad was about to happen.

"No way. Now get the fuck out."

"Well, seeing how you're not ready to go yet, and how you're not talking very nice, I think I'm just going to take theeese...," she said as she slowly picked my keys up, "and go without you."

And then just like she had done countless times when we were kids, she was off and running down the hall with my shit.

"Rachel, get your ass back here!" I shouted as I raced after her.

I caught up to her halfway down the hall and she squealed with laughter as I grabbed her.

"Give me my fucking keys!"

"Someone's got a potty mouth." she sang.

She wiggled free and ran through the nearest door into my parents' bedroom. I followed and grabbed her from behind at the foot of the bed. She screamed and struggled to get away as I held on tight to her waist. I leaned against her and made a move for the keys but she bent over and stretched out her arm, holding them beyond my reach. As soon as her butt made contact with my groin, I forgot what the hell I was even doing.

"Fuck...," I moaned.


"Nothing, just give me back my keys."

"Aw, am I making this hard for you?" she teased, wiggling her ass. "Come on, they're just right here." she said, holding up her hand.

Rachel giggled and started struggling to get away again, but I pulled her back hard against me. God, I love the sight and feel of a woman's ass against my body as she's bent over in front of me.

"Let me go!" she screamed.

I have pictured my sister in this exact position thousands of times and now that she was there for real and we were alone I wasn't about to let go.

"No way, it's your own damn fault. Quit stealing my stuff."

The next time she pulled forward I pretended to lose my grip and my hands slid down onto her bum. Moving them quickly back to her waist I pushed my sister's skirt up, revealing the tops of her stockings and her thong which was wedged in the crack of her heart-shaped ass. The erotic sight before me caused whatever blood that was left in my brain to immediately flood my cock, bringing it to full hardness. Unable to control myself any longer, I slid my arms around her and grabbed a tit firmly in each hand.

"Mmm... yeah," she breathed, "you do remember how to play this game."

I sure as hell did remember our game, and now no bitch or anyone else was here to stop me.

I squeezed her boobs and grinded my groin against her ass, playing like I was trying to reach my keys as Rachel wiggled against me, pretending to try to get away. I felt dizzy, my head swimming with all the lust I had built up over the years for my little sister. Suddenly Mr. Johnson found the opening in my unbuttoned boxers and emerged in all his glory. Overcome by desire I watched as my penis slid up through the groove of my sister's butt.

Rachel moaned as she felt my throbbing hard-on against the flesh of her ass. She stopped trying to pull away and paused momentarily, then she turned her head and smiled at me sweetly over her shoulder.

"Come on Ray, try to get your keys," she said, lifting her hips causing my dick to slide back down.

I leaned forward, excited, sliding my penis upwards again as I made a half-assed attempt to grab her arm. I missed, and slid my cock back down, smearing pre-cum into her crack. I made several more attempts, each time purposefully failing so I could continue rubbing myself against her. After a few minutes, as I reached for her arm Rachel opened her hand showing me she wasn't holding my keys anymore.

"Hey, where'd they go?" I asked, stupidly.

She looked back at me with those seductive eyes and shrugging her shoulders simply said, "Search me."

"Ok, if that's what you want." I replied.

I slid my hands down over her tummy and then raised her tight little shirt upwards over her tits. Then I pulled the cups of her bra down and grabbed each of her boobs tightly. It's impossible to describe how good her body felt. Grinding my cock against her ass, I fondled her tits and nipples with one hand and began sliding my other hand downwards.

"Are they down here?" I asked, as I slid my hand under the waistband of her panties onto her dripping wet snatch.

"Mmm hmm...," she sighed with her sexy little voice, as my fingers passed over her clit into the dripping wet groove of her pussy. She spread her legs wider and turned her head sideways, sensuously licking her pouty red lips. I leaned over and kissed her, shoving my tongue into her mouth. Her body trembled and she moaned softly as we kissed, my fingers rubbing all around her vulva. Soon I began fucking my first and middle fingers in and out of her sopping wet hole and rubbing her clitoris with the palm of my hand.

The crack of my sister's ass had grown slippery from pre-cum and sweat and my dick was sliding smoothly along as I thrust against her over and over in a sexual daze while I fingered and fondled her gorgeous body. I kneeled down behind her and pulled her panties off. I licked a trail from the bottom of her boots all the way up her leg, my hands feeling her smooth stockings as I went, my tongue gliding over her, behind her knee, up her thigh, then onto the bare flesh of her ass. I nudged her leg urging her to spread wider for me and then I buried my face between her legs, my nose in the crack of her ass.

"Oh, God!" she gasped, as I began licking her pussy.

I rubbed her clit as I licked up and down my sister's slit while massaging her ass and caressing up and down her silky thighs. Turning around, I leaned against the bed and stuck my tongue out and inserted it deep it into my sister's vagina.

"Oh, fuck! My brother's tongue is inside my pussy!"

"Hold your skirt up and look at me." I said, my mouth full of sister snatch.

She lifted up the front of her skirt and I looked up and over those magnificent tits into her eyes as I began licking and sucking on her clit.

"Do you like eating your sister's pussy? Oh my God that feels good!"

I rammed my fingers in and out of her cunt as I sucked and licked her clit. I couldn't get enough of feeling Rachel's body, my other hand roaming everywhere, on her ass, her tummy, her boobs, and up and down her gorgeous legs.

"Fuck! That feels so fucking good!" she screamed.

Soon Rachel's legs started to shake and she began moving her hips, fucking my face.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum!" she screamed.

"Yeah baby, cum on my tongue!

"You're eating me so good! Oh my God, here I cum!!!"

Suddenly I could feel her vagina spasming and tightening around my fingers and a flood of juice erupted from her pussy, drenching my face and hand.

When the waves of her orgasm subsided, she collapsed onto the bed. I stood up and she turned her head to look at me and smiled.

"Nobody has ever licked my pussy before," she panted. "That was amazing."

"Thanks. My keys didn't seem to be in there, though," I joked.

She giggled and raised up onto her knees with her upper body still resting on the bed, causing her ass to stick obscenely up into the air. Then she reached behind her with both hands and spread her pussy lips apart.

"Try using something bigger," she suggested.

I'll never forget the incredible view I had at that moment: my gorgeous little sister dressed sexy as hell, bent over in my favorite position and holding her pussy open, ready to be fucked for the first time.

"Oh my God you're sexy. My dick is so fucking hard for you."

"Mmm..., and my pussy is so wet for you," she replied.

Trembling with excitement and anticipation, I nudged the sensitive head of my penis slightly between the soft fleshy lips of her pussy, right at the entrance of her vagina. I grabbed her waist and pulled her gently back against me, watching as all eight inches of my dick slowly entered my little sister until I was balls deep in her teenage virgin vagina. Rachel's cunt was tight, wet, and so steaming hot. I was in heaven. All the pleasures I'd ever experienced couldn't even come close to comparing with how good I felt at this moment. I was completely blown away. After years of lusting, I was finally inside my little sister.

"Mmm... you fit perfectly," she groaned. "I've always fantasized that you'd be my first."


I backed my cock all the way out and paused before slowly sticking it back in, enjoying the intense sensations as my prick parted her pussy lips and began slipping inside. I repeated that a few times as I told myself over and over that I was having sex with my sister.

"Mmm..., that's so nice...," she mumbled.

"We're fucking," I said, as I unhooked her bra and started pumping her faster.

"I love it. Mmm..., my brother's big dick is inside my pussy fucking me," she said, reaching between her legs to rub my balls. "Fuck my pussy!"

"God, you're so tight. Your pussy feels so fucking good!"

"Do you like that? Do you like fucking your sister's pussy? Come on, fuck me!"

I leaned over and grabbed her boobs and started slamming my hips against her ass. Rachel gripped the bed covers tightly, moaning as her cunt milked my cock.

"God, I love fucking!" she screamed.

My sister had raised up onto her hands and was now rocking back and forth, moving with me. After a few minutes I leaned back and looked down, enjoying the view.

"Watching my dick go in and out of you is so fucking hot. You're going to make me cum soon." I said.

"I want you to cum inside my pussy."

"Are you on the pill?"

"No, but it's ok."

"But you might get pregnant."

"I don't care. Just cum inside me," she begged.

Hearing her tell me to cum inside her pussy was unbelievably hot. Thinking about knocking up my own sister and picturing her with swollen breasts and a large tummy was more than I could take.

I grabbed her waist with both hands and began ramming my cock almost violently in and out of her cunt. The sound of my balls slapping against her ass and my sister's moans echoed loudly through the house. Soon my balls began tingling and my dick became hypersensitive.

"Here it comes, baby. I'm going to cum!" I grunted.

"Yeah, fuck your cum into me!"


I slammed my cock deep inside Rachel's pussy one last time and groaned as I shot a massive load of semen into her womb. My orgasm was fucking intense, my balls contracting over and over as my dick spasmed inside her. My whole body burned with pleasure. I've never felt so good in my entire life.

I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes, enjoying the high and replaying in my mind what had just happened. The events of the day were like a dream. I had watched my sister masturbate, licked her pussy, fucked her from behind and had pumped cum into her unprotected pussy.

Suddenly I felt something warm and wet surround my cock. Opening my eyes, I saw that my flaccid dick was inside my sister's mouth.

"I'm going to suck your big fat cock until it gets hard again," she said. "Then I'm going to sit on it and ride it up and down you until you shoot another load of cum into me. Thinking about my brother knocking me up makes me so fucking horny. Besides, don't you think our little sister needs someone to play with?"

"Little sister? What are you talking about?"

"Sister, niece, whatever. Oh yeah, you didn't hear yet. Mom said on the phone earlier that she found out who the father of Annie's baby is.

Chapter 2

I was so high. I have been lusting after my little sister Rachel for years, and tonight, two weeks after her 18th birthday, I finally had unleashed all that pent up desire right inside her tight virgin pussy. Now it was dripping down her smooth stocking-covered thighs onto my parents' bedspread as she sucked my cock in an attempt at getting it hard again so she could fuck another load of baby-making cum into her fertile teenage womb.

I was still trying to process the last thing she said to me, which was turning out to be a fairly difficult thing for me to do right then. I've never used drugs, but I can't imagine that even heroin could have made me feel any higher than I felt at that moment. I was actually surprised that I didn't have the slightest feeling of guilt for what my sister and I had done. Typically, after having cum from fantasizing about her I feel like shit just seconds later, but now after actually fucking the hell out of her, I didn't feel bad at all. I was in a completely intoxicated state of ecstasy.

She had said something about wanting us to make a friend for our new baby niece to play with. The idea of knocking up my own sister had seriously contributed to my overwhelming bliss. I definitely wasn't thinking straight because I thought she had just called Annie's kid our little sister.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"When Mom called earlier she told me she found out who the father of Annie's baby is," Rachel said, lying between my legs and licking my balls. "It turns out it's Dad!"

In the history of boners, none has ever formed as fast or as hard as mine did at that moment.

"Wow, your dick sure got hard again fast," she giggled. "Either you liked something I said or I'm doing something right."

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