Manly Persuasion Ch. 01


"Just relax, Javier. Go with the flow. Let me make this awesome body feel really good." He reached over and poured more oil on my abs and started running it through my pubes and the base of my cock. Alarms were starting to go off in my head and suddenly, I felt Jeff's hand, slick with oil, grab my hard cock. He rubbed the oil up and down the shaft, gently pulling my foreskin over the head. I groaned loudly.

"Yeahhhh, Javier. That's it. Go with it. Let me make you feel good."

His hand was gripping my cock harder, and starting that rhythm I knew all too well. I could feel a little precum starting to ooze out the tip and lubricate my cock head inside the foreskin.

"Fuck, Javier, your cock is sooooo hot! I could do this for you all day long. I love how you cock looks hard!"

I was so far gone, I didn't have time to think about what was happening. Jeff kept talking to me but it was a blur. Emotions were running through me. Just when I thought I couldn't stand anymore, I felt my cock enter a warm, wet hole. My eyes flashed open and I saw Jeff had my cock in his mouth.

"Jeff . . . what are you doing?" I groaned.

His tongue was running all around my shaft and he started slowly sliding his lips up and down. At first, I closed my eyes and felt very awkward having my cock in another man's mouth. Then, as I got used to the wet, sticky feeling, the feelings became . . . incredible.

"Ooooh, shit . . . ohhhhh . . . Jeff . . . stop . . .."

Jeff didn't say anything and kept on sucking. I lay my head back down on the bed, unable . . . or maybe unwilling . . . to stop him. After a few moments, he started sucking my cock faster. It was if all I could do was let him finish what he had started. I was groaning and muttering incoherently as my body took its first blowjob from another man.

Jeff was sucking me now faster and harder, trying to get my balls to give up their cream. A feeling of panic started going through me when I thought about shooting my load in another man's mouth. I tried to will myself to stop, but my nuts had a mind of their own. I felt my abs tighten up, my pelvis thrust, the juice creeping up my cock, telling me my nuts were ready to unload. Jeff's lips moved faster and faster. Suddenly, my cock came out of his mouth and he started jacking me off.

"C'mon, Javier! Let go! Shoot it!"

And shoot it I did.

I opened my eyes and saw the first shot fly up and hit my chest. Then a second, and a third, and a . . . fuck, I don't know how many times I shot . . . maybe five, six times. My crotch kept thrusting . . . like I was trying to fuck a pussy.

Slowly . . . very slowly . . . I quit thrusting and my abs unclenched. I fell back against the bed, drenched in sweat. My cock was still rock hard and I could feel it pulsing as my heart beat. My eyes were closed and I was completely spent.

I knew Jeff was out there somewhere, but he didn't speak. I was too wasted to open my eyes and just lay there, nude . . . wet . . . open . . . and starting to wonder what the hell had happened.

A few minutes later, I could feel Jeff get off the bed. I opened my eyes slowly and looked at him. He went into the bathroom and came back out with a towel, smiling gently.

"When you spill a load, man, you spill a load."

I tried to smile back weakly, but I don't know if it took. I closed my eyes again. My mind was a jumble of emotions. My body was a mess of sweat, sperm, and the smell of sex. I wasn't sure exactly what to say. I needn't have worried though. Jeff spoke first.

"Javier . . . are you okay?"

Slowly, I opened my eyes and carefully licked my lips. My throat, mouth, and lips were so dry, I wasn't sure I could speak.

"I think so," I said softly.

"You wanna talk?"

Jeff sat down next to me. I looked at him carefully, so many thoughts and emotions running through my mind.

"I hope you are okay with what happened. I know I really enjoyed doing it. Did you like it?"

I looked down, silent a moment. Then I glanced at Jeff.

"Yeah. I did." He started to smile.

"But shit, Jeff, I'm never going to see you again in the same way. Why did you do it? I mean . . . I thought you were a professional." Jeff laughed and after a few moments, I started laughing too.

"I couldn't resist, Javier. You have such a nice cock . . . it's big and it tastes so clean and sweet.

I don't know why, but I loved it when Jeff said stuff like that to me. I smiled and nodded my head.

Jeff returned my smile and innocently asked, "So . . . do you think . . . you want to do it again?"



"I don't know, Jeff. I liked it. But I don't know."

Jeff nodded his head and said, "I understand." Then he smiled again and said, "Okay man, off to the shower with you." Slowly, I got off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later, Jeff and I were in his Explorer, on the way back to the mall. We chatted about minor stuff until we got to my car. As he parked his truck, and I was getting out, he turned towards me.

"Javier . . ."

I looked back at him.

"I know it was probably a little too much and you weren't expecting things to turn out like they did. But you are a great guy, a great friend, and I want our friendship to continue."

"I do too, Jeff. I think the same about you."

Jeff hesitated a moment and then said, "And I hope you want what we did to continue too."

I smiled and looked Jeff straight in the eye. "Like I said, I enjoyed it. But to do it again . . . I need to think about it. Okay?"

He smiled and nodded at me. "Okay."

For the first time, Jeff pulled out before I left. I got in my car and started the engine. As I sat there and tried to put my thoughts together, my cell phone went off. I looked at the caller ID. As I pressed the button to answer it, I felt a stab of pain.

My girlfriend said, "Hey baby, how are you?"

I put my car in drive and pulled out of the parking lot.


End Part 1


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