tagMatureMargret Helps Writes A Story

Margret Helps Writes A Story


I don't know if you've ever tried writing your own story but I find it extremely satisfying. Its something I like to do when I'm bored or just in need of some stimulation. Anyway what I'm trying to say is that it's something I like doing.

Taking this in mind when I temporarily lost the use of my fingers (don't ask,) it wasn't long before I had withdrawal symptoms, not only from writing but from relief afterwards. And that is where this story starts.

It had been two weeks since IT happened and I was as bored as I had ever been in my life. Every one around me, mom and dad and sis were being great but what I wanted was to write and a wank. Before you ask I was just about able to pee by myself. But wanking was just beyond me. Believe me I'd tried.

Anyway like I said two weeks had gone by and daytime, nighttime and evening telly had lost what little charm it ever had. Mom and Dad were at work and sis was at collage. I was sat in front of my computer going over one of my on going stories, as it happened it was about our next-door neighbour, Margaret. In my story she was called Susan, was red hot and eager to help me loose my virginity.

After I'd read it I left it open; what could be called a Freudian slip as it turned out because a little later Margaret called to see if I needed anything. I had been on my way to the loo as she arrived. I'd left it a bit late so after letting her in I slipped into the loo to fumble my way through my ablutions.

When I walked to the lounge I found Margaret looking extremely flustered. As I sat on the couch I noticed the computer screen and realised at once what had happened. I could have started talking about something else I suppose but after the initial shock I got very turned on by the situation.

'Oh god, I hope you didn't read that!' I said pointing at the computer.

Margaret wouldn't look at me and mumbled something like she hadn't meant to and that she hadn't meant to be nosy. I told her how I liked writing 'erotic' stories. At first she didn't seem interested but as I told her that I posted them on the Internet and almost anyone in the world could read them, she seemed to grow more interested. I looked through my stories and found one I particularly like, about a mother who poses for her son.

'Try this one.' I said, 'it's one of my favourites.'

Margaret came over to the computer and I left her reading it while I went to find something to eat. When I went back she was just finishing.

'Not bad at all Paul. When did you write the first one?'

'Well actually I was working on that one when I did this to my hands I haven't had chance to finish it yet.'

Out of the blue she asked in a quiet voice if I would like her to type while I dictated. She reckoned if I didn't go too fast she would cope and anyway she'd kinda like to see how it ended. I realised I had the perfect opportunity to have some fun and who knows where it will lead…

The story up until then hadn't really got going. All that had happened was that Susan had flashed her pussy at Paul. To tell you the truth I might not have finished it but now things were different. And so after a half hearted, 'oh I couldn't possibly'. And a 'I'd be too embarrassed.' She replied that it would probably be her that'd get embarrassed but she'd give it a go, if I wanted to that is. I said that if she was sure and eventually we got going.

I told her I wanted to redo part of the plot and showed her where to start. Both the characters had been introduced, that's her basically and me. Me being Paul, sixteen, five foot ten, just over ten stones or one-forty lbs. Fit from athletics and if I do say so myself not ugly. And then there's Margaret. In reality she's forty-four medium build shoulder length brown hair and on a good day not ugly either. The typical married woman next door. While in the story she's more or less the same except that she's desperate for a shag and called Susan.

And so we got started, it took me a little time to get used to this new way of writing but after a couple of false starts I got into the flow. Paul had been busy in the garden on a hot sunny day and Susan was watching him from her back bedroom. He had stripped down to his cut-offs and was sweating profusely. I described how Paul was working away fantasising about older women. As I dictated I watched Margaret type to gauge her reaction. After I described in detail what was going through Paul's mind I switched to Susan's cranium. She was wearing just a thin dressing gown. Hot from a shower she now watched Paul and fingered herself. Her thoughts were running along a similar line to Paul's except she was thinking only of one young man. In her mind Paul caught her tossing herself off and then fucked her senseless.

As Susan was reaching her climax Paul happened to catch sight of her, he realised immediately what she was doing but still couldn't believe it. He even heard her moan as she came. Back to Susan again. As she came out of her private world she looked up expecting to see Paul still working but he wasn't there. She opened the window a little farther and just caught sight of him leaving his garden and walking up to her back door. As she watched he knocked on the door, then he stepped back and looked up. He was too quick for her to pull back so she asked in a soft and crackley post orgasmic voice what he wanted.

Paul asked if he could see her for a moment, and she replied that she'd come down down. She took a moment to compose herself but she knew that it would be half an hour or more before she lost the glow that came, not just from the shower but the orgasm as well. What the fuck she decided after seeing her reflection and she went down to see what Paul wanted.

She let him into the kitchen and asked if he wanted a drink. As she got it he watched her with undisguised hunger in his eyes. Paul thanked her for the glass of juice and then decided that it was too good an opportunity to pass up. He asked Susan straight out to take her dressing gown off. Taken aback by what he asked all she could do was say excuse me. Paul didn't say anything he just watched her.

'I've got nothing on underneath!' She said.

'I know.'

They looked at each other for a few seconds then Paul said, 'I saw you watching me just now, you were playing with your self.'

Susan studied Paul for a few moments before deciding to play along with him.

'You want to see me nude?'

Paul nodded.

'Well I don't think that's completely fair. Now if you were to drop your shorts I might think about it.'

Paul with out taking his eyes off Susan undid his shorts and pushed them down his legs revealing to Susan his eight-inch rock hard dick. Now it was Susan's turn to stare with unconcealed lust. Paul stood in a Peter Pan pose with his hands on hips and waited patiently for her to strip. Susan looked at his beckoning prick for what seemed like ages before she realised that he was waiting for her to reciprocate.

As she loosened the cord of her dressing gown and let it slip from her shoulders she moved closer to Paul. By the time she was naked she was able to reach out and hold the object of her desire.

'How's it going do you think?' I asked Margaret.

She surprised me as she spoke, not just for the calmness of her voice but for what she said, 'Not bad Paul, do you mind if I make a suggestion?'

'No.' I said wondering what she would say.

'Well you know when Susan was playing with herself?'

'Yes.' I replied now more turned on than I've ever been.

'Well as it's obviously a hot day, why don't you make her naked, then when he looks up at her he could see her tits. I mean it would get his attention and make him approach her, you know to see more.'

As Margaret spoke I listened with my mouth open, there was probably saliva dripping down my chin. I'd never heard any adult talking like this, let alone a woman.

'Ye, yes.' I stammered. 'Put it in if you want.'

And so Margaret edited the story as I looked on. Now as Susan watched Paul from her window she was naked. Margaret described how Susan not only fingered herself but how she fondled her full breasts. These she described in a great detail, the erect full nipples and their smooth milky softness. Also she added, in far more detail than I would have ever imagined, the sensations she received from pinching her nipples and from simple massaging her 'button' as Margaret called it. I asked her what she meant by 'button', I mean these opportunities can't be missed.

'You know her clitoris.' She said as she typed, 'it's a small lumpy thing just above a woman's vagina. When you gently rub it a woman can have an orgasm just like you do when you….wank, I think is the current term.'

Now I was getting a sex lesson as well as supremely turned on. By then Margaret had finished her alteration of that part of the story.

'I can see why you like writing stories like this Paul. It's really quite….er, stimulating.'

'This is true.' I said, but before I could say more Margaret came up with another idea for the plot.

'What if when they meet in the kitchen it's Susan who tells Paul to get um off instead of Paul?'

'Yea…. you mean it's Susan that want things to happen?'

'Why not, women like it too you know, some more than most men.'

'What, you mean there really are women who would act like this?'

'Of course there are, more than you'd think. I mean she's just been watching a fit young man wearing just a pair of' cut-offs I think it was, she's just had an orgasm on a hot afternoon. She'd be ready for it.'

This was starting to get just a little too heady. 'Go on then try it if you want.' I said.

And so off she went again. In her version Susan asked Paul from her bedroom window if he wanted to come over for a drink. As he drank it she started by saying what a lovely body he had, complimenting him on his muscular physique. She noticed his bulge and knew he wanted her. Susan came right out and asked him to let her see the full effect. To loose the shorts. Paul dropped them in an instant, he was proud to show off his body. As he turned this way and that he moved closer to Susan in her thin robe and hungry eyes. When he was standing close to her he cupped her full breasts in his hands before stripping the dressing gown from her.

This was fantastic stuff; I would never have guessed Margaret could write things like this.

'Margaret, that's fantastic. That's got to be the hottest thing I've ever read, how could you make it up just like that?'

'You keep forgetting Paul, women have fantasies too you know.'

This puzzled me at first until it dawned on me what she meant. This was one of her fantasies! Holy shit I thought, she's as hot as I am.

'You mean you dream stuff like this as well?'

'Not like this Paul. Exactly like this.'

'Wh what happens next?' I asked in a shaky voice.

'Well, lets see they could do it there and then in the kitchen. But then again they've got the whole house and he is young'

'What do you mean?' I asked innocently.

'Well you know, he's young and fit. They could do it first in the kitchen then again in the shower and then again in bed. What do you think?'

'Why don't we let them make love in the kitchen to start with?' I started.

'Oh Paul, 'make love?' They're going to fuck. I don't think it will have anything to do with making love just yet. I bet he'd hardly get it in her before he came.'

If I thought I was loosing a grip on reality before that comment tipped me over the edge. 'I think he'll play with her a bit, you now feel her up and that and then they'd do it standing where they are.'

'I suppose they would feel each other. But you know she could always sort of, you know, sort of err use her mouth.' Margaret said very quietly.

What was this woman trying to do to me, now she was talking about blowjobs. And I wasn't forgetting that this was now becoming a graphic description of her fantasy.

'Go on then.' I said. 'They're both naked in her kitchen feeling each other's bodies. Susan sinks to her knees before him, she looks up into his eyes as she strokes his dick and while keeping eye contact she feeds it into her mouth.'

'After five seconds he shoots a jet of sticky sperm deep into her throat, or does he pull out and squirt it all over her face?' Margaret asked.

God help me, I wouldn't be able to take much more of this. 'Perfect, just as he's coming he pulls out of her mouth and she finishes him off with her hand.'

'And he comes all over her face?'

Margaret quickly typed it up and then said, 'Right, now it's her turn.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well she's gone down on him, I think it's only fair he does the same for her.'

I swallowed before saying that of course it would only be fair.

'Do you want her to lie on the floor sit on the table or I don't know she could even stay standing I suppose?'

'I'm not sure, what do you think?'

'How about if they go through to her lounge, she could sit on the sofa, open her legs wide and say something like it's my turn now?'

That sounded fine by me so that's what we wrote. Margaret supplied the sensory details of how Susan felt as Paul's tongue sent her over the edge and into the best orgasm she'd had in months. At that point Margaret said she needed a drink so she made us both a coffee. As we drank I couldn't help thinking how absurd the situation was. Me a kid with no actual experience with girls writing the most explicit sex story I'd ever read with a mature woman who has a detailed knowledge of all things carnal. I was snapped out of my thoughts as Margaret spoke,

'Paul, you've never been with a girl have you.' It wasn't a question.

'No I suppose that's obvious isn't it?'

'I suppose it is in a way, but a lot of men don't completely understand women. The fact that we enjoy sex as much as they do is beyond them.'

I couldn't think of anything to reply to that so I sat in silence. What Margaret said next was to change my life forever.

'The way Susan used her mouth in the story.' She started then stopped. I waited for her to continue, when she didn't I added 'you mean when she gave him a blow job.'

'A blow job was it, yes then.' Once again she stopped.

' Do you want to alter it?' I asked.

'No nothing like that.' This time I thought she would say what I hoped she would so I just watched her.

'Paul, would you like.' She stopped again. Go on I screamed in my head.

'Would you like me to….' Say it I almost shouted out loud.

'Yes I would. Most definitely yes.' I said in the calmest voice I could manage which as I spoke sounded like a small child's.

Margaret didn't move or look at me so I asked if that was what she had been going to say.

'It was.' she admitted.

To be able to use the toilet in my condition I was wearing tracksuit bottoms. I got up and walked over to Margaret. As Susan had done in the story she looked up into my eyes. As I looked down at her I pushed my trousers down. My dick sprang out to meet her. Margaret held it in her hands playing with it for a few seconds before slowly feeding it into her mouth. All it took was her to move her head back once or twice and I started to come. Once again sticking to our script I pulled out to let her pump me with her hand. Some of my sperm found her mouth, which she held open. The rest went into her hair or face.

I was completely drained as I had the best orgasm I'd ever had. It was as much as I could manage to drop onto the couch beside Margaret. I told her she had no idea how much I had needed that and thanked her profusely. She replied that it had been a pleasure. Margaret got up, I thought she might have been leaving but she stayed in front of me. She looked into my eyes as she slowly pushed her slacks down her legs. God I thought she's stripping. Her knickers were pushed off with her slacks so she was soon standing only inches from me naked from the waist down. She had a neatly trimmed pussy that had virtually no hair between her legs. When she had let me look for what seemed like ages she sat back beside me and opened her legs wide.

'Right, now it's my turn.' She said with a contented smile on her face.

I quickly knelt between her legs I took a moment to look at her before I lowered my face. To be honest I had no idea what I should do. I think Margaret realised my dilemma and gave me a quick anatomy lesson. She took my hand and touched her clit. Then she pushed two of my fingers into her vagina. She said that I should use my tongue on just her clit and that I would soon get the hang of it.

And so I lowered my face to her pussy. I smelled her musky sweetness. Exactly what it would taste like I had never even thought. As it happened it tasted just right. I soon noticed that when I licked her 'button' she would moan and squirm. Her hands ran though my hair as I kissed and licked her. Blissfully happy I had no idea how long I was knelt on the carpet. It could have been an hour; I had no idea. I just wanted to hear Margaret moan as I kissed her. In the end she begged me to stop. She couldn't take any more. Perversely I kept going just a little longer.

As I pulled my face a way from her she whispered,

'Fuck me Paul. Fuck me please.'

Not really needing to be asked twice I shuffled closer to her and fed my virgin dick into her eagerly awaiting pussy. As I pumped into her she once more moaned and squirmed on the couch. As I watched her she pushed her top up over her bra. I felt her tits with my bandaged hands before she pushed her bra up as well and allowed me to see her soft swinging breasts. They were every bit as gorgeous as I imagined they would be. I watched them spell bound as she squeezed them with her hands pushing them one way and then the other.

Just as I was about to come Margaret let out a low growl and I realised she was coming too. As I unloaded my second helping of sperm in an hour Margaret arched her back and grunted like an animal. I lowered my face to her tits and quickly sucked on a nipple. Margaret's orgasm lasted about half a minute. As she calmed down after wards she regained her modesty and covered her tits. I pulled out of her and she quickly put her slacks on. She didn't bother with her knickers. When she was covered I pulled my bottoms up and dropped onto the couch exhausted.

Margaret fussed around the room looking everywhere but at me. Eventually she sat at the computer and re-read some of the story. I asked her to save it, which she did before closing the program, saying she had better get back as she had things to do. Margaret let her self out and I sat alone hardly able to believe what had happened.

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by Anonymous

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by Redken1306/24/14

A job well done

A brilliant story that had me hard all the way through.l am trying to write, if l could only find someone like Margaret to proof read for me, and give a full erotic feel to it. Well done

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by oldnornry10/29/13

Very creative

that she has a knack for writing and also the knowledge of seduction. She made his day and got mine stiff also.

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