tagInterracial LoveMatthew and Camille Ch. 02

Matthew and Camille Ch. 02


***First, I'd like to express my apologies for taking so long to come back with chapter two. Life kinda got in the way of what I'd originally intended to do with this story, which was to let the chapters go as soon as possible. I also want to say thank you to you all for your comments. You guys did a good job of making me feel really guilty for just leaving you hanging like I did. I know that I become highly upset when a story that I'm really feeling is just dropped. But anyway, thank you all, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter.***

Camille sat at a computer terminal in the Bishop University's psych lab. Her chin was propped on her hand as she tried to fool everyone, including herself, into believing that she was actually doing her job.

Over the last week, she'd done a lot of pretending at work, finding it hard to focus on her research when she had to continually pull her thoughts away from memories of a certain tall, dark haired hottie with a faint, take-me-now accent.

He hadn't called, which came as no surprise to Camille, but, she figured that it would have been a nice surprise if he had.

She constantly tried to recall every minute of that night in the week that had passed. Remembering how great it felt to have a man like Matt show interest in her, even if it was an act. For that one night, Matt had given her a confidence boost that had apparently been exactly what she'd needed.

But that fairy tale was over. In her head, she actually saw Matt's image poof away. He'd been her knight in an expensive Armani suit for one night, now he was just a fantasy left to haunt her in dreams as well as in her waking hours, not to mention, cause her to fall behind on her workload.

"Get over it," she mumbled to herself. "It's probably for the best anyway. Who knows how many women he has hopping in and out of his bed every night. Probably has cooties or something." She gave a snort of laughter as she mentally shook herself and turned back to the computer screen. She read the report again, for the fifth time, deciding that if she wanted to keep her job, she'd better lose all memory of Matthew Roman, his accent, his wonderful smell, his great body…" God, you're pathetic," she said to herself, looking at the screen and trying to read, yet again.


Some time later, Camille was in her office putting files away when she heard a light tap on her door. She swiveled in her chair and looked up, giving a frustrated huff. Glancing at her watch, she saw that she'd been at it nearly two hours, maybe a break was a good thing. It was probably Amy wanting her lunch order.

Camille stood and made her way to the door when a second knock came, slightly louder than the first. "What's for lunch today Am…y," Camille faltered when she saw that the person at her door wasn't Amy.

"Hello, miele," Matt greeted, and before she knew it, he'd bent down to kiss her lightly on the cheek.. When she didn't respond, his mouth hitched in a half smile. "If you want I can go and get this Amy person. I think I saw her when I came in."

"Matt, hi, what are you…how did you…" she paused, shaking her head. Next time try being a little more rude, she scolded herself. "Come in," Matt nodded, walking into the office stopping just past Camille. She closed the door and turned to him.

"How are you?" He asked before she got a word in.

"I'm good," she said looking down to straighten her lab coat. "How about you?"

"Not bad," he said shaking his jacket form his shoulders.

Camille couldn't help but follow the action as he removed the dark blue article, revealing a sky blue shirt that was tucked neatly into the waist band of his pants. She suddenly found herself wishing that she had the courage to walk over to him and rip the garment off, revealing the dark, muscular body she knew would be underneath. "Do you want to have a seat?" She asked, her fingers twitching slightly.

Matt smiled, "Please."

She motioned to the chairs in front of her desk. Matt walked over to take a seat, dropping his coat over the empty chair next to his. She followed, not sitting behind her desk, but instead leaning against the front of it, across from the empty chair.

Matt looked at her, taking in her appearance. She looked different; the woman he'd seen in the restaurant a week ago was nearly gone. In her place, was a woman very much a doctor, but at the same time, there was an undercurrent of sensuality that he didn't think even she was aware of.

Her dark brown hair had hung loosely around her shoulders the night they'd met, now it was pulled into a ponytail at the back of her head, only a stray lock hung down the left side of her face, stopping right at her chin. She hadn't been wearing glasses that night, but now she wore a stylish pair of plastic framed glasses with thin square lenses. Her makeup hadn't been heavy the night they'd met but the small amount that she had been wearing was gone and only a faint amount of gloss covered her full, kissable lips.

She must have been wearing flats the night they'd met, because now, instead of stopping just under his chin, the top of her head came nearly to his nose. Her black dress had been replaced with a long white lab coat that stopped just above her knees and covered a black blouse and a pair of dark blue pinstripe slacks. The black shirt was buttoned so that it gave a teasing glimpse of her smooth brown neck, leading a path down to the cleavage of her very full breasts. The slacks hugged her curvy hips in a way that made Matt want to peal the garment away, just to touch the creamy brown skin they covered.

Matt adjusted himself in his seat, trying to alleviate some of the pressure that his sudden hard-on was beginning to generate. He frowned, slightly bemused, he found Camille attractive, but he'd never been the kind of guy to go for the erudite type. Though he didn't think that he had a particular type, he knew that this version of Camille wasn't it. So why did he have a raging hard-on when she was fully clothed and in a lab coat? And why had he spent half a day trying to talk himself into going to her job?

He had been silent for a long moment, watching her, and Camille grew anxious at his silent scrutiny. She nervously pulled the loose strand of hair behind her ear. "What are you doing here?" She asked hoping that she didn't sound rude, again.

He gave an almost imperceptible shrug of his shoulders, and a half smile as he began to look around the room. "So this is where you work?" Her office was simply decorated, bookshelves covering most of the walls, her achievements covering the wall behind her desk.

She nodded. "Yes, here and in the lab down the hall."

Matt paused for a moment as his gaze traveled back to Camille's. With the half smile still in place he spoke again. "I'm sorry for just dropping in on you without calling."

"No, its fine," she lied, shaking her head. "So what brings you by today?" And why haven't you called? She added silently, looking directly into his dark brown eyes.

"I came by to apologize for not calling you this past week," he said, as if reading her mind, "but work has been rather hectic and I didn't want to risk being distracted or worse, standing you up." He leaned in her direction, holding her in his steady gaze. "I came by today to ask if you would join me for lunch?"

Camille couldn't help the shy smile that tugged at the corners of her mouth. She gave a sigh as she caught a whiff of that magnificent cologne he'd been wearing the other night. "I'd love to, but we're having this staff luncheon thing today, 'a team building event,'" she said rolling her eyes and frowning, as she remembered that she'd already agreed to attend.

Matt laughed lightly. "I take it you'd rather not attend."

"Is it that obvious?" She asked smiling fully.

Matt took in the smile, liking the way the small action had lit up her face, making her look even younger and more innocent. "A little. How about dinner tonight?"

Say yes, a wanton voice in the back ok her head screamed. He didn't call, some small, still logical part of her brain responded. Who cares? All he has to do is smile and all is forgiven? Um, yea, look at him, he doesn't even have to smile. You're pathetic. Camille mentally shook herself, trying to dislodge the internal debate she was having. God, he has me arguing with myself.

"Camille," he said waving his hand in front of her face.


Matt smiled again. "To dinner I hope?"

"Um," she hesitated.

Matt reached over to grab the hand that she'd rested on her thigh. He gently ran his thumb across her knuckles. "I promise you will have a good time," he said tugging lightly on her fingers.

Camille thought for a moment. It had been months since she had been out on an actual date. Her last relationship had been horrible and had ended that way, causing her to give up on finding a genuinely decent guy. This guy she didn't know very much about, but what he'd done for her the other night definitely had him leaning more toward the decent guy category than anything else.

"Ok," she said before she had a chance to talk herself out of it. "I'll go."

Matt's smile broadened as he nodded. "Good."

Camille's stomach fluttered yet again at Matt's smile. She was amazed at how such a small gesture on his part could elicit that type of response from her, but she wasn't going to complain. They were silent for a moment, content to just look at each other. "So where are we going?" Camille asked, finally.

"It's a surprise."

Camille pouted. "How do you know that I like surprises?"

Matt laughed. "You'll like this."

"Yeah, yeah," Camille said, still smiling as she used her free hand to sweep the lock of loose hair behind her ear.

Matt followed the action, unable to ignore even her smallest of movements. "This is a new look for you," he stated tugging on the lab coat with his free hand.

Camille looked down. "Oh, this?" she questioned grabbing her lapel. She shook her head. "No the other night was a new look for me. This, as sad as it may be, is my norm," she said looking back at Matt.

Matt chuckled. "I don't know, I think that it's working for you."

Camille gave a snort of laughter that Matt could only describe as cute. "Yeah, right, unless geeky lab rat is your cup of tea, in which case, weeiirrrrd," she said the last word in a sing-song voice.

"I'm serious" Matt said moving his hand so that it rested directly on her thigh. "I don't know what it is or why, but this look is…" he trailed off, his eyes roaming over her body.

Camille looked down at the hand resting possessively on her thigh. Her body had immediately started to react to his touch. She could feel a slight moisture building between her thighs, and she could only hope that he didn't notice as he continued his bold perusal of her body. She didn't look, but she was sure that if she did, she would be able to see her nipples putting up a valiant effort to burst through her bra and shirt.

Matt's eyes finally made it back to hers and she noticed that they were different, somehow darker than they had been before with an intensity that would have scared her had the two of them been in any other situation. He held her gaze for a moment, until Camille noticed a slight change just before he reluctantly tore his gaze away from hers to look at his watch.

"I hate to have to do this," he said, his voice sounding slightly strained, "but I must return to my office. I have been gone for a while, and I am sure they will send out a search party before too long."

Camille tried to hide her disappointment as she nodded. "Yea, I have a lot of work to finish up, then there's that lunch thing," she said, still unable to hide her distaste for the event.

Matt sat for a moment longer, then stood. At the same time, Camille pushed away from her desk, overestimating the amount of space between herself and Matt.

"Omph," she exclaimed as, being the smaller of the two, she was knocked off balance. Matt's hands automatically went out to steady her..

"Are you okay?" He asked when he was sure she would not fall, hands still firmly planted on her hips.

Camille's hands had reflexively come up to rest on Matt's forearms. "Yeah, I'm good I just…" her voice trailed off as she felt herself being slowly crushed to Matt's steely chest. Her eyes met his and her lips parted as she saw that, like before, his gaze had become intensely dark.

He didn't think it possible, but he'd swear that his manhood had gotten harder against her stomach. Through labored breathing he felt her full breasts pressed against his chest. His mouth watered as he noticed for the first time, the subtle floral scent that she wore, a scent that had just raced to the top of his list of favorite smells.

Camille's head began to swim as she fully assessed the hardness of every part of Matt's body. Her breasts ached as she felt the unyielding steel of his chest and stomach. Then lower, she felt thickness and incredibly length of his dick, which rested dangerously close to her center. Of their own accord, her fingers came up to lightly caress his thin lips. She rubbed the pad of her thumb along his bottom lip, examining his lips as if it were the first time she'd seen them.

Matt patiently watched as she shyly examined his lips and jaw. Her soft touch eliciting tiny sparks throughout his body that had him wanting to rip the clothes from her body and make love to her right on her office floor.

Instead, though, he lowered his head until his lips met hers. Matt began kissing her much the same as he had the night they'd met, not wanting to overwhelm her, but unable to resist getting a taste of her magnificent lips. He'd had every intention of pulling away until he felt Camille's fingers being buried in his hair, pulling him closer to her. He heard Camille groan as he used his tongue to open her lips, now wanting more than just a little taste.

His hand had just found her right breast as they were suddenly jerked back to reality by the sound of a cell phone ringing.

"Merda," Matt cursed. "Excuse me, miele," he said moving away from her slightly to turn and grab his phone from the pocket of his jacket.

As Matt answered his still ringing phone, Camille shook her head, trying to clear away some of the cloudiness that had accumulated there. She didn't know what had gotten into her, well she knew what had almost gotten into her. She wasn't the type to sleep with a guy she barely knew. Her total number of past partners was a whopping total of one guy. So why was she ready to get nasty with Matt, especially with her past?

"What's wrong, Steve?" Matt asked into the phone. He ran his fingers through his hair, making it even more messy than Camille had made it. He was silent as he listened to the man whom he'd called Steve speak on the other end. "Yes, alright, I'll be there. Goodbye." He snapped the phone shut and turned back to Camille.

"You really have to go now?" She asked, a little disappointed.

Matt gave her a half smile as he tucked the stray hairs behind her ear. "Yes. Are we still on for tonight?" Matt asked putting his arms into his jacket.

"Yeah," Camille said nodding.

"Good. I'll pick you up around eight?" He questioned as he headed for the door to her office.

"Sounds good. Hey Matt," she stopped him just before his hand reached the knob.

"Yes?" He questioned as he turned back to her.

"I think I should tell you something before we go any further," Camille paused. At his nod, she continued. "I like you, I mean, I really like you," she watched as Matt's smile went from sweet to cocky in less than two seconds. "The thing is though, I think that what almost happened," Camille pointed in the direction of her desk, "shouldn't have." She held up her hand when Matt tried to speak. "Don't get me wrong, I was as ready as you were, I just think that we may be going full speed with our eyes closed. I don't want this to go bad before it starts." She nervously folded and unfolded her hands before she asked, "Is that ok with you?"

"Camille, I like you, too, and if slow is what you want, slow is what I will provide," he said giving her a full smile.

Camille released a breath that she hadn't been aware of holding. "Okay," she said, "good. I'll see you tonight then."

"See you tonight," Matt said just before he bent to give her a chaste kiss on her lips.

As Matt turned to reach for the door again, Camille asked, "Hey do you need my address?"

Matt gave her another cocky smile. "Nope, I have it already."

She gave him a quizzical look as she crossed her arms over her chest. "And just how do you have my address already? And how did you know where I worked, for that matter?"

Matt gave a laugh just before he kissed her silent. "I'll tell you about it later, I promise." To which he was awarded a skeptical look. He opened the door just as his cell phone rang again. "I'm coming, I'm coming," he said when he answered. "See you tonight." He bent to kiss her once more before stepping out of the door.

Camille watched as he walked down the hall and was about to close the door when she caught sight of Amy standing to the side with a goofy grin on her face. "What?" Camille asked pausing.

"Who's that, Cam?" Amy asked stepping over to Camille's door. The tall, very thin Asian/Puerto Rican woman was not only one of the lab techs at the Bishop U psych lab, but also Camille's close friend. This meant that Amy knew of Camille's non-existent love life, and, of course, would call her out on seeing a strange, albeit hot guy emerge from Camille's office.

"Nobody, Amy, he's just a friend. Now, I have things to do, could you please remove yourself from my doorframe?"

"I hope he's one of the things you have to do," Amy said looking down the hall at Matt, who'd just stepped onto the elevator and was still speaking into his cell phone.

"Amy, do you keep any thoughts inside of your head?" Camille asked glancing down the hall.

"Not usually. So is he your new boy-toy?"

"Goodbye, Amy," Camille said pushing the door and forcing Amy to back up.

"Come one, tell me," Camille merely smiled and continued to close the door. "I want details later, I'm coming over!" Camille heard Amy say, and just before the door closed shut, she heard, "You better tap that, or I will." Camille couldn't help the laugh that escaped as she closed the door.

Camille walked back over to her desk and sat down in her huge leather chair thoughtfully. She tried to stop it, but a smile stretched across her face. She had a date tonight, the first one in a long time, not only that, she had a date with Matt.

Making a mental note to call her sister later, Camille turned back to the work on her desk and set about finishing it. She wanted to leave early, and if those files weren't complete, she could through that idea out of the window.

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