tagInterracial LoveMatthew and Camille Ch. 12

Matthew and Camille Ch. 12


~~~Hey guys, I know this is short and I'm really sorry for it, but I just felt like I couldn't write. I mean, like anything. I've been pretty stumped since I finished the last part, not only with this story, but also with the other stories that I've been working on. I thought maybe getting some of those stories out of the way would help clear the way for this story but no dice. Also, kinda been working a lot lately, and developing an obsession with Call of Duty: Black Ops. But anyway, I've been back and forth with how I wanted this part of the story to play out. I finally got something going, it's not where I had originally planned to go but I think it worked out ok. I hope you guys like it and I'm really sorry it took so long.~~~

Camille disgustedly threw her panties in with her dirty clothes before climbing into the shower. Twenty minutes later, after standing under a spray of water that was almost hot enough to scald her skin, she got out.

Drying quickly, she tiptoed into her bedroom to grab something else to wear. She just couldn't see getting back into bed with as little on as before so she found an oversized long-sleeved shirt and a pair of Matt's thick cotton, black workout pants. As a preemptive measure, she popped two pain relievers for the cramps she was sure were on their way.

As she stepped back into her bedroom, she contemplated getting back into bed, but she didn't want to wake Matt just yet. They'd gotten to her place late the night before. She also knew she would just lie there either staring at the walls and ceiling, not really seeing them, or staring at Matt, thinking about what she didn't have.

She looked at Matt. He was no longer lying on his side as he had been when she was with him, but, sprawled across her bed in nothing but black boxer-briefs and she couldn't help but smile. When she wasn't in bed with him, even for just a short while, he tended to sleep like a child, i.e. all over the place. Her bed wasn't as large as his, so his large body seemed to almost cover the entire surface.

Her eyes landed on his tattoo and she shook her head. She grabbed her shoes and left the room. "I need some air," she said under her breath before walking out of the front door.


Matt groaned as he came awake with a stretch. He swept his arm swept across the bed in search of Camille only to find the spot empty. He cracked an eye open, and looked around the room. He knew right away that she wasn't in the room and hadn't been there for some time.

"Baby, where are you?" He yelled loud enough for her to hear him, no matter where she was in the house.

When he got no answer, he got up from the bed. He had only worn a pair of boxer-briefs to bed so he looked in his bag for his sweats. When the ones he thought he'd packed weren't there, he shrugged and opted for the jeans he'd been wearing the night before. He decided to forego a shirt as he went in search of Camille.

Walking through the entire house, he discovered that she was nowhere to be found. "Where the hell is she? Hate waking up alone." He grumbled aloud as he rubbed a hand over his face and stifled a yawn. He walked to the front door and frowned when he saw that it was unlocked. Stepping out on to the porch, he cringed as his bare feet met the cold concrete. His gaze immediately went to the driveway. The cars were still parked, his behind hers, so she hadn't gone very far. As he looked to the left, he caught a glimpse of her form disappearing around the corner of a house at the next street.

Confusion knit his brow, but he didn't go after her. He was sure she'd be back soon, there was no sense in running barefoot and shirtless down her street, giving that old lady across the street anymore reason to continue to peek through her blinds. Turning, he went back inside.


Camille's mind was somewhere else entirely as she worked on cooking breakfast. She was scrambling some eggs and she'd fried the turkey bacon that Matt loved so much, as well as made toast. She was paying just enough attention so that she didn't burn herself and/or her house up, but not enough to hear Matt's quiet approach.

"So that's what happened to my sweats," he said caressing her ass before wrapping his arms around her waist.

Camille nearly jumped out of her skin, instead, she jumped into him. "Matt! You scared the shit out of me," she said, feeling her heart pounding in her chest.

She felt his lips curl on her neck. "I'm sorry," he said. "Why are you so distracted?" He asked. He'd noticed that she was in another world when he'd stepped through the kitchen door. "I called your name three times, twice while I was standing in the doorway."

"Sorry," she said, instead of answering.

"Mmmm, don't apologize," he said nibbling the skin on her neck. "Are you worried about this thing today?" He asked, releasing her. He moved a few items out of the way before jumping up to sit on the counter.

Camille glanced at him briefly before turning her attention back to the food. "Y-yeah," she stammered nodding. "I just don't know what to expect," she said honestly.

Matt reached over and rubbed her back. "Do you still want to go?"

She was quiet for a moment before meeting his eyes. "I think so." She turned the stove off but didn't move away. She grew quiet again, absently moving the eggs around the pan.


"Hmm," she said, not meeting his eyes.

Matt reached over and gripped the front of his sweats. He held enough of the fabric in his hands so that the pants wouldn't stretch awkwardly as he pulled her to stand between his legs. "Hey," he said lowering his head so that he could meet her eyes. He didn't speak again until she looked up at him through her lashes. "We don't have to go. I told you, I don't want you upset and if this upsets you, we're not going to go."

Camille lifted her head fully to study Matt. God, she loved this man. She'd realized that some time ago. He was always so concerned with her moods and how she felt. His own personal and professional curiosity didn't matter when it came to what she wanted. This thing with her father's will didn't trouble her as much as it had before. It, in fact, had been the farthest thing from her mind. Not even the thought of seeing her other siblings again detracted from what was on her mind. No, her saddened mood was completely due to the blood she'd discovered earlier. There wasn't a lot, but it was enough to dash her hopes. It seemed so silly for her to be upset about not having a baby that was probably not even there to begin with. But she was, she felt as if she'd lost something that belonged to her, like a light had been extinguished before it had had the chance to fully illuminate.

She wanted to tell him, she needed to tell him that little detail. The words she needed to say to him were right on the edge of her tongue, but for the life of her, she couldn't bring herself to tell him, at least not yet. Not unless he mentioned it first.

After a moment of quiet contemplation and weighing her options, Camille gave a heavy sigh. It pained her to not tell him. She opened her mouth to say the words but they didn't form. "No, it's fine. We're going," she told him instead.

Matt nodded as he leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on her lips. "If that's what you want," he said, and she nodded in return. He lifted his hand and placed it on her neck, pulling her closer. He gently massaged her nape for a moment before he lifted his head slightly. "Let's go back to bed," he said against her temple.

Camille's heart skipped a beat in panic at the thought. They wouldn't be able to sleep together for the next five days, but telling him that would mean she'd have to tell him that she'd gotten her period. "Well Danielle is going to be here in a little bit. I don't know about you, but I'm not so fond of the idea of her catching us. Why don't you go shower," she suggested turning back to the now lukewarm food.

Matt cocked his head to the side. "I already showered," he said sliding off of the counter and moving to stand right next to her, his front against her side. He leaned in and began to suck gently on her neck before gradually increasing the suction.

Camille's breath caught as she felt the evidence of his arousal on her side. "Oh," she said dumbly. When he released her neck with a gentle pop, she tried to look him over. From their angles, it was somewhat difficult to see his entire body, but she noticed for the first time that he was wearing a pair of black slacks and a dark blue dress shirt that hadn't been buttoned up yet revealing a black tank that stretched snugly across his broad chest. "B-but still," she stammered, lifting her fingers to the still wet spot on her neck, "Danielle will be here so—"

As if by some miracle they heard her front door close at the same time as Danielle's voice rang out throughout the house. "Baby sister, are you two decent? I'd really rather not catch you guys having sex on the counter," there was a pause and something was discussed before, "Kale wouldn't mind though," she said as they walked into the kitchen. "Oh, great, you guys are fully clothed." Beside her, Kale grumbled playfully about being either too late, or too early.

"Gross, Kale," Camille said as she walked over to the pair and gave them both a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey," Matt said pointing at Kale, his face serious, "watch yourself. This," he said motioning his hands over Camille's body, "is mine. Keep your eyes off of it."

Camille faced him her arms crossed over her chest. "This? It? Really Matt?"

Matt and Kale began to laugh which earned them both punches in the shoulder from both women. They all knew Matt wasn't being serious. Kale and Matt were fast becoming good friends and their relationship was much like Matt's relationship with Drew and Ryan. That meant that they were all no longer immune to jokes, digs, and irritating, teenage boy behaviors. "I was kidding, baby." Matt looked at Kale. "He knows I was kidding, right?"

Kale greeted Matt, shaking his hand before he looked to Camille and she could swear he was a second away from making a joke, but thought better of it. "Of course, Cammie babe. You know you're like a sister to me." He rubbed a hand across his chest as his eyes became playfully lecherous. "A sister I want to see naked."

Danielle pushed him. "I thought you grew up while you were gone."

He turned to Danielle. "Yeah, I grew up, as in taller, buffer," he said flexing a bit in his sportscoat. "I'm still a randy teenager at heart, though, baby," he said before lifting his head and winking at Camille.

Camille couldn't help but smile. "Randy? Kale you didn't even know what sex was before you left."

Kale scoffed. "Yeah right," he said walking over to the stove and grabbing a piece of turkey bacon. "I had the internet and those interesting dreams I used to have about your sister where I was a doctor and she was my patient, and I had this chair with straps—"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Camille said holding up her hands as he began to use his to illustrate his dream. "Over-share, Kale."

"Perv," Danielle said hopping up on one of Camille's stools.

"Where the hell are you going?" Camille asked taking in Danielle's clothing. She was dressed in a slim-fitting, black blazer, a stark white shirt underneath, an equally slim-fitting skirt that barely reached her knees and a pair of strappy heels that were impossibly high.

"That's what I said," Kale said, moving to stand next to her. "I mean it's just some old lawyer's office, right. Why is she dressed all sexy like she's stepping out onto a runway?"

A smile curled on Matt's lips as he walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water. "Are you going with us?" He asked Kale.

"Hell no," he said shaking his head. "I have better things to do with my day than go to some boring meeting."

"Hmm," Matt nodded taking a drink of the water. "I take it they didn't tell you about this six foot plus, young blond Norwegian lawyer who visited Camille last week. They flirted back and forth non-stop, with me standing in the room."

"Matt!" Camille said covering her face.

"What?!" Kale exclaimed at the same time.

"I wasn't flirting with him," Camille said to Kale. "I was just being nice and so was he. And he's Swedish, Matt, not Norwegian."

"He's Nordic," Kale chimed in. "Which means, like a lot of Nordic people, he's tall, blond haired, and blue eyed," he said ticking off on his fingers.

"And he was eying you, Camille, like he hadn't seen a woman in years," Matt supplied

"Oh, I'm going to this damn thing," Kale said turning to Danielle. His eyes moved over her body. "Dressed like that. You're not going to see this guy without me."

Danielle, who had remained quietly amused by the whole thing smiled at Kale. "I dressed like this because we're going to meet with a lawyer. Not because said lawyer is tall, blond, and handsome."

"Handsome?" Kale asked looking at Matt who shrugged. He turned back to Danielle who wore a mischievous smile as she nibbled on a piece of toast Camille had put on a plate for Kale. "This isn't funny Dani."

"I was kidding Kale. You are the only guy I'm dressing sexy for. You can come along if you don't believe me."

"Seriously, Kale, he's just a nice guy," Camille urged.

Kale looked from Danielle to Camille to Matt. "What do you think of this guy?"

Matt shrugged glancing at Camille. "Seems like he'd be ok if he weren't so enamored by Camille eyes. You know, he just loves brown eyes," he said, his eyes sliding back to Kale's.

Kale's arms crossed his chest. "Likes Black chicks?"

Matt smiled as he lifted the bottle to his mouth again. "Seems to be going around."

Camille and Danielle rolled their eyes. "You two are unbelievable," Camille said moving to leave the kitchen. "I'm going to get dressed," she said over her shoulder.

Danielle gracefully hopped down from the stool. "Be good, guys," she said following Camille.


The thought briefly crossed Camille's mind that maybe four people was a bit much for this thing. The look on the receptionists face said that she was thinking the same thing, but she needed Matt and Danielle and there was no way Kale was going to wait idly in the car while Arik was in there possibly looking at Danielle.

"Hi, we have a meeting with Arik Svensson," Danielle said because Camille found it difficult to speak at the moment.

"Oh, yes," she said standing, "you're here for the meeting about will of Mr. Flynn, correct?"

Danielle nodded. "Danielle and Camille Flynn," Danielle said, letting the woman draw her own conclusions about the two men with them.

She nodded. "Right this way," she said and hurriedly walked down a short hall. They followed her and were led to a meeting room with a long, rectangular table with six chairs on each side. "If you'd like to have a seat, feel free. Everyone else should be here shortly. Mr. Svensson is on a call right now and should be done soon. If you need or would like anything, I'll be right outside," she said quickly, then waited a moment before leaving the room.

The four of them stood quietly in the room for a moment until Kale broke the silence. "So, a will-reading, never been to one of these things before. Thought that was just something rich people did."

"Yeah, confused the hell out of me, too," Danielle said, gently pushing Kale toward the chairs.

Camille gave a nervous laugh, but she didn't try to sit as she shifted from one foot to the other over and over. She couldn't decide what she wanted to do with her hands, so from minute-to-minute, they'd go from being clasped in front of her, to resting under her chin, to her harms being crossed over her chest.

Matt noticed the fidgeting and moved closer to Camille. "Are you ok?" He asked in a low voice.

Camille met his eyes. She opened her mouth to respond, but nothing came out. She nodded first, but after a second shook her head. "She said 'others'," Camille said to Matt. "Tha-that means my brother and my other sister are coming. They hate me." Camille suddenly felt her stomach lurch. "I feel sick." Why was this bothering her now? Before she hadn't cared one bit about who she was going to see at this thing. Well, maybe she cared who showed up but this morning, it hadn't made her sick to her stomach to think that she was going to face the sister she hadn't seen in years, and the brother who would have very likely physically attacked her if Matt hadn't shown up to her job at the exact moment that he had.

"Do you have to throw up?" He asked looking her over. "Do you think," he glanced behind him, Danielle and Kale were so wrapped up in each other that they didn't noticed the hushed conversation between the two of them. Matt stepped in front of Camille just the same, blocking her from view. "Could it be morning sickness," he said, only loud enough for her to hear it.

Camille's eyes focused on his. She hesitated for a moment before she decided that she couldn't avoid telling him now. She shook her head. "No, I got my period this morning," she said, not meeting his eyes.

"You did?"

She nodded then noticed table to the side with a pitcher of water and cups on it. "I'm going to get some water," she turned to do that but Matt beat her to it.

Matt grabbed the glass, filled it about halfway and handed it to her. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, Matt, I think I know more about my period than you do," she said, then immediately regretted getting an attitude with him. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok," he said, rubbing her jacket-clad arm.

Camille nodded and lifted the cup to her mouth. She was about to take a sip before she sniffed and her stomach lurched again. "What the hell is that smell?" She asked eying the cup.

"What smell?" He asked, his brow knit in confusion.

"I don't..." She lifted the cup again and sniffed, "Ugh, this water smells weird," she said moving it as far away from her nose as she could.

"Let me see," Matt said reaching for the cup. He sniffed then took a sip.

"Matt, no. Don't drink that, it's like, tainted or something.

"Camille this water tastes and smells fine. And I'm fairly certain blondie had it filtered. Are you sick?" He asked lifting a hand to feel her forehead then her neck area.

"I'm fine," she said when he continued to feel, too distracted to chastise Matt for calling Arik blondie. "That water stinks."

"Ok," he said skeptically, placing the glass back down on the table. "What does it smell like?"

Camille eyed Matt. "It smells like someone who was sick drank the water then threw it back up into that cup," she said, her attitude changing slightly, at his skepticism.

"Ok. That's really specific."

"You need to find some gum or a mint," she said pushing the cup farther away from her.

"What?" He asked confused.

"You need a mint, or some gum. That water smell is going to be in your mouth," she said covering her own.

Matt looked at her. "Are you sure you're not sick?"

"I'm fine. I'm not sick, I'm not pregnant, I'm about to see siblings who hate me and hear what my dead deadbeat, pedophilic father has to say to or about me. I'm absolutely fine," she said crossing her arms over her chest.

"I see your sense of sarcasm hasn't suffered," he said under his breath.


"Nothing. Look, do you want me to go get you a bottled water or something?" He said hooking his thumb over his shoulder.

"What?" She said grabbing the lapels of his jacket. "No, you can't go anywhere. I need you."

Matt gave a sigh as he lifted a hand to rub her arm, again. He studied her for a moment. "So, no baby?"

Camille met his eyes then shook her head. "It's probably for the best," she said, her eyes drifting away from his. "One less complication."

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