tagBDSMMatt's Weekend

Matt's Weekend


You will have to wait and see I It had been a great week, dominating Matt had really turned me on but I knew I could do more And I had lots of ideas of what to do. We had arranged a long weekend in a cottage in the hills and tonight we were going there. I had packed a case for us both adding a few extras to fulfill Matt’s fantasy.

Matt arrived home from work about 30 minutes after me. We ate dinner and after clearing up we made a move and headed for the cottage it was a short journey, by the time we arrived the sun was setting and it was so peaceful. We unpacked and opened a bottle of wine and lit a few candles it was so relaxing, we talked about our fantasies and matt told me he had this fantasy about being used as a slave, mmm how could he read my mind, if only he knew what I had packed.

After showering we headed for bed, just as matt entered the room I blindfolded him, he was surprised until I said tonight you will obey me, you are to be my slave and please me, if I am pleased then you will be rewarded, do you understand yes Mistress I understand. Good then kneel down in front of me, I then placed a collar around his throat attached to it was a lead. Place your hands by your side and stay there till I return. Yes Mistress.

I went and got my bag and put the contents on the bedside cabinet oh I was going to have some fun tonight, I told matt to stand I took of his toweling robe and looked at his naked body I ran my fingers through his hairy chest and lightly pinched his nipples he sighed and moved back, stand still slave I shouted at him I walked round him admiring his cute arse I squeezed his cheeks and then slapped each one five times they turned pink mmmm I was going to make them red by the end of the night.

I pulled matt’s hands behind his back and handcuffed them I sat on the bed and laid back I was naked and my newly shaven pussy was begging for release I started to play with myself telling Matt exactly what I was doing I could hear his breathing getting heavy Oh Matt this feels so good and so wet my finger is going in deeper and deeper, in and out, I got up and placed my finger to his lips "lick it clean slave, taste my juices" He didn’t hesitate his tongue was there, I took the blindfold from him and lent back on the bed come lick me out slave I held my lips open for him and he pushed his tongue in deeper and deeper, flicking my clit now and again and generally driving me wild , I was nearing my first orgasm of the night and I was determined it was going to be a big one.

I told Matt to stop and get on the bed and lay on his back it was a bit awkward because of the cuffs but he managed. I straddled him and his tongue was ready before I even sat down god he was good with his tongue before long I was coming hard and fast over his face. You are being a very good slave so far but the night is young told him to get up and replaced the blindfold stay on your knees slave from the unit I got the nipple clamps mmmm Matt’s nipples are so sensitive I knew this would push him to the edge I pinched his left nipple with my thumb and finger until it was erect then wham I placed the clamp on it,

Oh my god Mistress please take it off it hurts so much, bear with it slave it will get better I pinched his right nipple and placed the clamp on although Matt said it hurt his cock was saying something different I had never seen it so hard I couldn’t resist it I just had to have it in my mouth stand up slave I ordered and then I knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth , precum was on the tip I teased my tongue up and down his shaft, I took his balls into my hand I knew he was going to explode very soon. I stopped and pulled the lead come to me slave I kissed him roughly on his lips pulling his head hard into my lips god he was hot...

My pussy was oozing with my juices I needed to feel matt’s cock inside me I needed to cum now I released the handcuffs and got on all fours now fuck me slave but don’t you dare cum until I say you can Matt got behind me a slid his cock straight into my pussy he lent forward and pushed deeper and deeper playing with my nipples with one hand and my clit with his other within minutes I was coming oh yes slave fuck me harder and deeper play with my clit.... that was wonderful slave, you may now fuck my tits and cum whenever you want, I laid down and held my tits together and Matt fucked them hard, he had always wanted to fuck them but we had never got round to it now he was and loving every moment of it , he suddenly cried out "oh yes Yes I’m Cumming ahhh..........his cum slatted all over my tits and on my face mm it tasted so nice....... Oh baby that was so good, thank you so much Don’t thank me I replied you were an excellent slave Can we do it again Matt asked answered........

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