tagGroup SexMia & Emmie at The Manor Ch. 01

Mia & Emmie at The Manor Ch. 01


A/N: Hi guys! So I'm a long-time reader, first-time writer (for Literotica, at least), and would adore to hear from any of you lovely people, whether it's about Mia & Emmie, or just to say hi :-) Hope you enjoy my first story, I can't say how much I wish I had a friend like Emmie (or a teacher like Gabriel) *sigh*...


Emmie and I turned to each other with matching grins, seconds after her car sputtered to a halt at the bottom of Brixby Manor's drive.

"Prime position," she commented over the sound of rain bucketing down on the car. "Let's do this."

We'd been readying ourselves for this night for a good year now, since we'd first walked into Senior Calculus and caught sight of the pure sex-godliness that is Gabriel White, our teacher. He was not much older than us - probably mid-to-late twenties, and had been the focal point for almost all of my sex dreams since that first class, with his white-blond hair, chiseled facial features, and body made for climbing (along with a number of other activities).

Emmie got out of the tiny hatchback first, the rain instantly washing over her like a shower, slicking her waist-length chocolate hair to her back.

"Come on, Mia!" she called from beyond the closed door, gesturing to me wildly. Taking a deep breath and convincing myself The Plan was a surefire success, I followed suit, squealing as the raindrops hit me.

Emmie grabbed my hand and we headed up the drive, its gravel road illuminated by waterproof lanterns. Through the rain and shadows I could see that the light was on in the front room of the manor - thank God too, because one of our greatest fears was that Mr. White - sorry, Gabriel - wouldn't be at home and we'd be stranded roadside for the night, dressed the way we were.

We took our time getting to the front door of the massive sandstone house - another brilliant aspect of The Plan - because it allowed our outfits to soak through completely and let us look a bit more like lost puppies rather than drowned cats.

As we stepped under the cover of the door's breezeway, I pulled Emmie against me so we were hip-to-hip. "Nervous?" I asked, noting the way she was shaking slightly.

"Freaking freezing," she replied, "but not nervous. Not with you here."

"I'm glad you're here, too," I said honestly, so grateful this beautiful and sensual girl was my best friend in the world.

Her fingers reached up and brushed a strand of soaked hair from my face, then traced down my cheek, towards the cleavage peeking above my dress. My heartbeat immediately sped up at her touch, comforted and excited all at once.

I leaned across and kissed her, gently and lovingly, and she instantly moaned. Despite our chills, it was clear we were both turned on and ready for whatever lay ahead. We'd spent most of the day doing our hair and make-up, shaving every hair from the neck from our bodies, and keeping each other hot and horny for tonight's events. Her tongue flicked out to brush my lips, and I obliged by opening my mouth, our tongues mingling softly. As always, she tasted of cotton candy, and the sweetness made me wet with anticipation.

"Come on," I giggled, breaking away before I pressed her against the stone wall and finished what we'd started. "Otherwise we'll die of pneumonia."

She poked her tongue out at me but dutifully pressed the doorbell, eliciting a chiming echo around the inside of the house.

Emmie wound an arm around my waist and I did the same to her, knowing it would make us look similar. Everyone said we could pass as twins, or at least sisters - same long, soft brown hair, same wide blue eyes, same alabaster skin, same average height and long legs. Emmie's breasts were a cup bigger than mine, however, at a D, and I had freckles across my nose.

For The Plan, we'd decided to dress as though we were headed to a post-graduation costume party on this side of town: Emmie in a white-and-gold corset, white tutu, white thigh-high stockings, black stiletto pumps, and me in the exact same outfit but black-and-red as the color scheme. The excuse was we were going as Heaven and Hell, and we just had to hope Gabriel would go for it.

A painfully long minute later, the door swung back to reveal the object of our desire, looking as droolworthy and godly as ever, dressed in a dark plum shirt rolled to his elbows and straight black suit pants. The smell of cedar and honey wafted out from inside and I gripped Emmie's waist tighter as my pussy grew even wetter.

"Girls!" said Gabriel, eyes wide with surprise at both our appearance and our outfits. "What are you doing here?"

"W-we broke d-down," Emmie stammered through her still-chattering teeth, casting a glance back down the driveway. "S-sorry Mr. White, we d-didn't know where else to g-go." Damn, give this girl a Daytime Emmy - she was going for gold.

Gabriel's eyes took in every inch of us, from our matching slutty attire to our stiffened nipples to our arms wrapped around each other, and the hunger I'd sensed all last year whenever he looked at Emmie and I flared to life in his maple-colored eyes.

"Come on in, girls - you must be freezing," he said, opening the door wider. Step One of The Plan was complete.

"Thanks, Mr. White," I said with a prize-winning smile, hobbling in with Emmie still clutched to me.

The manor was warm enough to make me moan, with a crackling fire in the huge living room and ducted heating around the foyer. The lighting was dim and romantic, and when I looked at the three-seater leather sofa by the firelight, an image of Emmie sprawled across it, naked, with me bent over, lapping at her drenched pussy and Gabriel pumping into me from behind flashed across my mind.

Maybe Emmie had the same epiphany - we were so close, we were basically psychic twins - because a gasp escaped her when she saw the same furniture and her eyes clouded over for a second.

"Do you girls want to thaw out by the fire first? Or there's a shower upstairs, if you'd prefer?" Bless Gabriel's heart - he really was trying to keep his eyes above our plunging necklines.

"Oh, we might just warm up first, if that's alright," I replied, leading Emmie by the hand to the fireside in the living room. He followed swiftly.

"So, if you guys don't mind me asking, how did you ... ah ... know where I lived?" Gabriel's crooked smile made my head spin, and I had to look to Emmie for the answer, knowing I'd probably just drool.

She laughed quite breezily. "We remembered your car from the day you almost hit the pair of us on our bikes, the first day back from Christmas Break?" She pointed to the car in question - a sleek, champagne-colored BMW with a signature black stripe down the side. For the thousandth time in my life, I was grateful to know Emmie.

Gabriel rubbed his face in mock shame. "Oh God, you're never gonna let me live that one down, are you? I think I've apologized at least four hundred times by now, you know. I'm not sure what else I can do to make it up to you two."

"We'll think of something," I said with what I hoped was a mysterious smile, and Emmie giggled softly.

The unadulterated lust in his eyes was clearer now, making my skin feel tight and overly sensitive to Emmie's presence right beside me. This was really happening! We'd been so afraid he'd just treat us like we were kids and call us a cab, but the look on his beautiful face told me our fears were unfounded. He wanted us, like we wanted him.

We knew, through after-class flirting and asking other teachers, that Gabriel was single, thanks to his whore of an ex-girlfriend running off with his best friend six months ago. We also knew he didn't mind that Emmie and I came as a joint package, because whenever we'd put on a show for him in class - stroking each others' hair, giggling with our heads bent together, brushing against each other on the way to our seats - he'd lose his train-of-thought and clear his throat suddenly, giving us both a promising smile that we knew by heart.

"Did you need to borrow my landline to call someone?" Gabriel's soft question snapped me out of my reverie.

Emmie bit her lip. "Both our parents are out of town, and my brother's back at college."

"Maybe we could just catch a bus?" I suggested in a pretty defeated tone, looking forlornly out of the window at the pouring rain.

"Don't be silly, I wouldn't dream of letting girls like you two catch a bus at this hour, in this weather." His eyes flickered over our scantily-clad forms once more, and my eye caught on the slight bulge in his trousers as he leaned against the sofa arm.

"Girls like us?" asked Emmie innocently.

"Er," he stammered, though he didn't look too apologetic, "young. Innocent."

I looked at Emmie and the two of us burst out laughing. "Mr. White, do we look all that innocent to you?" I asked coyly, spinning in a slow circle of display, hoping my tutu rode up a little to showcase my garter belts.

He swallowed. Hard. "You guys graduated a month ago - you can call me Gabriel, you know. Why are you dressed like that, if you don't mind me asking?"

Emmie smirked. "Costume party. We're Heaven and Hell."

"Ah." Yep, that bulge definitely just expanded.

"Maybe we should have that shower now - I'm all dried up," I piped up. Time for Step Two: Showcase Our Talents.

"Of course, just follow me," Gabriel said with an easy smile, leading us out of the living room and up a flight of oak stairs.

"We're sorry, Mr Wh-- er, Gabriel," said Emmie as we followed. "We hope we're not interrupting or anything."

"Rest assured, you're more than welcome here. I was supposed to be going on a date tonight, but I took the weather as a bad omen and decided to pass it up."

"A date?" I blinked, thanking whatever god was listening for our good luck.

"Yeah." His smile turned grim. "A friend of mine tried to set me up with his wife's sister. Unfortunately, alcoholic cat ladies who write NCIS fanfiction for a living aren't my type."

Emmie and I laughed, genuinely. How could we NOT want to bone the living daylights out of this man? He was incredible.

"Here we are," he said, gesturing into a bathroom the size of my kitchen at home. Massive spa bath, two-person shower, heated towel racks, and big fluffy towels.

"Thanks so much, Gabriel," I gushed, pulling Emmie into the room with me.

"Oh, you're ... you're going in together?" God, the heat in his eyes was like a tangible thing. I could almost feel it reach out and stroke my soaked cunt, even through my lace thong.

"Yeah, we'll need all the help we can get to escape these things," Emmie said, waving a hand to our corsets.

"Do you mind if we leave the door open a bit though? Emmie's claustrophobic," I said. It wasn't exactly a lie - Emmie did get claustrophobic in, like, dark cellars and things like that.

"No problems," he croaked, then cleared his throat. "Just call if you need anything."

"We will," the two of us said in perfect unison. He backed out of the room, looking as though he'd like nothing more but to stay, and Emmie closed the door halfway. The hall outside was shrouded in shadow, so if he stood and watched us, we wouldn't know anyway.

"This is going perfectly," my best friend whispered as she turned me around.

I gave a breathy laugh. "Time to ramp it up, baby girl."

Slowly, seductively, Emmie began to untie the plethora of laces at my corset's back. I placed both palms against the outer glass of the shower, bending forwards slightly so my ass was sticking out. She unzipped my tutu as she reached the bottom of my corset and the two items of clothing fell to a puddle around my feet, leaving me in just my thong, stockings and stilettos.

Her hands ran up my back and into my hair, tenderly piling it into a bun on top of my head and securing it with a band, before running back down to my hips. By this stage I was so turned on by her touch alone that one flick of my clit probably would've had me cumming.

"Brr, you're cold, sweetie. Let's get you warmed up." Emmie hooked her fingers around the edges of my thong and eased it down, kneeling down with it, skimming her hands down the back of my thighs and calves. She then helped me out of my shoes and unrolled my stockings, until I was completely naked in front of her.

"Your turn," I said in a husky voice, and she licked her lips. Unlike with me, I undressed her front-on, undoing her corset quickly and then taking my time to unwrap it from her luscious body. Her breasts bounced free, her beautiful pink nipples stiff and ripe for licking. I couldn't help but pinch one on my way to her tutu, causing her to moan softly.

I undressed her bottom half more slowly, careful to rub my naked breast against her thigh when I was on my knees, and 'accidentally' slide a finger through her pussy lips as I removed her thong. She was as wet as I was, and the feel of her velvet had my mouth watering. We had shaved our pussies completely that morning, and as always, we'd ended the hair removal session with a hot sixty-niner, eager to eat the freshly-shaved flesh and tide us over until we saw Gabriel.

When Emmie and I were both naked, we stepped into the shower and let the spray coat both of us, sighing when the steam warmed up our chilled skin.

"He's outside," Emmie murmured into my ear as she reached around me for the body wash. It was a masculine one, some European skincare brand, but it smelled like Gabriel and that was enough to sell me.

I went to look at the door but she stopped me by smacking my ass lightly. "He'll see you. I just saw him open the door a bit more," she whispered, filling her hands with the wash.

I didn't have time to give a smile of triumph, because a second later her hands were on my breasts, soaping them up and rubbing the pad of her thumbs across my nipples, and I moaned, loudly.

"You like that, baby?" she asked sweetly, moving her hands to my shoulders and neck.

I gave her an evil grin, squirted a generous amount of wash into my own palm, and attacked her breasts as she had mine. Emmie had the most amazing breasts I'd ever seen - not that I'd seen too many, outside of the porn we'd found in her mom's bottom drawer and watched one night - with perfectly sized nipples and soft, rounded skin. My own breasts were enviable as well - perky, and bounced just right when I was riding a guy - but hers were simply stunning.

We worked each other into a frenzy just by touching the others' breasts, then proceeded to rub them together, nipple to nipple. I thought I heard a groan from the doorway, but tried not to glance in that direction in case it scared Gabriel off.

Emmie's clear blue eyes met mine and she bit her lower lip. Instantly I gave in to temptation and pressed my mouth against hers, tasting that sweet cotton candy. Our breasts and tongues rubbed together, both creating a wet, smacking sound that slightly echoed around the tiled room. I ran my tongue against hers the way I knew she liked, and sucked on her bottom lip hard enough to make her groan with frustration. My hands went to her hips, pulling her closer, until her pussy was in line with mine. If this had been a normal shower, I'd have gone to my knees and sucked at her clit and slit as a teaser, but we'd agreed to no eating out until we were with Gabriel.

We let the shower rinse us off, never breaking from our heated make-out session, before stepping out and towelling off with all the passion we'd undressed with. When Emmie's towel patted at my drenched pussy, I had to stop from grabbing her hand and pushing it against myself. From the look on her face when I towelled her down, she felt the same.

"I'll eat you out later," she said, just loud enough for the words to carry to the doorway. "And when I finger-fuck you, you can squirt on my face." I was lucky enough to be able to squirt when seriously aroused, to Emmie's delight.

"Only if I can try and fist you again. We can pretend Mr. White's watching," I added with a wink.

"Or there with us," she replied in a sultry tone.

"Stop it, you're making me so wet just thinking about it," I breathed - and it was true. The very idea that he was in the doorway, hidden in shadow, watching Emmie and I, had a trickle of juice running down the inside of my thigh.

The promise of a later show, if that's what he was looking for, was laid. Now we just had to ensure we'd stay the night - or at least until the rain cleared - to complete the rest of The Plan.

I salvaged our now-dry thongs and stockings, and we donned them and our heels. As much as I wanted to be naked for the rest of the night, nothing's sexier than a girl in just a thong, thigh-highs and stilettos. Until we sealed the deal, we'd have to go all out.

"God, I'm horny. I could seriously use a drink," commented Emmie, wrapping a big, caramel-colored towel around herself. I did the same, leaving a slit from knee to thigh with a slither of my black thong peeking through.

"I really don't want to go back out there," I whined as the storm outside went up a notch, and the sky boomed with thunder.

"Maybe Mr. White will let us stay the night?" suggested Emmie, eyes wide. God, we were fantastic actors.

"I don't think I could last the night in the same house as him. I'd probably sleep-walk into his room and jump his bones."

"Please," snorted Emmie, "we both know you wouldn't be 'sleep-walking'."

We broke off into a fit of giggles after that, then collected ourselves and made dramatic steps towards the door. I just hoped he had the sense to get out of the way, unless he wanted to get caught red-handed.

The hallway was empty when we went back out and tiptoed down to the living room. The fire was still crackling away and I could just make out Gabriel's silhouette against it, seated on the sofa.

"We're all done," I called, and he span, not jumping or flinching in the least. He looked, well, bedraggled. Like he was being tormented by some inner demon - probably one reminding him that we were no longer students and therefore very, very doable.

"How was it?" he asked, though I don't think it was the question he wanted to.

"Hot and wet," I chirped.

"The way we like it," added Emmie on cue.

He stood and faced us, and my God, I could see he was hard as a rock even in the dim lighting. The firelight played off the side of the crotch of his pants, and I saw the massive muscle behind it straining against the material. When I finally dragged my eyes back up to his, he licked his lips almost subconsciously. I wanted to get down on my knees then and there, seduction methods be damned.

"Can I get you girls anything to eat? Or a drink?"

Ah, so he had heard Emmie's little hint. Good. We'd hoped alcohol would somehow be involved in all this, if only to loosen his morals a bit.

"A drink would be amazing," Emmie gushed, clutching the towel tighter to her chest and therefore bulging her breasts out more. "I'll take any form of wine."

"That goes for me, too," I said with a smirk.

"And I'd want to serve alcohol to minors because...?" he said, only half-seriously. The smile he gave us was punctured by dimples.

"Because we're lonely," I pouted.

"And adorable," added Emmie.

"And witty."

"And scared."

"And vulnerable."

"And we'll pay you back big time if you drink with us," finished Emmie, slightly breathless.

"Pay me back, how?" His eyebrow quirked. My pussy flooded once more.

"We'll figure something out," I answered, glancing rather boldly at his poor, neglected cock, still trapped in his pants.

With a grin, he disappeared into the kitchen. Emmie squeezed my hand and I gave her a thumbs-up, praying our amazingly good luck would hold out until morning.

When he returned with three glasses of white wine, we were seated on the floor, with me between Emmie's legs, my back to her front. Her hands were battling the band that held in my bun.

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