tagGroup SexMia & Emmie at The Manor Ch. 02

Mia & Emmie at The Manor Ch. 02


A/N: Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say I was *overwhelmed* by the wonderful responses to the first chapter - I am serious blessed and grateful, you guys rock.

Please oh please, keep 'em coming; more lovin' means faster writing!



When I eventually woke up, it was to the smell of cotton candy and the sound of a door slamming in the distance.

It took me a full three seconds to remember where I was and what had happened last night with Gabriel, and at the memory, my heart immediately began to race. When I saw that it was almost two in the afternoon, my heart went a little faster, this time with shock. How had we slept for so long?

"Mia?" asked a muffled, sleepy voice to my right. I opened my eyes to find Emmie stirring from sleep, our limbs tangled under the duvet and our faces only inches apart. Even after a night of epic sex and coma-like sleep, she was stunning; her luscious chocolate hair a mess of wild waves, her eyes given a smoky effect from sleeping in mascara.

It took me another few seconds to realize Gabriel's scent lingered on the sheets, but there was no Gabriel to be seen anywhere. Had he left?

Oh God, was he suffering from some post-coital panic attack?

I sat up immediately and saw a small card on the bedside table, addressed to us. Careful not to startle Emmie too much - she could be a real ogre in the morning before she'd had a coffee - I snatched up the card and read:

"To my sleeping beauties,

I'll be in town for the afternoon running some errands, but trust me when I say the events of last night will be with me the whole time.

I suggest you spend the remainder of the day resting - you'll

need all the energy you can get for tonight's activities. I'm having some packages delivered for you later. Be sure you're wearing the contents tonight. ALL of them.

I'll be back at 7pm sharp.

Until then, make yourselves at home.



Underneath he'd included his cell number, I suppose in case of emergency. As soon as I saw it, though, I had much better plans for that little number.

Emmie, who'd sat up to read the card with me, sighed. "This is seriously surreal. I didn't actually think beyond our plan, but now ... it's all changed. Do you think he really wants to keep us around?"

"Why wouldn't he?" I replied, bumping her naked shoulder with my own. "We rocked his world last night." But even I had to admit, I was a little nervous that tonight would only end in him telling us he'd had a great time, but it couldn't go on. That's what guys did after sex, right? Got nervous and ran for the hills?

"Mmm ... what was your favourite part?" asked Emmie in a husky voice, her hand skimming down my back. I turned to her, and even in the dim morning light filtering in from behind the curtains, I could see the haze of lust simmering in her eyes. It sparked my own desire, deep in my gut, making my pussy clench in anticipation. I'd seen that look on her face almost every morning for a year, and I could only hope I'd continue to see it for years to come.

"Sucking his cock was pretty awesome," I admitted, throwing the card back on the table and peeling the sheet from where she clutched it to her chest. Her nipples were already stiff and primed for sucking, and I let my fingers graze them. "But when he fucked my pussy and you stuffed the plug in my ass ... I've never felt anything like it."

Emmie purred her agreement and drew me close, so I was straddling her, our nipples touching, my stocking-clad legs either side of her hips. "He said he'd fuck us both in the ass tonight. Do you think he'll go through with it?"

"Christ, I hope so." I threaded my fingers in her long hair and tugged her face back to meet mine. "Tell me your favourite bit."

Her tongue flicked out and swiped at my lips, her fingers still trickling up and down my back. "Hmm, it's a tough one..." I dipped a hand between her legs and tickled her already-drenched pussy. She sucked in a gasp. "You fisting me with Gabriel watching ... or him eating my cunt. Oh, Mia," she moaned at my fingers brushing her swollen clit.

"I wonder if he's got any other toys in this drawer of goodies..." I mused, and keeping one hand on her slick flesh, I leaned over and opened his bedside drawer.

Sure enough, our ex-teacher had a whole cache of naughtiness - porn DVDs, lube, handcuffs, the butt plug Emmie had used on me, bullets, cock rings, and a large double-dildo that had my mouth watering.

"Bingo!" I climbed off my best friend, grabbed the DVDs, dildo, Gabriel's card, and strutted out the door.

"Where are you going?" she asked, with what I'm sure was an impressive pout of disappointment.

"I'm taking this to the living room, in case he comes home early, if you'd care to join," I called back casually.

To her pre-caffeinated credit, she moved quite quickly in response. I added my cell phone to the items in my arms as we padded downstairs and into the expansive living room at its base. Brixby Manor - Gabriel's home - seemed even bigger in the daytime, gloomy and stormy as the outside light was. It was all classically-furnished, all leathers and woods, and made me want to rub up against everything like a cat to mark my territory. Emmie and I belonged here, with our Gabriel.

I remembered his offer for keeping us - almost as his pets - and my juices began to flow all over again.

"I don't want to leave," Emmie said quietly, looking forlornly at the outside world. I immediately pulled the heavy curtains shut.

"Me either," I replied. "So we should maybe give him a little extra incentive to take us in for at least another night or two..." I waggled the Smartphone under her nose and she frowned.

"What's that for?"

"Photo evidence." I grinned, and her face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Oh, hell yes!" She put in the DVD - 'Teen Seduction 3' - and we curled up on the leather sofa to watch the movie.

As soon as the movie started, showing two girls about our age playing with each others' pussies on a big white bed, I grabbed the phone and aimed the camera at Emmie, whose hand had already gone to her own juicy slit.

"Smile," I told her with a wink, and she giggled as I snapped it.

I sent it to Gabriel's number, with the caption, 'Just warming up...'.

"Now you," Emmie said, grabbing the phone and pointing it at me. Nervous excitement bubbled up in me, and before I knew it, I had one hand plucking at my stiff nipples and the other at my pussy, sinking two fingers straight into the wet tunnel. The pleasure was intense, almost too intense to resist, and I kept going for a minute or two, simply rocking my fingers in and out of my tight pussy while the girls on screen began to eat each other out in earnest.

It didn't take us long to ignore our nerves and get into our little photography session. The high-pitched moans and squeals on screen made me wetter, and I was sure to get a photo of Emmie playing with herself to the porno and send it to our host.

"Now for this bad boy," Emmie said with a wicked grin, holding up the massive double-dong. We'd never used one, but its size was roughly the girth as Gabriel's own monster cock, and we needed something to tide us over until tonight, when (if our luck held out) he'd fuck us both senseless.

I lay back into the corner of the sofa and eased the mass of rubber into my sopping cunt first, Emmie's fingers deftly working my clit.

"Oh baby girl, this is so hot," she whispered, watching it with wide eyes. "Fuck, Gabriel's going to blow when he sees your little pussy swallowing that giant cock. Can you take more of it, baby?"

I just moaned in response and stuffed more in, its head rubbing my walls just the right way. I felt so full, just like last night, and the memory of riding Gabriel sent another wave of juice over the dildo.

Soon enough I'd worked about eight inches in, and Emmie licked her lips.

"Your turn, sweetness," I told her breathlessly. I could see the dew clinging to her naked pussy lips from where I lay - the sight made me wet enough to sink in another inch.

Her legs bent over mine, her pussy directly opposite my own, and she stuffed most of the remainder in on one thrust, screaming as it filled her.

"Quick, get the picture before I cum," she panted, grinding back and forth on the giant stick. This sent it pistoning into me as well, and I could do nothing but gasp in breaths of ecstasy for a good minute or so.

Eventually I fumbled for the phone and took a picture of our soaked cunts almost kissing around the huge dong, our fingers frantically working at each others' clits. I managed to send it to Gabriel before Emmie's pants grew louder with her climb to orgasm, and my own blood began to boil with lust.

The teenaged girls on screen were now fucking with a strapon, another thing Emmie and I had yet to use, but had always wanted to. The girl being fucked was sucking the main guy's cock, and the three of them were moving in perfect tandem, despite their desperation for completion.

"Oh, Mia, oh, fuck," repeated Emmie in a half-cry, now fucking herself and me with reckless abandon.

I knew exactly how to get her to her peak, even through the blood roaring in my ears. "You like fucking that cock, Emmie? You like being a little slut for Gabriel?"

"Yes!" she moaned.

"Then cum for us, Emmie, you dirty girl. Show me how hard you can cum when you fuck me, and then I'll let Gabriel fuck your ass first tonight."

"Mia, oh my God," she groaned passionately, and I bucked against her hard enough to make her squeal.

"Cum, now, Emmie! NOW!" I ordered, pinching her clit.

Her answering scream coincided perfectly with the girls' on screen. I kept my fingers to her nub, prolonging her soaring orgasm for another five seconds, until her scream broke and her body went limp against the leather. The porno transitioned into another scene, this time with three girls in a pool, and I continued to lovingly stroke Emmie's slick, soft lips until she managed to open her eyes.

"Why is it," she asked in a crackling voice, withdrawing the dong slowly from her pussy, "that you're always the last to cum? I must be all kinds of selfish."

I laughed, despite the raging need to cum building deep in my core. "I wouldn't say that. Impatient, maybe, but not selfish." I added a wry grin and her look turned promising.

"Lucky I can make it up to you, huh?" She climbed across to my side of the sofa and took one of my nipples between her teeth, suckling and flicking it with her tongue until she'd worked me into a frenzy. Her hands went to the huge rubber flesh protruding from my cunt, and she began to work it in and out of me at an agonizingly slow pace.

I stretched under her touch, grinding into the rhythm and moaning my ascending pleasure. In my mind, Gabriel stood at the end of the sofa, looking down on the pair of us, cock in hand, stroking himself to my and Emmie's performance. I wanted to please him, to show him just how good we were, to entrance him and trap his attention for all time. His eyes would darken and glaze at the way I was taking Emmie's fucking so well. He would tighten his grip on his cock until it turned angry shades of purple and red, ready to blow all over the two of us.

"Emmie, please, please," I begged, and I knew she was imagining the same scenario by the look in her eyes.

Right as she opened her mouth to respond, there was a rather loud knock at the front door, and the two of us froze. My heart start racing for another reason entirely. Gabriel wouldn't knock at his own house.

"Oh, shit!" I exclaimed, my eye catching on the card he'd written us that morning.

A courier. He said he was having something delivered.

I grabbed a rather flimsy blanket off the edge of the sofa and wrapped it around myself, dildo still stuffed inside my aching pussy.

"What the hell are you doing?" hissed Emmie. "I'll go!"

"It's just a delivery," I whispered back, praying the guy would just give me the packages and leave without noticing my flushed skin, lack of clothing, or labored breathing.

Walking with the double-dong was more difficult than I'd anticipated, but like hell I was taking it out after getting so close to the Big O. If anything, this interruption was adding an adrenaline rush to the build-up.

Taking a deep breath and tightening my kegal muscles to hold in the rubber, I opened the door just wide enough to poke out my head...

And was met by the second-most beautiful man I'd ever seen in my eighteen years on this planet.

"Y-yes?" I stammered, clutching the blanket closer to my chest.

Holy shucking fit, this guy was a stunner. As tall as Gabriel - which had to be a head over Emmie and I - with sun-kissed skin, similar white-blonde hair, and a smile punctured by deep dimples. He had to be some kind of swimmer or rower, judging by the broad shoulders, and his arms were thick enough for me to comfortably say I could swing off them like a monkey.

"You must be Mia Baker," he said with a knee-weakening smile. "I have a package for you."

When I eventually snapped out of my awe, I took in the rest of him, outfit and all. He wasn't dressed like a courier; deep blue silk shirt rolled at the elbows and undone to his chest, narrow pinstripe trousers, Chelsea boots, and a dark satchel over his shoulder.

"Er," I said, so intelligently, "yeah. Yeah, that's me."

"I'm Raff," he introduced, honey-colored eyes skimming over the small amount of flesh I was showing from behind the door. I immediately wanted to ask him to finish what I'd started in the living room, but knew that was mainly the desperation to cum talking.

"I'm Mia," I replied, then wanted to smack myself.

He laughed and held out two big, flat boxes. "Now I see why Gabe has you holed up in here," he said with a wink.

I didn't quite know what to say to that - Emmie was the wittier one of us, and usually I relied on her to fill in when my brain stopped functioning around guys - so I just opened the door a little wider.

"Oh, I can bring these in for you, no worries." Without further warning, he pushed the door backwards and breezed past me, straight towards the sidetable in the foyer. Almost like he knew it was there. Was he a friend of Gabriel's? Oh God, had Gabriel sent him to deliver another kind of 'package'? I wasn't sure I could handle that, especially with anal deflowering tonight looming over our heads.

"Mia?" called Emmie, poking her head over the sofa and drawing Raff's attention. His eyes went to her, then the screen mounted on the wall behind her, now showing the three pool girls locked in a triangular daisy chain on the decking, their moans and sultry voices audible from where we stood.

Emmie's eyes went wide, and she looked to me. I just stood there like an idiot, until Raff laughed again.

"Goddamn, that bastard is too lucky for his own good," he commented in a rather strained voice, then strode back past me, through the door, and stood at the threshold. I could only gawk. "It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Mia. I can only pray I'll see you again soon."

Then, with a wink and another pussy-melting smile, he closed the door for me and disappeared from view.

"What the hell was that about?" Emmie demanded, padding over to me, still stunned in the cool foyer.

"I have no idea. But I was about three seconds away from throwing him down and having my way with him." At the very idea, my cunt clenched around the dildo and I groaned, deep in my throat.

Emmie pulled me close and peeled the blanket from me so we were skin-to-skin. "Poor baby," she purred.

She pushed me against the wall and kissed me hard, her tongue rubbing against mine in a duel of passion. She grabbed the dildo's long end and continued to fuck me with it, rubbing my swollen clit with her other hand, her tongue travelling down my neck, to my nipples, then back to my lips.

"Cum all over Gabriel's floor, Mia," she whispered. The dildo was hitting all my sensitive spots, almost painful in its brutality. "Show him what a good girl you are, fucking his toys so well." Her teeth tugged at my earlobe, and she breathed into my ear, "Or, show him how bad you are, thinking about fucking the delivery guy. I'm sure he'll punish you the way you want."

At those very words, so erotic and vivid in their own right, I came in a screaming, frantic rush. I didn't squirt, but my juices ran down my thighs and over Emmie's hands, dripping onto the polished wooden floors. She eased the dildo out of me and placed it on the table, still kissing me at a languid pace.

Minutes later, when I'd recovered and was able to think clearly again, I turned to the packages Raff had left on the table.

They were addressed to each of us, and Emmie opened hers first.

First thing she pulled out was a sort-of bathing suit, in a deep mauve color; at first I thought it was just a bundle of elastic, but then she held it up and I recognised it as a halter-necked one-piece, but with the breasts and crotch cut out, the middle just a series of criss-crossing strips, and a long strip attached to the neck, almost like a leash. Underneath the bathing suit was a black collar necklace with pink lace threaded through it, and a silver circle at its centre with the letter 'E' engraved. Next to the collar was a pink butt plug, bigger than the one I'd used last night, and a small packet of strawberry lube.

"Oh my God." She looked to me with big eyes. "Does he want us to wear these tonight?"

"That's what the card said," I croaked, and opened my own package.

Inside was the exact same bathing suit in a deep forest green, with a green-and-black collar with 'M' engraved, and a green butt plug of different shape to Emmie's, but roughly the same size.

"Maybe we should get some rest," I suggested, looking at the clock. "We've only got four hours until he gets home."

So, worn out by our tide-over fuck session, we retired to the bedroom and climbed back into the massive bed, not bothering to clean up the living room or stop the DVD.

"I love you, Mia," Emmie said in a sleepy voice as we snuggled together under the covers.

"I love you, too, baby girl. I can't wait for tonight," I replied, slipping a thigh between her legs. She rubbed her naked pussy on my skin for a few moments before sighing and falling fast asleep.

Before I knew it, I'd followed suit.


Three-and-a-half hours, a shower, filling our empty stomachs with stuff from Gabriel's pantry, and a quick make-out session in Gabriel's bed to keep ourselves on edge later, we were putting the finishing touches on our make-up. We were wearing our bathing suits, heels, and our collars, and we had gone for a smoky, sultry look in our make-up. We were planning on greeting him by the indoor hot tub - something I still couldn't get over he had - and wanted to show ourselves off fully before we disappeared below the water line.

"Ready for the final touch?" giggled Emmie, holding up the rather large butt plug Gabriel had sent me. I won't lie - I was nervous at the sight of it. The most I'd had in my ass was three of Emmie's fingers before, and even that was with a ton of lube. But I would do anything to please Gabriel, anything to show him I trusted him with my body. He wanted our anal cherries, and God help me, his wish was my command.

I didn't respond to Emmie's question, I simply bent forwards on the bed, resting on my elbows, my ass up in the air.

Her hands smoothed over my ass, bare between the strips of the bathing suit.

"Just relax, beautiful girl," Emmie said in a tender voice, her fingers skimming between my ass cheeks, coated in strawberry-scented lube. I groaned at the contact to my sensitive rosebud.

The bulbous piece of rubber swirled at my back hole, pushing insistently until I took a deep breath and willed my muscles to relax, as Emmie had instructed.

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