tagNovels and NovellasMillie, The Wet Nurse Ch. 01

Millie, The Wet Nurse Ch. 01


Millie badly needed a job. She had so many bills to pay, let alone a new born baby to look after. As a single parent, she had to soon get a paying job. Millie hoped that the interview she was going to face that morning would turn out successful. She had begged her room-mate to take care of baby Carrie so that she could face the interview for the post of secretary for the director of a medium-sized company.

Millie breastfed Carrie before leaving her with her room-mate, along with a bottle of her milk, which she had pumped out earlier and refrigerated so that her friend could feed Carrie should she get hungry again, before she returned home.

"Good luck, Millie. Hope you nail this job", her friend called out as she hurried out to catch the bus to the company.

Standing at the entrance of the company, Millie hesitated. She suddenly felt nervous. It had been some years since she had been in a paying job. She had been busy travelling around with her musician boyfriend, as he performed around the country in small gigs. The constant travel had a toll on their relationship and by the time, Carrie appeared in Millie's womb, her relationship with her boyfriend was over. He was not interested in children and anyway, had moved on and was in another relationship. Millie decided to go through with her pregnancy as she had always wanted to have children. By the time Carrie was born, Millie was facing a financial crisis.

Millie took a few deep breaths and told herself that this job was important and that she would make sure she got it. She walked into the building and informed the receptionist that she had come for the interview. The receptionist gave her a number and asked her to be seated in the lobby and that she would be called for, when her interview time came. Millie smiled and turned to the lobby area. She saw that most of the seats were already occupied and she suspected by other candidates for the job.

As she made her way through the group to a corner seat that was empty, she noted that the women and men looked very professional and as if they were used to working in large companies. They were also dressed very smartly. Sitting down on the empty seat, she glanced at her own dress and wondered if her tight knee length skirt and pin-striped shirt looked professional enough.

As the numbers were called out one by one, some within a very short time after the previous and others taking longer, Millie fidgeted. She had asked her friend to take care of Carrie for two hours and already an hour and a half had passed. After another three-quarters of an hour, she was finally called and ushered to the director's office three floors above the lobby.

Millie knocked gently on the door, before opening it and entering the room. She saw that it was a small conference room and that there were two people seated at the table. One was a man and the other, a woman. They were seated at the round table, busy looking at a pile of papers. She walked over to the table and said, "Good morning. I am Millie Lambert".

The woman looked up and nodded, "Good morning, Ms. Lambert. Please take a seat. May I have your certificate file, please?"

Millie eagerly handed over her file and sat down on the seat facing the two. The man had still not looked up. She wondered who the director was.

The woman took some notes and handed over to the man. The man had a brief look and finally looked up.

"Good morning. I am Richard Paton, the director of the company. Looking at you, I can say that you have either been working in a different field before or have not been working for some time. So, tell me if you have any comparative secretarial experience in a medium to large company. If not, we don't need to waste each other's time." He spoke firmly, with an air of finality.

Millie's heart sank but she decided that she would make an attempt to convince him to consider her, without shutting her out at the first question. She hesitated and then said, "I have a college degree and undertook an internship with a large company during my summer holidays".

She could see Richard roll his eyes and strike off something on his pad.

Millie quickly spoke, "I also worked as an assistant at the local museum for a couple of years."

They could hear a commotion in the next room and the sound of a baby crying. Richard looked at the door, his forehead creasing in annoyance and asked her, "What work have you been doing in the past few years?"

Millie said softly, "I was travelling around with my boyfriend and then gave birth to my daughter. I decided to get back to work now as I need to support us."

Richard looked at her and said shortly, "Sorry, Ms. Lambert, we are not here to offer training for people without experience. I need someone who can work professionally and competently from the word 'go'. This is the end of our interview. You will not hear from us."

Millie's eyes started tearing. She stood up slowly and leaned over to collect her file back from the woman. She felt something wet around her chest but she was feeling too emotional to notice. She turned back to Richard to say, "Thank you for your time" but she only proceeded halfway, before noticing that he was intently staring at her chest. She glanced down and with horror, realized that she had experienced a milk let-down and that it was soaking her bra and blouse. She looked up at Richard and blushed deeply as she embarrassedly tried to say that it was her baby's feeding time.

Richard still looking at the wetness on her blouse said, "You may want to use the washroom before you go out. There is a bathroom in that room", he continued pointing to the door.

"Thank you", she whispered and quickly walked to the door and opened it. She saw that it led to an office, probably the director's office. She saw that there was a person in the room and she nodded and walked fast to the ensuite washroom that she had spotted.

It was only as she was opening the door of the washroom that she realized that the baby who had been crying was in the room. She paused and turned to look back. She saw that the baby was crying in hunger and there was a woman seated by the baby trying to unsuccessfully bottle-feed the baby. She wondered if the woman was the mother but she did not think so. She walked over to the baby, realizing that the milk let down she had experienced was in response to this baby crying out in hunger. Millie couldn't control herself. She loved kids and especially babies and she gently traced her fingers over the baby's arms while she asked the woman, "Are you the nurse?" The woman nodded and Millie asked, "May I?"

The woman nodded and Millie lifted the crying baby and held it close to her, whispering. The baby quietened down and the little mouth was trying to grasp at the wet, milking cloth over her breast. She unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra and released one of her nipples dripping milk. She gently rubbed her nipple close to the baby's mouth and the baby latched on and started sucking hungrily. She sat down on the couch with the baby feeding on her breast.

It was about fifteen minutes later, when she heard the door open and looking up saw Richard with a beautiful, elegantly dressed woman by his side. She blushed again, wondering what he must think of her. First, she lets down milk at an interview and then she sits in his office breastfeeding a hungry baby. Then, it struck her. This must be his child as the baby was in his office. She looked at him and started to say, "Sorry".

The beautiful woman at his side exclaimed, "Oh, look, the baby is finally quiet. This woman has a way with him. Let's hire her, Dick." She leaned over and whispered in Richard's ear, "That way, she can take care of the baby and also breastfeed it. You always want me to breastfeed the baby but I can't afford to lose my figure plus I hate the concept of my breasts being sucked".

Millie realized that Richard was intently looking at the baby and her exposed tit. She blushed deeply.

Richard looked at his wife and said, "Ok, honey, let me see what I can do."

The baby had stopped sucking on her nipple and had dozed off, with his mouth still over her nipple. She gently pulled out her nipple and handed over the baby to the nurse. Then she turned aside and with fumbling hands, quickly hooked her bra and buttoned up her shirt a little.

Richard's wife nodded cheerily at her and said, "Thank you, dear. You are an angel. Hope you come work for us."

Kissing Richard goodbye, she signaled to the nurse to follow her with the baby. "Bye, Richard, see you at the Evans dinner tonight" and walked out.

Millie was about to walk towards the door when Richard called out, "Wait. I would like to propose some work for you."

Millie paused and looked at him, wondering what he was going to offer her after her disastrous interview. Richard asked her to sit down on the couch and he took a seat facing her.

"Millie, the woman who just left the room is my wife, Isabella and that was our son, Graham. We are looking for a wet-nurse for Graham as Isabella does not like to breastfeed and I believe that babies should be breastfed for at least the first year of their life. Seeing you feed Graham and seeing him content in your arms has given us the idea that you would be the perfect wet-nurse for him. I understand that you have a baby yourself and from what I can read of you, you are pretty desperate to earn a living right now. So, this is what I propose. If you agree to work as the live-in wet-nurse of Graham, you can also bring your baby to work. You can take care of both your child and Graham. We will provide you a room in our house, your meals and a competitive salary. What do you say, Ms.Lambert?" Richard had put forth his job offer as if he had made a presentation for his company.

Millie found it funny that she had walked in for an interview as a secretary and was offered a job that paid even better for simply feeding another baby the milk that her breasts seemed to produce in abundance. She was always needing to pump out milk and now that milk would be helping her pay her bills.

Still reeling from the unrealness of the situation, she nodded.

Richard quickly said, "Good. Then, you will report for work from tomorrow morning. Here's my address and number. Bring your bags with you so you can move in directly."

Millie nodded and walked out of Richard's office, surprised at the unexpected job offer. Who knew people still paid for wet nurses these days? She thought it was a thing of the past, when royalty and noble families hired wet nurses for their offspring. Well, caring for another baby was a nice way of earning an income and it did allow her to keep her own baby with her which had been a concern for her as she had been wondering how to cope with the demands of office work and day care for her baby. She also would not need to pay for room rent for some months and could save up for the next phase. Millie walked out of the building, smiling.

Millie packed up her few things, her own clothes and her baby's stuff, and the next morning, she was ready to move to Richard's house. As the cab she had hired dropped her in front of a nice two storey house with a garden, a thought crossed her mind. What if Richard had simply suggested work for her on the spur of the moment and forgotten about it. What if he or his wife decided they didn't want a wet nurse anymore. As she stood in front of the front door, with Carrie in one arm and her suitcase in the other, the door opened. A middle-aged woman opened the door and looked at her quizzically. Before Millie could open her mouth, the woman exclaimed, "Ah.. you must be the wet nurse."

Millie nodded and smiled, "Yes, I am Millie Lambert".

The woman introduced herself as the housekeeper and asked her to come in. She led her to the kitchen and offered her a seat. "Let me get you something to drink while you put your stuff down.", said the kindly housekeeper. "I will ask James to bring it to your room later."

Millie put down her suitcase and bag on the floor and sat down on a chair at the kitchen table, with Carrie still in her arm. "Will you have some freshly brewed coffee?", asked the housekeeper. "Well, I don't take coffee these days," replied Millie nodding at Carrie, "If you have some milk, that would be fine or just water will do"

The housekeeper poured her a glass of milk and brought some cookies and placed it on the table. She asked, "So, is this your first baby?"

"Yes", said Millie, "This is Carrie."

"Where is your husband or boyfriend? Is he ok with you living here for the coming year?" the housekeeper asked.

"My boyfriend and I have split up and he has moved on. So, it is ok." Replied Millie, smiling gently. She finished her glass of milk and then rose up, with Carrie in her arm. "I am ready to report for work", she smiled.

The housekeeper nodded and led the way upstairs and she saw that there were two wings at the end of a long corridor. The housekeeper informed her, "The left wing is the personal wing of the Master and Mistress, where their bedrooms and other personal rooms are, particularly that of the Mistress." The housekeeper turned right and continued, "The right wing is where the nursery and your room is. The Master's study is also on the right wing. He likes to keep his work wing as far away from his personal rooms."

Walking down the corridor, they reached a passage at right angles to the corridor they had walked through. The passage had a view of a large garden on one side, with rooms opening on to it on the other side. At the two ends of the passage, there were rooms facing each other across the passageway. These two rooms must have a full view of the garden, Millie guessed. She realized that this garden was not the same that she had walked into the house through and guessed it was the back garden. The housekeeper took her to the room at one end, knocked twice and waited. Soon, Richard's voice could be heard booming out a loud, "Come in". The housekeeper led the way in and informed Richard, "Ms. Millie Lambert is here", before leaving the room.

"Good.", Richard smiled, looking up at her. Millie saw that he was wearing a house robe over his cotton pants. He looked different and more relaxed than when she had seen him the previous day at the office. His office did overlook the garden, as she had guessed. "Well, before we go and see Graham, Ms. Lambert, why don't you take a seat and have a look at your contract? You don't have to sign it immediately. You can have this day as a test day, if you like and sign it by tomorrow." He continued, handing over a two page contract.

Millie sat down and glanced through it and saw that he or whoever drafted the contract for him had been thorough and had noted all the relevant details from provision of room and board to entitled off hours for the one year she was expected to work for the Patons, as well as the salary, medical insurance and social security contributions they would be making her. Richard had also included the clause that Millie's baby would live with her and could be in the same nursery as Graham, during her nanny and wet-nurse duties. In return, she was expected to live in the house, be a part-time nanny while breastfeeding Graham at all his meal times and after six months, gradually introduce him to solid foods while continuing to breastfeed him for the remaining six months. She was also expected to go with Graham, if he were going out with either or both his parents for more than two hours, and to ensure that she provided previously pumped and refrigerated milk to the other part-time nanny taking Graham out. She was also expected to take periodic medical tests and give samples of her milk to the hospital to monitor her health and the quality of her milk. Termination was set at the standard two weeks notice.

Millie took the pen that had been offered her and signed on the dotted line on the two copies of the contract and looked up and smiled. "Please call me Millie", she said.

Richard said, "Well, that's that, then. You can keep one set and we will keep the other," he said taking one signed set of the contract. "Let's go and see Graham then, Millie". He got up swiftly and moved to the door.

Putting her contract copy in her handbag, Millie got up and sensing that Carrie was becoming fidgety, tried to calm her down.

Richard looked at her from the open door and said, "So this is your baby and what is her name?"

Millie replied, "Carrie".

Richard nodded and asked, "Where is the father of the child?"

Millie replied, "We are no longer together".

Richard nodded again and led the way across the passage to the other end. He opened the door and went in first, keeping the door open for her. Millie walked in and saw that it was the nursery and that it was decorated in a very baby-friendly way. She saw that the nurse, or the other part-time nanny rather, who had been there with the baby the previous day was there. Richard walked ahead and picked up Graham and was cuddling him. Millie looked around for a place to put Carrie and the nurse offered to hold her. She gave Carrie to the nurse and went over to Graham.

Richard saw her approaching and gave the baby to her, "It is his feeding time so it's good that you are here already".

Millie took Graham in her arms and spoke to him gently. Graham seemed to respond to her and his mouth started opening in a sucking motion. Millie smiled and unbuttoned her shirt. She had not worn a bra given that most of her working hours would be spent with her breasts in the open, feeding the babies. She brought Graham to her left nipple and as in the previous day, he latched on quickly and started hungrily sucking her nipple. She glanced over to see how Carrie was doing.

Richard who had been watching her with fascination noted her glance over at Carrie. "If you want to tandem feed them, it is fine with us. I just want you to treat Graham as you would care for Carrie", he gently informed her. She looked at him and over at Carrie, who was looking at her with a yearning. The nurse brought Carrie to Millie and pushed aside the other side of the shirt so that her other breast was also in the open. Millie gently pushed Carrie's mouth to her right nipple and Carrie, knowing her mother's familiar warmth and breast, latched on.

Millie looked up at Richard and she saw that he was watching her suckling the two babies with fascination. She blushed a bit and he caught the blush but didn't avert his eyes. Instead, he told her gently, "why don't you sit someplace so that you will be more comfortable?"

She looked around and saw that there was a lovely window seat and she walked over to the window and sat there so that the sun's rays came in through the window and lighted the three up. Richard thought it was the most beautiful sight he had seen.

"Well, then, I will leave instructions for a cot and pram to be delivered today for Carrie.", he said and went out of the nursery, reluctant to leave the blissful sight he had been enjoying.

Millie enjoyed feeding Graham and Carrie together. Graham was a sweet baby, who seemed to bond with both her and Carrie instantly. After they dozed off after the feed, she placed them both in the cot and went to see the housekeeper. The housekeeper showed her to her room, which happened to be the room next to the nursery and which had an inter-connecting door. Her room did not have much of a view, though it did have a small window overlooking the back garden. However, she liked it very much as it had a comfortable bed and a small cot for Carrie. It was also conveniently located next to the nursery so it was easier for her to slip in and out for the feeding times and also check on Graham, should he need her during the nights. The housekeeper mentioned the meal times in the house but said that she could drop by the kitchen anytime she wanted and she would have something to eat.

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