tagBDSMMiss Gray - Cold Case

Miss Gray - Cold Case


[Author's notes: This is a follow-up to the first Miss Gray story, Advanced Studies.]

It's been over six months since Alex finished my class. He was a brilliant young man and I was sorry to see him go. On the last day of class, when everyone else had gone -- heading to the campus pub to celebrate the end of the semester, no doubt -- Alex gave me a kiss on the cheek, a charming blush and thanked me for all I had taught him. He promised to keep in touch.

And he did. Alex called me last night.

I sat back on my leather sofa, enjoying a glass of ruby-colored wine before bed. It was the end of another semester at the university, a time always full of relief and a pang of sadness at watching another group of students go. Some of them, I will never see again. Others may come back either for a passing grade or a more advanced course. Or... The phone rang.

"Good evening," I answered.

"Miss Gray?"

I recognized his voice at once. It sent a soft thrill through my body. I set down my wine glass and ran my fingers over the short satin robe, the same color as the wine. It slithered smoothly over my skin. "Alex. How are you?"

"I'm... well, good. Mostly. For the most part." Alex cleared his throat. A brilliant boy, but nervous as ever. "I've got an internship with the city police this semester, working with a couple of the detectives."

I wasn't surprised, but I was pleased. Alex's sharp and agile mind was perfect for detective work. "You will be well suited to it. But you didn't call me for a pat on the back."

"No, Miss Gray," he admitted. "I'm working support on a case. Mostly research... Nothing terribly important."

Always humble. Alex was perceptive and in tune enough with himself to know that he was smart, but shy and humble enough not to know just how smart. Or handsome... I slipped my fingers into my red robe and felt my nipples already hard under the touch. My unbound hair spilled across the leather couch and I let my head fall back into the cushions. My glasses slipped a little.

"...But the detectives on the case are... But I think they're overlooking something."

"What's that, Alex?" I asked.

"There's a man involved. He's missing, but we've been to his house. He's got an extensive... um..." I could almost hear the young man blushing. "A bondage dungeon."

"Many men enjoy dominating their women, their wives and girlfriends."

I untied the sash of my robe. I was not one of the women who enjoyed such treatment. I liked power, authority of my own. Like that I had over my students, as I once held over Alex. I traced my fingertips down my lean stomach, and over the perfectly smooth-shaven silkiness of my pussy. My slit was already wet, as expected. I lightly caressed the hard nub of my clit and wondered if Alex heard my soft intake of breath.

"We don't think so. The... um... equipment is for a man, not a woman," Alex said.


"No, Miss Gray. Not according to what we found on his computer. We've got his prints on the inside of a few pieces, a bit of blood on a... a whip. PCR confirms that it's his."

"So he liked being the victim, not the master," I said. It made some sense. The man must have liked it quite a bit to have his own dungeon...

"The detectives in charge have backgrounds in forensics, not psychology," Alex said, then hesitated. "I'd like to help. And I... I wanted to ask you to help me."

"You want me to help?" I liked the sound of that. I leaned back and caressed my slippery pussy lips, dipping one finger just barely inside. Just a light touch, just teasing. "How?"

"I have a feeling that the dungeon, that this man's sexuality is related to his disappearance. Can you meet with me tomorrow to... to go over it? I've got photos, if they help."

"I'd be more than happy to. Come over to my house tomorrow evening. I'll even make you dinner. We'll talk it over."

"Thank you, Miss Gray."

I gave him the address, said good night and hung up. I closed my eyes and thrust two fingers deeper into my cunt. I was tight and warm and wet. Dinner with my student to discuss bondage. This was going to be fun... I shivered and bit my lip as I came.


Alex brought wine. Not expensive, but not cheap. Probably hard to afford on a student's part-time job. He had probably just come off work, in fact. My student's short black hair was still wet from a hasty shower. His white shirt was unbuttoned at the throat and damp around the collar. He was nervous.

And staring... Alex stood in the door with his mouth open.

I couldn't blame him. I wore my favorite dress. It was nothing like most women's favorite dress. It was clinging vinyl, barely long enough to cover my ass, and corseted around the waist with black leather. My knee-high boots matched and finished the outfit. As always, I had my hair slicked and pulled back, the image of authority and poise. And my glasses, of course, silver wire-frames that completed the picture of 'teacher.'

I took the wine bottle from Alex's hands before he could drop it. "Come in," I invited.

"I... uh... Thank you, Miss Gray."

Always so polite. I smiled and closed the door behind us. Everything was ready in the dining room -- a light meal and empty glasses awaiting wine. I poured as Alex sat. He opened large yellow envelope. "I brought some photographs, if you think they might help," he said.


I handed him a glass of his wine and accepted a dozen photographs in return. Sitting down and sipping from my own glass, I thumbed through the pictures. I was familiar with it all, of course. Black leather, riding crops and handcuffs. I handed them back to Alex.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"My impressions are good," I answered. I wore a dark, shiny red lipstick. Alex stared at my lips as I spoke, just as intended. I smiled. "Your man has exotic tastes, but nothing unhealthy. There's no apparent interest in torture or bloodplay, which might suggest a deeper neurosis."

Alex smiled, too. He looked relieved. "I sort of thought so, too, but I'm glad to have confirmation. I want to find this guy intact and safe."

"What do you know about him?" I swirled my wine in the glass.

"He's the vice president of a local company. I can't tell you his name, of course. He went missing nine days ago. The janitor at his office was the last to see him. He came in late one night, visited his office briefly, and left again. His personal calendar suggested that he was supposed to see someone that night. She's in his personal calendar as Miss Black, but that doesn't seem to be a real name and we can't find any contact information. He's supposed to close a major deal for the company the day after tomorrow."

I nodded. Men often put on powerful fronts over more submissive needs. The social need for machismo was strong, even for men who had other tastes.

Alex and I ate slowly, conversing more lightly about his new job, about the detectives he worked for. There was still no woman in his life, Alex admitted with a cherry-red blush. "I just work too many hours," he said.

After a small bowl of tangerine sherbet for dessert, Alex asked if I had any more insight into his case. I stood, took his bowl and shook my head. "No, I don't. Unlike your missing man, I am a dominant sexual partner, not a submissive one. I can describe his mentality to you, but I do not feel it. I do not truly understand it."

Alex put aside his napkin and nodded. "I understand, Miss Gray. Thank you for dinner and your time."

He started to stand, but I put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down into his chair.

"But you can understand, Alex," I said.

His dark eyes went wide, and then the blood drained from his face... and rushed elsewhere. I could see the instant swelling of his cock tenting his pants. "Miss Gray..."

"You want to help, don't you?" I leaned down. Alex stared at my cleavage, just inches away from his face.

"Y... yes, Miss Gray," he stammered.

"Then come with me."

I held out my hand. I could have just grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, but trust was important between a mistress and her toy. Anything less was simply succumbing to psychosis. I neither wanted to do that to Alex, nor did I think it would help him in his understanding of his missing man.

Alex hesitated and then finally took my hand. I led him out of the dining room, through a hall and to another door. When I opened it, Alex saw the stairs leading down.

"Where are we going?" he asked. "Is that your... basement?"

"It is."

Though I had only half answered his questions, he followed me down the dim-lit staircase. The light brightened at the bottom and Alex gasped. It was hardly a copy of the dungeon in the photographs, but they all bore a certain similarity, a certain air that reminded the submissive why they so loved to place their pleasure in the capable hands of their master or mistress.

The walls of my basement were finished in black leather pads. They served double duty, both ensuring that my submissives could not hurt themselves -- that was my job, after all -- and to stifle the noise. There were blunt steel hooks in the beams of the ceiling, and an inclined rack on one wall. There was a bed, too, with black satin sheets and glittering chains at each corner post. A red-upholstered armchair sat in another corner. Beside it was a well-stocked rack of equipment, including handcuffs, whips and riding crops, rope and blindfolds, vibrators and ass plugs and beads for my female toys, cock rings for the men.

Alex took a step back, eyes wide. I could see his cock tenting his slacks and the sudden sheen of sweat on his forehead. He felt my hand against the small of his back and stopped. Alex swallowed hard.

"Do you have a preferred safe word?" I asked him quietly.

"A... a what?" His voice was thick.

"A word to tell me that I've gone too far and that I need to stop."

"What about 'stop'?"

I smiled. "You may find it hard to resist saying, but you may not mean it."

"Oh..." Alex stared out at the basement.

"What about 'mahogany'?" I asked him. "Can you remember that?"

"Yeah... Why that, though?" Alex wondered nervously.

I brushed a finger along his jaw. "It's the color of your eyes."

"Thanks." Alex blushed again. His voice was breathless.

Red- and amber-glassed lamps glowed around the edge of the dungeon. Alex looked frightened and exotic in the warm light. I had his trust. Now it was time to show him his place. The thought made my pussy drip in anticipation. I went to the rack and selected a black leather collar attached to a short steel chain. "Come here," I told him.

Alex looked at me uncertainly. "I'm supposed to... wear that?" he asked nervously. But he approached me obediently.

"Yes." He reached for the collar, but I held it back. "Undress. This will be all you wear for me."

Alex swallowed hard and fumbled to unbutton his shirt with trembling fingers. He folded and set his clothes on the stairs. The boy was flushed and nervous, but knew that he had no secrets from me. Alex made no move to cover himself or turn away. Good. He had the makings of a fine toy. Alex's cock stood out from his body, long and hard.

I grabbed his shoulder and pushed him down to his knees. I cinched the black leather around his throat. Tight, but not too much. "You are my toy, Alex. My slave. I am going to use you," I told him firmly. I ran my fingers through his thick black hair. "And you are going to enjoy it very, very much."

"Oh... okay..."

My fingers tightened and I pulled his head back a few inches. "'Yes, Miss Gray.' I am your mistress, Alex."

"Yes, Miss Gray." Still nervous, but without reservation. Alex was not embarrassed to give himself to me. He was excited.

I pulled on the chain attached to Alex's collar and led him to the chair in the corner. I sat down in the red chair and instructed my student to kneel. "I have been waiting for this since last night, since you called me. I've never had a student quite like you, Alex."

"Thank you, Miss Gray." Alex blushed again. His toned chest was flushed.

"Lick me," I ordered. "I want your tongue in my slit."

I planted one high-heeled boot on his shoulder and parted my thighs slowly. Alex winced a little as the sharp stiletto bit into his skin, but there was a sharp intake of breath, too. Pleasure. He pushed my skirt a few inches up my thighs and licked his lips nervously. I gave his leash a tug. He jerked forward, face suddenly buried between my legs.

He recovered quickly. Under my dress, I wore a stark black thong. Alex pulled the damp lace aside and thrust his agile tongue into my pink slit, just as I had told him to. I sighed with pleasure and sat back. I picked up a glass of pale wine from a small, polished table and took a sip. It was rich and sweet, a perfect compliment to the hot, wet penetration of my cunt.

Alex licked and sucked at my clit, flicking his tongue over the nub and sending hot, sharp waves of pleasure coursing through my body. He had paid attention in our first lessons the semester prior. Alex looked so perfect down there on his knees, worshiping my pussy and licking up my juices. Alex curled his tongue inside me and I closed my eyes. The sweet sensation peaked and my cunt squeezed, tightened and dribbled juices across Alex's lips.

He looked surprised and groaned. The boy's cock was flushed dark, almost purple. Alex's beautiful mahogany eyes drifted blissfully shut as he licked me out. His right hand inched toward his dick, already aching and impatient for release. I pulled hard on the chain. Alex dark eyes flew open.

"What...?" he asked.

"I did not give you permission to touch yourself," I told him.

"I... I'm sorry, Miss Gray..."

"You certainly will be. Hand me the short crop," I said, pointing to a short riding crop with a braided black handle sitting in the nearby rack of implements.

Alex bit his lip and did as he was told. When he gave over the crop, I grabbed his leash again and pulled him down over my knee. The college boy gave a short, low cry of surprise as I brought the loop of leather down on his ass. Crack!

"You will do nothing that I have not instructed, slave," I told him sternly. Not angrily. A good mistress is never angry with her toy. Her subs needed discipline, not temper, and she loved giving it to them. "You will do only as I say."


Alex tensed. There were two welts reddening his taut, firm ass. His steel-hard cock rubbed against the outside of my thigh. And they loved receiving their punishments.

"Yes, Miss Gray," Alex gasped.

"If you disobey, you will be punished," I said.

The head of Alex's dick left a spot of wet pre-cum on my skin. Yes, he was a perfect toy. Obedience was as enticing as disobedience. Both would be met with pleasure. I spanked him again. Crack! Alex's hips thrust helplessly and I felt another drop of warm, sticky pre-cum. I didn't want to waste it.

"Up," I instructed.

Alex rose unsteadily to his feet. His ass was hot and red. The tenderness of his skin was sure sign that no one had ever treated him this way. I wondered suddenly if he had been with any women since our first lessons. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. On one hand, it would be a waste if he had not, but perhaps it was a mistress' possessiveness... I was pleased to think that Alex's fine, beautiful body had known no touch but mine.

I stood and selected a pair of handcuffs. Alex's eyes lingered on them. His criminal justice education had familiarized him with most restraints, but these were not like the handcuffs carried by the police. The metal edges were rounded, more comfortable for long-time wear, and the chain between the cuffs was more than twice as long as usual. Alex held out his hands, trust in his eyes despite the red stripes on his ass.

I closed the cuffs around his wrists with expert ease and then stood on my toes to catch the long chain over one of the ceiling hooks. Alex pulled curiously, experimentally against his restraints, but the hook was sunk six inches into solid oak and held quite firmly.

I picked up my half-full wine glass again and stood back for a moment to admire Alex, the way his muscles bunched and tensed with his arms pulled up over his head. I still held the riding crop in my other hand. I trailed it lightly over my student's chest and stomach, swatting stingingly at his ass and muscled thighs. Alex groaned, his hard cock unflagging despite the lack of direct attention.

I intended to change that. I set the riding crop aside and offered Alex a sip of wine. He accepted, enjoying the strangeness of being given drink when he could not use his own hands. Still standing close to my lovely young captive, I upended the rest of the wine over his chest. The pale golden wine dripped down his flushed skin, over his rippled stomach and down his engorged cock. Alex gasped at the cold of the chilled wine and then at the heat as I licked it from his skin. The cold, sweet wine on his warm, salty skin made my whole body shudder in pleasure, already on the verge of my own orgasm. I lapped my way down Alex's body, cleaning up every trace of dripping wine from his skin. He grew breathlessly still as I neared his eager, wet member.

"Please, Miss Gray..." he whimpered. Begged.

I paused just long enough to remind him that I did so at my own pleasure, that I was running the show, and then wrapped my red-painted lips around his thick cock. I sucked the wine from his hot flesh, from skin that was silky over steel. Delicious. Even more delicious were Alex's low, helpless moans and the sounds of his handcuffs clattering as he writhed in the grip of pleasure. Salty pre-cum leaked from the flared head of his dick, mixing with the wine on my tongue.

I felt my own wetness leaking through my thong, dripping down my thighs with molten heat. I stood, eliciting a groan from Alex, and stripped it off. Even after dropping the underwear, my fingers were slicked in girlcum. I held them to Alex's mouth. He accepted them eagerly, sucking and licking them clean.

"Thank you, Miss Gray," he said. Such a polite boy.

I nodded with a short smile, a tiny reward for my good slave. My cunt was aching, feeling almost unbearably empty and wet. It was unlike me to feel such impatience, and too soon to take Alex to the sturdy four-poster bed to be ridden like a prize stallion. But I needed something...

I left Alex dangling from the dungeon ceiling, hard and glistening. I picked a pair of toys -- not props I often used for myself. A thick, ridged purple dildo about Alex's size, and a string of round, clear glass beads. I sat in my lush red chair, legs spread, and watching Alex as he stared at me. I slowly pushed the long latex cock into my aching pussy. I barely restrained a loud moan to finally feel something inside me. It wasn't Alex's hard, thick member, but it still felt very good. The dildo made a wet sound as I slid it into my cunt. Alex bit his lip, lovely dark eyes fixed on the toy in my pussy, moving in and out of me.

"You're beautiful, Miss Gray," he told me.

I pushed the dildo deep inside me once more, feeling my hungry slit squeezing and clinging when I pulled it out again. I lifted the toy cock to my lips and licked it slowly, sensually. Alex's dick twitched and he was panting. I hiked my skirt up a little higher, angling my hips. I trailed the cold glass beads over my dripping labia until they were slippery and wet, though still cold. I touched the first one against my anus and then pushed until it popped past the tight ring of muscle, up into my rectum.

"Oh..." Alex probably didn't realize he had said anything.

I slid the other five beads into my asshole, one at a time. I felt their slowly warming weight inside me. Every subtle shift of my body made the glass spheres move and rub inside of me. My pussy squeezed involuntarily, clenching at the feel of something pushing against the sensitive nerves there, but my cunt was empty now, just beads pressing from the behind.

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