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Missing You


A series of loud bangs wake me to consciousness for only a moment. Glancing at the clock I notice it is two o'clock in the morning. My senses reach out as I listen to the quietness around me, checking and rechecking my surroundings. After noticing nothing wrong I relax back into the soft warmth of my bed, sliding back towards slumber. The bangs sound once more time and I realize that someone is at my door. Stretching against the silkiness of my sheets, I pull myself out of bed. My body tightens against the chill of my bedroom as I search my dark bedroom for my robe. Yanking it hastily around me, I hurry down the steps to the front door. My fingers fumble on the bolt and chain. The person knocks again as I flip on the living room lights. "Hold on!" I say quietly, allowing my eyes to adjust to the abrupt change of light. Blinking, I open the door.

A smile lights my lips when I see you on the other side. "Hey!" I say sleepily. I turn to head into the living room. I only take a few steps before I hear the door close behind me. Smiling, I take another step when we are thrust into darkness. I am just about to giggle when your arm slides around my stomach and you yank me against your body, my back against your chest. The jar of it makes me gasp in shock and my breasts bounce. I lose my concentration on the world around me. There is only the feel of you against me. Your scent. Your heat.

"Did you miss me?" You whisper against my ear. "Because I missed you!" I sigh as the warmth of your body seeps into me and your breath slides across my ear. I whisper I did miss you and grind back against your hardness. Sliding my hair out of the way, you kiss my shoulder, working your way to my neck. My eyes, still not adjusted to the darkness, close in bliss as I begin biting my bottom lip. I tilt my head back against your shoulder giving you access to what you want. My knees go weak when you begin sucking on my neck. I place one arm on top of yours, intertwining our fingers. The other runs through your soft hair, keeping your head on my neck. I moan and grind hard against you as the delicious ache for you floods my core. You blow gently across my neck and send a shiver through my body.

"Do you want me?" Again a whisper against my ear before your tongue flicks across my ear lobe. Pulling your hand to my pussy I show you how much I want you. Your strong hand cups my wet pussy in the same moment your teeth close on my ear lobe. I moan before turning my head. I kiss you hard and grind myself against your hand. You expertly flick your thumb across my clit bringing a deep moan out of my lips and across yours. I drop my hand and place it between us, stroking your hard cock through your jeans. You growl against my lips and push yourself more into my hand, trying to cause more friction. I open my eyes hoping they have adjusted. Moonlight, flowing softly through the curtains, casts an exotic feel around us and I look up at you. The desire for me is written across every plane of your face. Your eyes are almost black as you gaze down at me. Knowing you want me as much as I want you causes my pussy to clench.

You slip your finger into my wetness and I gasp, closing my eyes again. Your lips collide with mine with a ferocious need just as your hand slips into my robe and grabs my breast roughly. My nipple hardens immediately against the roughness of your hand. The contrast between the silk of my robe and the roughness of your skin sends a fresh wave of wetness into your other hand. Pinching my nipple slightly, another moan slips from my lips as I pull away from you, taking a step forward.

Another growl, this time of frustration, fills the air. I chuckle as I turn to face you. I drop to my knees in front of you and glance up. My robe had loosened and now slid off my right shoulder, giving you a view of my breasts. Your eyes flare with more lust as you gaze down at me, glancing from my breasts to my lips and finally to my eyes. Biting my lip through a smile, I unbutton your pants. Before I can even ask, you shed your shirt and toss it into the room behind me. I pull the zipper down slowly, looking into your eyes as I do. My mouth begins to water. I long to have you in my mouth. The taste of you fills me with so much desire. Revealing your cock, my eyes widen. I flick my tongue out and around the tip as I look up at you. Your eyes close and my smile gets bigger before I close mine. My mouth closes around you and both of us moan. I feel your hand push my hair out of my face and I know you are watching me suck on your cock. I have seen it so many times, the look of lust on your face. Your breath quickening. You alternating between biting your lip and blowing out your breath. Your eyes dilated with desire for me. I open my throat as you start pumping gently into my mouth, a sign that you will want my pussy soon. I risk looking up at you. Our eyes collide and lock. You pumping into my mouth as my tongue swirls around your hard cock. My pussy clenches hard and the ache for you spreads to my stomach. My nipples both harden and I moan around your cock. I watch your eyes close and pull away.

I stand and slide my body against you, kissing you. The chill of the door shocks my burning skin as you turn and push me against it. I try and wrap my arms around your neck, but you push my arms away. You kick your jeans off and kneel in front of me. A shiver slides through my body as I watch you. You wink at me before your tongue flicks across my thigh. I use your shoulder to prop my leg up, giving you full access to my wet pussy. You blow a breath across my wetness and I moan. Teasing me, you place soft kisses and quick licks on my thighs, avoiding the one thing I want you to touch. Just before I reach down to force you, you lick my clit. I moan and steady myself against the door. A gentle suck and I feel your finger slide into my wet pussy. I can't help but clench around it. Slowly, you fuck me with your finger and alternate between sucking on and licking my clit, building me slowly into a crazed state of lust. I am so absorbed in what you are doing it takes a moment to realize you removed your finger and push it in front of my lips, lightly touching them. Your mouth leaves my clit and watches me suck your finger. I close my eyes to the taste of my pleasure on your finger, sucking all my juices off.

You stand and kiss me full on the mouth. I can taste my desire on your lips and it heightens my pleasure. "I need you." I whisper it so softly against your lips. I wrap my arms around your neck and you pick me up, sliding me slowly on your cock. When you fill me completely, I moan and arch my back. It feels so good after so long of not having you. Using the door as support, you start fucking me. Our need is too intense to go slow, the need too high to caress. Hard and fast. Tongues swirling around each other in between rough kisses. My head falls back and I moan. Your mouth teases my neck again. Sucking, licking, nipping. A semi hard bite brings me so close to coming. I slide my hand between us and tease my clit. Your eyes drop to watch before kissing me hard. "Sarah." That one word whispered against my lips in the form of a growl sends me over, taken you with me. Hard, fast and intense. Moaning and holding onto you, I ride out my orgasm fully. When my body returned to normal, a smile slides across my lips. I kiss you sweetly. "I missed you!" I whisper. "So much."

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