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Mission Accomplished


It was 0100 hours on the night we were to steal the documents from the system's main headquarters. I was involved with this mission because I was the only resistance member who could recognize the documents in the mass of files that would be in the office. Alena would accompany me because she had knowledge of the headquarters, having worked for the system before defecting to the resistance. I was a bit wary about depending on an ex-system employee. There was a rumor that she used to be involved with The Man himself. Alena was a gorgeous brunette, however. I couldn't complain about having such a beautiful partner. I only hoped that she would not be a distraction to me.

At that moment we were kneeling outside the perimeter fence. I was cutting through the wire while Alena timed the searchlights. I informed her when the hole was big enough and a few seconds later we were running across the grass to the main building, dodging the lights that swept across the field. Alena was running a few meters ahead, the muscles in her athletic legs rippling with every stride under the tight catsuit she wore. She told me to follow closely and I did gladly, watching her beautiful ass move with every stride as we ran.

The show ended quickly as we arrived at a steel door in the concrete wall of the building. Alena picked the lock with ease and we were inside. Once in, we climbed a metal staircase to the third level. I once again found myself with a nice view of my partner's rump, this time at eye level as we climbed the stairs. When we reached the top, I looked up and realized that she had caught me staring. She gave a wink, and darted down the hall, into the darkness.

I ran after her, almost losing her as she wound her way through the maze of hallways. When I caught up, I almost tripped over her as she knelt to pry the vent off a ventilation duct.

"Careful!" she scolded, "Clumsiness gets people killed in this business." With that she slid into the duct.

I was a little claustrophobic, but I had no choice but to crawl in after her. We crawled through the duct for a few meters to an intersection with a vertical duct. She climbed up into the vertical duct and indicated that I should follow. When I made the corner and looked up at her, my breath caught in my throat. Her feet were resting on either side of my head and I was looking between her legs at her crotch. I imagined the pussy that was hiding beneath her skin-tight garment. It had to be shaved. That just seemed like something she would do. I sat for a minute and imagined what it would feel like to have these muscular legs wrapped around me as I plunged my erect cock into her hot, wet pussy.

My dream was interrupted as we started moving again. We passed through what seemed to be miles of ductwork. Finally, she pulled a grate off of a vent and dropped through into what seemed to be a library. I followed, tripping as I landed and making an ass of myself. She giggled, then became all business again as she motioned me over to a file cabinet.

"Now it's your turn," she whispered. "We have fifteen minutes until the guards come by."

I flipped through the different drawers, taking the files that would be valuable to our organization and placing them in my pack. These included information about political figures we could use for blackmailing purposes, maps describing the locations of secret bases, plans for building weapons, and the locations where some of our people were being held prisoner. I had everything I needed in five minutes and I turned to Alena. What I saw when I looked at her made me drop my pack.

She was standing there completely nude. The catsuit through which I had been admiring her was lying on the floor next to a desk. Her pussy was indeed shaven and the bright pink lips were glistening wet. She must have been rubbing it the entire time I was working.

"Shh!" she hissed, putting a finger to those full, red lips. "Now strip!"

"Wha...?" I stammered, still not fully believing the sight that was before my eyes.

Her blue eyes dropped and her pretty face took on a sad expression that almost broke my heart. "I once had an affair with The Man," she said "That was how I attained such a high rank when I worked for the system. One night I went down on him. He loved the way I sucked his cock so much that from that point on, The Man was always trying to hold me down. That is why I joined the resistance. Tonight I will get my revenge by making love to you on his desk. It will be my way of fighting the system."

I needed no further encouragement. The Man was holding everybody down in one way or another. I told her that it would be a pleasure to help her get her revenge on The Man.

Within seconds we were both naked. She jumped into my arms, wrapping her strong legs around me. She squeezed me with her legs, grinding my growing erection into her smooth, shaven lips. I gave her a deep kiss, pressing against those luscious lips and exploring her mouth with my tongue. She released me from her lip-lock and her leg-lock and pushed me back onto the desk. I felt drops on my chest and saw sweat running down her plump, round breasts. Each drop ran over her huge areolas and paused for a split second before dripping off of her rock hard nipples. The scent of her spunk wafted through the air. It had an intoxicating effect on me, making me forget where we were. All I could think about was the hot, wild sex we were about to share.

"Hurry, we don't have much time!" she hissed as she eagerly rubbed my engorged cock, solidifying it. Her hands were lubricated with juices from her pussy when she played with herself earlier. I wished I could have seen that striptease instead of flipping through files. Her massage of my member was having the desired effect, however, as I was hard as a rock with the biggest erection of my life. After a few more seconds of rubbing, she seemed satisfied and straddled me. I ran my hands up those magnificent legs and gripped her beautiful ass. Her lips brushed against mine, and I gave her another passionate kiss as I pulled her ass towards me.

Just like that, I was inside her. My dreams came true as my cock penetrated into the warmth of her pussy. At that point she switched from passionate to possessed. She grabbed my shoulders and began riding my cock with a vengeance. All I could do was just lie there and watch my cock pound her pussy as she bounced up and down on me. The desk was creaking beneath us, but we were both oblivious to its protests.

"Uh...Uh...Uh...," she began to gasp with each thrust. Then a louder moan every time our bodies slapped together. "Oh...Oh...Oh...," her cries mingled with the creaking of the desk and the slapping of our bodies into an enthralling symphony of sex.

All this passion took over my body. I was completely helpless as I felt myself slowly building to what I knew would be a thrilling climax. I could tell that she was close too, as her face took on a focused expression. Her bouncing became quicker and more urgent, along with her moans. I was thrusting up off the desk to meet her hot pussy every time it came pounding down, impaling itself on my long, stiff shaft. The climax built inside both of us to an intense level before exploding in a wave of passion. My cock erupted inside of her, pumping her full and overflowing onto the desk. She relaxed a bit, riding me gently for a while, then bent down to embrace me. We shared another long, passionate kiss before she rose up, removing my glistening dick from her dripping cunt.

Just like that it was over. I lay there for a minute, dazed. She immediately began dressing, once again becoming all business.

"Hurry!" she hissed. "I can hear the security guards in the hall, they'll be here any minute!"

We dressed quickly. I was still somewhat dazed as we wound our way back through the ventilation ducts. As we slipped out of the building, the fresh air brought me back down from my high. Once again I was watching her beautiful ass as we ran across the field, having both accomplished our missions.

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