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Mister Gabe


Hello. My name is Dave. I just turned onto the street leading to the cul-de-sac on which my home is located. There are three "luxury" side-by-sides on the large cul-de-sac. Each has a large lot, with private, shared backyards which include a pool. It cost a pretty penny when we bought it a number of years ago – but then we can afford it, and we expected that it would be good for our kids. Things have been a little different than I expected.

I am now 40, or I will be in three days. My wife, Jenn, is 38. We have three kids. We had our oldest, Sara, when Jenn was 18, and our twins, Mike and Molly, two years later. Sara is now 20, going to the local university studying pre-law, and is married to Brock who works in his father's real estate development company. More on them later, but suffice to say that Sara and Brock live at our house, and plan to until Sara gets out of school. This weekend is the twins' birthday – tomorrow actually. My birthday is Monday – two days after theirs.

I am a lawyer, work long hour, and travel fairy often. I have managed to stay in shape though. I am 5'10", and about 165 lbs, and still fairly firm all over. Jenn is Vice-Principal at the local high school – the one that Sara went to, and that the twins go to now. Jenn is a beauty, standing 5'3" in her stockings. Mousy blonde hair, hour glass figure with full 36's on the top half. Everything about her is gorgeous. She is the love of my life, and has been since high school. Sara looks like her mom, a little taller maybe, and her hair is still very blonde. Mike is about 6', and 185 lbs of rock hard teenage muscle. Molly is the only brunette in the family, and the tallest girl at about 5'8". She is also very athletic and very stacked.

As I said, I am approaching our home after a hard day at the office and I realize that the car I am following is my wife's. It appears that someone is in the car with her. She pulls into our drive way, and I stop on the street just off of the driveway. As I get out of the car my eyes sweep the veranda of the "other" half of our home. I see that Mister Gabe is just getting up from a chair and walking to the rail, looking at my wife as she gets out of the car.

Mister Gabe. I don't know why I, or any of us call him that. But we do. He has been living in the other half of the house for the last two years.

Jenn has stepped out of her car, and as she walks towards the front of the car she peers around at the neighbor's houses to see if there is any sign of life at them. Not surprisingly, given the time of day (people are still on their way home from work), there isn't. She is wearing her "business" clothes. A smart, but short skirt, with pleats. It is of lighter material and I can see that the mild breeze of the day is moving it, and it certainly swishes enticingly as she moves about. On top I can see that she has a short, matching business jacket. Three buttons done up to just between her breasts. That, the single strand of pearls around her neck, the silver wristlet on her arm, and the anklet just above her left foot, the spiky high heels, and her wedding bands make up her attire. I know that she is not wearing anything else. She never does, or at least not for the last two years.

I see that a gangly boy has emerged from the passenger seat of Jenn's car, and Jenn is waving him over to meet her in front of the car. He appears to be in his late teens and nervous. A light bulb goes off in my head and I know what I am watching. Again. So I stay standing at the open door of my car so as to not interfere.

Jenn had glanced up at Mister Gabe's veranda as she was gesturing for the boy to join her. When she saw Mister Gabe her face lit up in the most beautiful smile. He just grinned back at her as he stood at the rail, and waved at her to continue.

Jenn turned her attention to the boy. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but I knew the words. "Boy (or whatever his name was), today is your 18th birthday, and I, as your Vice Principle make it a point to give every young man a birthday present when he turns 18. You just lean here up against the front of my car and relax. You will enjoy it, I am positive." With that, and a saucy grin for her student, Jenn pushes the youth back against the hood of her car and proceeds to undo his belt. She unbuttons the front of his pants and pulls the zipper down.

I am momentarily distracted as anouther car enters the cul-de-sac and pulls in beside mine, behind Jenn's car. I see that Sara is home. Jenn had glanced up to also note Sara's arrival, and with a little wave of welcome to her, returns her concentration to the boy, grabbing both his pants and his shorts together and pulling them to his ankles, falling to her knees as she does. As I watch this, I hear Sara exit her car, pause for a moment and then walk over to join me leaning against my vehicle. As she approaches I hear her question me quietly, "birthday? I think I know him. A friend of Mike's."

I am distracted as I nod that she is correct, at least about the occasion. I didn't know the boy. Jenn had finished pulling the boy's clothes to his ankles and she was now down on her knees in front of him. She smiled up at him as she reached out grasp his quickly hardening cock. Reading her lips, I could tell she said, "happy birthday", and with a couple of quick tugs on his cock, she leaned forward with her mouth open and took him inside.

Sara reached me, and pressed her body up against mine and proceeded to kiss me soundly. No, not your normal, "how are you dad?" kiss between father and daughter. She pushed her tongue between my lips and frenched me soundly. After a moment, she leaned away from me and peering into my eyes, asked, "did that help a bit daddy? I know that these things still bother you." I smiled lovingly at my daughter and glanced downward between us – at her very perky tits, with the nipples obviously also giving me a warm welcome through her very skin-tight lycra top, and lower at my cock, all hard and straining at my business suit. "You know that always helps sweetie."

She had distracted me. But now we both turned our attention back to her mother, my wife, and her student. Sara turned in my arms and ensured that my cock was securely nestled in the crack of her well-formed ass (barely concealed in the mini-shorts that she was wearing). She grasped my hands around her, and I could feel the diamond of her wedding rings on her finger as we the scene before us.

The boy was leaning back against the car, staring down at Jenn as she was now pistoning her mouth back and forth on his young cock. We saw that Mister Gabe was descending from his veranda and striding over to the action on the driveway. As he got close to the couple, he caught the boy's eye.

Mister Gabe is an imposing figure of a man. Easily 6'6", and 260 lbs of muscle. He is a little older than me, in his mid forties, but he is obviously a much bigger and fitter example of the male beast. Also, he is coal black. Head to toe, and everything in between. Staring at the young man enjoying my wife's attentions, he said, "boy! Two things. One, you don't ever tell anyone about what is happening here. If I ever hear that you have, you will answer to me. And you don't want that. Do you understand?" The boy nodded immediately and I'm sure that I heard him squeak out an affirmative.

"Second, boy. You are not taking full advantage of your birthday present." With that Mister Gabe leaned down over Jenn and undid the buttons of her suit jacket and pulled the two sides apart, revealing Jenn's beautiful tits to her very appreciative student. His eyes bugged out even more than they were already.

I could feel Sara reach behind herself to brush the back of her hand up and down my straining cock. At the same time, I turned my hand to gently grasp her breast, and started to softly kneed it. She twisted her head around and gave me anouther peck on the lips, then said, "I love you daddy."

I murmured back "I love you two sweetie."

She continued, "Mom loves you too daddy."

"I'm not sure of that Sara."

"I am" she said, "do you still love her?"

"I'm not sure. It has been a long time" I reply, and we turn our attention back to my wife.

Mister Gabe was still instructing the student, "pay attention boy. When you have a slut on her knees in front of you, you must take a hold of her, and let her know that being on her knees is, in fact, her proper place." With that, Mister Gabe reached down to demonstrate. He took one of Jenn's tits in each hand and squeezed them. He let his fingers slide out to her nipples, with had hardened out to their fully extended inch long length. He took a firm grasp of each nipple and yanked them, twisting at the same time, hard. Jenn was literally pulled a few inches off of her knees. All the while she maintained that boys cock in her mouth – her cheeks billowing in and out as she suctioned on him. "Now you do it, boy", said Mister Gabe as he released Jenn's tits. Mister Gabe for the first time acknowledged our presence with a nod and then returned his attention to Jenn's student, who was turning out to be a quick study. The boy reached down to grab my wife's tits, and cruelly squeezed them, twisting them as hard as he could as he squeezed. Mister Gabe then fisted my wife's hair and thrust her face onto the boy's cock, "like this boy". The boy intently released one tit, grabbed my wife's hair and pulled her onto his cock. He was obviously a quick study.

It didn't take long. I'm sure he would have cum quickly just from the shock of seeing his Vice-Principle on her knees blowing him, but with the added instruction from Mister Gabe, and then the practical experience, he just couldn't hold it any longer. Both Sara and I could see him tense up, and with a final pull on Jenn's hair pinning her to him, he emptied his balls into her eager mouth. A few seconds more of sucking and he was obviously cleaned out.

Sara groaned in front of me, and I realized that I now had both of her tits in my hands and I was aggressively pulling on her nipples through her shirt. As the scene climaxed in front of us, we abruptly stopped what we were doing and dropped our hands from each other. Sara took a half step away from me.

Jenn climbed to her feet and Mister Gabe wrapped her in his arms, giving her a squeeze and then started to walk with her towards us. Mister Gabe pointed at Sara and barked, "you take the boy home. Now!" Sara jumped at the command and practically ran to Jenn's student and dragged him towards her car while he struggled to put his clothing back together.

In a moment, Sara and boy were gone. Mister Gabe was standing before me with an arm draped over Jenn's shoulder and one of his huge hands resting idly on her still very exposed melons. Quietly he said to Jenn, "you need to greet this man Jenn." She looked up at him lovingly, and then tentatively smiled at me. She leaned forward to give me a peck on the lips – the sort of "in public, this is my husband, kind of greeting kiss, that I have been receiving from my wife for two years. As Jenn opened her mouth to say "hello", Mister Gabe softly added, "no Jenn, greet him properly. He has been a good man for you for many years."

Jenn glanced quickly up at Mister Gabe with a confused look, but then turned to me and opened her arms. She leaned in and gave me the kind of hug that I had been deprived of for so long. She stretched up and planted her lips on mine...and she kissed me. The kind of kiss that I have been missing and longing for. Mister Gabe continued, "Jenn, I will be giving you back to him on Monday. After we celebrate the twin's birthday." With that he grasped one of my hands, which were hanging limply at my side since Sara departed, and placed it firmly onto Jenn's breast. We, Jenn and I, both gasped. Other than the cursory public offerings, I haven't been able to touch her in two years.

What the hell am I talking about?...and what the hell has been going on here you wonder?

Stay tuned.

I'm going to start at the beginning, and fill you in on the odyssey that has been my family's life for the last two years.

As I said. Stay tuned.

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More cuck shit.

This guy has been letting Gabe bang his wife for years(and apparently every 18yr old male in her school,also)...and Mr. Gabe is "Giving her back" to him? Who the fuck would want her? Makes me want to vomit.more...

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