tagChain StoriesModern Fairy Tales Ch. 12

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 12


Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young woman who was admired by many. She had long, dark auburn curls and always wore red. For this, people called her "Little Red." Little Red may have been a friend to all, but she lived a very sheltered life.

Little Red lived alone with her mother in a small city. After Little Red graduated from high school, she remained at home with her mother. Her mother had been extremely protective of Little Red. Her mother never trusted men, and she bestowed this fear of men onto her daughter.

One day, Little Red's mother called her to the kitchen.

"Grandma is not feeling well. Her doctors are playing doctor too much with those nurses to diagnose and treat her. They sent her home from the hospital today. They say nothing is wrong with her, but she still doesn't feel well."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Mom," said Little Red.

"Would you go check on her? Here, I just baked some cookies. These may cheer her up," her mother said while handing her a plastic container of cookies.

Little Red took the cookies and grabbed her little, red purse from the coffee table. She paused at the mirror in the foyer to check her appearance. Her red headband held her long curls from her porcelain cheeks. She sighed as she ran a finger down the dipping neckline of her red silk blouse. She knew her grandmother would not approve of the way her perky breasts were barely covered.

"Oh, Little Red!" her mother called as she ran up to Little Red. "Remember, your grandma lives in the hood. Be careful! Please don't talk to any strangers."

"Mom, I'm fine! I'm nineteen, for God's sake! You don't have to worry about me anymore."

"Sweetie, please promise me you won't talk to any men. They're evil wolves, they are!"

"Okay, Mom. I won't. I know you worry. One of these days, you know I'll have a boyfriend. I've obeyed your rules, but I'm getting older now. I hope you'll be able to accept that when the time comes."

"I'll try. But, today? Today you won't talk to any men, will you?"

"No, Mom."

Little Red's mother kissed her on the forehead before she stepped out of their home. Little Red walked to her red convertible. She slid into the car and put on her black and red sunglasses. After putting on her seatbelt, Little Red flipped a CD into the player and cranked up the volume.

She spun away from her home and proceeded towards her grandmother's house. She left their quiet neighborhood. Little Red was always a little nervous about driving to her grandmother's house. She didn't feel comfortable driving in the hood.

As she got closer to her grandmother's house, she approached a red light. There was a group of men standing on the corner. The men were young. They wore baggy jeans and tank tops or jerseys. They wore more jewelry than any man Little Red had ever seen. When one strutted over to Little Red's car, she was thankful that the traffic light turned green.

With a sigh of relief, she continued on her way. The streets were cluttered with litter. Teenagers and young adults were gathered on several street corners. Little Red tried not to make any eye contact with the two men standing on the sidewalk as she parked her car near her grandmother's house.

She grabbed the container of cookies and left the safety of her car. She hurried toward her grandmother's door.

"Hey, Baby! You just going to ignore me like that?" said a muscular black man in a white tank top and baggy, dark jeans.

Little Red spun around to politely explain. The moment she saw him, an image of their comingled flesh flashed before her eyes. She imagined seeing his dark skin against her pale skin. She could almost feel his muscular arms holding her. His voice jolted her back to reality.

"Now, that's more like it," he said as he took a step towards her.

"No! Sorry, I'm in a hurry. I have to go!" she said as she fled through the front door of her grandmother's apartment building.

Little Red knocked on her grandmother's door. There was no answer. Little Red worried that her grandmother may be too sick to come to the door. She fished the key from her purse and unlocked the door.

Once inside, Little Red heard loud moans from her grandmother's bedroom. Fearing that her grandmother was now deathly ill, she rushed to her grandmother's bedroom.

"Oooooh! Oh, my!" Little Red heard from the bedroom as she flung open the door.

Little Red saw her grandmother on all fours with a naked man kneeling behind her. The man was holding grandma's hips and thrusting against her bare butt.

"Oh, my!" yelled the startled grandmother as she scurried to cover her naked body with the strewn sheet.

"Whoa!" yelled the surprised, naked man in grandmother's bed as he too dodged under the sheet.

"Grandma?" Little Red whispered.

"Child, come here. Come closer to grandma," Little Red's grandmother said.

"Grandma, I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. Mom said you weren't feeling well," Little Red apologized as she approached the side of the bed.

"I wasn't feeling well, dear. But I feel much better now," grandmother assured her.

"Are you sure, Grandma? Your eyes! Your eyes are so big!" Little Red said.

"Oh, that's just because you caught me having such fun!" Grandma explained.

"But, Grandma. You're all sweaty and red. Do you have a fever?"

"No, dear. This nice, young man gave me quite a workout," Grandma explained.

"But, Grandma. Where are your teeth? What happened to your teeth?" Little Red asked in horror.

"Oh, I took them out. I wouldn't want to hurt the young man while sucking on him," Grandma said.

"Grandma! You enjoy this? You like being with a man?"

"Of course, dear. I know your mother must have filled your head with all kinds of negative opinions about men. I love your mom. But, she really needs to get laid!" Grandma laughed.


"Well, it's true! Maybe then she would loosen up a bit! By the way, this is Sam," Grandma said as she gestured to the young man hiding behind the white sheet.

"Hello," Little Red whispered.

The man nodded and stood up to get dressed. Little Red had never seen a naked man. She caught herself staring.

"Any more questions, dear?" Grandma asked.

Little Red just pointed to the man's nakedness.

"Don't tell me that you've never even seen a naked man before," Grandma asked.

With that, Sam paused. He slowly turned toward Little Red, allowing her to look at him. Little Red noted that even though Sam was much older than she was, he had to be at least thirty years younger than Grandma. His gray eyes contrasted with his dark hair in a way that made him uniquely handsome to Little Red. His muscular chest was covered in coarse, dark hair.

"Grandma, he looks so muscular and strong," Little Red said.

"The better to hold Grandma with," Grandma said.

"Grandma, his penis," Little Red pointed. "His penis is so long and thick."

"The better to please Grandma with, my dear," Grandma explained.

"But, it's soft. I thought it was supposed to be hard," Little Red said.

"You could change that," Sam informed Little Red.

"I could?" Little Red asked.

"Would you like to see what sex feels like?" Grandma asked.

"Well, yes. I've wondered about that for a long time. But, how do I make him hard?" Little Red asked.

"Well, there are a few ways. You could touch him," Grandma suggested.

Little Red tentatively walked over to Sam. She slowly reached for his cock. Her fingers danced over the smooth shaft. Suddenly, she jerked her hand back.

"It moved!" she exclaimed.

Sam and her grandmother chuckled.

"It's okay, dear. That just means that your touch is working," Grandma assured her.

Little Red resumed caressing Sam's cock. She glided her fingers gently up and down his cock. Then, she wrapped her hand around his moist shaft. She moved her hand along the length of his cock. It was soon erect.

"Is it okay if I kiss you?" Sam asked Little Red.

Little Red nodded. Sam held the side of her cheek and kissed her pouty, red lips. He kissed her gently at first, then harder, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Little Red felt his hard cock poke her in her stomach.

Sam led Little Red to the side of the bed. Little Red laid down next to her grandmother. Unbuttoning her blouse, Sam straddled her. He flipped it open to reveal her red, satin bra covering her milky-white breasts. He bent down and kissed her breasts, nuzzling her cleavage. Opening the front clasp to her bra, he kissed his way to one of her nipples and sucked on it.

Little Red let out a gasp as she enjoyed the first time her nipples were sucked. Alternating between nipples, he sucked and flicked her nipples with his tongue. His fingers squeezed and tugged the nipple he wasn't sucking at the time. He kissed his way down her flat stomach. While licking and kissing her stomach, his hand teased her erect nipples. He stood up and removed her skirt and red, satin panties.

Sam kissed Little Red's thighs as his hand moved from her nipples, down the slope of her stomach to her untouched slit. He parted her legs further so he could kiss her inner thighs. Parting her slit with his fingers, he traced the contours of her slit with his tongue. Kneeling between her luscious thighs, he eased the head of his cock against her wet innocence.

"This may hurt at first, but don't worry," Grandma assured her.

Little Red nodded.

Sam gently pushed against her a few times before he thrust himself inside her.

"Ow!" said Little Red.

Little Red let out a yelp as Sam thrust his cock into her. As he thrust into her repeatedly, soft moans escaped her red lips. Little Red gripped his biceps as he continued to thrust his hard cock into her creamy slit. Hungry for more, her hips rocked to meet his. His cock was slick with her wetness as he withdrew his cock. He stood up and helped Little Red up. Sam laid down on the bed.

"Ride me," he told Little Red.

"Straddle him and lower yourself onto his cock, dear," Grandma instructed Little Red.

Little Red did as she was told.

"Move your hips, dear. Just rock them front and back. Here, let me help," Grandma said.

Grandma held her granddaughter's hips and guided her motion. Little Red rocked her hips, following her grandmother's guidance.

"There you go!" Grandma said as she let go of Little Red.

"Oh, it feels good," Little Red moaned.

Little Red rode Sam faster. Her tight wetness clamped onto his cock. Trembling, she whimpered.

Still shaky, she asked, "What's that? What's happening to me?"

"You had an orgasm," Sam panted as he grabbed her hips. "Lean forward. Come closer."

When Little Red leaned towards him, he took one of her nipples into his mouth. She moaned as he sucked and nibbled on her nipples. When he let go of her nipple, she sat up and rocked her hips, grinding her clit on him. He thrust upwards so forcefully that Little Red almost lost her balance. He grunted while rapidly thrusting into her. Little Red whimpered as she felt herself tighten on his hard cock. When Sam let out a grunted moan, Little Red felt his cock throb inside of her. He pulled her close and kissed her.

"I'm going to have to visit you more often," Little Red panted.

"Anytime you'd like, dear," Grandma chuckled.

So, Little Red made frequent visits to Grandma's house. She and Grandma had fun with Sam on a regular basis.

And they lived happily ever after...

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