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Mom & Aunt


This is a fictional follow up to my true experiences related elsewhere

It was school holidays and we had been invited to stay with my aunt in the city again. My dad was working so she and I left by train. I could see that my mom was very excited at the prospect but I did not say anything... particularly not about the troubling sights I had witnessed on our previous visit.

My Mom and aunt were deliriously happy to see one another, but to my disappointment, my cousin had gone visiting, so I was alone with the two women. My aunt's boyfriend was working, for a change, so they had the house to themselves. My aunt told my mom that she had something very exciting planned for the next day, and giggled secretively. My Mom blushed and told her not to mention things in front of me.

The next morning after breakfast, my aunt gave me a pile of comics to keep me busy and they started preparing. I could hear them talk and giggle in the bathroom. At one stage, my aunt went to the kitchen. I could sneak a peek between the leaves of the fake Ivy that was planted in the room divider...

She was wearing a short house coat that she'd left open down the front! She was carrying a drink in her one hand, even though it was only nine in the morning. She was wearing nothing underneath the coat! Only her suspender belt, stockings and heels! I could clearly see her slit through her short cropped pubic hair!

Needless to say, this affected me deeply. I was burning with curiosity about how the day would develop.

My aunt came from the kitchen carrying a bottle of brandy and went back into her room. I was fascinated, watching the seams of her stockings as she walked.

After a long time, they emerged from the room, dressed in prim, severe business suits with tight fitting pencil skirts, tailored jackets, hose, heels, short gloves and purses. They both looked very proper and I was a bit disappointed.

"...how did you know, about the gambling, I mean?" my mom asked my aunt. She looked nervous... flushed with an unknown excitement...

"I saw... last time when we were at the restaurant and I dared you, remember...?"

"Is it that obvious?" my mom asked, blushing...

"Well... Just look at you now..." my aunt answered, smiling. "Jimmy", she called out to me. "Mommy and I are going to a shop where little boys are not allowed to go in. You must wait for us outside. Mommy and I are going to buy Daddy a big surprise, so you mustn't tell him where we've been, okay?"

I agreed, not knowing what could be this secretive, but glad most of all that I'd be able to remain in the company of the two elegantly dressed women.

A taxi came and fetched us and took us to a run-down part of town, in the industrial area. The warehouse appeared empty, but as we walked across the cemented parking area, I could hear the feint beat of music coming from somewhere.

My aunt stopped, pulled her skirt up very high and adjusted her suspender belt clasps, then walked up to the door of a small workshop attached to the side of the warehouse. She knocked on the door.

An old black woman opened it and asked her what it is that she wanted. A discussion ensued and the old crone shook her head repeatedly asif she was sure that the two women were mad. Eventually she relented and stood aside to let them in.

My aunt bent over to me and said that I should keep quiet and stay with the old lady until they were finished. I nodded my head and they proceeded to a metal door that led into the din interior of the factory where the noise, now much amplified, came from...

The old crone closed the door behind them and made me sit on a chair against the wall. I still had the comics with me and she ordered me to read them and shut up.

Right next to me was a window that looked into the factory. It had been painted over with a green primer when the workshop area had been added. The paint job had not been done professionally, and between the streaks, one could get a fair idea of what was going on inside!

I could see my mom and aunt walk up to a table in the middle of the factory floor. It was lit up by a single naked buld hanging from the bare rafters.

Around the table, a number of people sat, playing cards. As my eyes grew accustomed to the dimness of the interior, I could establish that my mom and aunt were the only women there, and moreover, they were the only white people.

My aunt spoke to the man in charge, a huge, corpulent fat black man with a bald head, several teeth missing and sporting a pair of dark glasses, despite the dim interior.

He grinned stupidly and admitted that he knew uncle Alfie, my aunts boyfriend. He invited my mom and aunt to sit down. My mom looked very scared and wanted to leave, but my aunt nagged her, reassuring her that it would be all right. My mom eventually agreed to stay just for one game.

Panelite chairs were pulled up and the two ladies were seated.

My mom soon appeared to relax and agreed to have a brandy when the fat black asked her if they'd like anything to drink. He poured two shots from a bottle that was wrapped in brown paper into two tin cups and passed them to my mom and aunt, who shrugged, toasted each other and drank them up.

My mom wheezed when the strength of the liquor hit her, and they all laughed. The ice was broken and the cards were dealt...

The old crone saw that I was looking and shrugged her shoulders saying: "Ooooo wheee! You can look but you mustn't tell anyone I let you, okay!"

I agreed to secrecy again, and turned back to my spy hole....

There was some discussion between my mom and aunt about what they should bet. then my mom opened her purse and took out all her money!

I had never seen so much money before!

My aunt laughed and asked her if she was sure. She nodded eagerly: "Yes!"

My aunt shrugged her shoulders and my mom put all the money on the table...

The next moment she shrieked and sprang up, her fingertips at her cheeks: "Oh my God, NO!" she panted. "I was so sure..."

The black man laughed as he raked her money towards him...

My mom sat down, lamely. "What now...?" she muttered to my aunt.

My aunt shook her head sympathetically. "Sorry Dolly, you know I'm broke... I only have enough myself for one more round. But what about your jewels, they must be worth something?"

"Yes! Of course!" my mom brightened up. "Will you take them?" she asked the black man eagerly, wresting her engagement and wedding rings from her gloved fingers.

"Yeaaargh, okay", the fat man groaned reluctantly. 'But not for the full value, you understand. A tenth of what you lost, that's all..."

"Thanks, yes, that will be fine", my mom beamed, eagerly. "Don't worry Tilly, I'll win this one, you see..." she reassured my aunt, conspiratorially.

"You better, my girl..." my aunt cautioned her.

When my mom had returned to her seat, I had noticed that her narrow skirt had ridden up a bit, exposing her knees. She didn't pull it down as she always used to. Now, she sat forward in her chair, allowing the skirt to ride up quite a bit.

I saw the fat man openly looking at her legs but she appeared not to notice. My aunt did, but did not warn my mom. instead, she smiled at the fat man and languidly crossed her legs as well, allowing her skirt too, to ride up and expose quite a bit of thigh!

She toasted my mom with her cup and emptied her brandy. My mom did the same.

"Uuuuugh Gaaaaawd, Nooooooo!!!" I heard my mom moan as the next hand was played.

She leant forward on the table, her head on her arms, complaining loudly...

My aunt just sat there, shaking her head. "Dolly... what now...? I think we'd better go..."

"GO?! Never! I can't leave my wedding ring here...!" my mom retorted.

"Well, I don't see...." she started.

"Mrs. F." the fat man interjected. "I understand Mrs. K's problem. I you people quite well, so I can try and come to her assistance..."

"How?", my aunt asked, apprehensively...

He grinned...

"Well, it is my experience, Ma'am, that one has always got something of value, that someone else might want..." he continued. "Look at these five gentlemen, for instance", he indicated the other black men that sat round the table: "Old Vusi there, is just out of prison. Did seven years. Picked up a nasty habit for tablets that you crush and smoke with marijuana. Money means nothing to him... He wins anything here he'll be passed out in an hour, all his winnings gone...."

A black man of indeterminate age with swollen eyelids, swollen lips and several missing teeth grinned stupidly at them...

"And Petros, there next to you, likes flashy cars. He steals them by the dozen. Passes his time between jobs here and looses most of his profits to me..." A middle aged black man with a weasly face and pencil line moustache grinned shyly as he acknowledged his weaknesses.

"His son, Jabu over here, is also just out of prison. He is a bad one, this one. But he collects my money..." A sullen, aggressive looking, scarred youth with immensely thick lips sneered derisively at the women...

And so he introduced all the gangsters in turn. "The point I am trying to make, madam, is that money is not the only thing of value here..." he continued, his eyes lingering on my and aunts' exposed nylonned knees...

"Aaah, I seee..." my aunt smiled at last. But, I'm afraid, we have nothing more of value that we can give. Here, look at my purse for yourself..."

"Mmmm, now lets see..." the fat black man smiled, reaching over for it.

He flipped it open and carefully laid on the baize in front of him the entire content of the purse. They were a bunch of tissues, a lipstick holder, a compact, a pen and notebook, some change, and last of all, two tampons...

He laid the empty purse down next to it.

"Mmm", he said thoughtfully. 'Mrs. K, what about yours...?"

My mom reluctantly handed him her purse. He riffled through it with nearly the same results, save that, instead of tampons, he fished out a frilly hook belt and two old fashioned Kotex pads with the loops on either end.

"I see", he said, pensively. "Well, ladies, you see, what we have here is extremely valuable after all, don't you think...?"

My mom was blushing furiously and did not seem to know what he was getting at...

My aunt was merely nodding her head, slowly, understandingly...

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