tagIncest/TabooMom Goes Environmental

Mom Goes Environmental


All characters are 18 years or older.

Warning: This story is a contest entry that involves incest. If this offends you, please back out now.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Invitation

As a spunky kid, Katy had brought an energetic fervor to everything she did in high school, college, and the initial years of her career. After marrying Brent she gave birth to twins and transferred her drive into being the best mother she could be for Kevin and Chris but, as the years wore on and resumption of her career was repeatedly postponed, her energy was relentlessly eroded.

Katy was enjoying her second coffee alone in her kitchen, one arm propping her head up while the other held the mug awaiting the next sip as she gazed steadily at the flatscreen TV she wasn't really watching. She was thinking about her sons and wondering where she had gone wrong.

Why didn't they have any ambition? All they did was drink and party. Nothing fired their imagination except cars and girls. The only saving grace was that they didn't do drugs and that, Katy feared, might simply be a temporary reprieve. She had experimented with drugs herself but they were much more dangerous these days. Katy was worried, very worried, because Brent seemed incapable of keeping the boys in line.

"At least yours are in college," her friend Marion had said. "Mine are totally useless."

True, but Kevin was barely scraping by with a 'C' average as a biology major and Chris wasn't doing much better in business school. That might have been expected in first year but this was their second and they were both capable of doing much better. Their friends from high school were doing well but the boys had fallen in with new friends from out of town who got hammered at least twice a week. None of them had steady girlfriends—kids did everything in groups these days and seemed to change partners every second week.

I wish I'd had girls. Even when partying, we have an eye on the future.

Katy sighed and sipped her coffee.

How can I get them to grow up?

For fifteen years she'd driven her kids everywhere, criss-crossing town to this practise or that and travelling a hundred miles in every direction for games. Kids have everything done for them these days. No wonder they won't get off their ass to do something for themselves.

Our generation has failed the next.

"Christ, what a waste!" she said out loud.

"What's a waste?" Chris asked, meandering into the kitchen and scaring the hell out of his mother who jerked upright and spilled the rest of her coffee. Thankfully, it was no longer hot and didn't scald her chest.

"Jesus, Chris! Don't sneak up on me like that."

"Sorry, Mom. What's for breakfast?"

Katy grabbed a dish towel and dabbed at her chest, pushing underneath the lapels of her cotton pajamas to dry the coffee that had splashed onto her breasts. When she finished and looked up she saw that Chris was watching her closely. Katy blushed.

"Do you want some eggs?" she asked, turning away.


"Poached okay?"

"Yeah, whatever."

Katy poached three eggs and toasted three slices of bread. She also fried up some tomatoes though she knew he probably wouldn't eat them. When everything was ready she put the plate in front of Chris along with a tall glass of orange juice and a multivitamin tablet. She poured herself another coffee and sat on the stool next to her son who was already eating. Christ, not only had he not thanked her, he had changed the channel without asking.

While Chris stuffed his face and watched the football game Katy redirected blame to herself rather than her whole generation. How had she come to this, sitting around at ten in the morning still in her pajamas? Her son was late for school and she didn't say anything. His brother was still upstairs, probably hung over, and was already late for his first class again but Katy was worn out and lacked the energy to badger them anymore. It was like talking to a brick wall but that was no excuse for letting herself slide. Why wasn't she doing something herself instead of sitting here day after day?

A commercial came on and was followed by a preview of the upcoming news. Evidently, the protest against the Keystone pipeline was losing momentum. It had been successfully blocked but the governor had approved an alternate route and the protest was losing steam. In her day, protesters had more staying power and didn't show up just to be seen at the next popular Facebook group meet.

"You should watch this," she said.

"Why?" Chris mumbled.

Katy snapped, "Because it's important. Because it matters!"

Chris stared at his mother, surprised by the sudden vehemence from his normally mild-mannered mother.

"If you kids don't start standing up for yourselves you won't have a country left worth living in!"

"Whoa, Mom. Settle down." Chris laughed.

"It's not funny!"

"Okay, okay." Chris held up his hands.

Katy relaxed when she realized she had raised her right fist as she turned to face her son. He was staring at it. Had her intensity frightened him? She searched his face with concern but was shocked to see that he wasn't staring at her fist but was looking past it at her chest. She looked down and was dismayed to see that two buttons had popped open. The widely spaced buttons had opened a gap in her pajamas sufficient to show the inner swells of both breasts with the rest molded by coffee-dampened cotton.

Katy opened her fist for better coverage and turned away. She didn't rebutton the pajamas, thinking it was best to act as if there wasn't anything wrong. That way, Chris didn't have to acknowledge that he'd been staring at her breasts and Katy didn't have to recognize that he had, or address the weird sensation in her stomach. When she looked back at Chris he was watching the game so intently Katy questioned her perception. He couldn't have been looking at her that way. She must have been mistaken.

"Anyway," she said. "You should find think about becoming involved."

"I'll think about it," he muttered.

Katy was about to slink away when Kevin stumbled into the kitchen rubbing his eyes.

"What's that?" he asked, watching his brother disappear the last bite of poached eggs.

Katy knew he was really asking her to make him some breakfast too so she got up and Kevin took her place so he could watch the game.

"I could go for some coffee too," he mumbled.

Katy didn't say anything but she poured a coffee, added a little cream and a spoonful of sugar, then placed it in front of Kevin who took it without a by-your-leave. She turned back to the stove and Kevin looked at his brother who winked at him. They both smiled. The unspoken topic was Katy's open pajama top which she had forgotten to do up.

Chris downed the rest of his orange juice and, winking at his brother, asked, "Can I have some more orange juice, Mom?"

Katy opened the fridge and brought the juice to the island between her two sons, picked up Chris's glass and filled it to the top. Both boys turned to watch, their eyes on the gap between the lapels of their mother's pajamas. It widened, enhancing their view as her arm lifted to pour the juice and her unrestricted breasts swung freely beneath the cotton pajamas. Katy returned the juice to the fridge.

"Can I have some too, Mom?" Kevin asked as soon as the fridge door shut, winking at his brother.

Katy got a clean glass from the cupboard, retrieved the juice from the fridge, and brought it to the island, once more standing between her two sons. While she poured Kevin's glass, taking great care not to spill, both boys admired what they could see of her supple breasts. The news came on as the juice neared the brim and the first topic was the upcoming pipeline protest. Kevin reached for the remote.

"Wait," Chris said. "Mom said this is important."

Katy was pleased. Maybe they really are listening even when it looks like they aren't.

Feeling the urge to get involved in something meaningful again, she watched the newscast intently. The boys paid close attention too but their concentration was centered on their mother's breasts which had swung away from her chest as she leaned toward the TV. The open, loose pajama top let the boys follow the slope of her tits almost down to the nipples. Their eyes broke away for the briefest instant and they smiled at each other over their mother's head. Katy was aware they were looking at each other and was pleased they had finally found something interesting besides cars, girls, and booze.

"I think I'll go to the protest," she announced.

"Really?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah." Katy put a hand on each son's shoulder. "You should come too. There'll be lots of girls there."

Though she didn't know it, lifting her arms tightened the material around her breasts, outlining her nipples through the still damp cotton. The boys each put a hand on their mother's shoulder.

"That might not be a bad idea," Chris said.

"Yeah," Kevin agreed.

"That's great, Katy said, surprised. "It'll be fun."

"Yeah," both boys replied at the same time, eyes locking over their mother's head.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Katy didn't remember her loose top until she was washing the dishes. She had noticed its state when she brought the juice to refill Chris's glass but, despite her discomfort, didn't want to draw further attention to it by fixing it in front of him. Her intention to button it after putting the juice away was preempted by Kevin's request and then she forgot about it.

Katy was aware that Chris glanced several times at the loose top but Kevin seemed truly interested in the protest so she had stayed to watch the whole newscast. With his business school background Chris was unlikely to be sympathetic toward the cause but Kevin was pursuing a degree in biology so it wasn't surprising that the issue interested him.

Though the boys often sparred with one they were often interested in similar things and Katy hoped Kevin's interest might drag Chris along. As an additional incentive, she had specifically mentioned girls. Meeting some smart ones might make them less enamored with the type they usually hung out with. God knows, something had to make them change their foolish ways.

Katy smiled and withdrew her wet hands from the soapy water in the sink. Instead of buttoning her top she undid it all the way. She was proud that her breasts still had spring in them and didn't really need artificial support even at forty-three. True, they were heavier and sagged a little, but they still looked good.

Katy pulled the pajamas apart and pushed her tits out. The nipples poked upward with a vigor only expressed when she was excited. She dribbled soapy water onto each one and watched it trickle down, returned her hands to scoop up more suds, and let it drip on her tits too. With the fingers of each hand held tightly together, Katy squeezed the soapy water down the slope of each breast to her nipples, then pressed down upon the perky extensions until they snapped back, flicking water in her eye.

She laughed out loud. "Good grief, Katy Thompson. What are you doing?"

She giggled, peeled the pajama top off, and let it drop on the floor. Her hands pressed her breasts together then slid down her sides. Over the years her torso had thickened and hips widened but she retained an hour-glass figure that still caused men to cast more than a passing glance.

Following her waist, Katy's fingers ran out to her hips until they encountered the edges of the pajama bottoms. Fingertips slipping inside, she slowly pushed them down, baring the pout of her tummy and then her bush. There she paused and stared at her sex for a moment before shoving the bottoms down until the elastic snapped over her buttocks. Katy wriggled until they fell to the floor, then finished washing the dishes naked, singing softly and occasionally bursting into laughter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The next day Katy realized her clothes would make her stand out like a sore thumb at a protest so she went shopping at the local thrift shop to find something grungy but couldn't bring herself to wear second hand clothes. At the mall she followed some young women in their twenties into a few stores and bought two pairs of stretchy jeans that some designer had been paid a small fortune to make look well-used. Several t-shirts and a fleece hoodie at more reasonable prices, relatively speaking, completed her protest wardrobe.

Next, Katy tried to find a local group that might be going to the protest at the National Mall but their town was evidently too small and conservative to support one. Nevertheless, she got some ideas from reading a few online blogs and forums. At dinner that night, she broke the news to Brent that she was going to join the protest against the Keystone pipeline in DC.

"Are you out of your mind?"

"No, I'm not out of my mind. I just feel like doing something worthwhile for a change," Katy retorted.

"So go back to work if you're bored."

The boys quickly found the food on their plates extremely interesting.

"I sacrificed my career for this family and I'm not spending the rest of my life doing some mid-level job to satisfy your criteria of what would be a useful thing to do."

"Katy, I only meant…"

"I know what you meant but there's more to life than working. The environment was important us when we were in college, remember? We've forgotten that and it's a mistake I want to rectify."

"Okay Katy. If it means that much to you."

"It does."

"Are you going with Marion?"

"No, the boys are coming with me."

"The boys?"

Brent looked at the boys. Chris kept his head down but Kevin returned his gaze with a measure of defiance. "That's right," he said. "We're going too."

Rather than being upset, Brent looked relieved.

"Well, that's good. Your mother shouldn't have to go alone."

"I can handle myself."

"I know, honey, but it's a big city. I feel better knowing the boys are going with you. You're going too, Chris?"

"Yes," Chris finally looked up.

Brent chuckled. "Well, keep them out of jail son."

"I will, Dad."

Later that night, Chris caught his father on the phone talking in a low voice. He said he had to go as soon as he saw Chris and explained, without being asked, that it was about work but Chris was bothered by the way he blushed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Trip to DC

Katy sat in the front while the boys took turns driving. She wore a skirt for traveling instead of the jeans because they clung to her ass and made her self-conscious. She hadn't worn a bra under the tight t-shirt but the fleece hoodie hid that. It felt good to be loose and comfortable. Though chilly it was a sunny day and the brightness added to the excitement, as did the light-hearted banter in the car. Katy couldn't remember when she had got on so well with the boys.

For the most part, she sat side-saddle with her back to the door so she could see both boys while they talked. The knee of her left leg pressed against the back of the seat while the right rested upon the left with the foot extended to the floor. Of course, this left her legs open but she had pushed the loose skirt between her thighs. However, on several occasions she had to push the skirt back into place because it had a tendency to ride up her thighs. This especially happened when she became animated talking about things she had done in college in an attempt to seem young like them. Once, both boys suddenly looked away before she realized the skirt needing fixing. Katy didn't look down and waited until the conversation calmed down before fixing the skirt but the boys continued asking about the old days and soon had her animated again.

After a hundred miles or so they stopped for lunch. The mix of truckers, salesmen, and families on the move made Katy feel like they really were on an adventure. She wasn't dressed like a mother and even the families in the restaurant didn't look at her like she was one. Even two of the fathers checked her out like the truckers and salesmen did and that made her feel young.

Out of the blue she told the boys, "When we get there, don't tell anyone I'm your mother."

"Why not?"

"Because I want to be one of the crowd, not your mother. I don't want to feel old."

"You're not old, Mom," the boys chimed.

"Sure, sure. Just don't tell anyone."

After that the conversation turned toward the pipeline and Kevin and Chris quickly got into an argument which surprised Katy. She wasn't sure whether they believed that strongly about it or if they were just arguing for the hell of it. She was relieved when the burgers arrived, delivering the relative peace of mouths stuffed full of hamburger and fries.

When they started arguing again, Katy got up to pay the bill. A couple of the truckers checked her out when she was standing at the counter to pay. One of them approached and seemed about to say something to her but she just smiled and left the diner. The boys followed but she was sitting in the back seat by the time they caught up. As they drove out, the trucker waved and she smiled back, feeling like she was back in school.

The sun was stronger in the afternoon which made the car warm. She had been hot earlier too but didn't want to take the hoodie off because of her braless state under the t-shirt. Since the boys were sitting up front and were still arguing she quickly pulled the hoodie off, put a pillow against the passenger side rear door, and settled back to rest, draping the hoodie over her chest. Gradually, the boys heated exchange dwindled to an annoying buzz and eventually to a soothing drone. Katy felt at peace with the world. She was very happy.

Though Kevin was driving he occasionally looked at Chris to emphasize a point. Chris was angled against the door with his left arm extended across the top of the front seat which he frequently clutched to pull himself toward his brother when emphasizing his own points. During one of his glares Kevin swore at him and glanced into the back seat to make sure Katy hadn't heard. The expression on his face made his brother look too.

Katy had composed herself in a proper manner but several position changes left a leg lifted and pressed against the back of the seat while the other was extended with an ankle hooked over the edge of the seat. The skirt had ridden up which, apart from displaying a large expanse of bare leg, also created a substantial gap between her thighs. The boys looked at each other and then back at their mom. She may be their mother but she was still a pretty good looking woman. The car swerved, forcing Kevin's eyes back to the road.

"You want to drive?" he asked his brother.

"No, you go ahead," Chris answered, gazing into the back seat and noticing Katy had tried to use the hoodie as a blanket but it had fallen part way off her chest.

"It's your turn," Kevin complained.

"Keep driving," Chris urged.

Kevin eased into the slow lane and turned around to see what had made his brother's voice so thick. His breath caught in his throat when he saw his mother's breast, the one closest to the back of the seat, and its nipple straining against the thin cotton of the tight t-shirt. For the next couple of miles Chris stared at his mother and Kevin divided his attention between her and the road, favoring the back seat. Chris paid more attention to Katy's breast while his brother, who from his vantage point on the driver's side could see further up her skirt, favored his mother's legs.

Katie stretched and relaxed, causing her right foot to hang farther over the edge of the seat and the hoodie to slide further off her chest. The boys breathed in the shallow but quickened pace characteristic of the early stages of both sexual excitement and fear.

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