Mom Goes Environmental


When Chris reached over the back of the seat toward Katy Kevin flung his right arm out to smack him. Chris fended him off with an angry shrug and shake of his head. Kevin watched, captivated and scared, as his brother reached for the hoodie. With the garment pinched between thumb and forefinger, Chris gently lifted and tugged until it slid an inch toward him. Another tug made Katy flinch and Kevin slugged his brother again. While they glared at each other Chris defiantly gave the hoodie a final tug and it slid onto the floor.

Both of Katy's breasts were now on display, their heavy, sagging form perfectly molded by the tight t-shirt. The nipples, straining in different directions, stretched the thin cotton and threatened to tear it apart. Kevin started to whistle but swallowed instead when Chris jerked his head toward him, fixing his brother with a glare fit to kill.

Not quite asleep, Katy felt a pleasant warmth spreading over her body and arched her back in an indulgent, cat-like stretch that imparted a feeling of constrained but intense euphoria. Her sluggish mind became aware that the boys weren't arguing anymore—in fact, they weren't talking at all—and she wondered what had captured their attention. Were they argued-out and mindlessly watching the road?

Katy was about to open her eyes when she heard the boys suck in their breath. Her chest constricted in fear but the car didn't swerve and the boy's didn't swear about a bad driver. For a moment she wondered what they were reacting to and then suddenly became aware that her legs were wide open and her skirt was up who knows how high? Then she realized her chest wasn't blanketed by the hoodie and that meant her breasts were bursting against the t-shirt unhidden. In a flash, she knew the boys were looking at her!

She fought the urge to open her eyes because if she did they would be caught in the act, an embarrassment and that would surely ruin the trip. Instead, she would clear her throat to warn them she was about to wake up so they would have time to turn around and put their eyes on the road where they belonged.

But Katy didn't clear her throat. Instead, she succumbed to an impish impulse to have some fun with the situation, much like she had when she had finished the dishes topless. She knew she had nicely shaped and supple breasts for her age. She didn't consciously admit that awareness of male attention, even by her sons, caused her nipples to poke hard into the thin cotton but she felt if the boys were going to ogle her body it was fair to mess with their minds.

Katy drew her left arm up, intending to stretch the t-shirt even tighter over her breasts, but accidentally and unknowingly hooked the hem of her loose skirt with her watch and dragged it up to her hip. There was a gasp from the front seat and she found it hard to suppress a smile, thinking the boys were reacting to the exacerbated thrust of her breasts.

It was time to 'wake up' but on the spur of the moment Katy eased her right knee outward, completely unaware her skirt had been pulled up so high. She had noticed the boys looking at her open knees when she had been sitting in the front seat. The skirt had been pushed between her legs then but now she suspected they were parted enough to make any male think about what was hidden just out of sight. Katy almost laughed out loud imagining the look on their faces and felt a sudden urge to throw her legs wide open so they could see her panties. Wouldn't that be a shock, to see that their mother actually possessed sexual equipment?

Katy decided against it, of course, but though she didn't know it the lifted skirt had already exposed her panties. The boys were staring between their mother's open legs at the mound bulging against the gusset, clearly outlining her feminine sexuality.

"It's your turn to drive," Kevin whispered.

Chris shook his head. "No it's not!"

"Is so. I've been driving for almost an hour."

"I drove for two," Chris countered.

Katy smiled inwardly. Normally the boys would be arguing to see who could drive longer. It was very flattering. She stretched, unknowingly pressing her pussy forward for an even more explicit demonstration of her womanhood. The muscles in her thighs tensed, amplifying the effect. Katy arched her back, pushed her breasts upward, and sighed to send the first signal that she was about to 'wake up'.

The boys were looking straight ahead a minute later when Katy finally opened her eyes but she didn't look down until she had sat up and by then the skirt had fallen into place. As such, she wasn't aware how brazen her exposure had been. The boys seemed nervous so, even though it was warm, she pulled the hoodie on to cover her breasts, thinking they must have had a greater impact than she had expected. She resisted an urge to confirm her suspicion that they were actually aroused and kept her eyes on the road.

"Should we stop for a snack?" she suggested.

"Yeah," Chris answered.

Kevin agreed. Both looked straight ahead.

The rest of the drive was uneventful. Katy leaned against the front seat to discuss the issues around the pipeline and the protest. The boys humored her, probably because they felt as bad about ogling her as she did about teasing them, but eventually the topic waned from disinterest. The light was fading when they finally spotted a decent looking motel and pulled in for the night. They got a room with two large beds, dumped their bags, and went straight out to eat. The restaurant had good food but the service was slow. Katy had a drink before the food arrived and the boys had a couple of beers each.

The restaurant turned out to be a lively local attraction so they stayed for a couple of hours after dinner to people watch. The four girls sitting at the next table were talking about the protest. One of them noticed her listening so she apologized for eavesdropping and said they were going to the protest too. Twenty minutes later, they merged their tables and Katy found herself an hour later, more than sated with talk about the pipeline, watching two of the girls putting the move on her sons.

"Are you 'with' one of them?" Diana, one of the talkative ones, asked when she noticed Katy watching.

Katy laughed. "Oh, goodness no. We're just traveling together. I'm way too old for them."

"I wouldn't say so," Diana said. "Ten years isn't a big difference."

Katy was flattered. "I'm just the only girl that could come along," she said, thinking it wasn't quite a lie, she just hadn't invited Marion.

"Well, now you're not the only one."

"No, I guess not."

"You're sure you don't mind?" Diana asked, nodding toward the boys and the other girls. "They're not very committed to the cause. This always happens."

"Not at all. They don't interest me," Katy assured her new friend.

"Are you going to the pre-protest?"

"The what?"

"The gathering where everyone gets a heads up on what others are planning to do. We're going to cover ourselves with oil. They're going topless," Diana nodded toward the two girls putting the move on the boys, "but Debra and I are just going to soak our t-shirts. Do you want to join us?"

It didn't appeal to Katy at all but she said she would. Diana was a smart girl and, from the little she said, so was Debra. She wished the boys would pay attention to them instead of the ditzy blondes but she knew it was because they were better looking in a superficial way. Men. They never knew what was good for them.

Diana gave Katy directions to the gathering and she agreed to meet them there. She didn't feel like finishing her drink so said goodnight to Diana and Debra and waved to the boys. Katy was surprised when the key shook the door handle not half an hour later. She had just got out of the shower and was half way to the bed. She barely made it back to the bathroom by the time the door opened and the boys came in, talking about the girls and what a snooch that Diana was. Katy's nightgown was laid out on the bed and she was stuck in the bathroom with just a skimpy motel towel to wrap around herself.

"Boys," she yelled.


"Go back out so I can get dressed."

"Oh, okay."

Katy waited until she heard the door click and then rushed out of the bathroom.

"Don't come in until I say so."

There was no answer so Katy rushed to the door and threw the bolt, then in her fumbling hurry to pull the nightgown over her head, put it on backwards.

"Don't come in," she yelled, head still buried inside the nightgown while she struggled to get it off. As soon as it was on properly, Katy scampered to the bed, tugging the nightgown over her hips, and got into bed.

"Okay," she yelled.

The key turned and the door was pushed.

"Mom, you have to undo the bolt."

Katy swore. "Just a minute."

She got out of bed and went to the door.

"Don't come in right away."

Without waiting for an answer, she scurried back to the bed but was only half way in when the door burst open. Chris was the first in with Kevin right behind him. Katy was caught part way into bed with her legs lifted to swing under the covers and the nightgown half way down her thighs. She slammed the covers down into place.

"I thought you'd be in the bar for a while yet."

"Yeah well, that Diana called it quits because they had to get up early and made the others go too."

"Well, it's probably for the best. We have to get an early start too."

"We'll probably never see them again," Kevin complained. "The protest will be huge."

"Diana gave me directions to meet them at the gathering," Katy informed them.

"The what?"

"The gathering. It's a meet before the protest to exchange ideas," Katy explained, as if it was an obvious thing to know. "The two you're so interested in are going topless."

"Really?" the boys chimed.

"Really. Remember to turn out the light before you go to bed."

Katy shimmied beneath the covers and closed her eyes. The drinks had taken their toll and she fell asleep listening to the boys chatter about 'the hot girls' while they got ready for bed. She woke up hours later. Of course, the boys had left the bathroom light on and it was shining right in her eyes. Sighing, she threw the covers back and got up.

What a pain in the ass.

She thumped toward the bathroom until she remembered she wasn't wearing anything underneath the nightgown. Katy crossed her hands in front of her breasts. The boys were sleeping soundly so she continued on tiptoes to the bathroom, carefully closed the door, and sat down for a tinkle.

She barely turned on the tap to wash her hands and turned out the bathroom light on her way past the door, or meant to, but got the fan instead. She swiped at the switch again but missed. She tried again but only managed to turn off the fan so she leaned inside the door to see what was wrong with the switch and saw that it was the wide kind designed to be pressed rather than flicked. She was about to press it when she heard a noise.

Katy stared at the boys' bed but they were both still and presumably asleep. She looked at the motel room door and then through the partly open drapes but everything was quiet outside. Turning around, Katy checked out the bathroom behind her and then realized her body was silhouetted by the bathroom light. She resisted the urge to cover herself and calmly turned off the light.

Back in bed, Katy had a hard time falling asleep, stirring every time she was about to doze off because she thought she heard something. She lay still, listening intently. There was a rustle coming from the boys bed but it was some time before she realized what it was—one of the boys was playing with himself.

Oh dear. The rustling grew louder.

Who is it? Probably Chris.

Katy started breathing deeply as if she was asleep and a couple of minutes later one of the boys got up and went to the bathroom. In the instant before the door closed, she recognized Chris. A few minutes later, the toilet flushed though she hadn't heard the telltale sound of pee and was sure the other job hadn't taken place. Chris reappeared and stumbled back to bed.

Katy was almost asleep for real when she was disturbed by the bathroom light turning on again. This time it was Kevin. He tried to close the door but it swung open and Katy didn't need the pitter patter sound to know he was masturbating because she could see his secondary reflection from the bathroom mirror and then the one on the wall in the room.

She should have looked away but found herself intrigued by his long strokes. Surely he wasn't that big? He must be pulling his hand part way off. As his hand moved faster he breathed more heavily and occasionally mumbled something in a low, panting whisper but Katy couldn't understand what he was saying, only that it was a single syllable word that obviously invoked fervent passion.

When Kevin finished and turned toward the sink to wash his hands and dick Katy saw that her son didn't need to extend his hand to exaggerate the length of his penis. She blinked several time as he dried himself with a towel.

After he returned to his bed, Katy had a hard time getting back to sleep. When she was watching the boys masturbating she thought it was over the two showy girls who were intending to go topless at the protest but as she drifted off she had a discomforting thought. What if she had contributed to the boys' excitement? Had the teasing in the car gone too far?

Katy vowed not to tease the boys again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

An Awkward Night in DC

Katy had to wear the tight jeans the next day and cursed herself for not bringing some of her regular pants. She had brought several skirts but, after the day in the car and her evening promise, she didn't want to wear anything that showed too much of her legs. She felt self-conscious in the jeans because of the tight fit around her ass but made sure the boys walked ahead of her when they stopped for lunch.

They arrived in DC early in the afternoon but too soon to check in. After registering they left their bags at the desk and went out to explore the town. As it happened, they stumbled right into the 'gathering' without even looking for it and immediately encountered Diana, Debra and their two ditzy friends.

One of the star protesters was speaking but the ditzy girls launched into a prattling conversation with the boys while Diana engaged Katy with her plans for the next day. It turned out they were staying at a nearby hotel. Debra seemed perturbed so Katy quickly agreed to meet them the next morning so she could hear the speaker better.

Later, they ended up in a bar for dinner. After an hour or two hours the boys lost interest in the ditzy duo and started talking to Diana and Debra. Katy was pleased and, though tired and eager to get back to the hotel, ordered another drink. The ditzy girls drifted off in search of other admirers, of which there were many. Natural alliances formed between Diana and Kevin favoring the protesters while Chris and Debra defended proponents of the pipeline. Katy felt like a fifth wheel but was happy the boys were getting along so well with such intelligent girls. She laughed at the thought of asking them if they still thought Diana was a douchebag and had to explain her outburst as due to a private joke.

Eventually, she couldn't disguise how tired she was and the party broke up. After retrieving their bags she and the boys went up to their room. Katy threw hers on the first bed and turned toward the bathroom but abruptly stopped, spun around, and stared at the bed—the single, king-sized bed. The boys were also looking at the bed, bags still in hand. One by one, they dropped the bags.

Katy sat on the edge of the bed. "I'll call downstairs and get another room," she said. She explained the problem to the clerk but was told the hotel was fully booked.

"Would you like a cot, Madam?" he asked.

A cot? Katy was too tired to sleep on a cot and said as much to the clerk.

"I'm sorry, Madam, but the hotel is fully booked."

Katy agreed that she hadn't asked for two beds but asked again if there was anything else they could do.

"I'm sorry, Madam."

Katy hung up and looked at the boys. If anyone was going to sleep on a cot it had to be her. Otherwise she might as well sleep with both of them.

"I'm too tired to sleep on a cot."

The boys nodded.

"Well," she said, looking around at the bed, "It's big enough. We'll just have to give each other a little privacy."

The boys were looking out the window when Katy exited the bathroom in her nightgown and didn't turn around until she was under the covers. She kept her eyes closed while they got undressed and joined her. The bed was big enough for at least a foot of separation between them and after half an hour of watching TV Katy began to relax.

Actually, it was kind of fun. They got snacks and drinks from the room bar and watched a movie. Their legs bumped several times but Katy wasn't worried because it was accidental and innocent. Toward the end of the movie she grew tired and wiggled down into the bed, too low to watch comfortably, and was soon asleep. She woke up with her forehead pressing against a back and groggily snuggled closer, surprised by Brent's presence.

Brent! Brent's not here!

Her eyes snapped open but it was too dark to see and blinking didn't help. About to lift her head, she stopped. She was lying on her left side and Chris had been to her left so it must him in front of her. Katy's arm was curled around his waist. To make things worse, when she had snuggled closer her breasts had pushed against his back and now his ass was pressed into her lap. She didn't want to chance waking him by extracting her arm so she wiggled backward and ended with it stretched awkwardly over his hip.

Another shock awaited. When she pulled away her ass had pushed into something else: Kevin was behind her and a hard lump pressed against her backside. She shifted her hips forward and collided with Chris's ass again. Kevin followed, snuggling closer. For the first time Katy realized his arm was curled around her waist the same way hers was curled around his brother's. She sucked in her breath and held it, listening, then breathed a sigh of relief. Both boys were breathing deep and regular. They were asleep.

Trapped between two sleeping sons, Katy couldn't pull away from one without getting closer to the other and if she extracted her hand she would likely wake Chris, and his stirring might then wake his brother. That would be awkward since his hardon was pressed against Katy's ass. He must be dreaming about the ditzy girls and imagining them topless with oil splashing over their bare breasts, or maybe even Debra in an oil-soaked wet t-shirt. What a predicament!

Katy decided to wait it out. Soon or later one or the other would change positions and then she could do the same, flipping onto her back. But Kevin's hardon didn't subside though Katy was positive he was asleep since his breathing was too regular for him to be awake. How long could a dream last?

Her mind wandered while she waited for the opportunity to move. Katy noted that Kevin felt as well-endowed as her clandestine bathroom observation had indicated and she wondered if her other son was equally well-equipped. The thought produced a chuckle. Her hand was right there. If she let it move a couple of inches she would know for sure.

Katy Thompson! How could you think such a thing, she chided herself.

Of course she wouldn't do it, but it was a wickedly intriguing notion. She laughed harder and her body shook causing Kevin's schlong to flex between her cheeks. With a shock, Katy realized he was sleeping in the nude and that her nightgown had somehow wriggled its way over her hips. His bare cock was pressing right on her panties.

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