Mom Goes Environmental


What nerve!

Katy listened carefully to their breathing, especially Chris's, for another minute. Behind her, Kevin's cock flexed again as it reacted to something in his dream and curiosity got the better of her. Her hand slipped down and took Chris's cock into its palm for another surprise: he was also sleeping in the nude.

They must both sleep that way. Still, it's pretty cheeky to get into bed with their mother like that.

Her fingers curled around her son's shaft and he stirred. She drew in her breath and held still. Chris's breathing quickly returned to normal but, of necessity, she kept her hand still just to be safe, fingers still wrapped around his cock. He seemed to be similar in girth to his brother and must also be dreaming because his cock was just as hard.

At least they're men a woman could be proud of in the downstairs department, Katy mused, feeling a little guilty about being so pleased.

She slid her hand up and down Chris's shaft to check his length. Yes, very nice indeed, as long as his brother's. Or so she thought. Katy realized she couldn't judge for certain just from seeing Kevin's hardon and feeling it against her ass, so she reached behind to grasp his cock too.

She circled his shaft with her fingers to measure his girth and then slid up and down, which was awkward with her left hand pinned beneath her body, but doable. She had to traverse his length a few more times to get a good measure because of that but in the end was sure the boys were equal in size. Both slender but long.

What about their balls?

She giggled and chided herself for having too much to drink. She wasn't used to it. Katy slid both hands lower and measured her son's balls at the same time. They both had hefty sets. She pulled her hands up, intending to extricate them regardless of the risk of waking the boys but instead curled her fingers around their cocks again.

Curiosity will kill the cat. she thought, and then remembered the way the boys had looked at her in the car. She was now sure it wasn't only the ditzy girls in their dreams they had jacked off to the previous night.

Her hands moved up and down, slowly jacking her son's cocks, pausing to pinch the tips and pull the skin tighter over the heads, before squeezing their shafts on the downstroke. She stroked their dicks for about a minute before talking sense into herself and letting go. They gasped and moaned in their sleep upon being abandoned. Both stirred and Katy yanked her hands back. She pushed Kevin back, then skidded forward and turned onto her back.

Jesus Katy! What on earth were you doing? They have nice cocks but that was so wrong on so many levels!

Chris tossed and turned and finally came to rest facing her. Kevin moved closer until his face pressed against her upper arm and Chris snuggled into the same position. When each son moved a knee forward to slide on top of her legs, Katy blocked them by lifting her knees and drawing her feet up. The boys knees continued forward and slid under her thighs until they bumped together. After a minute, they returned to their regular, deep breathing and Katy relaxed. The danger was past.

She couldn't believe what had just happened. She had actually fondled her sons' cocks! What if one of them had woken up? Where would they be then?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Rally

Katy tried hard to act like nothing had happened the night before but the boys were aware something was amiss. They both asked if anything was wrong to which she replied sharply, "Wrong? Why should anything be wrong?"

The boys were taken aback and she immediately regretted the vehemence of her response.

"I guess I'm not feeling a hundred percent."

The boys nodded and gave her some space. At breakfast, they carried on with their usual sparring and she calmed down. Clearly, they had no idea what had happened the night before and Katy tried to convince herself that she would soon forget about it herself.

After breakfast they wandered down to the gathering and ran into Diana and her crowd. The ditzy girls had already gone topless and were causing a minor sensation but Katy was pleased when the boys barely spared them a glance. When they left with their entourage the boys stayed behind while Diana and Debra plastered their t-shirts and tattered cut-offs with oil.

"You're not going to ruin those, are you?" Diana asked, pointing at Katy's designer jeans.

"I bought them for the protest so I guess I am," Katy laughed.

"They're way too cool to do that."

"I don't have any cut-offs in my back pocket."

"Just wear your t-shirt."

Katy laughed. "I can't parade around in my t-shirt and panties."

"Why not? I have an extra long one in my bag you can borrow. It's almost like a dress. Don't ruin those jeans," Diana pleaded.

"I really don't think…"

"Don't ruin those jeans," the boys echoed, laughing.

"Really, you shouldn't," Debra added.

"Yeah, don't ruin your jeans," the boys teased.

Diana grabbed Katy's arm and dragged her over to one of the make-shift tents that had been set up to dispense posters and other rally material. She pushed her way past the tables to the back and dragged a very long t-shirt out of her bag which, true to her word, almost looked like a dress.

"Take off your clothes and put this on."

Before she knew it, Katy was dragging her t-shirt over her head while Diana blocked for her. As she lifted it over her head, Diana's gaze slid over her breasts.

"Wow, you have really nice ones. No wonder you have two young guys following you around."

"We're just friends," Katy replied emphatically.

She felt funny doing it but Katy hesitated with her arms above her head, leaving her breasts to be admired for several more seconds. It was as if she knew instinctively what would distract Diana from her inquisitiveness about her relationship with the boys. From the look on her face, Diana appreciated the delay and Katy also experienced a strange exhilaration. It was then that she realized sexual appreciation could be gratifying regardless of the source.

Afraid she might get more than she bargained for if she dawdled any longer, Katy quickly pulled the new t-shirt over her head. Diana helped her smooth it over her hips and tugged the left side down where it had caught on her breast, lingering longer than necessary but Katy object.

"You look awesome," Diana said. "The cameras are gonna love you."

Diana dragged Katy out of the tent. As she stumbled along behind her younger friend, Katy wondered what she meant by that. The boys whistled when they rejoined them by the barrel of oil. Other people had gathered around and were painting themselves with the gooey mess.

"Doesn't she look fantastic?" Diana prodded.

"Awesome," the boys answered, finding lots to admire in their mother's body covered only by the thin, clinging white cotton t-shirt.

The looks on their faces made Katy self-conscious and she turned away, strangely thinking that the way they looked at her would make it hard for anyone to think she was their mother. At that precise moment Diana doused her with a pail of oil, splashing it over her right shoulder and onto her breast.

"Whoa!" Katy shrieked, ducking and cringing.

She straightened up and tried to pull the soaked t-shirt away where it had plastered to her skin. From the corner of her eye, she saw Diana lifting another pail of filthy oil.

"No," she shrieked, lifting a hand to ward it off but it was too late.

Diana dumped the second pail directly behind Katy's right shoulder and let it cascade down her back. Katy flung her arm outward, flinging drips of oil from her hand.

"Jesus Diana. Look at me."

Distracted, Katy wasn't any more ready for the third pail than she'd been for the first two. This one, however, was aimed at the small of her back and molded the cotton t-shirt so tightly to her buttocks that a rivulet of surplus oil drained through the crevice dividing the two. The t-shirt even clung to the underside of her cheeks and trickled through the inside of her upper thighs, outlining them more sumptuously than any pair of designer jeans ever could.

The black mess also highlighted Katy's breasts beautifully, drawing more attention to her assets than if she had been naked. The boys gawked while Debra remarked about the symbolism of one breast covered in oil while the other broadcast pure, white innocence. Katy knew the concept was lost on several nearby men, her sons included, and a sense of adventure surged beneath her solar plexus.

"Let's get the show on the road," Diana yelled and shoved a placard into Katy's hands.

They marched off waving their signs and Katy followed holding the handle at an angle to cover her soaking right breast as best she could. The boys, having started off right behind Diana and Debra, soon dropped behind to protect their mother's backside from prying eyes. Katy felt better having someone she knew behind her because if the back was anything like the front there wasn't a lot left to the imagination. The boys seemed eager to help and Chris's eyes rarely wavered from his mother's ass.

Katy lost her self-consciousness as the crowd thickened and they lost themselves within it. Soon she was yelling and waving her placard, competing for attention as much as the others, hoping to get her message across, whatever it was. She hadn't seen what was written on the placard and it was too crowded to pull it down for a look now. At times she lost track of the others only to find them again minutes later. It was a real rush being there and Katy loved the youthful enthusiasm that permeated the crowd.

The elation peaked at the congregation point and speaker after speaker tried to rouse the crowd's hysteria even higher. After a while, the throng began to mill about and gradually thinned out. The group wandered toward the edge, back the way they had come. Or at least Katy thought it was. She had no recollection of the path they had taken. As they neared the edge they encountered people posing for TV crews and some obviously being interviewed. Katy recognized one of the speakers, an actress, but it wasn't Darryl Hannah.

"That one. Over there. Get her, get her!" someone yelled.

There was a rush towards them and Katy turned to see who they were after. Was there someone else famous here? The crowd of journalists and camera men surrounded their group but didn't surge past them as she had expected. Katy looked around in bewilderment as questions were fired off in rapid succession. It was a moment before she realized the questions were directed at her. Microphones were pushed in front of her face.

"Get all of her in the frame," someone yelled to a camera man, who laughed and gave a thumbs up.

She looked down at her oil-spattered t-shirt and saw that it looked like she wasn't even wearing any clothes on one side. The oil was still wet, making her distinctly outlined right breast look like it had a shiny, ebony skin. The t-shirt was plastered to her hip, half way across her stomach, and all the way across her back.

Someone said, "Get a shot from behind," and Katy immediately became conscious of the t-shirt sticking in the crack of her ass. She tried to pull the t-shirt but it stubbornly clung to her cheeks.

"You look very committed to the cause," a female journalist said, looking Katy up and down. "Can you tell us what the pipeline means to you and your family?"

Given the circumstances, Katy found the question bizarre. She was horrified that everyone was gawking at her while she stood, as good as naked, but then she noticed that most were looking at her face, waiting to see what she was going say. Would the journalist have added 'and your family' if she didn't look old enough to be a mother? She looked down at the ground, composed herself, and then met the journalist with a steady gaze of her own.

"There's a lot of people here against the pipeline but many others who want it to be built. They want jobs, or hope to keep the ones they have, to feed their families and send them to school, and to enjoy the benefits of a good life, free of hunger and financial worries."

Katy paused and, though she gazed steadily at the journalist, was aware of the surprised restlessness in the nearby crowd. She was surprised herself.

"So you see unions favoring the pipeline because there will be lots of jobs while it's being built and others that will be kept in Texas where the oil is refined."

Katy paused to let her point sink in and noted an increased grumbling in the crowd. They hadn't expected to hear this point of view and neither, evidently, had the journalist.

"But unions from Canada are against the pipeline because they want the jobs to stay in their country and yet they're talking about building another pipeline so they can sell their oil to China."

The grumbling in the crowd generally eased, yet one or two jeered.

"However, most people here don't think the pipeline is worth the risk no matter how many jobs it brings. They're afraid that drinking water will be contaminated, that a spill would ruin prime farming and ranching land for decades to come, and yes, they're afraid about the impact on climate change. They say the pipeline will carry the dirtiest oil on the planet and that encourages expansion of the tarsands which is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gas in the world."

The muttering dwindled and there were general sounds of approval from the crowd. The journalist was about to ask a question but Katy continued.

"Some say spills can be effectively countered by technology but we've heard that argument before and know it's not completely true. It never is quite the same."

The crowd cheered and Katy rushed on.

"On the other hand, if we don't build the pipeline the oil from North Dakota will be moved to Texas by truck or railway and that's even riskier for the environment. And though oil from the tarsands is dirty we're doing other things right here in the good old USA that may damage our water even more."

The journalist looked confused and Katy knew she was having a hard time figuring out what side she was on. Katy paused to let her to ask a question and caught her off guard. She struggled to think of something to say, saw Katy's sign, and said, "So, what does that mean?"

Katy planted the placard's handle on the ground and spun it so she could read what it said.

"It Belongs to All of Us."

She had no idea what the maker of the placard had meant but she turned back to the journalist and said, "Well, exactly what it says. The country belongs to all of us and that means none of us can have it all, we have to share it, and everyone has to give a little."

"We all have to give a little?" the journalist asked.

"That's right," Katy confirmed. "When we get something we want someone else often loses something they need. We're all Americans. We live in a society where everyone has a right to strive for a better life but we have to make sure our neighbors do well too or in the end we all lose."

"So," the journalist said, stepping back. "We should all give a little."

Katy sensed the interview was over so she turned and walked away as if the release from the crowd's attention allowed her to escape. Behind her, she heard the journalist winding up.

"So there you have it folks, a reasonable view from one of the Keystone pipeline protesters, from a woman old enough to be a business woman, a mother, a homemaker, or…" looking around and seeing Katy gone, "who knows. I don't know who our mystery protester is or what she does, but I do know this…"

The voice faded as Katy strode on.

"Wow Mom, that was awesome," Kevin said, catching up to her.

"Yeah," Diana added, coming up on the other side. "Absolutely awesome."

"You're going to be on TV," Chris said.

Katy laughed. "I doubt that. They'll never put that on the air. They want chanting and extremism, not middle-of-the road mumbling."

"I bet they do," Diana said. "People are getting tired of everyone trying to have everything their own way instead of doing what's right for America. Things have to change."

Debra spoke up. "I think some of the organizers will want to hear about this."

"Are you kidding?" Katy replied. "I'm going to get this thing off me and have a long, hot shower."

"Do you want to meet up later," Diana asked as Katy broke away and crossed the street.

"Maybe," Katy yelled over her shoulder.

"We'll be at the same place as last night."


"I've got your jeans," Diana yelled.

Katy waved without looking and quickened her pace. She really wanted a hot shower and it wasn't just her body that needed to be cleaned.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back at the Room

Katy scrubbed and scrubbed until the hot water started to cool. It was awful stuff and difficult to get off. Though clean, she felt it would be weeks before her skin wouldn't look like it was painted with a dull stain. She exited the bathroom amid a cloud of steam with a towel wrapped around her body.

"Your turn," she said to the boys, toweling her hair as she walked past them.

They were sitting on the bed, shirts and socks off, waiting for her to finish, and burst for the doo. As usual, Chris won.

"Sucks to be you," he laughed.

"Bite me," Kevin retorted, returning to sit on the edge of the bed.

Clean underwear in hand, Katy went to the far side of the bed to get dressed.

"Don't turn around for a minute."


Kevin twisted toward his mother. Katy froze, foot lifted with toes pushing through the left leg of her panties.

"Kevin! I said don't look."


Katy turned away and pulled the panties up to her knee. The towel dropped when she lifted her right foot and to push it through the other hole. Kevin hadn't turned away when his mother did and was still watching as she drew the panties up and snapped them into place. At the last minute, he turned away. Seconds later, she walked past him with the towel covering her breasts and haphazardly held behind her. Once in the short hall leading to the door, Katy checked to make sure she was out of Kevin's sight, then let go of the towel and opened the closet.

"Do you want to join the girls tonight?" she asked as she pushed hangers aside, trying to sound normal as she rummaged through the few dresses hanging in the closet. She picked one as Kevin replied and held it out to look at it.

"Could do."

Though she didn't know it, he could see his mother in the mirror fixed on the wall. To free her hands, she had let the towel drop once she had passed out of his sight and was now dressed only in panties. Kevin eyes had been flicking between her panties and the bare breasts jostling on her chest until Katy's selection blocked his view.

"We don't have to if you don't want to."

"I don't mind."

Katy turned around to look at herself in the mirror on the bathroom door, holding the dress in front. Kevin's eyes focused on the panties stretched across her buttocks about half way down. Abruptly, she turned and stepped into view holding the dress in front. He just managed to look away.

"What do you think?"

Kevin looked back. "Nah."

"I didn't think so."

Katy stepped back out of sight and picked another dress while Kevin returned to admiring her ass and breasts in the mirror, and her legs too, which he noted looked great when completely uncovered. His mother didn't have any cellulite that he could see.

"Do you think Chris will want to go?"

"He likes that Debra chick."

"He seemed to, didn't he?" Katy agreed. She stepped back into view with the new selection held in front. "What about this one?"

Again, Kevin barely managed to turn away. Appearing disinterested, he again said, "Nah."

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