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Mom Said So


Before I begin, let me give you some information. This story took place when I was 18 years old and a senior in high school. I have a twin sister in Donna. Donna is your typical 5'5" blonde bombshell cheerleader. She measures 34D-23-32 with the most spectacular ass I have ever seen. She is so hot that she has been approached by model agencies and photographers alike, but she has declined. Why? She also is extremely smart. She plans on becoming a neurosurgeon. Beauty with brains also runs in the family as my mom is hot.

She is 34-years old, having gotten pregnant at the age of 16. Our father was her high school sweetheart but he was two years older. When she told him that she was pregnant, he jetted and joined the Marines. He did the honorable thing and returned to us, through my mom refused to move with him. He went on to die in a training accident years later; through neither my sister or I shed too many tears for him. After all, he was never there and never sent a card. Anyway, lucky for us, our grandparents took pity on our mother before we were born and let us stay with them. My mother went on to graduate as valedictorian from High School. She went to the University of Georgia where she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in marketing. She then got a job working at Coca-Cola Company. While at Coca-Cola, she earned a Ph.D. in marketing from Georgia State and now is a tenured professor at Miami University.

As far as me, I am also extremely handsome. I am not being vain, but I was elected three-times as homecoming king and was elected by fellow seniors as being the Best Looking in the class. I am 6'2" and weigh 200 pounds. Thanks to being a three-sport letterman in football, wrestling, and baseball, I have a body like a Greek Statute, according to my ex-girlfriend Sandy. Anyway, I have blond hair but since it is shaved, you couldn't tell. I have blue eyes, so Hitler would approve me. Sandy however would say my feature is my 8" long, 2" wide man cock. And boy would she confirm that I know how to use it. I am pretty smart, with my intention of attending UGA on a football scholarship and then go to law school to become a corporate lawyer.

Anyway, one night, after dinner, I had planned on completing a research paper that was due the following week. I was interrupted when Donna said, "You have to help me with the dishes, and Mom said so."

Reluctantly I stopped what I was doing and went inside. After we finished the dishes Mom said, "Why thank you for helping your sister with the dishes. That was sweet of you. I thought you were busy."

I replied, "I was, but she said that you said that I was supposed to help her."

Mom smiled, looked at Donna and asked, "You really said that?"

Donna lowered her head and softly said, "Yes! I'm sorry."

Mom asked me, "Has she been pulling that a lot lately?"

I replied, "Yes! A lot."

Mom smiled at me and said, "Spank her."

I looked at Donna, her head flew up, and she glared at Mom with daggers in her eyes.

Donna said, "He wouldn't dare!"

Mom laughed and said, "I bet he can. He has a couple of inches on you and maybe a hundred pounds. Tell you what I'll do; if you can get out of this house before he gets you, then you won't get spanked. But, if he catches you, drags you up to your bedroom, and strips you naked...then he gets to spank your bare ass until his hand hurts."

With that, Donna took off like a speeding bullet. She slipped past Mom on her way to the front door as I was blocking the rear door. Mom stepped aside and let me through. I chased her through the dining room into the living room and down the hallway. She was able to beat me to the front door, but I caught her before she could unlock and open it to get to freedom. I grabbed her and carried here away from the door, despite her attempts to escape from kicking and even biting me. This only enraged me even more.

I picked her up and put her over my shoulder. She continued to kick and hit me. I retaliated by smacking her ass hard with my right hand, causing her to scream. I carried her along the hallway and up the stairs very slowly. She didn't do much to help as she continued to fight. As we were passing Mom at the bottom of the stairs, she was laughing hysterically. Mom followed after us, laughing the entire way.

I got her into her bedroom and onto her bed face down, where I sat on her. I was sitting just below her butt facing her head. I pulled off her shoes first, because she was trying to kick me. I then turned around and pulled her shirt out of her jeans. I pushed the shirt up to her neck and then unhooked her bar. I then got up and turned her over. I pulled her jeans off her leg, despite her trying to hold on. During the entire time, she was crying like a baby and screaming bloody murder and rape. All this did her no good as Mom was yelling words of encouragement, through I wasn't paying any attention.

I then pulled her g-string off her pretty little ass. I saw the most magnificent set of cunt lips ever, even comparing those in playboy. I had to laugh however when I saw that my sister had written above her pussy in black permanent market "Property of my brother."

Mom saw this and yelled, "Cute! That settles it then...after you finish spanking her...fuck her."

Donna continued to squirm under me but it got easier to slip her jeans and panties down her legs and completely off, then I flipped her over again and sat on her bare ass. I pulled her head and arms out of her top and bra making her completely nude.

I just slipped down her legs further until I was on her calves. With her bare ass exposed I started to spank my sister. I used both hands instead of just one to spank her. Mom didn't say anything about me cheating. I didn't even bother to count. No limit had been set. I smacked her round cheeks turning them bright red. Her crying lessened, her thrashing lessened, and her movements became different. She was anticipating the next hit and going after it. She wanted me to spank her, she was enjoying it, and she had just wanted me to work for it. I swear that she had an orgasm.

My hands had finally gone numb from spanking my naked sister. She had become sedated and was quite calm.

I got up and removed my clothes until I too was naked. I didn't even care that Mom was still in the room. I left Donna right on her belly as she had been; I parted her ass cheeks and saw both of her holes. I positioned my cock at her asshole and contemplated pushing it in, however I pushed the head of my cock down lower and pushed it in there. I'm not even sure that Donna felt it but it wasn't about her anyway. I slipped in as far as I could then I pulled out an inch and shoved it back in.

I looked over at my mom and saw that she had slipped one hand up under her own skirt and the other one into her blouse. Mom was masturbating while I was raping my sister; through rape was probably not the correct word. After all, I was fucking my pussy in a way... "Property of my brother" and all.

I lost track of time, I heard Mom orgasm, I heard Donna orgasm, and then I heard them orgasm together as I started to fill my sister's pussy with cum.

Donna was the first to recover. She said, "Can you get off my ass now?"

I had no idea that I was still pressing all of my weight onto my cock to bury it as deeply into her pussy as I could get it. I pulled it out and rolled off to one side.

I then began to realize what I had done. I had raped my sister. I began to cry and move away from her. Donna noticed this and quickly got up and hugged me. She thanked me, "thank you. Thank you for spanking me and putting me in my place. Thank you for fucking me into submission. I am yours."

That statement caught me by surprise. I then realized that this was planned. Mom became aware of that and said, "Yep. I am glad that this turned out as well as we planned."

"I told mom," Donna began saying, "I had this tremendous crush on you. She asked if it was lust or love. I took about a week and decided it was love. We knew that you lusted after me, peaking at me, taking my panties. So, we planned this to get you over that incest hump."

"So you okay with this?" I had to ask.

"Oh, hell yes," she replied, both of us being huge Stone Cold Steve Austin fans growing up.

I asked, "Why didn't you just ask me?"

Donna answered, "Because this way you were really mad at me and you spanked me good." She laughed and added, "I might not be able to sit down for a week though."


That was just the beginning. That night, my twin sister moved into my bedroom. We did have a special guest that night, my mom. My mom also wanted to feel love. I gave her a spanking lovingly before making love to her while my sister watched and gave us words of encouragement.

My mom later found a special guy, a lawyer named John. They got married, and even got pregnant. My Mom gave birth to a little girl when she was 40 years old. Mom let me spank her occasionally and of course I got to fuck her afterwards. This was because I was her son and that had a special meaning for her. As far as I can tell, John has no idea about our relationship.

I did go to UGA, but decided not to become a lawyer. I instead became a psychologist and followed my sister to Duke Medical School. I am one of the world's leading experts on couples and have written several self-help books. I also write several novels under a pen name Sam Long.

As far as my sister, she went to UGA and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Biology. During her senior year, I convinced her to try out for Miss UGA, which she won. She then won Miss Georgia and Miss America. She went to Duke Medical School and eventually became one of the world's most respected neurosurgeons.

While at UGA, we met our future spouses, a set of twin girls, if you could believe it. My sister and I had lucked out. First, both of them had engaged in incestuous relations with each other. They were both bisexual, lucky for me. And so, I married Jennifer while Donna married Jessica in New York. We all live in Gainesville, Florida. We have adjourning townhouses. We have them connected. We often swap wives. I have gotten all three of them pregnant with children. Donna had a little girl named Mary. Jennifer had a little boy named William and a little girl named Samantha. Jessica had twin boys named James and Joseph. We are looking to see if the incest gene has continued in them.

Man what a Family I have!

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/14/14

like this

I like'ed this story But think you should have had more build up

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by Anonymous03/02/14


ive always fantasized about incest but my mom and step mom are just not hot and my sisters are all way to young the dont spark anything....ive also fantasized about having a twin sister and doing thismore...

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by Anonymous12/16/13


One of the most amusing stories that I have ever read. I smiled throughout the read. It was so unrealistic that it would qualify for Saturday Night Live. I know that you didn't intend it to be thatmore...

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by Anonymous11/12/13

It passes.., but only barely.

It's not the worst story, but it could be improved A LOT. I actually enjoyed it. But not as much as I hoped. It's no crime to take time writing a plot. In writing porn, novels, or really anything, it takesmore...

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by Anonymous10/08/13

....and then I woke up and realized it was all just a dream. Contemplating the strangeness of it, I thought, 'why do dreams always have to be so unrealistic?'


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