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Monster of Incest


*I do not condone rape in any way. If rape scenes turn your stomach or make you angry read no further. I have given you fair warning...*

As she reaches between her thighs with the soapy cloth, Simone's mind begins to wander to the night's upcoming events. It is the celebration of her 18th birthday, her awakening. Every succubus in her family had an unforgettable awakening on their 18th birthday and Simone was looking forward to it.

Her attention is diverted from her thoughts back to the task at hand. Sensually her fingers have been stroking and teasing her lips. Unconsciously her body has begun to respond. Simone throws her head back, leans against the shower wall and begins to fully enjoy the sensations. Dropping the washcloth, she uses her fingers. Deftly they fly over the puffy outer lips, swollen now with desire. Swirling her fingers over her lips she feels a shudder overtake her. As the warm water runs down her face, little rivers form as they travel over her full breasts. Droplets fall from her nipples in rhythm to her breathing. Her passion rising, Simone's pussy begins to flower allowing her easier access. Feeling her pulse pounding in her clitoris, she delicately touches it. A moan escapes her lips as she feels how hard it already is. Gently stroking it, she builds her arousal as her mind drifts to the night ahead. It is her first night in her full succubus form. She had been to other awakenings before and she knew she was in for a night she would never forget. With a few more caresses she stops her self pleasure. An ache immediately begins, an ache that will serve her well in the next few hours. Smiling slyly to herself, Simone steps from the shower and begins to towel off.

Opening her dresser, she selects a boudoir set that she loves. Black lace bra, panties, and a matching garter-belt. Laying them out on the bed she turns to finish her makeup and hair. Afterwards she places drops of her favorite perfume on her neck, between her breasts, and with a devilish smile, a small drop at the cleft of her ass and her pussy. Slipping into her garter-belt, then stockings, she pulls her panties on. Next, she slides into her heels and her bra. Simone hurriedly finishes dressing. One last look in the mirror tells her she looks terrific. Her black human-like figure is magnificent. Her wings are glorious. Her auburn hair flows about her like a halo of writhing snakes. She exudes sensuality. She wears an alluring seductive grin on her face. Her eyes glow emerald green with lust.

Simone arrived at the party with her panties soaked in her juices from her thoughts of what the night held. According to custom her father was to give her a male of exquisite physique and stamina, any man of his choosing. She had been bugging him for weeks trying to figure out who he had in mind but he had refused to let on to his plans.

Simone was a little surprised when she walked into the party to see that none of her friends were there. Everyone there was related to her. She didn't think too much about it because she figured maybe she was early. She was so excited to get on with the night that nothing phased her as she made her way around the room to thank everyone for coming. She was talking to some of her cousins when her parents called the attention to the stage to announce that the awakening would be beginning in a few minutes and asking for everyone to join them in the attached ball room.

Simone's mother took her aside and breathed into her chi, giving Simone a piece of herself. She placed the beautiful white velvet mask over her eyes and led Simone to the ballroom. Simone's body quivered in anticipation. She was so aroused her nipples and her clit throbbed in aching pleasure.

Her father stood beside her as he turned to their guests with a wicked smile upon his face, commanding the silence of the room as he chanted the ancient rites of passage to commence Simone's awakening.

Simone felt a shivering hand run up her ass and squeeze. She moaned softly. She stood with her back to the man her father had chosen to pop her cherry, her eyes covered in the soft velvet. The man behind her deftly removed her clothes and caressed her body with his large, strong hands. Her breathing grew heavy as he touched her ass with his dick. He had cream in his hand which he applied to her crack and pushed into her butthole. Then slowly he guided his dick into her ass and bent her forward a little. He fingered her pussy as his dick slowly crept in. She cried out as her ass opened to welcome her first cock. Everyone was watching, their own arousal evident by the change of mood in the room. Simone wished she could see them all. He grabbed her full breasts as he began to fuck her ass. Within a few minutes he held her stiff as he exploded in her. As he ejaculated everyone clapped. With the cum dripping out of her ass the mask was removed and she turned around to find her own father.

Simone was in a dazed mood. Her legs seemed to be shivering.

"What is this? Father what's going on?"

"I thought you knew. You have always been mine. There is no one good enough for you. Family sticks together."

"No I ....."

Simon looked around at the ten eager cocks. All of their eyes were on her tits. She tried to hide them with her hands. Slowly they circled her. She lost her words. She searched the room for her mother but found her mother engaged in oral with her grandmother. Simone searched for something to cover up but her dress had been taken away.

"I will scream." She said

"Well you can scream all you want my darling Simone but we are all family here and this is our family tradition."

She felt the ground move away from her. She was in a trap. No one was going to save her.

"What do you want?" she asked in a shivering voice.

"Nothing. We just want to cum."

Her father wrapped one arm around her waist, pinning her arms to her side, and clamped over her mouth with the other hand. Simone's involuntary scream was effectively muffled and she heard chuckling reverberating around her throughout the room. Simone squirmed and screamed and struggled in her father's arms.

He whispered, his hot breath close by her ear. "You are here for us to have fun. And if you are a good little girl, and stay quiet, and do what we ask, we can make this a lot of fun for you too." The hand around her waist slid slowly up and cupped her breast. His thumb began to rub softly across her nipple, over and over, following the cadence of his words. He blew into her ear, then bit her earlobe, gently. "Do you understand me?"

Simone's heart was skittering madly in her chest. There was no escaping this room. She nodded reluctantly and her father removed his hand from her mouth.

She was pushed around and shoved backwards, and within a matter of moments she was lying across the hand floor, naked. The voices around her were approving - of her full, firm tits, of the hard expanse of her belly, of the soft rounding of her hips, of her full, swollen lips, of her tiny, delicate wrists and ankles, even her long, auburn hair, which one of her cousins took a handful of and roughly pulled back to get a better look at her face.

When she tried to cover herself, both hands were snatched roughly away and pinned to the bed. When she tried to close her legs, they were wrenched open and held there. "Let's see what she tastes like," said one of her uncles, and she realized in a panic that it was his shoulders keeping her legs apart, his hot breath on her pussy, his tongue - oh god, his tongue - slipping between the lips of her pussy and licking a slow, wet path up to her clit. Simone cried out and struggled against the men holding her down. Her uncle used his hands to hold her thighs apart, and to spread her pussy lips even further, baring her most private parts to his active, eager tongue. "Oh god, stop, please," Simone begged, but his tongue was flicking faster and faster at her hard little nub and she wasn't sure what she was begging for, but her hips were rising up off the bed towards his mouth, and she felt a wild, indescribable pleasure building low in her belly, and when he latched his mouth onto that little nub and sucked, hard, relentless, Simone realized she was cumming, cumming violently, cumming into the mouth of her uncle, and overwhelmed, she started to cry.

"You have to try this Adam, she's delicious," said her uncle to her cousin. The shock of another tongue on her sensitive pussy so soon after the first was too much.

"Please Adam please, stop, please, I can't handle this."

"Someone shut her up," commanded her uncle Brian. She felt something long and hard and surprisingly velvet-soft shoved between her lips.

"Suck on this, little girl," her brother laughed, and Simone choked and gasped as he pressed the full length of his dick into her open mouth. At the same time, Adam's tongue returned to caressing her wet little pussy. Where her Uncle Brian's tongue had been narrow and pointed, and he had used the talented tip of it to pleasure her clit, Adam's tongue was sandpaper-rough, and wide, and he used the flat of it to lick her pussy top to bottom, slow, luscious, long licks up and down until she was squirming and moaning around the dick in her mouth. Adam pushed a finger into her pussy, then two, then three, pushing hard and fast and merciless inside her. When at last he took her clit into his mouth she exploded, gasping, into orgasm.

"I think she's good and ready," Adam pronounced. "Who's first?" There was murmuring and bartering and good natured banter, and then she felt the huge weight of another cousin's body press her down against the floor. She felt his enormous penis press against her thigh, and then against her opening. 'Oh god, it's too big, it's too big,' she thought, struggling to close her legs, but the men chuckling around her kept her spread eagled, wide open.

Caleb entered her gently, cautiously, but his cock felt like a monstrosity as it ripped through her hymen. "Oh god, she's tight," Caleb groaned, and then slammed the rest of way into her. He gripped her hips tight as he pulled back out, and then slid right back in again.

Simone had never experienced this feeling. Her eyes began to blaze. She found herself moaning in time to his insistent thrusts, and when another dick was pressed between her lips, she swallowed and tongued and licked it without pause. "You're being a good little girl, aren't you," Caleb said approvingly, and as though to reward her, his palm slid over her belly, damp with sweat, and he pressed the hard, callused pad of his thumb against her clit.

Simone gasped with pleasure, and began to move her hips in time with his. The man in her mouth came first, his cum spilling over her lips and cheeks, and Simone followed soon after. Last was Caleb who pumped his enormous dick harder and faster and deeper until with a shout, he spurted deep inside of her.

Simone was slippery with cum and sweat but the men successfully repositioned her, lifting her up and over her father, who had taken her place prone on the hard floor. He gripped her hips and pulled her down roughly into his lap, his hard, thick cock impaling her unexpectedly, and she yelped, eliciting laughter from the men around her. "You got her sopping wet for me," he grunted, his big hands grasping at Simone's hips, his cock spearing her deeper and deeper with every thrust.

Another uncle was behind her now, which made her nervous, but his long, elegant fingers were playing with the soft skin of her breasts, toying with her nipples, pressing into her belly button, and then delving between her legs. The pressure of his fingertip against her clit as her father slammed his cock inside her drove her wild. As she felt the frantic sensation of oncoming orgasm take over, the fingertip of his other hand crept behind her and slid gently, but determinedly, into her tiny puckered asshole. The next time her father brought her down hard on his cock, simultaneously he impaled her ass with that long, elegant finger.

Simone cried out and tried to squirm away, but her father had a firm grasp on her hips. Sooner than she might have guessed, the rhythm of both finger and cock driving in and out of her from both sides, and the continued pressure on her clit, had her gasping and moaning into yet another orgasm.

As she came to her senses, she realized that insistent finger had been removed and something much larger was pressing into her little asshole. Hands shoved her down so that her breasts were smashed against the hard plane of her father's chest. "Please, no, no more " but her cries were cut off by her father's mouth, and he kissed her hard, his tongue licking and lapping at hers, his hands clutching either side of her head as the dick behind her slid steadily, firmly, all the way into her ass.

After the briefest of pauses, they both began to fuck her, two huge, hard cocks sliding in and out in unison, two deep male voices grunting and moaning in pleasure, two - or more than two - sets of hands on her tits, her waist, pulling at her hair, slapping her bottom, as those cocks filled her over and over again until they filled her with their cum.

One of her cousins neared her, forcing her to kneel in front of him. He thrust his cock to her face as she began to cry. With tears in her eyes, she held his dick in shivering hands. All of them circled her. One of them grabbed her breast. She jumped up.

She knelt down slowly and resumed with the dick in her hands. Frank, the shortest of them positioned himself behind her and played with her tits. His dick was pressuring on her back. It felt like a worm on her back and she shuddered. George was squeezing her ass. She gripped her ass tight. The one in front of her, Henry guided his dick into her mouth. She sucked his dick. She could taste his precum as he began to fuck her mouth. He took her hands and made her cup his ass and squeezed her fingers to make her squeeze his ass.

Meanwhile the guy at her ass was busy separating her ass cheeks. She tried to hold on but he was powerful and finally he managed to open her ass cheeks revealing her butt hole. She was feeling humiliated and turned on. Her emotions conflicted within her.

Suddenly he inserted a finger into her asshole. She jerked forward unknowingly and the dick in her mouth went to her throat, choking her. All her instincts were to move away from the cock in her throat and this relaxed her ass muscles giving access to her butt. Frank led his finger deep in and rotated while she was choking. She pulled away the dick from her mouth and bent forward. She was busy coughing. Frank separated her ass cheeks. He noticed that her asshole too seemed to be coughing as it began to contract and retract on reflex action of the cough. She was on all fours. He slowly led his dick to her asshole and waited. As she coughed again, her asshole widened and he gave a slight push.

The dick moved in easily. Simone was surprised that the pain only last for a couple of thrusts before she was filled with an overwhelming feeling of ecstasy. She tried to get up but was held back. Frank began to ram her she began to cry out "Aaaah....aaaah." He held her hand back like the reins of a horse as he rode her. Adam jumped in front of her and led his dick into her mouth as she was shouting. Because of Frank's push, he just had to keep his dick steady as she automatically came and sucked him on each thrust. All of the men joined in.

Like vultures on meat they surrounded her. Josh began sucking her breasts and squeezing her nipples. Adam held her head and began to fuck her fast as he was about to cum. He let his dick go deeper as he came. As his dick reached her throat he ejaculated. Sudden bursts of semen filled her mouth forcing her to swallow.

Frank thrust deep and grabbed her close to his body, then like an acrobat he fell to the ground with her on top of him. The unexpected fall found her on top of Frank, with his dick still in her ass and she was spread eagled. Spread eagled, everyone had a good view of her pink pussy. Caleb and Ethan held her leg backwards making her pussy wide open. Brain kissed her pussy and began to tease her pussy with his tongue. John came up in between her legs with his dick in her face. He slowly led his dick into her mouth and squeezed her tender thighs. Her thighs were as soft as her tits.

Stunned by the fall, the next thing Simone knew was that all of them were over her and she had all her holes filled with either dick or tongue. She began to feel the pleasure even though she was trying to avoid it. Brian was an expert sucker and teasing her well, taking her to untold heights. Unknowingly from the pleasure, she was sucking and nibbling on the dick in her mouth. Frank was slowly thrusting cock dick in and out.

Brain opened her pussy and began to insert his tongue hitting the soft spots. He then took his dick and inserted it into her pussy. He slowly led it in till he reached her hilt, and then began to increase his pace. She began to moan and make sounds as all the dick began to collide in her. Frank at her ass, John in her mouth and Brain in her pussy. Ethan and Caleb were squashing and nibbling her tits giving a surplus to her pleasure. The others were watching this rubbing their cocks in glee.

One by one they started to fill Simone with their cum. Frank ejaculated in her ass screaming "Guys, I am cumming in her ass." Simone's ass muscles tightened when she heard this but this only helped to tighten the grip on his cock. As he ejaculated she moved up helping Brian's cock to go deeper into her pussy. He couldn't restrict himself as he began to cum. He pulled himself out cumming and lay on top of her pussy as his cock spurted. John held her head as he flushed his cum down to her throat.

All the three cumming at once led her to confusion. She lay there stunned as John moved from her mouth. Frank's cock was still in her ass and oozing his cum. Brain wiped the last of his cum on her pussy lips. Simone slowly got up to go and approached her dress.

"Oh no dear, it's not over!" her father said.

She looked at him and reluctantly took his dick. He moved away. She looked at him surprised.

"I want to take a bath with you."

He led her to the bathroom. She went in and was going to close the door when he put his foot in and smiled. She understood and left it open. She turned around and began to pour water.

"Here's the soap."

She turned around and saw that all of them were there. As if they were watching some film, all of them had a sneering smile making her more embarrassed. She turned around with her back towards them and began to apply the soap.

"Bend and apply it on your toes."

It was then she realized that turning her back towards them was more shameful than front. She turned towards them showing her boobs and wet pussy, but they wanted her to apply the soap with her back towards them. She turned and slowly began to apply. She heard shouts "Down more, down more." Then she heard the whistle and ooh and aah`s. Mortified she knew their eyes were on her asshole and pussy lips. She jumped up as someone inserted a finger in her asshole. Seeing her startle they all began to laugh. Soon all of them were around her grabbing her tits and ass. She began to feel the soreness as the hard hands squeezed her soft flesh. They led her out of the bathroom as if in a procession, all cheering and hooting around her. She was led to the living room.

"Ok, now touch your toes."

She bent to touch her toes. They all gathered behind her.

"Now for some entertainment," Her father said as Ethan bent in front of her.

"Lick his ass"

She stood dumbfounded wondering if she heard right. She stood there. Her father pushed her forward.

"C`mon, we don't have all day long."

She knelt in front of him and touched his ass with her tongue as if it was a rattle snake. Ethan came forward and parted his ass cheeks. She found a red ring staring at her. Her father pushed her face forward and ordered her to lick his asshole. Reluctantly she touched his asshole with her tongue. His cock stood at attention almost immediately.

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