tagIncest/TabooMother's Secret

Mother's Secret


My mother is a very attractive lady. She has long wavy brown hair, blue eyes, a nice tan, and an exceptionally fit body for a 44 year old woman. Even though she dresses in a very classy and sophisticated manner for her career in real estate, she also likes showing off her sex appeal, wearing tight fitting clothes, as well as skirts and dresses which show off her legs. She has a vibrant and outgoing personality, which has helped a lot in her career and has made her popular in many different social circles.

In the recent years that we've been living together, I couldn't understand why she was never in a serious relationship, despite men practically throwing themselves at her. However, all of that was about to change...


It started in the middle of a warm Saturday afternoon. My mom was down the street showing an open house to potential buyers while I stayed at home. She had been there for a while, and since the weather was so warm, I decided to stop by and bring her a cold drink.

But when I walked over there, I was surprised to see that the door was closed and the showing was already over. There was also one car still parked in the drive way. Maybe my mom was meeting privately with someone and was closing a deal? But as I got to the house, I started to hear something. It was a faint noise coming from inside- something distinct. It was none of my business, but I had an idea of what could be going on in there and I had to be sure. I had to be sure that it wasn't what I was suspecting.

When I walked around the side of the house, I looked through the kitchen window to see my mom bent over the dining room table, getting fucked from behind. She was still in her business attire, but her pants were down around her ankles. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra was pulled up, revealing her large pink nipples as her breasts hung down and swayed back and forth. He was also fully dressed, but of course his pants were down as well.

I could hear her moan and grunt each time he pushed his cock inside of her. Her mouth was wide open and she grabbed onto the table as he started fucking her harder and bent down to squeeze one of her hanging breasts.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My mother was having sex with some guy in the house she was supposed to be showing. It was the first time in my life that I had ever gotten a good look at any of her naked body parts, let alone having sex. And I also couldn't believe that I was still watching it happen. What I was witnessing was so erotic, and so taboo, I just couldn't look away.

He suddenly pulled his cock out of her and had my mother get on her knees. My mom knew exactly what he wanted as she took him inside of her mouth and began to bob her head. But that wasn't enough for him. He wanted more, so he grabbed the back of my mom's head, and with his hands filled with her wavy brown hair, he started pushing himself deeper into my mom's mouth, forcing her to deep throat as she continued to suck. She looked up at him with her piercing blue eyes filling with tears as she was near the point of gagging; showing him how much she was enjoying it. And she clearly did enjoy it, tasting her own vaginal juices on his cock and having him be so rough with her orally- no matter how degraded she looked.

She then pushed his thighs in order to get him to stop, and said something to him which made him lie down on the floor. She stood up and took her pants off along with her shoes on straddled him. He held his erect cock straight so that it would be guided directly onto my mother's vagina as she sat on him. And once he was in, she began to gyrate her hips, slowly at first, before eventually picking up speed and started to fuck him. She rode him with the same intensity that he was fucking her with just a moment ago. Both of them were moaning hard at this point. Even more as she swayed her hips harder.

Before long, he was yelling at her telling her that he was about to cum. She immediately got off of him and quickly wrapped her mouth around his swollen cock. Her face looked nearly caved in from how hard she was sucking. She grabbed his cock forcefully and jerked him off while she was still sucking, causing him to grunt loudly and fill my mother's mouth with his cum. She kept swallowing it as she continued jerking him off at a furious pace, making sure to milk every last drop of cum from him. And she did too, licking her lips and the tip of his cock clean after she was done sucking.

After that, I headed back home.


I masturbated the moment I got back to my room. For that period of time, I didn't care that she was my mother, I only cared about my own sexual needs after seeing a beautiful woman getting fucked so hard and then swallowing his cum while sucking his cock. But maybe, the fact that she was my mother made it even more exciting. Whatever it was, it felt amazing.

My mom came back home about 30 minutes after I did. I was expecting to see her looking disheveled, or acting funny after having just having sex, but neither of which was the case. She came back home as if nothing was out of the ordinary. She was composed, and she looked like she had everything together. Her hair was combed, her clothes were neat, and her make up looked fresh. We even talked to each other normally, where she made her normal sarcastic jokes about how she enjoyed working on such a nice day. It was as if she was used to these types of encounters with different men.

And as it turned out, that Saturday afternoon wasn't the only time that I had fantasized about my mother. I replayed that event in my head every single day for the next week, masturbating every time. Sometimes I would imagine her in different scenarios, thinking what she looked like while nude in the shower, or having sex in different positions, what she looked like while she masturbated, and even what it would be like if I had sex with her.

Seeing her that once was no longer enough; I needed more. I needed to see or discover something new in order to keep my new found fantasy going.


She walked around the house wearing only her bath robe as she prepared to go out one morning on a weekend; she was barefoot, her wet hair was pulled back, and she didn't have any make up on. It's funny how such a simple look can trigger such erotic emotions. She took her time getting ready and pampering herself in front of the mirror as she usually does. And after she was done, she gave me a kiss on the check and left to go meet with some of her friends.

After two weeks of restlessness, I decided on doing something I didn't have the nerve to do earlier, which was to take a look inside my mother's room.


It was a strange feeling at first, walking around her room and having a look since I normally just passed by without much thought. This time was different though. I took my time looking at all the pictures on the wall and some of her clothes which were neatly folded. I then opened her cabinet and looked through more of her clothes, followed by opening her drawer to look at some of her bra and panties.

But when I opened the top drawer of her main dresser, it wasn't her wide array of undergarments which grabbed my undivided attention, but the sex objects that were buried underneath. I moved some of her bra and panties to the side to reveal different types of vibrators and other sex toys. She even had a collar with the word S-L-U-T written across it. At that point, I was passed the point of simply being shocked, and was trying to figure out if there anything more that I didn't know about my mother.

I then noticed something I hadn't seen before in that same drawer- a small camera. It wasn't the camera that my mom normally used to take photos, this was new, it was something I hadn't seen before. And when I turned it on and flipped through the pictures, I had then discovered my mother's secrets.

There were all sorts of explicit shots of my mother performing various sex acts. Most of the pictures were of her giving oral sex the same way I saw her doing it two weeks ago, with her face caved in from how hard she was sucking. Those same pictures showed her looking right at the camera, enjoying her spot light as her lips were wrapped tightly around a cock. A few of those ended with her eyes watering as she gagged from deep throating.

Other pictures showed her being fucked in different positions, both vaginally and anally, giving me a clear view of her private areas. In some of them she was naked, in some of the other pictures, she was beautifully dressed with her panties pulled down while being fucked. Some of the sets ended with close up shots of her face as she had an orgasm or with her mouth filled with cum. And some of the shots were close ups of her vagina with cum oozing out of it, both his and hers.

Despite all of those various pictures in a variety of settings, they all had one thing in common, that although their faces didn't show, all of the men in each set were different. Some of them were better endowed than others. Some of the men were white, while others were black.

After flipping through all the explicit and vulgar images of my mom on camera, it was the last set which really shocked me. There she was, in my room, on my bed, posing naked while someone took the pictures. Those photos were followed by the regular shots of her sucking a cock and then fucking, all while still on my bed. What the hell was going on? Why was she doing that in my room? But at that point, all of those questions which were swirling through my head were pointless because of how insanely aroused I was.


I masturbated in her room while still looking through the pictures. I couldn't believe my luck, finding where she kept her most personal belongings. I now had an incredibly intimate look at my mother's sex life- literally. It was more than I ever could have hoped for, but at that same time, I knew my perception of my mother would never be the same again, and neither would our relationship. But I didn't care, it felt too good to stop. The taboo of what I was seeing was overwhelming. And before I knew it, I shot a massive load of cum, courtesy of my mother's promiscuous sex life.


I looked at my mom differently when she arrived home. She went from just being my mother, to the woman I had desired most in this world. I now knew what every part of her body looked like in graphic detail, and what she looked like in every sexual position committing any sex act.

As usual, we had small talk when came home, telling me how her day went while she was still wearing her sexy little skirt and buttoned up top. And afterwards, she headed back to her room. But a few minutes later, she came back and spoke to me one again:

"Can you come to my room for a moment?" my mom asked. "There's something important I need to talk to you about."

She turned back around and headed back to her room, still wearing her dress. I wasn't sure what she was getting at, but I followed her as she wanted.


"Sure, so what's going on?" I replied, standing in her doorway.

"The floor was a little damp around here when I stepped on it," she said, standing by her dresser. "So someone had obviously been doing some cleaning. And I'm sure you know that I have a very good memory, so when I opened my drawer, I noticed that some of my more personal belongings weren't exactly where I last left them- close, but not quite. You're the only other person in this house. So...I believe you have some explaining to do."

I felt utterly humiliated. She caught me. And judging by the serious look on her face which I know all too well, there was no way of talking my way out of this, because she knew what I had been up to.

"I...I'm sorry mom. I did it. I looked through your stuff."

"That's all? You're sorry? So you just woke up one morning and decided to go through my belongings? Come on, what aren't you telling me?" she inquired harshly.

"Fine. It started around two weeks ago when you were at the open house down the street. I went there to bring you a drink and I saw you with someone...having sex...and I couldn't stop thinking about it since then."

"And my pictures?" she asked, still sounding calm. "I'm assuming that you've looked through them as well, and that the stain on the carpet was a little mess you've made in the process."

"...Yes...I've looked through them..." I reluctantly admitted.

She smiled and said, "Men are all the same, you'll sleep with or jerk off to any woman with a nice pair of tits and a vagina, even if it's your own mother's. But I can't scold you for this since I'm the same way when it comes to men, as you've already seen."

"I couldn't help it mom. Seeing you with that other guy was just an incredible sight. It changed the way I looked at you. You've always been one of the most beautiful women I've ever meet in my life, and I just needed to see something more. That's why I did it."

"Well that's really sweet of you to say despite the circumstances," she replied. "And just so you know, I did my best to keep all of this secret from you."

"So who are all of those guys?" I asked. "I mean, are they all complete strangers, or men you've dated?"

"It depends," she replied casually, showing no embarrassment over any of this. "Sometimes I meet them online, our maybe while I'm out; it's really not hard to find a man for sex."

"And what about the guy you had sex with in my bed, what category does he fall under?"

She grinned, "You must have thought of me as a real whore when saw those pictures. And if you must know, he was someone I met online, and as it turned out, he has a real thing for incest. I didn't want to do it at first, but after the way he had been fucking me and making me cum, I just couldn't say no to him anymore."

"Well, he's one lucky guy if he gets to live out his fantasy with a woman like you," I replied.

"Now you must REALLY think of me as a slut, don't you?" she asked jokingly.

I smiled back and replied, "Of course not, we all seem to share the same incest fantasy now."

"Come here, get on your knees," she said, seductively.


"Because you're a handsome young man who's been fantasizing about me; and since we live in the same house together, I might as well put you to use- that's why. Now come over here..."

I did as I was told and walked over to where she was standing, and got on my knees in front of her. Our eyes were locked onto each others as she reached down and pulled her panties off from under her short skirt and kicked them across the room.

She held up the front part of her skirt to reveal a cleanly shaven vagina to me. The close up pictures on her camera did no justice as to how it looked in real life. Her labia was light brown and thick. Her clitoris was also fairly large compared to other women. And with the way she was standing with her legs spread apart, I could see that her pink insides were slightly moist. She must have been getting aroused during our brief conversation.

"You've seen what you wanted, now start sucking," she commanded.

Once again, I did as I was told, leaning my head forward to touch the outside of her vagina with my tongue. She felt soft. Everything about her private area felt soft as I pressed my lips against the smooth surface of her skin. I took my time sucking on each side of her thick labia- relishing the moment while I listened to her moan. Once I was done with that, I used my tongue to rub her engorged clitoris, causing her to moan in pleasure even more.

But being the woman she was, only sucking on the outside of her genitalia wasn't enough. She used her fingers to spread her labia apart even further, inviting me to work on her insides. And I did, sticking my tongue inside her to taste her wetness. Her juices started flowing into my mouth as she started furiously rubbing her own clit while I continued licking and sucking her open vagina.

Her moans became louder, and she stopped rubbing her clit to use her hand to hold her body up as she leaned against the drawer- she was having an orgasm. I continued rubbing her clit for her and using to my tongue inside her, but this time, instead of moaning, she let out a light scream, doing her best to keep her noise down. And as she did that, a strong stream of her fluids rushed inside my mouth and she screamed out loud as she came.

As I finished licking and got back to my feet, she put her finger on my lips and said, "Not a single word about this to anyone."

And after she said that, she wiped her fluids from my lips with that same finger and put it in her mouth, smiling as she tasted herself.


We continued this for the next few days. At any given time, she would let me please her orally. She was hesitant the second time we did it, but after a little convincing, she was quick to drop her panties for me so that I could give her another orgasm. And the days after that were practically routine where I didn't even need to ask; she would come home feeling stressed after a long day, and when I asked if there was anything I could do, she spread her legs open for me.

It was the perfect set up that we both enjoyed, one that I never would have imaged just a week prior. But of course, it eventually wouldn't be enough for either of us.


It was early in the morning before she went to work and I went to my college class. We were in her room and I watched, while still on my knees, as she wiped her vagina clean with a paper towel from me having performed oral sex on her.

"I have a confession to make," she said, after putting her panties back on. "I've told one of my 'guy friends' about what we've been doing- the one with the incest fetish. You should have seen his reaction; it was priceless. It drove him crazy hearing about it. He's practically been begging me for details ever since."

"I can imagine. A month ago I probably would have thought it was creepy, but now, I really understand this whole thing- obviously, since we're doing this together."

"Look, I've been thinking, it may have been poor judgment on my part to ever get us started like this in the first place. Well not maybe- it was. I was in the heat of the moment with us talking about sex and finding out how much you enjoyed seeing me down the street with another guy and looking at my pictures; but now I feel like I'm just taking advantage of you. So if you want to stop doing this, I would completely understand, and frankly, it may even be for the best."

"Are you kidding me?" I replied. "I LOVE doing this. I know it's weird, and, well, it's not exactly normal, but I absolutely love it. But if you're starting to feel guilty about me doing this for you, maybe you can, you know...help me out..."

She raised her eyebrow and smiled, "Help you out? And what exactly are you suggesting your mother do for you?"

"Well, you know what I mean. It would be nice not having to go back to my room and have to jerk off after taking care of your needs for you. Maybe you can help me out with that part."

"I suppose. Fair is fair after all. You can start by pulling your pants down, I haven't got all morning," she said, this time flashing a more mischievous smile.

I didn't hesitate to expose myself once she gave me permission. Even after all we've done together, it was still awkward for me being so exposed in front of my mom. But at the same time it was thrilling.

She wasted no time wrapping her hand around my growing penis, rubbing it slowly at first- caressing it. But the harder I became, the harder she squeezed. And as my cock became fully erect, she knew exactly what to do with all her experience as she started stroking me.

She never once looked at me while she started jerking me off. Her eyes were glued to her hand stroking my cock the entire time. I could only imagine what she was thinking, as she focused entirely on getting me off while having a serious look on her face. And to me, that made it all the more erotic; knowing that my mom may very well have been enjoying it and struggling with the concept of performing an incestuous act, the same way that I had I struggled when I first started fantasizing about her. And it was becoming more and more clear that she was enjoying it almost as much as I did, because the harder I started to breath, the more intense she became with her hand, the harder she started to breath as well.

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