My Ex-Wife Ch. 01


"Oh, Pete, I didn’t remember it feeling this good. You feel so big and you’re so deep inside of me. I can feel you almost hitting the end of my cunt. It makes me feel so wicked and wanton. Push your cock deep inside of me. Take me hard and deep. I want to feel you hitting my cervix. Fill me with it. I need to feel it splitting me," she cried out, thrusting up against me.

My cock slid effortlessly into Anna’s warmth. It felt like heaven. Even though, I was reveling in the wicked delight of making love to my ex-wife, I was slightly surprised. It should have felt a little dirty and perverted. I should have had some guilt, but I couldn't believe how natural and wonderful it felt. Making wicked, forbidden love to this beautiful woman was incomparable to anything I had ever felt.

Overcome by the delicious feelings pouring from my cock, I tentatively pulled my cock out slightly and then pushed it back down into her fiery sheath once again. As I withdrew a second time Anna looked into my eyes. A look of yearning and lust flowing from them.

“Peter, I want to give you something no one has ever had. I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to push it into me and fuck me harder than I’ve even been fucked before. I don’t care if it hurts or not, I want you to be the first to have my ass,” she sighed. “Come and take me.”

Sliding down on the couch, she hooked her legs over my shoulders and tilted her hips higher. Anna’s ass was totally exposed to me. Her crinkly, brown hole pulsing and beaconing.

"Stuff it into me, Peter! Force it into me!"

I lower the tip of my cock and press it against her tight ass. My cock was so aroused that the surface of the tip strained against her asshole as I pushed my hips forward. The ring of her ass stretched as it tried desperately to accommodate its fatness. Her face was taut as I pushed harder against her. But, try as I might, I can't force my cock into her asshole. Despite the wetness that had leaked down from her cunt, it needed more lubrication further down the shaft. I pressed my fingers into your cunt, scooping up her juices until they puddle like a pooled in the cup of my hand. I then rubbed it along the full length of my cock shaft until it is juicy wet.

I lifted my cock to her asshole a second time. This time the head slipped easily past her ass ring, until it met with the tightness of her inner ass walls. I buried two inches of head inside her ass as she stretched, the cock pressing firmly against the walls of her ass. She moaned as I pulled the tip from her ass and she prepared for the moment when she’d feel its full length relentlessly sinking deep into her. She looked up at me smiling, a trail of saliva dripped from her lip, her face shining with sweat as she gazed between her legs. She watched my cock as I firmly pressed it slowly into her hole.

This time my cock sank easily past the two inches. Inwards it plunged as her ass swallowed it whole. Three, four then five inches as she stared down at it wide eyed, moaning, "Auuuggghhhhh, Oh fuck. Yes, Peter. It hurts so fucking good. Stretch my asshole and fill my with your cum, baby. Make me your slut forever. Don’t stop. Rip my ass open and fuck me hard."

After I'd pushed five inches of my cock into her, she started to breathe heavily and to groan in passion. My cock was stretching her ass wider than she’d ever been stretched, deeper than she’d ever been penetrated.

"Oh fuck ... Pete. I don't think I can take anymore", she moaned breathlessly. "Oh fuck, oh. Mmmm … I never thought it would feel so good. I feel so full. I can feel every vein on your cock as it stretches my ass." she moaned as she stared up at me mesmerized. I continued to force my cock deeper and deeper into her. Six inches, Seven inches, Eight inches, as her ass strained, her asshole wide and she moaned and grunted like an animal as I kept pressing my cock into her until it sank to the hilt in her ass. Deep in her ass ... then ... slowly I pulled it back out, I felt the tightness of her stretched ring as it strained to accept the size of my cock. I gradually settle into a rhythm: Pushing in, pulling out, pumping her, hammering her ass.

Soon I was slamming every inch of my cock into her ass. She gasped and moaned, "Ohhhh fuck! Yes! Fuck! Fuck me with it, Peter! Pound me with it!" I pumped her ass and forced my cock in and out of her again and again in a steady rhythm. I slowly began to accelerate as I raised the tempo bringing on the long, slow, steady orgasm. She was feeling the start of a climax as my cock slammed in and out like a blur. My cock was slick with her wetness and it felt like the sensations can't get any more exquisite. Then, I grabbed her tits and squeezed. The milk squirting out to cover my chest and drop back onto her ...

She instantly went into a wild orgasm. Her ass tightening down on me to the point that I feared that my cock would be pulled off. She moaned and groaned, and her legs instinctively begin to buck, to shake as her orgasm intensified.

She looked up at me breathlessly. The sweat was shining on her forehead. She’d never expected to be able to take my cock up her ass nor to have such a powerful orgasm. Panting, short of breath, after the exertion of taking it whole, she gazed at me seductively.

"Oh, Lover, mmmm! That was incredible! I can't wait to see what else you've got in store for me...!”.

Lying there above Anna, my cock in her ass, I felt the wetness of her pussy juices running down around my cock. A need arising in me to complete the night by fucking her wet pussy and filling her with my cum.

“Okay, sweetheart, then hold on and you’ll find out.” I replied as I quickly withdrew my cock from her ass and pushed it into her waiting cunt.

The sensation of her wet, hot flesh wrapped around my aching cock sent fire coursing up my cock and into my reeling mind. The pleasure from my groin was rapidly becoming too intense to tolerate.

I realized that Anna must have felt the same way as she arched her hips pulling me even deeper inside her hot, wet cunt. As I entered her, I could feel her bare breasts pressing up against my chest. My chest was wet from the milk that still leaked from them.

Thrusting myself into her, I finally felt the head of my cock thud up against her cervix at the same instant my belly touched hers. We were made for each other and fit together perfectly.

Holding myself deep inside of her hot, sucking cunt, I bent down and quickly kissed her again. She returned my kiss, and soon my tongue snaked its way into her mouth. We embraced and kissed deeply with our hips flattened against each other.

The passion that was pouring through my body rapidly blossomed into a white-hot spasm of ecstasy as the tension in my groin reached the boiling point.

"Annnnnnaaaaaaa!" I tried to warn her but it was too late. My cock erupted violently inside her, sending a huge gusher of my white-hot cum spurting out into her pussy.

"Oh, Peter..." she gurgled, wrapping her legs around me, and pushing her hips up against me.

"Peter ... darling" she cried, her voice softening into a whimper as my body continued to spasm and writhe.

Over and over again, I felt my cock jerk and spurt gusher after gusher of thick, hot cum deep into my ex-wife’s hungry, sucking cunt. It was pure heaven as wave after wave of pleasure washed over my body.

"Oh, My, God, Anna, I Love You," I gasped as I thrust myself down into her again and again.

Finally, I stopped cumming inside of her. Thoroughly exhausted by the huge expenditure of physical and emotional energy, I collapsed on top of her.

Neither of us spoke as we lay pressed against each other for several moments. Then, as if reading each other's minds we began kissing and lovingly fondling and caressing each other.

As we petted, I was surprised to find that my cock, still buried inside Anna hadn't softened at all. After a few moments, I slowly began to slide my cock in and out of Anna’s deep, wet cunt. Within moments, we were gently fucking as she eagerly returned my thrusts. Soon, our bodies were again moving in a heated rhythm.

"Peter, I love it. Fuck me. Fill my cunt. Can you feel how wet you’ve gotten me. I need to feel your cum flooding from me again," she moaned as I fucked her.

Anna ... Anna ... Anna." I heard myself moaning involuntarily as our bodies clashed together over and over.

Our passion overcame us and suddenly we were going at each other like two animals. Pounding and pushing into her steaming cunt as she bit my shoulder and scratched my back with her nails. Fighting for release from the burning passion within us.

"Fuck me, Peter. Fuck me, hard and deep. Make me cum again. I need to feel desired and wanted. Fill me with your cock and cum in me," I heard her grunt every time I slammed my hard cock into her.

Our hips slammed together loudly as we fucked, sending splatters of our lovemaking flying all over. The loud slurping of her cunt as it sucked on my dick could even be heard above the roar of the rain crashing down on the roof, but still we fucked.

At last, after twenty or thirty minutes of fierce, ball busting fucking, I felt my scrotum begin to tighten. I could feel myself nearing the point of eruption as Anna writhed and groveled below me, urging me to fuck her harder and harder.

"Oh, Fuck, Baby, I feel it CUMMMMNNNNNN!", she finally screamed as her body tensed and her muscles became as hard as boards.

I felt her cunt lock down around my cock, squeezing it so hard I couldn't stop it from exploding.

"FUCKANNACUMMNNNN," I bellowed out at the same time a brilliant flash of lightning filled the room.

Dazed by the blinding bolt of lightning, I felt like the head of my cock had been blown off inside her.

Then the whole house shook as thunder followed the lightning.

I couldn't stop cumming inside my ex-wife. Over and over again, my cock gathered itself and spewed out load after load of thick, creamy cum into her clinging cunt. I quickly filled her to overflowing. I could feel my cum oozing out around my spasming cock and running down the crack of Anna’s upturned ass.

Time seemed to stop as we groaned and fucked. At last, there was no more and we collapsed in each other's arms. Looking down at this beautiful woman, who was once my wife, I felt a deep emotional desire to tell her again how I felt.

“Anna, I know this is crazy and I want you to know that this is not just fuck-talk, but I love you. I never stopped loving you.”

“I know, Peter. I’ve known for a long time and tonight showed me what I really need in my life and who I want it with. Tonight you’ve shown me without a doubt that I can be every mans fantasy: A perfect Lady out of bed and a perfect Whore in bed. But the only man that I want to fulfill those fantasies with is you. I love you, too, Peter.”

I leaned over and kissed Anna, not the kiss of two frantic lovers but the gentle loving kiss of two people in love. Then I slowly picked her up from the couch and carried her to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and climbed in next to her. Wrapping my arms around her as we lay there I asked “What do we do about Ned?”

“Tomorrow, honey. We’ll deal with that tomorrow,” she replied as she lay there in my arms, the sound of rain gently striking the windows as we fell asleep.

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I really like the way you presented this story. But you must know that it is not a good thing to go from the ass into the pussy again without first cleaning. She can get an infection and I know its justmore...

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