tagErotic CouplingsMy Ex-Wife Ch. 03

My Ex-Wife Ch. 03


I didn’t hear from Anna directly for several months after the phone call, though I did see her car drive by the house several times. Then one day a friend of hers, Janice, stopped me in the street and whisper, “Anna says, ‘Hi, and that she misses you,” as she dropped a note in my hand.

The note simply read:


I miss you and the kids terribly. I miss and need you to hold me, but it’s not safe to be with you yet. Ned is still after me and making threats about what he’ll do to me if he catches me. The court case is scheduled for next Tuesday and then I’ll be able to come to you … and cum for you … TeeHee.

Love, Anna

That was on Thursday, Tuesday was only 5 days away, just five days until the start of a new life with Anna & the kids. So I waited. Finally Tuesday came … and went … and Wednesday … and Thursday, but still no Anna. On Friday, I began to make discreet calls to people who might have seen or heard from Anna. All of them denied knowing about where she might be. I even went to the police to file a “Missing Person” report but was told that because I was not her husband or a blood relative I couldn’t file the report. Dejected, I went home.

Two more days passed before I got a call from Janice, Anna’s friend. She spoke in a whispered voice and told me to meet her in a bar about 15 miles out of town at 7:00PM that night. I arrived early and took a booth in the back of the bar to wait. When Janice walked in the place I instantly knew that Anna was in big trouble. Janice was wearing over-sized sunglasses and the black lights in the bar seemed to draw the bruises on her face out even more. Standing, I offered her a seat, which she took with a nervous smile.

“What happened to you?” I asked.

Looking down at the tabletop she responded with one word, a word that sent chills down my spine. “Ned.”

“What do you mean? Where’s Anna? What happened? Is she okay?” the questions tumbled from my mouth.

Removing her sunglasses, I instantly saw the typical “Raccoon Eyes” that come from a broken nose as well as several smaller bruises on her cheek. She returned my look. “There are other bruises that son-of-a-bitch gave me that you can’t see that hurt a whole lot more then these,” she stated, “but I think we should go back to your place to talk and look at this and then you can ask your questions.” Showing him a videotape that she held in her hand, she rose from her seat and headed for the bar door.

Exiting the bar Janice looked over her shoulder to see if I was there and ask, “Can we use your car? Mine is too well known around town and there could be trouble if it was seen in front of your house.”

Walking to my car, I opened the door without saying a word, holding it while Janice slid into the passenger’s seat. We didn’t speak a word on the ride to his house. I had too many questions that needed to be answered and no idea where to start. Pulling into the attached garage I closed the door before Janice got out and entered the house.

“Want something to drink?” I offered.

“No. The doctor has me on pain medications and I’m not supposed to drink when I take them. You might want one though.”

Mixing a drink, I thought better of it and left it on the counter realizing that I was going to need all of my senses tonight for what was about to come. Joining Janice in the livingroom, I took a seat across from her.

“Peter, Anna told me all about you and her. She also told me how she started craving sex after being with you and how hard it was while she was on the run. What you probably didn’t know is that Mark and I have a very open marriage. We enjoy sex with each other but also with others. This video is from the night after I met you in the street. Anna and I had been drinking and well … … … things happened. The beginning of the tape isn’t really all that important in comparison to the end. That is where you’ll get the answers you’re looking for.”

Janice walked to the tape player and popped the tape in. Instantly the screen was filled with Anna, totally naked, kneeling between Janice’s spread legs …


“Mmmmmmmm, Jan, I’ve never done this before but your pussy looks so hot and tasty. I want to taste your pussy and make you cum. Is that okay, Jan? Can I lick your pussy?”

Jan smiled at the hidden camera while massaging Anna’s tits. “You can do anything you want baby. You can lick me, you can suck my tits, you can make me cum as often as you want.”

"Yesssss", answered Anna. The passion glowing in her eyes as she buried her face against Janice’s pussy. Lifting her head from between Janice’s legs, Anna looked up at her, “Mmmmm, it tastes so good, sweet yet a bit salty. It’s making me so hot. I need to be fucked, right now. Please, take your toy and fuck me with it. It looks just like Peter’s cock. Push it deep inside of me and make me cum. PLEASE, JAN, I'M BEGGING YOU. PLEASE MAKE ME CUM! AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH. Oh, oh . . . Jan! Fuck me . . . oh, fuck me!" she exclaimed, shaking her butt. "Stick it in me, honey . . . fuck me hard and fast!"

"He-heh," Janice purred. "Okay, ya whore. Your cunt's gonna get what it wants. I'm gonna fuck ya! Now turn around and get on your hands and kneels like a bitch in heat."

Jan picked up a dildo from the table next to her and examined it in the light as Anna moved into position. The flexible rubber gleamed smoothly and menacingly. Smiling to herself, she aimed it between Anna’s spread legs.

Anna's body was on fire as the shaft pressed the outer lips of her cunt. She opened her legs wider and waited. The end slid down and tickled Anna’s cunt. After going up one cunt lip and back down the other, the dildo centered on her pink hole. A slight push and her pussy lips separated, slimy pussy juices seeping out. Anna's pussy instantly split open. A long, low groan shot from her throat as she pressed backwards and took the fake cock as deep as it could go.


She braced herself on her hands and knees. The dildo dug hard and deep for a split second and her cunt pulsed along its entire length. Then before she had time to think, it snapped back and again rammed all the way into her cunt. Anna closed her eyes and Janice began fucking her hard and fast with the shaft.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh! Oooohhh . . . Jan . . . ooohhh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yeah, baby . . . fuck me!"

Anna’s thick, slippery cunt-juices were flooding out, coating the dildo. As a result, it pumped effortlessly. Still, her inner cunt flesh was pulled roughly in and out. That was what made it feel so goddamn good. The good feeling was driving her crazy with desire. It was exactly what she wanted!

"Please, Jan . . . fuck me harder! Stick it in me deeper . . . oh, do it!"

"Keep your pussy pulled wide open!" Jan commanded.

Anna arched her back and thrust her pussy out. She opened her cunt lips wider to take the entire dildo and Jan started slowly fucking her.

Jan smiled, resting her unoccupied hand on Anna's ass. Looking at Anna's dripping wet pussy, she firmly fucked her. She watched closely as Anna's cunt yawned open and the toy cock drove deeply into her. Her own cunt was dripping fuck juice as she watched Anna’s pink cunt lips being stretched and filled. Excited by the sight of Anna’s soft pussy flesh closing and bulging as she pulled the cock out, Jan slid her hand between her own thighs and started fingering herself.

Anna's mind, too, was floating in pleasure. The constant, rhythmic fucking into her pussy sent shivers of pleasure up and down her spine. She could feel her pussy walls expanding and contracting. Sometimes she clenched it tightly shut around the shaft, then opened it all the way to take it in deep. At other times, she stayed relaxed and let her pussy remain open while the dildo stroked her inner walls in a mind-blowing massage. Repeatedly, she tossed her head in pleasure, groaning.

Intense pleasure radiated steadily from Anna's opened hole. She became an animal, a mindless, lustful animal, controlled only by instinct, the instinct, the need, to get fucked and to feel good, to have an orgasm. And right now the toy cock fucking deeply into her was making her feel damn good indeed

Her pussy pulsed again and again and she was filled with pleasure beyond the ordinary. It was a pleasure one could only experience by getting fucked this hard. When she started fingering her dripping clit, the pleasure multiplied. She was vibrating all over with the good feelings spreading out from between her legs.

She tickled her clit, then slid two fingers up and down her outer lips. Her pussy lips tightened more and her fingers lightly playing across them before returning to her clit. Her clit was pulsing in want, swollen and reddened. Anna massaged around it, getting closer to the center each time.

Finally, she reached it. Her fingers danced across it several times, then began circling it once again. Wanting still more, she pushed back against the cock shaft going into her pussy. Without waiting, she started frantically frigged her clit.

"Ooohhh . . . oh, shit! Uuuhhh, it's . . . it's so good . . . so good, baby, oh, yesss! " she purred.

Jan purred, between grunts of her own pleasure, "Yeah, baby . . . ya like it, don't ya . . . you like getting fucked, you. . . hot . . . little . . . whore!" Aaahhh!" Her fingers pumped her cunt.

Anna leaned down and rested her head and shoulders on the floor. Matching the rhythm, she pumped the shaft in and out of her cunt. Frantically, she frigged her clit. In great pleasure, she clenched and relaxed her pussy. In just moments, the pleasure became too great. The tingling between her legs grew in intensity. A powerful throbbing began at her toes and spread through the length of her body. Pleasure filled her from head to toe. Her smooth bodies tensed as the sensation took over her brain and made her forget everything she had ever known. With a loud groan, she came.

"Aaannnggghhh . . . nnnhhh . . . Nnnhhh . . . uuummmppphhh! Fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuck me, baby . . . fuck me, baby! Ohhhh . . . Nnnggghhh . . . Fuck me haaarrrdddd! Fuck me, Jan. I'm a whore and I know it, so fuck me like one. Make me cum all over our toy cock. OF GOD, IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN. I'M CUMMING, JAN; I'M CUMMING ON YOUR BIG, LONG TOY COCK. JAB IT INTO ME. FUCK ME WITH IT. I NEED IT SO BAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!"

Her muscles convulsed powerfully. Her pussy clamped tight and released. Her cunt muscles contracted, forcing hot fuck juice out of the hole and all over the dildo shaft. Her clit throbbed mightily, making her jerk uncontrollably. Her eyes were squeezed shut as blackness filled her mind. Pleasure washed through her body in great, powerful pulses of climax.

Jan continued fucking her furiously. She rammed the shaft deeply up the Anna's pussy. Working it firmly from side to side, she snapped it back. Quickly, she fucked her pussy hard and fast, again and again. Even as she watched Anna spasming in uncontrollable orgasm, she felt her own climax building up.

Jan’s fingers danced across her own clit, then dipped into her cunt hole. Swirling around, they slid back to her clit. Rubbing the engorged little thing in firm circles, she trembled in lust. The tingling began at her toes and spread up her legs. The quivering rushed through her body and filled her brain. Even as she knew she was going to cum, she exploded, her own juices joining with Anna's.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Oh! Ooohhh . . . aahh . . . aahh . . . aaahhhnnnggghhh!"

Anna was barely conscious of her friend's cries as she rode her own climax to the end. After many powerful convulsions had swept the length of her body, she relaxed, a pleasant glow radiating from between her legs. The fuck toy slid in and out of her cunt as Jan mindlessly rode her own orgasm to the end. Then Anna turned her head and gazed through fogged eyes at her new lover.

Jan had her eyes closed, a look of sheer pleasure stamped on her pretty face. Her body was wracked through and through with spasms. Jan was squatting, frantically frigging her clit as she came. Little squeaks were forced from her throat with each convulsion. Anna could see thick, foaming cream smeared between her legs and what cunt hairs Jan had were matted down with fuck juice.

Anna turned around, the dildo sliding from her pussy, and facing Jan grabbed her swollen tits. Aiming the nipples at Jan’s pussy, she squeezed and tit-milk exploded from them. Jan’s eyes flew open, in surprise and pleasure, as the warm milk struck her distended clit. Her tender cunt lips were swollen to twice their normal size and they gapped open, their redness proof of her arousal. Triggered by the tit-milk on her clit Jan began to shake and shiver as another orgasm overtook her. One minute, two minutes, it seemed to go on forever, before, with a great sigh, Jan relaxed. Embracing each other, the women slid to the floor and lay there together, content.


Leaning over I picked up the VCR control and paused it. Sitting there in my livingroom, I had the chance to see the woman I loved for the first time in months. “God, she looks absolutely beautiful. But … … something is different. Jan, is she okay?”

Jan hesitated before answering Peter. “Well … um … they say that some woman look better when these things happen to them. I mean … umm … … … … Peter; … … Anna is pregnant. She was about three and a half months along when this tape was done. She’s sure it is your baby.”

“My baby? You mean Anna and I are going to have a baby?” I yelled excitedly, then became serious as the surprise left me and shock set in. “I thought … but she was … I mean, she was on the ‘pill’ when she and I separated. I naturally assumed that she had stayed on it when she was with Ned. SHIT, does he know?”

“Ned can’t have kids, some kind of accident when he was younger. That’s why Anna went off the ‘pill’. I don’t think Ned knew then but … … “ Reaching over Jan turned the VCR back on and the tape continued.


A shadow and a voice suddenly appeared on the screen. “Hey, baby. I see you found a new playmate to enjoy tonight. Mind if I join in?”

Jan looked up with lust glazed eyes at Mark and smiled. “Oh course, baby. You know that what’s mine is yours. Besides I feel like a good hard fuck after what Anna and I were just doing. Do you mind fucking me while I lick Anna’s juicy cunt?

“Not at all, honey. I could us a piece of familiar pussy tonight.”

Jan rolled onto her hands and knees spreading her legs wide and lifted her cunt up high. One hand slid between her legs to spread her pussy lips. Flexing his buttocks Mark slowly drilled his cock into her dripping wet cunt. Jan moaned softly as the huge rod seared into her flesh. She reached around and gripped his ass dragging him tighter against her.

"Fuck me, honey" she groaned. "Fuck me! Shove your cock into my slit ... I want it all! I want to feel it right up inside me!"

Slowly, Mark flexed pressed deeper and harder. He grimaced and gasped as her hot cunt convulsed frantically on his cock as it burrowed and plowed into her soft, eager, wanton pussy. Her head jerked to one side and she whimpered in pleasure, her chest heaving. He crushed her breasts with one hand. She groaned, clenching his arms, her hips arched high, her buttocks taut, and her cunt squeezing and sucking hungrily on his cock.

"Oh fuck!" he gasped. "Oh fuck yes! Ohhh yes, baby yes! Take it! Take it cunt! Take my cock!"

"Ohhh ... uhhhh yes ... yes ... ohhhh yes ... yes ... ohhh uhhh oh ma uhhh . . . ahhh ... yes ... oh ma uhhh ahh ... unhhh ohhh uhhh ohhh uhh Oh oh oh!"

Now gripping her hips tightly, he began to grind his cock heavily in and out of Jan's cunt. She gasped and moaned, arching and writhing erotically under him, squeezing and crushing her breasts in an eager frenzy.

"Fuck me!" she called. "Fuck me all night! Fuck me hard! I'M CUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG!"

Her cry triggering his orgasm as it pulsed up the length on his cock. He quickly pulled it from her spasming cunt and sprayed her asscheeks, covering them with white, sticky cum.


Quietly Jan leaned over and whispered, “This next part is what you’re interested in. Watch the left side of the screen.”

Shifting his gaze I noticed a shadow that had not been there earlier. A hand reached out and grabbed Mark …


… smack …crash … “Ummmmpppphhhhh” … smack … SMACK … CRASH … THUD … THUMP.

“That’s what you get, you pussy whipped little shit, I told you that if you saw this slut you were to let me know right away. Instead I come here and find you fucking your old lady after she fucked my bitch of a wife.” Ned entered the screen as Jan started to stand. “Oh, no, you don’t. You dike cunt.” Grabbing Jan he hit her in the face … thud … thud … THUD.

Jan collapsed to the floor and Ned continued kicking her before he walked to the side of the bed and looked down at Anna. A sudden look of terror crossed Anna’s face as he grabbed her by the hair. “Time to go for a trip, bitch. No one leaves me unless I say so, and right now I have the perfect idea what to do with that cunt of yours.”

Pulling Anna by the hair, Ned dragged her from the bed and out of view. The last sound I heard was Anna screaming, “NO, NED. I SAID NO, GOD DAMN IT. LET ME GO. AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee … …”


“That’s all there is, Peter. Mark was taken to the hospital with two broken ribs and I have a broken nose thanks to that son-of-a-bitch. We have no idea where he took her. Mark didn’t want me to show you this video because we’re afraid of what Ned might do if he finds out, but Anna is a friend and she needs you more now than ever … … … If you can find her.”

Stunned, I sat looking at the screen before turning to Jan. “Okay. So we know that Ned took Anna … and we know that Ned hasn’t been seen in town for almost a week … we can assume that Anna and he are together … the only question remaining is where?”

Jan shrugged her shoulders as she rose from the couch, “You better take me back to my car now.”

“Oh, ya, ya. I’m sorry just thinking and trying to figure this out.”

“I understand. You keep the tape and by the way … that was the first and only Anna and I had ever been together. She was lonely, we got drunk … you understand.”

Nodding my head, I led Jan back to the car and drove her to the bar.

As she got out, she looked back at me, a tear in her eye. “I hope this helped. And I REALLY hope you can find her. Good-bye, Peter.”

I watched as Jan climbed into her car and disappeared into the night, trying to decide my next move. Anna’s life and that of our unborn baby rode on my decision. When no new ideas came I drove home. The vision of Anna’s terrified face replaying in my mind the whole time.

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