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My First Mature Lover


I've heard it said that women who like older men are actually craving a father figure. I'm not going to attempt to debate that here. But, if loving a man who is nurturing, kind, sincere, and mature makes me guilty of mourning the lack of attention from my father, then so be it.

Over the years, I've developed the opinion that men are merely boys until they are at least forty. Some men may be boys until they are in their fifties. Others just never grow up. Most men my age are just too immature. They would rather act like thugs or frat boys than carry on an intelligent conversation. I already have two children. I don't need to date one.

Dan was in his early fifties when I met him. After my divorce, I started working for a local art supply store. Dan was the manager. He was about 6' tall with blue eyes and salt-and-pepper hair. He carried a few extra pounds, but to me that only added to his attractiveness. He was a man of substance, physically and mentally.

Dan was so kind, yet he had an air of authority. It was known that as long as you did your job or at least put forth effort, he would praise and encourage you. But, slack off and you'd feel his wrath. Dan and I talked as I worked. He often helped me towards the end of my shift as I finished up my work.

I began to share my personal struggles with him. I had been hurting. My husband had left me for a mutual friend of ours. We had been married for 5 years and had two small children. I went into a deep depression, mourning the happily-ever-after marriage that I had hoped for. Our marriage had never lived up to or even flirted with that standard.

We had always had problems. Most of our arguments were due to the fact that my husband refused to take any responsibility at home. Wives often complain that their husbands won't help with the housework. That's not what I'm talking about. My husband would not take ANY responsibility whatsoever. I can deal with doing the housework, but I also had to pay all the bills, make any necessary phone calls, plus all the housework. If I didn't pay a bill, it didn't get paid.

Dan sympathized with my disappointment with my marriage. He was also divorced. He had such a positive attitude about it, as if it was a blessed second chance at love. Dan helped me to accept my divorce as a beneficial experience. He also taught me that the trick to improving my chance at finding true love and not repeating the pattern was to take an honest look at my marriage and determine what needs of mine had been neglected. Then, I'd know what I truly needed in any men that I dated.

He made a lot of sense. What was missing in my marriage was pretty obvious. Being with my husband was like having another child. I needed a real man, not another child to take care of. I fantasized about being held by a physically and mentally strong man who gave me the freedom to be the sultry vixen that I knew was within me, instead of forcing me into the caretaker role. I wanted to feel like a temptress, not my man's mother.

I fantasized about being with different men that I knew. My fantasy life had become a way for me to try on new possibilities. Most just didn't appeal to me. Then, one night while relaxing in the bath, I was thinking about the pleasant conversation that I had with Dan that day at work. As I glided my washcloth along my breasts and stomach, I imagined it was Dan's fingers tracing my curves. It was the first time I had pictured Dan as a potential lover. I was amazed at how turned on I felt by the idea.

I leaned back in my bubble bath, the bubbles outlining my breasts and covering my stomach. My fingers traced the contours of my thighs as I imagined that it was Dan who was bathing me. The idea of a man pampering me for a change really turned me on. My fingers found my hungry slit. I teased my clit while I pictured Dan washing me and kissing me.

I closed my eyes and imagined him drying me off and lying my young body on the carpet. His fingers stroked my soft skin. He slowly covered my body in kisses. He kissed up the insides of my thighs and licked my wet slit. It was so hot to imagine him teasing my clit with his tongue.

I fantasized about him lovingly entering me, his hard cock pressing deep into my wetness. I thought about how nice his arms would feel around me, holding me tight. I came as I imagined him thrusting into me as I held onto his strong arms and shoulders.

I finished my bath, still dizzy with the excitement of my new fantasy. I slipped on my pajamas and went to bed. When I laid down, I arranged the pillows so that it felt like I was resting my head on Dan's chest. I imagined him holding me as I fell asleep. This was months before I had the pleasure of falling asleep in his arms for real.

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