tagInterracial LoveMy Harem Raped Me

My Harem Raped Me


This is fiction, not reality. Like reading HG Wells, or Dickens, or even Homer and no I don't mean Simpson, I mean Homer as in the Iliad, so suspend credulity, because if this was a library you would be in the FICTION section.


I was lying on my back on the bed, with a woman at each arm and leg and a black woman sitting on my face telling me to eat her sweet black pussy. I tried to fight and pull away until her puffy wet black lips touched my mouth. She spread her wet sent all over my face. "Eat my black pussy white man" she said. I broke my arms away from the two women that held me but instead of fighting my way off the bed I reached around and grabbed her black ass and pulled her into my mouth. I began to lick and suck and finding her hole pushed my tongue as far inside of her as I could, and then sucked with my mouth from her hole to her clit. This was new to me, my first pussy, my first meal, so to speak, but nature took hold. She told me to grab her tits and when I did she told me harder and when I pulled on those huge nipples and I felt her slime my mouth with her pussy cum. I drank and continued to work her pussy while again holding her ass, until she fell forward and said, "He is as ready as he will ever be and this is no fucking gay boy," she said to her accomplices.

So how did I get there, well let me have my harem tell you.

He found me on the street. It was cold and I was tired and at my end. Here I was, twenty four years old and I had been a whore for ten years. My mother was a whore and my grandmother was a whore, it was the family business. I was pimped out by my mother at fourteen. I learned that my cherry was worth a month's rent and groceries. It was not a pleasant experience. My worth became less and less as time went on. I had four abortions by the time I was eighteen but no kids. I had a lot of STD's and the woman's clinic was the place where I hung out, for shots and birth control and condoms. The men refused to wear them and that was why I had so many STD's. Every hole I had was sold and used. But tonight I was lying in an alley having just got my ass kicked by one of my old "Johns."

Apparently he was a bit upset having given gonorrhea to his beloved wife, which he got from me. I told the fool to wear a rubber but he wanted to go bareback in my ass and since he had already knocked me down and out I could not really object. Now I am lying in an alley and laughing. I fucking hate men and knowing he got VD from me and gave it to his wife was funny, until I laughed, then it hurt like hell!

Frank saw me in the alley. He was pretty calm when he walked over to me. "Looks like you have a little problem" the rocket scientist said. "Ya think?" I replied.

He helped me up, and despite the fact I was spitting up blood he drove me to the emergency room where everyone was in a real hurry to help a recently beat up black whore, who had been there many times before. The woman's clinic and the emergency room were my frequent visitor sites. If they gave frequent flyer miles I would have a free trip around the world.

He seemed upset that no one would help me so he said those magic words that got me the attention I needed. He said he could pay "cash" but only the best insurance or welfare rate. The hospital was ready to go for it since it means no paperwork or delay in getting money. I got patched up, had more tests than you can imagine, got shots for my VD and had an aids check.

"Here is the deal. I can let you stay here and you can go back to the streets or you can come with me. If you come with me you do everything I tell you to do and I can do anything I want with you. I will not bring other men in though and I will not beat you injure you, but you may get a spanking once in a while. And most important, I do not share." That was his offer.

"It had been a long time since my now well used body had a good place to stay and only one man raping it, so what the hell. I was here because a white man beat she shit out of me, raped my ass, got VD and came back and beat me up again so it was only fair that another white man take care of me for a while. Maybe I could give him a dose of what I gave the last white man.

"So I agreed and after fourteen hours in the hospital I was in his car and heading home, his home, my slave quarters. He promised to bring me back to the hospital for a check up in three days. Yea right, add that to the other three lies men tell women. You know, "the check is in the mail," "I love you," and "I promise not to cum in your mouth." So now there is number four, "I promise to bring her back for a checkup in three days."

"When we got to his home I was still pretty weak and he helped me inside. He brought me to a very beautiful bedroom and I thought "This pig isn't even going to let me get well before he rapes me." Then he undressed me and put me into a large bathtub and gave me a bath. The pig did not hesitate to rub my tits either. He did wash my legs and feet and yes he did my pussy and ass too. What a pig. Then he had me sit and washed my hair. It took three times until it was clean. He must have replaced the water in that tub more than a few times to keep it clean and warm. Finally my newest rapist left and came back with some stuff. He got me out and put one of those big robes on me and helped me walk into the bedroom.

"Ok this is where it happens; raped the first night here and I will not even feel it; that could be a good thing I thought. The robe came off, he dried me off and put on a sweat shirt and then sweat pants. Then he put a towel around my head and gently rubbed my hair dry. He put me into the bed and I went right to sleep.

"I woke up and wondered if he had raped me yet but nothing was wet and I still had sweats on. I looked up and he was sitting in a chair by the bed just looking at me with what I thought was concern. Then I thought that it could not possibly be concern, no one has ever felt that about me in the past so why a stranger now? Then I was asleep again. I felt his hands on me and I woke with a start. "You have to eat something" he said and started giving me chicken soup that he made. I felt like I was five and he was feeding me with a spoon and giving me crackers. I went back to sleep.

"When I woke the next time he was not alone, there was a man and a woman there. He was concerned and he brought in a doctor and nurse. I had been asleep for three days. More shots, more soup, some solid stuff, mashed potatoes with cheese, and lots of other stuff.

"Somewhere along the line he got me naked again and into the bath and then back into bed with new sweats. And yes he was taking me to the bathroom too for more personal things. I bet this pig is into toilet tricks, what a pervert. A week later he had me in the car and back to the hospital. I was doing well and the VD was cleaning up. Another blood test for AIDS, the last one did not show it. It would take six months to find out I was clean of AIDS and HIV.

"I kept waiting for him to come back into his bedroom but then I was surprised, this was to be my bedroom, his was down the hall. It was smaller than mine, and it was rather Spartan I thought. It had a large bed but also a desk and computer and a very large bathroom but still it was smaller than mine.

"He asked me my name and when I told him I would prefer not to he told me I could pick out any name I wanted and that is what he would call me. I chose "Rosa" after Rosa Parks. "Rosa it is" he said, and from that time on I was Rosa, not a street whore with a vile name or a history, I was Rosa and I was born that day.

"Then he brought in some fat ass Russian white girl. Her name was Lila. Ok here is the white tub's story."

"Ok I'm a big girl. Not like that nasty black bitch that was here first. She is ugly. She has that black flat nose and those big ass lips and what is it called, yes – nappy – she has nappy hair. She had big black tits and a big ass too. Anyway the bitch and I are the same age. I came from Russia as a mail order bride. I met the man in Russia and he seemed nice enough. He brought me here on a six month fiancé visa and before the time was up he had me turning tricks for his friends. He was nice enough to get my cherry himself, and that did not do too much for me. Then he would give me to his friends to use. He told me he would not marry me if I refused, so I did it. I yelled and screamed in fake pleasure as they raped my pussy and ass. What shits they were. At first they wanted to go without a condom but I convinced my sponsor that they could give me VD and then he would get it. I told him I wanted to go bare with him only. He thought it was love, more like hate. He wanted to knock me up but I got pills, a diaphragm, and spermicidal gel and I used them all. He beat me all the time and I hated him but I had to put up with it or he would send me back to Russia without a cherry and I would not be taken as a potential bride again.

I was so upset that I started eating too much. But I finally got him to marry me with the promise to become a whore for him. And that is what he did, he was my pimp and I was nothing but a whore. After a few months I was so fat no one would buy me. Then he found my birth control pills and spermicidal gel. He beat the shit out of me so badly I was in the hospital for a week. He went to prison and I got a divorce and the immigration people did not try to send me back. I was on the streets and even a fat pussy can get filled once in a while and even make a few dollars. They called me a BBW but I did not feel beautiful, I felt fat and ugly. Now I was now a capitalist, I was a whore. I was arrested and went to jail and then it happened a second time and I did a year. When I got out I was twenty four and needed a job so I took one as a waitress in some dive. One of my past "Johns" saw me there and waited until I was leaving and tried to get a little action. I told him no and he told me yes and we ended up fighting until Frank showed up and ended the fight. You have already heard from Rosa what happened to her and her deal, and well mine was the same deal.

"Except in my case I was not beat up and in the hospital. I did have to go to the clinic and have all those tests but the jail had done its own and I was clean.

"After Rosa and I talked we realized we had a lot in common so we quit bitching each other out and got on with living. We were both surprised that Frank never once tried to fuck us. He was nice, bought us clothes and gave us some spending money which we never spent. We loved the house and being sort of in the country had it easy. I grew up on a farm so I was home and out here no one tried to rape us. But Frank was still a mystery to us.

"He would go to this large building on the property and 'work' but we never saw inside or knew what he was doing. He came home for lunch and for dinner. We ate together, and after we saw him washing his own clothes we just started to do it for him. He gave us computers and lessons in how to use them. He even set it up so we could see and talk to him during the day when he was at work, but that was not over the internet. All we saw was a rather drab office, much like his bedroom.

"The best part was that when we talked to him he would smile at us, a real nice smile. It was so nice being there that the first month I actually lost twenty pounds. I now know that stress can cause weight gain. But there was one thing I was stressed about and that was sex, or the absence of it. Rosa had the same problem so we took care of it. As whores we had been in threesomes with other women and we knew how to handle a pussy, having one of our own. Rosa was the pussy eating queen and damn if I did not find that chocolate coochie of hers to be delicious. We slept together all the time, rubbing our pussies together and sucking each others tits. We wondered if Frank was gay. He was a nice guy and we both would have gladly fucked him.

"I know we were getting more pussy than Frank was but he appeared not to care. It did not matter to him. I know he jacked off because I did the wash. But he was really happy to have us with him in the house and spending the time playing games and swimming and watching TV together. He liked playing stupid games and it made us laugh to play them. Crazy Eights and Old Maid is a couple of his favorite card games. We also learned that he played Chess and Backgammon on line and was always in the top three.

"Well now a month has passed and we end up with two more women. What the hell is this guy up to? He has two whores hot to fuck him, he does not touch either of us and now he brings home two more, but these are Chinese. And you guessed it, Rosa and I have to give them the rules.

"They were named Fenfang, which means fragrant, and Jia, which means beautiful. What the fuck is this guy starting a harem? So here is their story."

"We met this white guy and ended up here at his home with this big black woman with an attitude and this fat white bitch. Not only that but this Frank guy called me Beautiful instead of Jia and he calls my sister Flower instead of Fenfang. He said he uses Flower because of Bambi, who ever the hell that is. Evidently Bambi is some slut that a guy named Walt did a few years back. Why give us names based on what some old dude said when he was fucking an American slut named Bambi. Sounds like a topless dancer's name.

"Our story is easy. We are twins but not identical. At thirteen we ran away and joined an Asian gang. We cannot tell you the name but it is one of the most violent Asian gangs in America. We even got gang tattoos so everyone would know we were owned by them. If I told you what the tattoo was they could find us and we would be killed. We finally got the tattoo removed, but that was later on.

"We were the gangs party favors, all of the girls were. When they were out of money and there was no one around to kill to get money they sold us. Lots of rival gangs liked to buy us and give us a good fucking and said it was a way of humiliating our gang. And we can tell you getting gang banged by a rival gang with permission of your own gang is no party.

"Well one night we got sold to a rival gang, they were raping us making both of us airtight they called it. That is when you get a cock in your ass, mouth and pussy all at once and then when they are good and hard they switch position and you end up with the guy from your ass now in your mouth. So here we are two airtight whores when our homeboys came in and started shooting and we took a few hits too. We both ended up in the hospital and got the shit scared out of us. Lots of bullet holes and lots of blood and we almost died. The rivals did die and so did our homeboys. It was a bloody fucking mess. Evidently we were the bait and distraction for a hit that had been planned for a long time. So now we are out, really out. Our homeboys think we lived because we helped the rival gang and the rival gang thinks were in on the setup.

"We hit the streets and sold some ass to get out of town. We went down to New Orleans and sold some ass and some drugs and got some cash, but never enough. We stayed away from Asian gang territory in case they knew of us. We were not wanted in the white or black whore territory but we finally got a white pimp to find us customers. He was a total douche bag and a druggie too boot. He went OD one night and my sister and I took every penny we could find and all of his stash and hit the road. We sold the stash to truckers and did a long haul travel thing, trading ass and drugs for a ride.

"One day we were out of money but we had pussy so we did some selling. We were making some bucks but no pimp means not any protection either. It also means we are a target for the other whores. We just had gotten our asses kicked outside the convention center and this white guy shows up. This guy must be running his "whoredar" 24/7 because we end up with two other whores at his house. But before we get there we hit the emergency room and you already know the drill. We are not hurt bad but some blood tests tells us what we already know, STD's have found a breeding ground. So we get the shots and the pills and a ride to meet his big ass nigger whore and the fat white bitch whore; both of which have a giant attitude.

"A whore is a whore is a whore and we can spot each other a mile away. These two bitches are acting like it is their fucking street corner. After a while we see we are all the same and we are all wondering why were are here. So about three months into our little visit, that would be about six months into Rosa's stay, we ask him.

"It was after dinner that we had our little discussion. Actually it was nice not having to whore out and still have nice clothes and people to talk to. You would think we wanted to go out and party, but that was not the case, at least not yet. We were doing what the military calls R&R, rest and recuperation. So we are all sitting down after dinner and Rosa starts by asking why he has four whores living with him if he is not fucking any of us?"

"He starts to answer when someone is at the door. A taxi driver is asking for more money and Frank pays him. He walks in with another fucking girl, about our age. Five Frank says. The girl is named Connie, actually it is Consuelo, and she is a real mutt, as in Heinz 57 variety. The bitch is Asian, black, white, and some shit I have never heard of. We later find out the Asian is Japanese and if you think you have heard of prejudice be a part Japanese in Japan. She married and left Japan for America. She thought she was a good wife but found out her husband was cheating. He told her she was not a real woman and could not produce babies and he had a woman to handle that now. He tossed her out on her ass. He started divorce proceedings and she moved in with another woman. They went out a few times and she found a nice man to date.

"When her husband found out he tracked her down and beat the shit out of her. He ended up in jail but got bailed out. She did not know he was out so she was out with her boyfriend again when they were attacked by the husband. The boyfriend went down and as the man was attacking her the police arrived. He was arrested again. The boyfriend said no thank you and passed on seeing her again. The husband bailed out and disappeared, so now there was a warrant out for his arrest for jumping bail and the new attempted murder charge. That was until a few days ago. He had a warrant out for his arrest. She was working in an office in the business district and was walking home to a studio apartment after getting something to eat at Burger King. When you are poor Burger King can be a treat. Hell Burger King can always be a treat. As she passed an alley she was pulled in and it was the soon to be x-husband who was pretty pissed. He went to attack her and then fell over after someone hit him in the back of the head with something. The man handed her a note with an address and fifty dollars for a cab. You will be safe with me the man said, but don't tell anyone. The police arrived and she told them everything that happened except for the note and the money. They checked on the X and he had a warrant out. They added this event as another attempted murder to everything else. They had no description of the attacker and it was dark out side. The X to be was currently in the hospital with no feeling below his neck. That was her history when she showed up at the house. She spent the fifty he had given her on food and a coat from Goodwill. She finally had a chance to thank Frank."

Frank and everyone listened to her story and the women did what women do, they bonded and Frank's talk was put off. The women filled her in and soon Michelle was wondering if she had made the right decision. She was particularly interested in the "anything at any time" requirement but once she learned what had happened historically, which was a big nothing, she did not worry about it.

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