My Harem Raped Me


They called Frank back in and asked what the hell was going on. Frank was forthright, and he wanted a family, now he had one. He thought five was the perfect number of women in his life. He had given it a lot of thought and that was his feeling on the matter. He had grown up an orphan and spent most of his time alone and he wanted a family now he had one. That was the end of the discussion as far as he was concerned.

Well women being women they were not satisfied with that answer and they went snooping around. They found nothing, nothing at all. No porn on his computer, no nasty e-mails, he did not password protect anything. He lived modestly for himself but this was a very large house that would accommodate six or more people. The grounds were large and there was a pool which could me covered during winter with a tent. There was also a Jacuzzi with a couple of large glass doors that would open to the outside when it was warm. It had a gym and sauna and steam room. He had built his life alone, then he built his home and lastly he filled it with people who would appreciate it, or so he thought. But there was trouble, they wanted more.

They wanted to go out so Frank took them out all over the area. They wanted to eat out and they did. They hated his clothes and made him buy others, which he did. They wanted to go dancing and he did not know how so they taught him and then they went out to dance. At five foot nine he was the perfect height for them. When they ate out there would be stares at them; the same when they went out to dance. They did not go to trendy clubs; they went to where people danced close together. This was also part of their plan. When they danced they were right up close and personal, very personal. After the night was over they would compare notes and yes, he was good and hard a lot of the time.

Other men might come over and ask them to dance but they refused, and did so with a lot or malice if they had the gall to ask them and not first ask Frank if it was ok. They would have said no anyway, even if Frank said yes. After Frank said yes a few times and the girls said no Frank decided he would take the heat and just tell the other men no, so they would not bother the girls. The men fumed, the girls felt wanted, and damn horny too.

They wanted to know what was in the building that Frank worked in. Being women they decided to find out. They knocked and when he opened the door they just walked right in. It was full of drafting tables, and machines that were called 6 axis CNC machines. Frank told them he made models of certain types of parts before they were put into production and his computer operated machines would use the specifications sent to him and then he would make the part and make sure it was what the customer actually wanted; it rarely was.

Then he would change the computer programming and make what they actually wanted. It was not hard, if you knew what you were doing. First he did it in HDPE [High Density Polyethylene] and then in wood and then in soft metal and then in the metal of choice. Then he would assist in how to actually mass produce the item. He did not actually need to talk with anyone except some other egg-heads so that could be done over the net and with Skype or some other communication programs. Just about every product has thousands of parts that have to be made this way.

"I also did some crazy stuff for NASCAR. I had three accounts but none of them could know what the others were doing and I did not tell. They all agreed to use my services but on a non-exclusive basis.

"I was going out a lot more when my family was complete. Getting dressed up for a play, when you have never seen one, was a trip. I enjoyed spoiling them. I wanted them to love their life with me. There were a few difficult spots. A 'John' actually had the balls to hit on Rosa when we were all out and was sort of insistent. I had to talk with him and he left them alone after that. What did I say? I asked him if sticking his cock into my woman was worth getting it cut off some dark night. Evidently he decided it wasn't. I may not be fucking them but I sure as hell was going to protect them. I was going to protect what was mine.

"It had been nine months since my first, Rosa, came to live with me. The girls had all learned to play together for satisfaction but they hit me with the full court press. Thong panties and bra's around the house. Micro bikini's with anal floss up the ass crack. Sitting in my lap and wiggling. I had a hard on all the time and I bet I jacked off every day more than once. When we went out it was not conservative, they were all about twenty five, but at home it was downright obscene.

"I would see them wearing baby doll sleep wear, without panties. We would sit on the couch and they would let their tops fall open and show me their tits, or take the bra's off in front of me and do that squeeze thing women do when the bra is too tight and they first take it off. They would lie against me and I would find their hand on my leg rubbing it or an exposed breast on my arm. I had my reasons for saying no, but I was having a hard time, in more ways than one."

The girls began to have doubts about themselves. Rosa complained that she was not pretty enough. Maybe her ass was too big or her tits to large or her skin too dark. She complained that she did not even have beautiful black skin, that it was blotchy in places. She even blamed her hair, which she called nappy, or her big lips or her flat nose. She was a woman used to being wanted for sex, they all were.

Lila thought she might be too fat or not firm enough or ugly because she was a stringy blond haired woman. She still had a little belly and she wanted to blame that. But she had lost a ton of weight and still did not think she was good looking, or good enough for Frank.

Flower and Beautiful thought I did not like Chinese girls, or straight black hair, or their breasts or their legs or their ass or tits because they were not as big and nice as Rosa's. Maybe their skin was not dark enough or light enough or two yellow.

They all thought it might be because they had been whores, and that bothered them all too.

Michelle was just freaked out and she thought she had too many races inside of her; not able to have babies, and was emotional basket case. She thought she was not a real woman because she could not have a baby like a "real woman" could.

"In the end they realized it was none of those things, it was me, Frank, who did not, or would not, make a move to have sex with them. So they came up with what they thought was a foolproof plan. Since it was a year, when all the AIDS and HIV testing showed freedom from worry, and they had all been free of STD's for over six months, they raped me. They just came in one morning after I had showered and was getting dressed and attacked me."

As I said in the beginning first it was Rosa feeding me that chocolate pussy and I just could not help myself, I needed a second helping and when she filled my mouth with pussy juice I went nuts wanting more. She had me pulling those big black tits and I wish I had been more than a man. She was giving me instructions about how to eat her pussy and I was doing it.

Then it was over and I saw her face and she kissed me, one of those sexy tongue kisses they had been throwing at me for the last three months. For three months I would wake up with one or two of them naked in bed with me, but I was ashamed that I could not do anything about it. They would spoon up against me and would kiss me even with morning breath. They were always kissing me and I enjoyed kissing them back. They would be with me at the pool and take their tops off and at times everything else. They would rub against me and I would have to go jack off I was so turned on.

"What is it baby? Tell Rosa and your girls why you don't fuck us."

"I can't have sex. I am embarrassed, I cum so fast that every time I have tried it they, the women, laugh at me and tell the guys and they laugh at me too." It was hard to tell them that. But they wanted more information and would not take no for an answer. "The first time I did it, I was eighteen and when I put it in the girl I came immediately and my cock got small. She told me I was a fucking wimp and a waste of cock. She told her girlfriends and none of them would go out with me and the guys learned about it and she and the rest called me "Speedy Gonzales." Then I tried it again when I was twenty two and the same thing happened and the girl really gave me shit and called me a failure as a man. Then I tried it again when I was about twenty five and the same thing happened. I am a sexual failure, I can't please a woman, sexually, so please don't humiliate me by asking me to try again."

Then I heard laughing from the girls and I was about to cry. "Baby, baby we are not laughing at you, we are laughing at those stupid girls for throwing a good man away. You just need some practice." Then she moved back and I could see my cock sitting inside her pussy slit as she sat on me. "You have you a nice big fat cock her baby and we are going to help you and us. You have been so good to us, so kind and loving, so we are going to take care of your and our problem. Your problem is that you need to learn how to fuck and our problem is that you need to learn how to fuck us. Baby, I am going to take this nice big fat cock and put it into your black pussy. Now I want you to cum as fast as you can. Don't hold back baby, just let it slide in and start shooting. I, no we, want to feel your cum shooting into us. Don't worry about a thing. Trust us baby, we are going to teach you to be the best lover in the world, if you will not get mad if we help you along."

Of course I said yes, and did not forget to say please too. I looked up and saw her raise her ass and put the head of my cock into her slit. She was looking down and would also look up into my eyes. She had lust in her eyes and something else too, but I did not know what it was, I had never seen it before, but I would see it again.

"For you baby, all for you, just cum as fast as you can" and she slid her pussy down and ate my cock with it. "I would be insulted if after raining all that pussy juice on your face and making you drink it up and working your tongue on my hot pussy that you were not so excited that you still had control" she said. I felt it hit bottom and she wiggled just a little and I shot off like a cannon. I looked into her eyes for the disappointment I had seen the three other times before but it was not there. She was looking at me with such tenderness and emotion. "You have a nice big fat cock baby, it felt really nice, but you are not done yet."

"She slid her hips back and forth a little and gave a little shutter. I later learned she was jacking off her clit on my cock hair. Then she slowly rose up and turned and slurped my cock all the way into her mouth and came back up. She kissed me and I tasted myself for the first time and it was mixed with her juices. Then she kissed me again and dipped her fingers into her pussy and licked them clean and then offered me a helping. I just looked at her. "If you want us to eat your cock after getting fucked then you need to eat our pussy the same way" she said. I licked her fingers clean, I was no idiot. She smiled.

"Then Beautiful and Flower moved in on me. While one kissed my lips the other sucked my cock and they went back and forth that way. Strange they would lick a cock that had just been in another woman. Then I felt my cock get hard again. Beautiful rose up and put her pussy to my face and I began to lick her pussy, licking, kissing nibbling, sucking, as she gently told me how and where. There was no rush as she sweetly talked to me. Then Flower told me that she was going to sit on my cock like Rosa had done but that I could come as fast as I wanted to. She told me that after she was all the way down she was going to get up and trade places with Beautiful and Beautiful would do the same thing until I had a nice cum. She told me not to worry about anything, and I could do anything I wanted with their bodies, as they were my bodies now.

"I was loving on Beautiful's pussy when I felt flower engulf my cock. She was not down long and she slowly rose up and off. Then Beautiful got up and moved to my cock. She was smiling as she put the head to her pussy and then the view was obscured by Flowers pussy. "Look at the big hole you put in my pussy baby" Flower said. "You have such a nice big cock, and I am going to love having you in me." Then she dropped slowly down, making me raise my head to get to her slit where I feasted in her scent, and taste. I felt her give a little shutter, and when I looked up she was smiling at me. I felt really good. I was running my hands over her smaller breasts, and they were very firm with small eraser nipples standing out a half an inch. Then Beautiful ate my cock with her pussy, again not too fast and not to slow. It was a wonderful feeling of warmth and tightness and slick wetness. Then she was up and gone and Flower took her place. I was being fucked and eating pussy at the same time. And it was so loving and warm. I was being taught love by getting loved. Her breasts were like her sisters and I played with her nipples just like she told me to do. I did not last a long time but they did not care about that, when I started to get big Flower said "Goody, I win." She and Beautiful were always in competition. Beautiful won too, I sucked her clit and squeezed her tits and pulling away caught her nipples and pulled them out and she orgasmed, just like Rosa did.

"Now I was panting and the girls got up and cleaned my cock up in tandem. I remembered the earlier lesson and moved Flower so her pussy was by my face and I cleaner her pussy with my tongue. Then I heard Rosa say I was such a good lover, so considerate, and then she kissed me as I was licking Flower. Soon we were both cleaning Flower who was about to orgasm again. I watched what Rosa did and did the same when it was my turn to lick that sexy pussy.

I was falling asleep when I heard laughing again. "Can you imagine anyone saying no to that man? What idiots. A little training is all he needs. He needs a course of intensive training, so this weekend he gets it." It was Rosa talking. I felt pretty good, but I was tired. As I drifted off I thought I heard one of them saying something about keeping me and then a giggle.

I felt two bodies next to me. One was Lila, who had lost close to one hundred pounds by this time. The other was Michelle. I was surrounded by female flesh and I was being touched and kissed. I kissed and touched back and soon felt the larger of the two, it must have been Lila, put her leg over me as I turned to be with her. I rolled right over and she opened her legs wide for me. I felt her grab my cock, and put it up to her hole. "Easy baby, it has been a long time. I am plenty wet but you are pretty big, just go slow. That is it, just like that. Ok stop for a minute, let me get used to you." Between her instructions we were slowly moving back and forth and not going to far in until she said it was ok. I am not sure how long it took, but it took a while. Then I was as far as I could go and I did not have to concentrate on not hurting her. But that concentrating made me forget about getting to excited. I began to slowly pump in and out of her, feeling her flesh grip and move with my cock. She had her legs around me and I was squeezing her breasts and kissing her deeply. Then I would suck a nipple and then kiss her. Then I would nibble around her titty flesh and her neck followed. I am not sure how long it was, but I heard her tell me to "love her" and as I pushed farther inside I actually felt my first woman orgasm with my cock inside of her. Well I could not hold back and I shot into her again and again.

I was rolling around over her body and I heard her say, "That bastard made love to me, to me." I thought she was mad until she grabbed my face and kissed me all over again. She locked her legs around me and would not let me go, as if I tried.

Then I heard one of the girls say "Let him go honey we don't want to break him." And then there was giggling. Now I had cum four times in about an hour and I was exhausted. Even then I started to move down to lick her pussy clean but I was stopped. "Not this time baby, not this time. You did real good lover, very good."

I was holding Lila but she moved away from me and turned me to Michelle, who I immediately grabbed hold of and fell asleep with.

It must have been a few hours later and I woke up to a blow job from Michelle. Being a gentleman and remembering my training, I concentrated making my tongue lick her pussy, not an altogether unpleasant task. Rather a tasty task if I do say so myself. Soon she was ridding me like Rosa had done and when everyone came in and saw it they got right onto the bed to help. Lila helped by letting me lick her pussy, Flower helped my licking Beautiful's pussy with me watching. I rolled over and put Michelle on the bottom and then bent forward and kissed her, with a mouth full of pussy and cum. She feasted and licked my face clean and then I bent further forward and started long slow licks to Lila's pussy which was now within reach.

I felt Michelle buck and moan as I slowly pushed and pulled inside of her. Then I felt one orgasm after another building and then washing over her. "Now harder lover she said, now harder." And I did really pound hard into her. I was dripping with sweat and Lila was licking and kissing my face. Michelle lifted her legs way up and I followed Lila's lead by putting them over my shoulders and fucking her good and hard. Then I heard Flower, "Not to hard baby, hard but not too hard. Watch her face and see she likes that now, because it was too hard before, you were hurting her. Just look at her face, you will see what you need to do. You are pretty big and you have to pay attention. And don't forget to feel her body move, you can tell the difference between hurt and passion, just pay attention and you are doing fine."

I sort of felt like an idiot with a coach but in a few hours I have more sex than I had in my entire life and for a lot longer too. The most important thing to me was the girls liked what I was doing and I wanted them to be as happy as I now was. I was a student but the body would soon take up the long understood dance of joining and passion. You just have to pay attention. After a few more minutes I felt Michelle start to have an orgasm, I felt her spasm, felt her body start moving to pass my sperm to an egg, and while I did not have much sperm left, I gave her what I had. Then I held her and kissed her with sweet passion, not unbridled lust. I let her legs fall to her sides and she lay there spayed open but her arms stayed around me. I kissed her over and over and caressed her body.

"Let her relax now baby but don't pull out too fast, it can hurt her. Just come out easy and keep holding her. Turn her to you and hold her, rub her back and kiss her face. Let her sleep if she wants too." Beautiful was a great teacher; they all were. They each told me something new and I was a pretty fast learner.

We were all on the bed now, just touching each other, just moving our hands over the others body and it was very relaxing. We all took a brief nap. I knew instinctively I would need a larger bed; men know these things.

About an hour later we were all up and moving. Rosa said we needed a shower and we all did that in rotation, two or three at a time. Actually it was kind of fun and enjoyable in a non sexual way, playful is an apt description. We put on some clothes to cook in and got naked after we finish cooking.

I was grinning like a fool but I loved it. I could not keep my hands off the girls. I would just reach over and stroke them or kiss them. No I don't mean I was fingering them, it was just stoking an arm or a kiss on the neck, anything to show and maintain physical contact and affection.

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