My Harem Raped Me


I asked them why they were doing this. "Baby [that was now my name] you are our man, and you thought you had a problem and we wanted to fix it for you. We love you just like you love us. You fixed our problems, you made the nightmare we called life go away. You did not do it just with money, and you did it with love and understanding. You told us what we needed to hear, we were here to be used but you never used us. If you had told us the truth we would never have believed you. But you brought us here and treated us like your family and that is what we are. We are your family, your lovers, and your friend. And once we saw that very nice cock of yours you were doomed to have to fuck us all over and over again." She said this last part with a laugh.

Well it was now time for a dip in the Jacuzzi and we took one; naked. There was a lot of giggling and laughing and kissing and more intimate touching. I liked when they would play musical chairs with my lap. A few glasses of wine and we were really relaxed except for me. I had another hard on and Rosa said the rotation needed to start again and with that she sat down on my lap with her back to me, her legs spread outside of mine and my eight inch cock slide effortlessly into her pussy. Now I could kiss her neck and ears and really work on her breasts which were so large they tended to float. She was moving up and down first slowly and then harder and faster. I even got to play with her clit some. It took about twenty minutes and she had an orgasm.

I made two women cum in one day. She got up and sat on the side of the water and I moved in to eat her pussy. "No baby you don't need to do that every time and you did not actually cum in me this time." I smiled up at her and said "desert" and started to kiss, lick and suck her to another slow orgasm.

It felt like I had an iron bar in my lap and I did Flower, but she wanted it doggy so I learned something else new. And I also learned how to find that G spot and to pay attention to where a woman finds pleasure with you inside of her. That is what you go for, her pleasure. If it is the right woman she will go for yours too. After all that had happened I just could not cum again and my cock was getting very tired.

Flower turned around after her orgasm and sucking my now deflating cock said to it "You did a man's work today, now rest, the day is not over." With that we all had a good laugh and lay out on the rafts in the pool, naked of course.

I was staring at my girls and they were all looking over at me with a question that I could read in my mind's eye. "God, you are all so beautiful." We kissed we held hands we even danced in the pool. I was definitely going to need some major recovery time. They took me inside and had me on the bed, gave me a little massage and told me to sleep. I did not need the advice, I was already there. About five o'clock nature called and I got up and took care of things, brushed my teeth again, shaved again, and made sure my finger nails were short. Then I went back out and crawling between Lila's legs ate her pussy until she woke up with a very big smile.

They I did the same to Beautiful who was also on the bed. "I was wondering if you were going to forget about me" she said. "Never" I responded as I gave her clit a little suck. I ate her to an orgasm and we all got up to find the rest of the group. They were all getting ready to barbeque some dinner so Beautiful pulled me back into the bedroom and we did a little doggy and some missionary too. I was pretty hard but I did not cum again, but it felt great.

We ate dinner and then I went in to worship at the alter of Michelle, and to not hurt her this time. This time I came big time, I just flooded her so bad it was leaking out the sides of her pussy. We held each other and kissed again. We cleaned the other up a bit but Michelle wanted to walk out with cum running down her legs. It was very erotic to see.

Lila was next and Rosa joined in. We were back in school again but my teachers were never like this. That was my weekend and I needed another weekend to get over it. Like a vacation when you get back if you had a good vacation what you really need is another one to rest. It was all new and exciting and they fucked me to a standstill. There was and is no way in hell that one man can keep one woman satisfied much less five. But we could keep each other loved and that is what we did. Frankly I was happy that I had women who could handle each other as well as me.

There was a problem in the gym though. I would be down doing a little bench press work and one of them would do squats, usually over my face. Ok it was not that big a problem. Or I would be doing something and one of my ladies would bend over and tell me she had a problem here and point to a very wet hole and I would have to plug the leak. They refused to leave me alone, and if I got chubby they drained it for me.

Soon I had an amazing amount of control but learned another lesson, fucking to orgasm was not always what they wanted to do alone. They felt more complete when we came together, so I made sure to do that as much as possible.

"Then there was a problem with Michelle. She was afraid to tell me so she first went to Flower and Beautiful, who then went to Lila who then went to Rosa. The women had their own pecking order. Then they all came to me. There was a problem. In tears Michelle told me she was pregnant. She was not supposed to be able to get pregnant, that is what her husband told her when she went to the clinic to get tested. She was not a complete woman, not a real woman, because she could not create life within her."

They were all looking at me, what was I going to do? "Damn" I said, "we are going to need another room for a nursery. And we really need a party, but no alcohol for Michelle."

And that is what we did, and we went out for dinner because Michelle was pregnant. I told Michelle that she was a real woman but that fool of a husband must not have been a real man. But it did make us talk a lot of things out. I wanted a lot of kids, and I wanted them from my women. They could stay if they wanted or leave, but I wanted babies and a stable environment for all of them. Maybe it was because I was an orphan, maybe not, but I wanted kids to love and mothers to be with them.

We did talk a lot about it. They were twenty five to twenty six and I was now twenty nine. Ten years of babies and we would be set. They were hesitant and took a wait and see attitude. There was also the sex thing. I would always get all the sex I wanted but would they? It was funny but they thought the other way around. They would always get the sex they needed, but would I? Would I turn into some nut job who tossed their life in their face after a few years of being together? Michelle was just an accident and she had never been a whore, the others worried.

This would call for a commitment to each other; a life time commitment. There would be no marriage, but we would commit to only be with each other. I would see what their answers were.

The first thing I did was have a special bed made that was big enough for all of us, if we all wanted to sleep together. Michelle was carrying my baby so she got priority but not exclusivity. I made sure she could bask in mother hood. I took very good care of her without neglecting my other women. It was hard work but every relationship is. I had been alone all my life and now I was with five beautiful women and more sex than a man should be entitled to.

Then the next thing that happened was Rosa, "Oups" she said six months into Michelle's pregnancy. In for a penny, in for a pound, or so they saying goes.

We did talk about that "Oups" moment for Rosa and apparently she forgot to take her pills, for a month. I told her it did not seem to really be an "Oups" kind of moment and she laughed and said the "Oups" was for not getting rid of the pills sooner. Rosa had made her choice with Michelle.

That started a round of Lamaze classes for everyone, birthing lessons, sleepless nights, back rubs, foot rubs and the all important waking up with the father of your child between your legs eating your pussy until you wake up. My house, oups, our home, became a baby making factory. My women took over everything about the home and our lives. They decided who would get pregnant and when; who would get pills and who didn't get them. I still had some choice in things but why rock the boat when you can sit and enjoy the view. The decision was made we were exclusive. And let me tell you my women were territorial as hell. No other women ever got near me, not even to dance, especially not to dance.

"He was our man, our mate. He worked hard for us and our children. We took care of him every day and he really worked hard to make it work. It was not easy all the time and five horny women is hard to control; but we managed and when necessary one of us would take care of our own little problem, which did not last long as a problem with our man around. His confidence grew, and why not with five women trying to fuck and love him to death. But the best was he never showed it. He did not get cocky or decide he needed someone else for a little strange action. Even if he wanted to we kept that cock of his drained. No one ever had a headache.

"And when we all cycled into our periods at the same time having one or two of us pregnant kept him happy. But we also taught him about anal and he went nuts the first time. We had to go real slow with all of us, but that was especially true with Michelle, she did not have our experiences. She was like a kid sister to all of us, still so innocent about what can happen. We all kept the anal for "special" times but if our man wanted it we would never have told him no.

"Frank was a real man thought and soon learned how to judge our moods and needs. There were times we all needed a good hard fucking and remembering the lessons first learned with Michelle, made sure he did not hurt us at all, well maybe just a little to let us know he was in charge, but we encouraged that.

"The funny thing is we slipped into telling each other that we loved the other. The first time we heard Frank say it, well it was a shock, but he did not say it during sex, he said it when we were just being loving and just cuddling. That is what made it special. And we wanted to do something really special for Frank but we did not know what."

There is a lot of variation in having five women and what you don't get to will take care of itself if the women really love each other too.

It was time for my high school twenty fifth reunion high school reunion. I had never gone to one before and once I got out of high school I left the area and never went back. I did not want to go but my ladies said I had to and I never argue with them. We had now been together for almost fifteen years and they were glorious years. So off we went.

I thought the transportation for all of us would be difficult but we just rented one of those party busses with a driver and took two days to get there. We had rented a few adjoining rooms on the top floor and we had it all arranged. I knew something was up when I was dressed to go down to the reunion and the girls told me to go ahead they would catch up. They were planning something.

When I got to the check in and got my name tag, the name was Speedy Gonzales. I looked at the guest tags for my ladies and found that they had "Speedy G" guest by their names. I was pissed but I let it slide.

I found my table and that bitch that named me was going to be sitting there. I bet she arranged it I thought to myself. She was on the committee and was never happy unless there was someone to hurt and insult.

When I got in I went back into my wall flower mode, it was just habit. But after a while things began to open up and having a dink helped. Soon the bitch was there. She asked if I was married and I told her no. That gave her a laugh. I bet I can guess why she said with a smirk. "OK guess" I told her but she shrugged it off.

I asked if she was married and she said twice divorced but was now with her old boyfriend from high school. Neither he nor she looked all that good, or even happy. She looked frumpy and he looked like the booze was more than a little hard on him. I could see her old boyfriend across the room hitting on one of his other old girlfriends, and I did not even mention it. "Have any kids" I asked and she said no, she did not need the complications. She asked with a laugh if I had any and I told her I did. She asked how many and I said twenty. Being the smart ass she was she asked if I was sure they were mine, considering my "little problem" and reminding me my name was "Speedy G."

About then Rosa walked in and came up to me, and gave me a wonderful full lip kiss. "Hi Baby" she said. I introduced her to everyone except the bitch. I asked if she wanted a drink and she said she did and I went and got her one and came back and she was entertaining the group. She still had that "I bet you would love to be able to fuck me" look when she wanted to. And she was dressed impeccably. All my women learned to dress with the style of a real lady and had the manners to boot.

About then Flower came in and kissed me hello. I introduced her and got her a drink. The crowd was growing by a few members. Lila came in and kissed me and introductions were made. Lila had lost all of that extra weight but was still a full figured woman and was just so beautiful she stopped my heart at times; but they all did that too.

Then Beautiful came in and the same took place with a kiss that told everyone it was a promise of more to come and verified what had already happened. Last but not least was Michelle who kissed me too, like she did when we were making love. Now I knew what they had planned.

"So which one of you is the mother of twenty" the bitch asked, never having been introduced by me to my ladies. I did not want my women to have to talk to her, she was too far beneath them, and so I answered "They all are." There was more than a little surprise.

Michelle said she finally got the kids all fed and ready for bed early, but Frank Jr. and Rosa were going to run herd over them; so we would be ok. We also had a couple of local college students to help out.

Someone asked "You brought twenty kids here?" and I told them of course, we don't leave our children at home, ever. We will be staying for a week to show them around so we should get together to meet them and your kids I told a few of the group.

When we sat down I could see that the bitch was now a little upset she had to sit with us. I passed around pictures of the children as the others did too. They were amazed that the stack I passed out did not have any duplicates. There were twenty pictures of all of the kids. I handed around my iPod too, so they could look at family pictures. I made sure my ladies looked as good as they usually do in real life. I also gave my ladies the iPod in advance to take out the ones they did not like. They also put in a few bikini shots, not obscene but definitely hard on material, to show the others what I was getting every day of my life.

"And the reason we are not married" I told those at our table, "is it would be against the law to have five wives. But we did do one thing, and that is they all had their last name changed so that they carry my name just like our children."

Rosa then took the picture with Speedy off of me and those that said "Speedy G guest" off of my other lades and herself and tossed them on the table in front of the bitch and her high school boyfriend. "Let me tell you honey, there is nothing speedy about our man."

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